The Jewish-American paper The Forward broke the story in the U.S. of Trump’s counter-terrorism advisor Sebastian Gorka’s ties to the far right and Nazi remnants in Hungary before the bottom feeder washed up on our shores. Now The Forward reports, one of Trump’s Nazis might not have a security clearance! Delicious! Gorka “immigrated to America in 2008 and became a naturalized citizen in 2012,” and if ever there was a candidate for someone to build a wall around… Why is it scummy East Euros are ok but hard working brown people are not? Wait TRUMPISTAN WATCH answered that right there.

From The Forward.


Darwin Award Winner Louis Marinelli “who has spearheaded the Calexit campaign since 2015, set up a makeshift embassy in Moscow in December” with the help of right-wing nutters in Russia, is staying in Russia permanently according to a 1,600 word statement he released cited by Business Insider. Calexit is short for California Exit, a secessionist movement for the world’s fifth largest economy and one of America’s most populous states, organized from and by Russia with the cooperation of Marinelli, a U.S. citizen married to a Russian woman. Marinelli, who will so come to regret this decision some day because it’s a terrible one, said, “I have found in Russia a new happiness, a life without the albatross of frustration and resentment towards ones’ homeland, and a future detached from the partisan divisions and animosity that has thus far engulfed my entire adult life.” Yes, compared to freewheelin’ California and pluralism, you have an authoritarian police state and Vlad to flatten the landscape and maybe crush or kill you some day. According to Business Insider, “He added that he will ‘not return to California in the forseeable future,’ so ‘it is only proper’ that he withdraw the Calexit ballot initiative petition,” but left wide open the possibility that others could resubmit on a “future date of their choosing.” How many Russians would prefer California?

From Business Insider.



The Independent reports, “The US Air Force has sent several of its newest stealth fighters to the UK to reassure Europe in the face of Russian aggression.” The jets travelled from “from Hill Air Force Base in Utah landed at RAF Lakenheath over the weekend”. The Pentagon said “several weeks of training with other US and Nato military aircraft” are scheduled. Trump criticized cost overruns with the F35s during the campaign but we all know everything he says before this very moment is irrelevant.

From The Independent.





The Daily Beast has a piece on how adults are overtaking ideological morons in the White House to control foreign policy. Worry not a sudden shift to competence might cause the Trump administration to endure a moment longer than necessary for there is plenty of domestic policy for the true Trumpers to sully, so the children and Russian plants can still wreak havoc! But they are contained perhaps and in the very adult sphere of foreign policy — and this is a positive development — given how low the bar that we are working with is, the generals appear to be in control. Yay! Yeah it will be hell to get competent civilians back in control, but we will cross that bridge when we get there, thank god it is not the Russians. Obama administration staffer Colin Kahl who coined the term “Axis of Adults” and so now, it is being applied to National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, Defense Secretary James Mattis, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Homeland Security Chief John Kelly, and to a lesser extent, largely due to geography, Trump’s UN Ambassador Nikki Haley (a probable presidential candidate in four years should the regime collapse).   If we overlook the applause of Kelly and Mattis behind Trump during the signing of the Muslim ban and Tillerson’s closeness to the Kremlin, then ok? But on the bright side, Trump campaign veterans like embattled advisor Steve Bannon,” and ergo other Nazis like him, have been lumped “into the ‘domestic’ enemy camp. Bannon’s removal from the official NSC roster by H.R. McMaster is seen as a sign the ‘adults’ are winning.” So this is good, the adults oppose Nazis as they should. Sadly the Axis of Adults is still in “reactive mode” when it comes to the insane bullshit Trump tweets but otherwise, this is the most reassuring piece you may read since November 9, so highly recommended, just don’t get complacent, decide TRUMPISTAN WATCH is unnecessary, unsubscribe and go about rolling out the door mat for the Russians and whoever else wishes to mess with our elections and state!

From The Daily Beast.



This one is straight out of the Balkans. It is well known our 45th president does not rely on the Secret Service to protect him because they might be errant and think they work for the American people, not his majesty. Instead, Trump relies on Keith Schiller, a “6’4″, 210-pound” thug mafiosi worldwide prefer to think of as their “muscle” as thug does not sound so nice and gentle and most mafiosi are kind of needy children on the inside, craving love and attention. What Trump did that elevates this to the level of special authoritarian bullshit is he gave his muscle extraordinary titles! Schiller is not simply an enforcer, he is now “deputy assistant to the President and director of Oval Office operations,” where he works every day alongside fellow red caps like Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka. His muscle is everywhere as he “wears many hats in the White House: press wrangler, body man, private muscle and sounding board.” His background? Officially, the NYPD.

From CNN.


Regular readers of TRUMPISTAN WATCH are well aware of “SHIT SERGEY LAVROV SAYS,” a presentation of the often obscene and vile things that spew forth from the Russian Foreign Minister’s lips to our ears. Now behold this new section of “SHIT SERGEY LAVROV DOES” to expand our knowledge of the activities of the Russian Foreign Ministry! So to kick off, Russian state-run TASS reports Lavrov is on a two-day trip to the occupied Russian territory of Abkhazia where he will be violating another nation’s sovereignty and opening an Embassy in Sukhum, the regional capital that Lavrov is treating like that of a sovereign nation as opposed to part of another sovereign nation. Recall the five-day, August War of 2008 during the Beijing summer Olympics where Putin invaded Georgia and occupied two regions? Well, this is one, the other is South Ossetia, and the Russians have been readjusting that border to their will recently as well. How does Russia describe its malicious activities? “By recognizing Abkhazia’s independence from Georgia in 2008, Russia acted as a guarantor of existence of the nation as an independent state and of a peaceful future for the Abkhazian people.” By contrast, the Georgian Foreign Ministry said, “that Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s so-called working visit to Georgia’s breakaway Abkhazia region violates the fundamental principles of the international law.”

From Russian state-run TASS and Agenda.ge.




A piece from late last month that is just catching TRUMPISTAN WATCH’s attention now (thanks to a tipster!) in Vanity Fair takes a long look at how the Kremlin crafts disinformation as if all the world is a stage, as it did in Crimea. The appearance of “a vibrant coalition of support for Russia’s annexation was really just the booming sound and fury of Kremlin dramaturgia.” TRUMPISTAN WATCH travels frequently into the Republican heartland of America, people are casual, passive racists usually due to ignorance and a lack of experience with those they consider “others,” but very few are the vicious, savage Nazis on display in the American media over the last year. Every Trump campaign rally was “The Jerry Springer Show” in miniature but instead of bringing guests to a studio in Connecticut or before that Chicago, these forces of mass media and disinformation are unleashed on small, often remote or low income communities where the escape from that is to go home and turn on the television and find reinforcement of pre-existing beliefs, ramped up many degrees. Now this is chilling as we turn to how the White House rapid fires several messages at once, many often littered with falsehoods: “Everything happening in Crimea and eastern Ukraine passed through the Kremlin’s prism, so that by the time any news reached Europeans, Americans, or Russia’s own citizens, it had been transformed into falsehoods supporting an alternative reality favorable to Russia.” Now this should sound familiar: “The maelstrom of RT, puppet parties, conspiracy theories, and shadowy foreign menace makes any hope of seeing beyond the Kremlin’s version of reality all but impossible.Learn from others, what is a novelty here is old news in Europe and Russia. Fascism and authoritarianism are actually passé, devastating and bloody fads from last century and in dark corners of the earth that happen to span 11 time zones. The “fog of unknowability” becomes Kellyanne Conway’s “alternative facts” when it crosses the pond.

From Vanity Fair.


The Kremlin’s favorite TV mouthpiece said Sunday night during Kiselyov’s prime-time “Vesti Nedelyi” show that “Trump is more impulsive and unpredictable than Kim Jong-un”. The Russians knew this when they bought him and dealt with him all these years, so clever propaganda and sure to make headlines and lead to some chuckles but not very insightful. Another broadcaster parroted mass propaganda here that Ivanka somehow ordered Daddy to strike Syria after Daddy and brothers Uday and Qusay spent months demonizing Syrian refugees. “Ivanka already convinced Trump to bomb Assad, what if she convinces him to bomb Kim,” NTV’s news presenter Irada Zeynalova cautioned, according to Bloomberg. Kiselyov also warned of nuclear war, which is actually pretty great and should calm us all somewhat as we see it is now a fixture in Russian propaganda, reducing its probability of being truthful and reliably accurate, therefore. However, “Stances of the Kremlin and state-run television are normally close, but not always,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said according to Russian state-run RIA Novosti in a report cited by The Hollywood Reporter. For once, the Kremlin’s lies serve a public good! It’s when the Russians start whispering sweet gentle nothings that you should find shelter in the nearest cellar or cave — whichever still exists after the final blast.

From Bloomberg and The Hollywood Reporter.


The Russian Foreign Minister only likes Putin’s puppets it seems, or at the very least this is all who he can get along with absent a scowl like he just sipped old, sour milk that may or may not be human blood. Interestingly, “Lavrov hit out at U.S. National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster for saying the Trump administration will have ‘tough discussions’ with Russia,” so it seems we can add points to McMaster’s credibility. Lavrov said the Kremlin “won’t pay attention to the words of an adviser since Trump has said he’s committed to dialogue,” which is a polite way of saying they are like America: kick the can down the road whilst ignoring reality on the ground largely for domestic political reasons! Also Lavrov’s just sour they lost Michael Flynn and he was replaced by an actual patriot who seems to have wrestled control of foreign policy from Trump in a remarkably short period of time, all while Trump eats cake.

From Bloomberg.





Russia just botched its whole get Julian Assange laid operation badly. How badly? Pamela Anderson is writing a blog post about French politics where she passes off the Kremlin’s will as her own. Under Pamela’s name and blog, we learn the Kremlin believes communist candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon can save Pamela’s (and the Kremlin’s) beloved (probable john) Julian? According to The Evening Standard, Pamela Anderson “wrote” on her blog, “Le Pen and Mélenchon both have been spied upon by the US — and both have agreed to grant Julian Assange asylum/citizenship”. Dear lord, it’s so sad we have to laugh but there is just no way if you know anything about dear Miss Anderson that these are her original thoughts, of which there are precious few in the first instance. Imagine how much fun her handler must be having! Pamela Anderson passing off the Kremlin’s will on French politics as her own is the most bat shit thing yet. For the humor and ridiculous in this, TRUMPISTAN WATCH will laugh with, not at, her Russian handler(s).

From The Evening Standard.


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