U.S. Secretary of State and Russian Order of Friendship Medal recipient Rex Tillerson is in Brussels today for a NATO confab. What is Tillerson expected to do in Brussels? What do you imagine? If you guessed holding out the collection plate and telling NATO allies to pay up, you guessed correct! Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty also reports Ukraine is likely to be on the agenda, but will Rex be loyal to the position of the Washington establishment or Trump and Moscow? TRUMPISTAN WATCH has a guess…

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The man who once led the chants of “Lock her up! Lock her up!” at the RNC last summer, General Michael Flynn, the ousted National Security Advisor, now wants immunity from prosecution! Surprise! It has long been the opinion of TRUMPISTAN WATCH that those in the Trump administration responsible for the injection of political violence into our election last year will be deeply perturbed if a hair on their own head is touched. Reuters reports Flynn’s lawyer Robert Kelner said in a statement, “General Flynn certainly has a story to tell, and he very much wants to tell it, should the circumstances permit,” which Kelner posted to Twitter. Flynn is willing to testify to Congressional committees about things such as his conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. This is certainly a problem for a president who insists there is no story of his shady ties to Russia and their interests.

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We have come so far from Russian dressing and Spicey distractions and DARKNESS AT NUNES in just 48 hours, it is almost too remarkable! Yet, the descent into the abyss began at breakneck and now we must struggle like Sisyphus up the mountain. TRUMPISTAN WATCH believes firmly the worst is yet to come! Clearly former FBI agent turned Senior Fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute Clint Watts is also only warming up, along with the entirety of the American NOT deep state, intel apparatus and public. The New York Times reports he testified during an open hearing of the Senate intelligence committee meeting on the Hill Thursday that “while Russia had sought to interfere in elections around the world, its efforts in last year’s American election were especially potent because Mr. Trump’s campaign had ‘parroted’ the same lines used in Russian propaganda.” Well holy hell, they must have gotten the same darn ideas at the same time because obviously Trump is a good man and so is Putin and great minds think alike, right? Yeah, no. It’s called active measures, a specialty of Lubyanka’s tradecraft. “Part of the reason active measures have worked in this election is because the commander in chief has used Russian active measures at times against his opponents,” Mr. Watts said. Hot damn! The roof is on fire!

From The New York Times.



CBS News reports, “Russia had the capacity to influence key precincts in swing states with fake news-disseminating bots during the 2016 presidential election, and could still be disrupting American politics”. It is. Clint Watts, a former FBI agent, who testified said, “Most of this influence came online,” and “without setting foot” in the United States. Watts also noted that U.S. intelligence missed the activity because of a focus on terrorism and “tangible human threats,” according to CBS News. The Washington Post contributes that Paul Ryan is a target of Russian bots, something he is evidently unaware of. Watts also warned, according to The Post, “Somewhere in their cache right now there’s tremendous amounts of information laying around they can weaponize against other Americans”. The Independent notes Watts suggested to investigators that they should “follow the dead bodies” given how many Russians who are believed to be witnesses to this whole election hacking scandal have turned up dead, including former Russian Ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin in New York City. Thomas Rid of King’s College London also testified Russians targeted 109 full-time Hillary staffers and others at the DNC in March and April of 2016. Lastly Andrea Chalupa, whose sister Alexandra was researching Paul Manafort for the DNC and found herself targeted in some of the most bizarre election related incidents, tweeted, “Russian hackers can put things on your computer to frame you.”

From CBS News, The Independent and The Washington Post.



You know Senator Marco Rubio was waiting for just the right moment to reveal that all previous statements that only Hillary’s campaign was targeted by Russian cyber attacks are false and boy did he find it! For maximum impact, Rubio waited until Thursday’s public Senate intelligence committee hearing to announce, “that his own presidential campaign had been a target of apparent Russian cyberattacks, and a cybersecurity expert testified that Mr. Rubio might have been the victim of a Russian online smear campaign.” Marco is not so little any more, is he Mr. Trump? Now he can hurt you with truthful information OR why being a bully is a very, very, hyper-short term strategy. The New York Times reports, “former members of his campaign had been targeted as recently as Wednesday morning in attacks traced to IP addresses in Russia.” They do leave traces, they are clumsy, perhaps deliberately so or just deeply human and yes TRUMPISTAN WATCH has traced its own Russian trolls to buildings and businesses in Chelyabinsk, Novosibirsk, etc. Rubio, while declining to elaborate, noted, “similar attacks had also taken place in July, roughly four months after he dropped out of the race, and that the attempts had been unsuccessful.” Of course, Republicans who want to protect what little they have left to protect were quick to douse gasoline and light a match.

From The New York Times.



It is a well-known fact that Americans enjoy sex tapes in their celebrity culture and the more salacious and porn parody worthy, the better. You may even say that it’s a national pastime because we don’t drink as much as the Russians and have far more money and are tech-driven these days. You might even say it’s Bill Clinton’s fault – it is not. Monica as a scandal would not have been possible without a Republican Speaker of the House with far more salacious secrets to hide. In any event, you know who has more than Bill Clinton, a former passenger aboard “Air Fuck One” to hide? DONALD TRUMP. See what TRUMPISTAN WATCH did there? We gave the anti-Clinton crowd a bone then said: it is your bone. Now that more and more of the Steele dossier is checking out, we should all expect a presidential sex tape, the first in U.S. history, but you know, so is a reality TV presidency hate watched by anyone with a brain who realizes this is a national emergency. The Washington Post reports “Source D” in the Steele dossier is Sergei Millian, a Belarussian-American businessman who made “the claim that Trump had hired prostitutes at the Moscow Ritz-Carlton and that the Kremlin has kept evidence of the encounter. Here is his bio: “Born in Belarus, Millian, 38, attended a university in Minsk. A Russian-language version of his biography that was posted on the Russian American Chamber of Commerce’s website says he studied to be a military translator. He arrived in the early 2000s as a young, single professional in Atlanta… Friends there said he worked in real estate, and, according to one résumé posted online, he opened a translating business whose clients included the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.” So he sounds quite possibly like a sleeper agent with a name changed a few times, some aliases and a history of talking shit, in other words, absolutely someone you would not want in the president’s orbit, just like everyone else who is. Naturally, “Millian’s account of his relationship with Trump has shifted over time.” By his admission, “helped market a Trump-branded condominium complex in Hollywood, Fla., to international investors, including Russians.” And it seems things have broken down between him and Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen to a degree that Cohen says he is “a total phony,” as Holden Caulfield might.

From The Washington Post.



As Josh Barro of Business Insider and MSNBC noted on Twitter, “Putin is so deep in American politics, he knows ‘read my lips’ is what you say before lying.” Indeed! Putin has chosen the words that cost George H.W. Bush the election of 1992 in part to signal Russia’s total and complete noninvolvement in the 2016 election. CNBC took note as well in their summary of all the Kremlin’s lies for the day yesterday, clearly an effort to pre-empt all the sunlight on the Hill in Washington.

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House intelligence committee chairman Rep. Devin Nunes received the information that Trump’s aides were “incidentally swept up in foreign surveillance by American spy agencies” from “A pair of White House officials,” The New York Times reports. Recall March 21, Nunes sprung from an Uber he was traveling in with a few aides like a thief in the night before claiming there was evidence Trumpistan officials were spied on, calling a hastily arranged press conference the next day to say as much. “Since disclosing the existence of the intelligence reports, Mr. Nunes has refused to identify his sources, saying he needed to protect them so others would feel safe going to the committee with sensitive information,” describing them as “whistle-blowers”. As The New York Times notes, “That does not appear to be the case.” The so-called whistle-blowers turn out to be full blown Trump lackeys, one of whom H.R. McMaster wanted removed from the National Security Council, namely Ezra Cohen-Watnick, the “senior director for intelligence” there, and Michael Ellis, a lawyer on national security issues who previously worked for Nunes’ committee. While “neither has been accused of breaking any laws, they do appear to have sought to use intelligence to advance the political goals of the Trump administration,” according to The New York Times. Ousted National Security Advisor Michael Flynn brought Cohen-Watnick into the administration’s fold. After H.R. McMaster tried to push him out, he survived by having the support of official son-in-law Jared Kushner and in-house stark raving mad racist lunatic also known as the president’s Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon. The Washington Post also identifies a third official as a source, John Eisenberg, who is described as “the top lawyer for the National Security Council”.

From The New York Times and The Washington Post.





Last Sunday, the Russian people took to the streets across Russia to revolt against a man who has been in power so long that only Stalin has ruled Russia for longer. While the protests opposition leader Alexey Navalny called that took place in 70-80 cities across Russia from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok ostensibly targeted the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, make no mistake the real target was none other than Vladimir Putin. Now Russia’s Interior Ministry warns the Russian people, who the Kremlin treats as vassals or serfs “that it will use the full extent of its powers to confront any future unauthorized gatherings.” The Kremlin for its part has reacted by reaching for vintage Soviet excuses for mass displeasure. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, “protest organizers had offered young people financial incentives to take part and had put them ‘in a dangerous, life-threatening situation.’” Why who is threatening their lives, Mr. Peskov, except your boss? Deputy Interior Minister Igor Zubov was more blunt, “if there is an increase in provocative actions in the future, the available arsenal which we can use is much wider.” These are truly terrible people. A tweet from the English-language Moscow Times put it most elegantly, “Russia is strong. Russia is respected. Russia could be brought down by some pimply teens who watched a YouTube video.” For his part, Putin compared the protests to the Arab Spring or Ukraine’s EuroMaidan stating like a paternalistic terror, “We know very well what this leads to,” namely “chaos”. The Kremlin also delayed his annual call-in show next month with spokesman Dmitry Peskov saying it will occur before August now, as it usually occurs in April. Why doesn’t Vlad want to take highly choreographed questions from his people now? Peskov blames “a tight schedule” rather than an imploding America operation.

From CNN, The Moscow Times and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.



Just Security has a long piece looking at Cyprus that asks a bunch of relevant questions to the effect of what the hell was Trump’s Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross doing there? One detail caught the attention of TRUMPISTAN WATCH that was not previously reported elsewhere, namely a former KGB official Vladimir Strzhalkovsky, who preceded Wilbur Ross as Vice-Chairman of the Bank of Cyprus, once ran InTourist, the Soviet tourism agency famous for “a reputation for being staffed by the KGB and used as a source of kompromat on foreign visitors during Soviet times.” Just Security notes, “Intourist’s former flagship hotel is now the Moscow Ritz Carlton,” which is of course famous as the epicenter of Trump’s trip to Moscow in 2013 for Miss Universe and location of the famous allegation of prostitutes and golden showers that appeared in the Steele dossier.

From Just Security.





People Magazine asks in a headline, “Is Pamela Anderson Dating WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange?” TRUMPISTAN WATCH asks if “dating” is the right word for making sure the Kremlin’s assets are taken care of, just like in the old KGB days. Moscow helped Snowden’s girlfriend Heather Mills find her way to the motherland where they could protest surveillance together by living in a surveillance state, so why not ensure Julian is taken care of too? For her part, Anderson was back at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London yesterday visiting the known loon, which means she is providing aid and comfort to the enemy. Evidently she wore “a tight black turtleneck and a matching pencil skirt for the occasion.” BBC adds she called him, “the most famous refugee of our time”. Does she even know what a refugee is? No. Political asylum seeker maybe but propagandist and Russian front is probably more apt.

From People Magazine and the BBC.


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