Senator John McCain has ripped the administration so many new ones, only bullshit can come out of their every orifice. Beautiful metaphor, but since we all must feast off the trough of bullshit for now let us not forget that most everything they do is bullshit. McCain told CNN Tuesday morning that Tillerson’s indications that Assad can stay represented “another disgraceful chapter in American history.” When Tillerson told reporters in Turkey last week that the “longer-term status of President Assad will be decided by the Syrian people,” he “signaled a shift in the US’s official position toward” the Syrian President. Our sharp-tongued Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley was even more willing to jump in bed with the war criminal, telling reporters in Turtle Bay, “priority is no longer to sit there and focus on getting Assad out.” Oh my! Then came a major sarin gas attack in Syria yesterday carried out by Assad against civilians, horrifying video emerged, and then Trumpenführerwelt officials changed their tune. We won’t even tell you what the Russians did or said because by now you should know they threw up a bunch of bullshit narratives to deflect complicity in their puppet’s war crimes. As for the great orange one, London School of Economics fellow Brian Klaas astutely observed on Twitter, “Trump has tweeted more outrage at Nordstrom’s over his daughter’s jewelry line than at Putin & Assad who are murderers committing war crimes”. I mean did you see the sarin gas Nordstrom unleashed on its customers? It was not very fashionable. At least one American publication, The Daily Beast, called bullshit on the “Assad can stay” circumstance in a headline, “Assad Apparently ‘Gasses’ Civilians Days After Tillerson Hints He Can Stay in Power”. Well, it is not as if Trump would be the first American president to ignore Obama’s red line, something former State Department Head of Policy Planning Anne-Marie Slaughter under Obama told BBC today was a mistake but a moment Obama viewed proudly. Uh…. In a word, horror. Words fail.

From Business Insider and The Daily Beast.



Yes, the intention is to be deliberately jarring and show the contrast between how the Kremlin’s mafiosi, murderers, and puppets live in stark contrast to the everyday victims of state-sponsored and directed terror they inflict. Let us not forget for a moment the cost in blood! It is with this in mind that TRUMPISTAN WATCH pivots to a McClatchy report that “Several businessmen and celebrities from the former Soviet Union gathered on the Turkish Riviera in June 2005 to celebrate the grand opening of what was billed then as the country’s most luxurious hotel.” One of which was Trump in a video message “who, according to a Russian news account, urged the celebrants to raise their glasses.” Isn’t that lovely? Who was he suggesting raise their glasses? “Tofik is my friend!” Donald Trump said through the phone. “Let’s toast Tofik!”   That would be Tevfik Arif, who was busted by Turkish authorities for allegedly operating an underage sex ring catering to mafiosi aboard a yacht that once belonged to Ataturk, something Arif naturally denied despite being caught fairly red handed during a raid. The incident was “revealed in sealed documents obtained by McClatchy that were part of a British lawsuit involving several Russians, captures Trump in a milieu that has since cast a cloud over his presidency.” Oh and Arif is also tied to the Bayrock Group alongside Felix Sater, which developed Trump Soho.

From McClatchy.





CNN reports that the rest of the non-totally politicized, prone to behaving crazy stupid on a political reality TV freak show House intelligence committee will get to take a field trip to the Whites Only Haus to see that which Rep. Devin Nunes has seen. It’s a house of smoke and mirrors! And everyone walks around with a noose that instead of terrorizing minorities at the moment is tightening around their very necks. It couldn’t happen to worse people. CNN reports, “Rep. Jim Himes, a Connecticut Democrat, told reporters they heard from committee staff about the documents, but he declined to get into the details of what they show.”  The other bright spot here is “Nunes said they could begin bringing in witnesses in as soon as two weeks from now, but cautioned that was an optimistic timeline and that Democrats have not yet agreed on a schedule.” TRUMPISTAN WATCH can’t believe this farce of stupid is being allowed to continue. Maybe in a future episode, Nunes can put his fingers in the peanut butter jar in homage to the first ever reality TV blow up. That resulted in widespread compassion for a gay man living openly with AIDS, so rooting for this! Obviously after this catastrophe, the constitution needs provision for: the Presidency being occupied by an illegitimate treasonous puppet, stronger checks on the executive than are currently in place, and certainly better investigative mechanisms ensuring an independent investigation, perhaps appointed by a combination of military and the courts – or their efforts establishing a separate commission — to shutdown political interference of this sort we have seen. At the very least, it would force adversaries to have to spend even more money buying up and blackmailing our officials. And who doesn’t love more money in Washington?

From CNN.


House Democrats sent a letter to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, begging him to find a backbone, which he sorely lacks. The Hill reports, the House Democrats are “urging Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) to remove Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) from the House intelligence committee’s probe of Russian election meddling last year.” They cited the “integrity and independence of the U.S. House of Representatives,” and begged for Congress to “come together in a bipartisan fashion to understand the nature of this attack and the scope of Russian ties to [President Trump’s 2016] campaign, transition team and presidential administration. What unreasonable partisan hacks, obviously the work of Soros, the Illuminati and Islamists. Why else would they want to preserve the independence of Congress instead of bow to the god Trump?

From The Hill.


POLITICO reports Rep. Adam Schiff said Tuesday the House intelligence committee “will ask former Trump policy adviser Carter Page to speak before the panel at the appropriate time’ as part of its investigation into ties between the Trump campaign and Russian officials.” Page was named Monday as “Male-1” in a federal suit that broke up a Russian spy ring. Foreign Policy reports the Russian spy who recruited him was an idiot — which he very much is. Page didn’t want to be a spy, ok, he was just jonesing for Gazprom wealth? Stolen Russian mineral wealth is evidently a drug worse than heroin and is potentially afflicting the senior levels of the Trump administration.

From POLITICO, Foreign Policy and Talking Points Memo.





The New York Times has a story about Russia wishing to ban Jehovah’s Witnesses – CHRISTIANS! – and placing them in the same category as terrorist groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS. TIME notes the Russian Supreme Court could make this declaration official today making it “the first such ruling by a court declaring a registered centralized religious organization to be ‘extremist’”. In 2015, the court banned Scientology. The New York Times helpfully describes the group as “a Christian denomination committed to the belief that the Bible must be taken literally, particularly its injunction ‘Thou shalt not kill.’” So obviously, the murderers in the Kremlin and the FSB have problems as murder is a core operational activity. The New York Times reports, “the denomination is at the center of an escalating campaign by the authorities to curtail religious groups that compete with the Russian Orthodox Church,” the official religion of Putin. Sorry, Protestants and Catholics who support Putin, he is just using you but if you go to Russia, you will be crushed! Sorry to spoil a great toxic masculine religious-race delusion of our time! But hey maybe these largely American Evangelical supporters of Putin’s racist philosophies won’t object since they are not the right kind of Christians. “In Russia, as in many countries, the door-to-door proselytizing of Jehovah’s Witnesses often causes irritation, and their theological idiosyncrasies disturb many mainstream Christians. The group has also been widely criticized for saying that the Bible prohibits blood transfusions.” You see it’s ok to go after them, because they are not real Christians. Very Christian thinking indeed!? Perhaps we should just be grateful Putin is willing to allow Russians to bow to a god that is not him?

From TIME and The New York Times.



A few weeks back, Saturday Night Live featured Scarlett Johansson as Ivanka in a perfume ad for “Complicit”. Well nepotism Barbie sat down with CBS News to make a bunch of selfie-ready scowl faces and inform the world that “If being complicit is wanting to, is wanting to be a force for good and to make a positive impact then I’m complicit.” Oh my god, she was just following daddy’s orders and had a genuine desire to make the world a better place! Aryan princess said after a bunch of minorities have been hurt, killed and deported because daddy’s orders. For her part, Ivanka said “I would say not to conflate lack of public denouncement with silence,” because you see silent protest is not protest, it’s what happens after an authoritarian crackdown. Oh and you can buy her jewelry off her body for $10,000 and Kellyanne Conway would like to remind you to go buy her brand, it’s terrifically ripped off designs are made in China. America first! Build the wall! Complicit!

From CBS News.



Princeling Jared Kushner, the husband and Instagram agitprop alongside their children of Aryan princess, is now what CNN calls “Trump’s Secretary of Everything”. The headline and the knowledge of princeling Jared’s utter lack of competency in all past ventures lead TRUMPISTAN WATCH to flinch if for no other reason than it brought back flashbacks of Azerbaijan and the “Ministry of Everything Significant”. The WikiLeaks cable documents Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Emergency Situations Kemaladdin Heydarov who also has a wealthy and powerful father and whose family may be wealthier than the president’s – both things he has in common with princeling Jared. The other thing of course is their comparable and expansive portfolio of responsibilities, however TRUMPISTAN WATCH sadly had and continues to have more faith in Heydarov’s ability to get jobs done. Princeling Jared is the fixer who has always had daddy as the ultimate fixer, who was there with timely donations to gain admission to Harvard and who built a real estate empire in New Jersey so princeling Jared could bring it across the Hudson River and run it into the ground on Fifth Avenue. There is no question Heydarov is the more competent of the two, with a greater grasp on the nuanced mechanisms of a state far further along the authoritarian life cycle than our own, but we are catching up fast!

From CNN.





It is as if Congress and the President ignored or are wildly indifferent to the psychological operations deployed against the American public with the stealth vacuuming up of available bulk data for sale. Last week, Congress voted to repeal Obama-era internet privacy regulations so telecom providers can sell the data and make bank. On Monday night, Trump signed the legislation into law “that repeals the Federal Communications Commission’s privacy protections for Internet users, rolling back a landmark policy from the Obama era and enabling Internet providers to compete with Google and Facebook in the online ad market.”  Yay free markets! That was the essence of Congressional Republican arguments in support. The Obama-era rules “would have taken effect later this year” and “would have banned Internet providers from collecting, storing, sharing and selling certain types of customer information without user consent.” TRUMPISTAN WATCH would like to remind you to install a VPN and use it immediately. We are now in an era where the illegitimate executive of the state would like to weaponize the state against the citizens merely to make a buck and because he really enjoys power and violence. Beware.

From The Washington Post.


We can’t waste time printing every single last goddamn Kremlin denial or obfuscation of deviant and atrocious behavior — we must pick and choose! Ergo, we bring you the official Kremlin denial of the Seychelles secret confab between Erik Prince, the Blackwater CEO and brother to U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, and an unnamed individual close to the Kremlin, which appeared in The Washington Post Monday. The Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev who was the target of recent protests naturally called this news “nonsense” and in the day following the St. Petersburg metro attack, he took the opportunity to call Alexey Navalny’s allegations “dishonest,” a word for which there is no meaning in the Kremlin, and said, “The so-called investigations are attempt to bring people out onto the streets. Why did he wait until after the St. Petersburg metro attack that occurred on a day when Vlad was in town and could be photographed laying flowers? Hmmm….

From Reuters.


Despite persistent rumors that lead to the death of Alexander Litvinenko after polonium tea in London and a strange video of the Kremlin kissing a little boys stomach surfaced, the Russian state nonetheless linked pedophilia and homophobiaas if the two are related — and passed a bunch of anti-gay legislation over the years. Well now Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is responding in the most homophobic way conceivable, sure to play well to narrow-minded domestic interests, to something U.S. Secretary of State and Russian Order of Friendship medal recipient Rex Tillerson said Friday at a NATO confab in Brussels. Accordingly, Tillerson reportedly said “it takes two to tango” and “you cannot dance that one with Lavrov because he is not allowed to dance that one,” according to POLITICO. Lavrov told reporters in Moscow, “My mom did not allow me to dance with boys either.” He followed up with, “My mother used to tell me: always be a good boy, don’t ever dance with other boys.” Really? You know on this side of the pond we find that those who hate the gays the most are repressing their own homosexual desires the most (see: Dennis Hastert, Ted Haggart). Not that there is anything wrong with that (homosexuality, not repression)!

From Russian state-run Sputnik and Russian state-run TASS.





Vox has a story about how political participation increases among young women when women run for offices in districts or areas previously held by men. Vox writes, “however, we only found this effect among younger women (specifically, under 30). Older women’s engagement did not change in response to the presence of female politicians. This is consistent with what we know about political socialization: Older citizens are more likely to be set in their political attitudes and practices, but younger citizens are still learning about the political world and determining their own place in it.” So let’s do something for the youth before the enemy does! If not you personally or there is no such candidates supporting your political persuasions present in your district, throw money at these races nationally when they do appear. Vote with your wallet!

From Vox.


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