The New York Times dives into Trump’s connections to Felix Sater, head of Bayrock Group who had an office two floors under Trump’s and worked with him on deals for a decade, in “A Back-Channel Plan for Ukraine and Russia, Courtesy of Trump Associates“. There is a road here that leads right to Ukraine. Other Americans including Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen are also involved, as is Manafort:

Mr. Flynn is gone, having been caught lying about his own discussion of sanctions with the Russian ambassador. But the proposal, a peace plan for Ukraine and Russia, remains, along with those pushing it: Michael D. Cohen, the president’s personal lawyer, who delivered the document; Felix H. Sater, a business associate who helped Mr. Trump scout deals in Russia; and a Ukrainian lawmaker trying to rise in a political opposition movement shaped in part by Mr. Trump’s former campaign manager Paul D. Manafort.

This is the front story, this is only the front story, wait until we get to the back story. Just a word of wisdom: “connections in Russia” is usually the mafia or the FSB – funny how there’s overlap there:

The two others involved in the effort have somewhat questionable pasts: Mr. Sater, 50, a Russian-American, pleaded guilty to a role in a stock manipulation scheme decades ago that involved the Mafia. Mr. Artemenko spent two and a half years in jail in Kiev in the early 2000s on embezzlement charges, later dropped, which he said had been politically motivated.

This also should have echoes of Michael Flynn’s ouster for functioning as a parallel state to the existing American government in favor of Russia we must believe at this point:

While it is unclear if the White House will take the proposal seriously, the diplomatic freelancing has infuriated Ukrainian officials. Ukraine’s ambassador to the United States, Valeriy Chaly, said Mr. Artemenko “is not entitled to present any alternative peace plans on behalf of Ukraine to any foreign government, including the U.S. administration.”

Here’s a fun picture of Artemenko at the Women’s March which several signs seem to suggest might have been part of Russia’s game of “active measures” based on old KGB standards to destabilize in order to divide and conquer:

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 1.45.27 PM.png

Here is a summary of Sater’s connections to Trump, which are but the surface:

Mr. Sater, a longtime business associate of Mr. Trump’s with connections in Russia, was willing to help Mr. Artemenko’s proposal reach the White House.

Mr. Trump has sought to distance himself from Mr. Sater in recent years. If Mr. Sater “were sitting in the room right now,” Mr. Trump said in a 2013 deposition, “I really wouldn’t know what he looked like.”

But Mr. Sater worked on real estate development deals with the Trump Organization on and off for at least a decade, even after his role in the stock manipulation scheme came to light.

Mr. Sater, who was born in the Soviet Union and grew up in New York, served as an executive at a firm called Bayrock Group, two floors below the Trump Organization in Trump Tower, and was later a senior adviser to Mr. Trump.

He said he had been working on a plan for a Trump Tower in Moscow with a Russian real estate developer as recently as the fall of 2015, one that he said had come to a halt because of Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign. (Mr. Cohen said the Trump Organization had received a letter of intent for a project in Moscow from a Russian real estate developer at that time but determined that the project was not feasible.)

Trump also walked off the set of an interview when asked about Felix Sater that was later included in a fine BBC documentary on its “Panorama” program, “Trump: The Kremlin’s Candidate?

So… it’s pretty hard to believe all the musings about how these men aspiring for greatness with deep mafia ties “just want peace”. Also I THOUGHT TRUMP SAID HE HAD NO TIES TO RUSSIA. WAIT YOU MEAN HE IS LYING?!

Peace begins when Trump is gone and the American people learn the truth about the Russian operation to unleash this dangerous, tyrannical lunatic with no business being where he is as he is completely unfit to serve the American people.

Hint: this story is and is not about Ukraine. It is about a corrupted, compromised American president.