No not the president, although he is too, but his daughter, on the world stage, behaving as if she is the Secretary of State! Please help us Europe, we understand the straight jacket Russia has put us all in and how democracy in Turkey has disintegrated and America is on the fritz bad right now, but please don’t normalize the crazy role the family plays in the regime. Ivanka is in Berlin today after Merkel invited her as she looks to Daddy’s “daughter as a back channel to moderate his views”. Andrea Roemmele, a political science professor at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin, said, “This is typical Merkel — she works with what she has”. Of course it is! She grew up in the Ost, in Stasiland, so Merkel has no delusions and knows precisely how this game and farce of bullshit works. The German people are very lucky for that at this particular moment. BBC reports that on stage at the G20 women’s summit with IMF Chief Christine Lagarde and Merkel, “An audible groan went up as she [Ivanka] told the room her father was a ‘tremendous champion of supporting families and enabling them to thrive’.” POLITICO quotes Oliver Michalsky, deputy editor-in-chief of Die Welt, “Maybe she’ll become America’s first female president.” Yup, everything we don’t want. Thank you U.S. and German media for beginning to normalize that horror. Have you no shame or dignity left?

From Bloomberg, BBC and POLITICO.





CNN reports, “Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said Monday that President Donald Trump’s choice for the No. 2 post at the Justice Department,” so Rod Rosenstein, “would appoint a special counsel on Russia if need be.” Need be! Recall Attorney General Jeff Sessions met with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, which he failed to disclose, was forced to recuse himself from the investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia as a result.

From CNN.



POLITICO reports, “The Turkish man who gave Mike Flynn a $600,000 lobbying deal just before President Donald Trump picked him to be national security adviser has business ties to Russia, including a 2009 aviation financing deal negotiated with Vladimir Putin, according to court records.” Delicious. Ekim Alptekin, who paid Flynn, helped organize the Turkish government’s lobbying in Washington with “Dmitri ‘David’ Zaikin, a Soviet-born former executive in Russian energy and mining companies who also has had dealings with Putin’s government, according to three people with direct knowledge of the activities,” according to POLITICO.


The response of the actors in this subplot: “Alptekin, in an interview, said he hired Flynn with his own money and did not coordinate any lobbying for the Turkish government. He also denied knowing Zaikin. But Alptekin acknowledged that he has attended events and met with leaders of the Turkish Heritage Organization, a Washington-based group of Turkish-Americans loyal to Erdogan. The organization was started when Zaikin asked a Washington-based international political consultant named John Moreira to help set it up, Moreira told POLITICO… On at least one occasion, Alptekin, who was born in Turkey and grew up in the Netherlands, met with communications consultants working for the Turkish Heritage Organization.” However, “three people with direct knowledge of the situation said it was more than just one meeting; Zaikin and Alptekin worked together to help coordinate pro-Turkish lobbying.” Ukrainian born Zaikin whose family left Russia in 1990 became a citizen of Canada but currently lives in London. According to POLITICO, “In the 2000s, Zaikin was an executive in Russia’s oil industry at a time when Putin was consolidating control over the country’s mineral wealth to the financial benefit of himself and the circle of oligarchs who are his key supporters and associates.” Let’s take a look at some of his deals:


Zaikin was “chairman and CEO of a company called Siberian Energy Group” and was able to obtain “mineral interests and exploration licenses in Russia’s Kurgan province,” according to filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission cited by POLITICO. “Siberian Energy Group’s dealings under Zaikin were characteristic of the equity trades, offshore financing schemes and consulting agreements that Putin’s allies have used to protect and hide assets.” Surprise! In 2008 there is a further shady deal with an “ex-KGB” oligarch involved in Gazprom. “Zaikin’s company sold the oligarch a 2.5 percent stake in a subsidiary, known as KNG, for shares worth $10, equivalent to valuing the entire subsidiary at $400, according to SEC disclosures. That came less than two years after Zaikin’s company bought KNG for the equivalent of $2.7 million.”


The same month he made the deal with the oligarch, Zaikin started issuing shares in a Moscow company called Business Standard. According to POLITICO, “In 2007, Zaikin’s company agreed to pay the firm thousands more shares in exchange for what the contract called ‘certain consulting services,’ including help in obtaining oil and gas drilling licenses from the Russian government.”

Zaikin was the director of a subsidiary named Zauralneftegaz, which “explored for oil and gas in West Siberia”. This “company was in part controlled by shell companies set up by a London law firm involved in the Panama Papers,” Mossack Fonseca.


A look at the Turkish gentleman Ekim Alptekin’s deals in Russia:


Alptekin was a “partner in an investment group called ETIRC as early as 2006”. POLITICO reports he “bought a stake in a New Mexico jet manufacturer called Eclipse Aviation. In September 2008, Eclipse announced plans to build a $205 million factory in Russia financed by Russian state bank Vnesheconombank, whose board was chaired by Putin, then prime minister. A photo in the trade press showed Putin personally inspecting one of eclipse’s jets.” However, “a month later, Eclipse filed for bankruptcy protection.” POLITICO reports, “Putin was personally involved in approving a loan from the [Vnesheconom]bank to Eclipse, according to court records,” so Alptekin and his partners could buy out the company. Shady! Yet, “the funding apparently never materialized, and the sale didn’t go through.” Alptekin and his partners instead spent $49 million to buy out the company, renaming it Eclipse Aerospace.” The company then “sought bankruptcy protection, it had declared assets valued at almost $1.1 billion.” Today the company markets these jets in Turkey and the Middle East.




We all know the Kremlin is filled with anti-civilization bigots, zealots, racists and misogynists, so how well received the unpleasantries the EU’s top diplomat Federica Mogherini dished up during her first official visit to Moscow Monday is unknown. What is clear is she is no T Rex in every sense and it is to her infinite credit that Europe’s public face is an Italian woman not a disgusting dinosaur of an oil barren or a man who only ever looks like he just swallowed sour milk who talks like a thug. According to POLITICO, “EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini told Russia’s Sergei Lavrov in Moscow on Monday that the West would never recognize the Kremlin’s annexation of Crimea.” Reuters quoted her as having told Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, “Our expectation is that the Russian Federation does its part to protect its own citizens in full respect of human rights principles.” Beautiful. So much respect for the Ukrainian people for rallying the West to sanctions and fending off Russian aggression and containing it; in America, we lost and lost badly, whereas the Ukrainians won and continue to win every day sanctions cripple Russia’s mafia state regime.

From POLITICO and Reuters.



Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reports, “Russian President Vladimir Putin has criticized opposition leader Aleksei Navalny, indirectly accusing him of using his anticorruption campaign to gain political prominence.” That’s a hell of a coup for Navalny that Putin even feels compelled to answer charges of corruption indirectly and surely not a soul but the most diluted and high proof intoxicated members of Russian society believe Putin. The Russians do not seem to too much believe Navalny either, but he has tapped a real frustration with the duress of sanctions on the population and the sight of oligarchs continually and continuously looting the state of its wealth and riches. While at a meeting in St. Petersburg on Monday, Putin said, in classic Soviet fashion that anti-corruption slogans were being used “as an instrument in their own political fight for promoting themselves.”

From Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.



The Forward, which has knocked the ball out of the park on reporting without fear or bias on all the various Jewish issues around the Trump presidency and set a new bar for the ethnic press in America, reports now that Sebastian Gorka’s “Ties to Nazi-Allied Groups Go Back Decades,” according to the headline. Accordingly, “new research by the Forward has revealed that Gorka’s use of a special lower-case ‘v.’ insignia in his signature, which the Vitézi Rend allows only sworn members to use, goes back much further than previously known.” When he was 28 years old in 1998, articles he published made use of this lower case “v.” insignia associated with the Vitézi Rend, signing “Sebestyén L. v. Gorka. The Forward reports, “The articles predated the death of Gorka’s father by several years, making his assertion that he simply inherited the title from his father, as he has claimed, seemingly impossible.” The Forward continues, “The question is not academic; Gorka would have been required to reveal his membership in the far-right group both when he applied to enter the United States in 2008 and when he became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 2012. He has declined to respond to questions about whether he did so.” He has also refused to answer questions about his 2007 endorsement of the Mágyar Garda, which The Forward correctly describes as “an extreme right-wing paramilitary militia led by anti-Semites.” Guess what The Forward also found? Oh only, that “Gorka wrote regularly for a well-known anti-Semitic paper while active in Hungary, and that he co-founded his political party with prominent former members of Jobbik, a party with a long record of anti-Semitism and racism against Hungary’s Roma minority.” In February, the AP cited current and present officials that “Gorka has yet to be granted the security clearances ordinarily required for him to perform his job as counter-terrorism adviser to the president,” so there is one for the Russian efforts to promote terror on our shores and use our moment of shock to impose an authoritarian state à la the Reichstag fire. The Forward also has “a current member of the Historical Vitézi Rend” on record saying you cannot “use the initial ‘v.’ without going through the group’s application process and its elaborate swearing-in ceremony.” So what is this group and is it confirmed? According to leaders who told both The Forward and later NBC News the same story, Gorka “is a sworn member of their group, which was founded by Admiral Miklos Horthy, Hungary’s wartime leader. Horthy, a self-declared anti-Semite who passed anti-Jewish laws prior to the war and collaborated with Hitler during the conflict, rewarded members of the Vitézi Rend with land confiscated from Hungarian Jews whom he turned over to Hitler.” Don’t Jared and Ivanka look like shitty house Jews now? We must never let these people win real control of our state. Everyone keep distracting Trump with chimera until we take back the state and roll back and contain the Russians’ active measures.

From The Forward.



NBC News reports that Sebastian Gorka, who has shit to do but appear on cable news since he does not have a security clearance as word of all his Nazi ties pour out in the press, stormed off a stage at Georgetown during a conference on fake news when he was asked about his work for Breitbart and far-right Hungarian ties by students. Quite the alpha! Did he not know that would happen? Leaders are routinely eviscerated and pulled through the ringer there as the students and faculty and alums are accustomed to pulling punches on all the world leaders that stomp through. What. A. Fool. Hilariously he told protesters they were victims of fake news and “Every young person holding a placard to protest my parents and myself — I challenge you now: go away and look at everything I have said and written in the last 46 years of my life and find one sentence that is anti-Semitic”. Um, The Forward sort of did and found so much and members of Congress are talking to NPR about just that, so… why is this guy taking the job of a hard working American neo-Nazi? Hire America, Trump!

From NBC News and NPR.



The Baltic Times citing the Lithuanian Defense Ministry reports, “NATO fighter jets serving in the Alliance’s air-policing mission in the Baltic countries were scrambled twice last week to intercept Russian military aircraft in international airspace over the Baltic Sea”. On April 18, NATO fighter jets “escorted an An-26 aircraft of the Russian Federation en route from mainland Russia to its Kaliningrad exclave.” The Russian aircraft “had a pre-filed flight plan and kept radio contact with air traffic controllers, but its onboard transponder was switched off.” There was a repeat of the incident when “Four Su-24 aircraft were also en route from mainland Russia to Kaliningrad when they were intercepted on Apr. 20.”

From The Baltic Times.





Every day we pray every waking moment Moscow Marine is sent back to the Kremlin where we hope she lives as a kept princess of Vlad’s until the end of her days, far, far from the Élysée Palace. TRUMPISTAN WATCH is following the French elections very, very closely because European security is contingent on the defeat of Moscow Marine. The Wall Street Journal reports the campaign of Emmanuel Macron fended off hacking attempts linked to Apt28 or “Fancy Bear,” the Russian state hacking group tasked with international political hacking to support the Kremlin’s fascist redesigns for the West. As the U.S. House intelligence committee’s ranking Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff said at an appearance at the University of Chicago last week, they only have to succeed once but a hacking target must fend off every attempt, so no one get complacent and think this is the end of the story.

From The Wall Street Journal.



The BBC takes a look at five lessons from the French elections’ first round vote:

1) “You do not have to be mainstream to win”

2) “The left is in ruins

3) Moscow “Marine Le Pen: Winning Votes But Unlikely to Win

4) “Opinion polls are not always wrong

5) “Scandals do not win elections,” François Fillon

From BBC.



The Daily Beast reports that the campaign of Emmanuel Macron has denied credentials to Moscow Marine cheerleaders’ and general disinformation purveyors, Russian state-run RT to cover his campaign during the second phase. TRUMPISTAN WATCH believes that we all should expect swastikas as part of their coverage, even though Moscow Marine more closely embodies the politics of such symbols. The campaign explained, “it is a propaganda organ. Therefore we have decided not to give it accreditation.” So is Breitbart and the White House should do the same along with all the other phony outlets they have thrown into the ring in an effort to distract everyone from Trump’s shady, shady ties to dirty Russian money.

From The Daily Beast.





Fox News reports members of the House oversight committee chaired by Rep. Jason Chaffetz “were invited Monday to view classified documents related to former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s foreign contacts” and “the documents available for viewing Tuesday would be provided by the Defense Intelligence Agency, which Flynn headed from July 2012 to August 2014.” It was not clear who would see the documents as many are STILL on Easter recess and not returning until late Tuesday afternoon because Easter was a week and a half ago and these Congressmen get long breaks. Expect leaks not so long thereafter because no important secrets should be kept now from the American people and that’s how our system works, if it migrates to the Hill, it usually leaks into the press.

From Fox News.



CNN reports, “The Senate Intelligence Committee is hiring two new staffers for its investigation into Russian interference in the US election,” Senator Mark Warner, the Vice-Chairman of the Committee told the network. Warner also said, “investigators obtained a large batch of documents they requested just before Congress went on break and have completed 27 interviews as part of their investigation.”

From CNN.



Bad news for the fake Russian puppet president, yay! Seventy three percent of Americans support “an independent, non-partisan commission instead of Congress to investigate Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election,” according to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. That’s way more people than voted for Trump, then support him, it is a tremendous, big league percentage. Only 16 percent think Congress is up to the task after the shenanigans of various members of the Russia Party to derail an investigation. According to NBC News, “That includes 84 percent of Democrats and 51 percent of independents who want to see this congressional investigation, but just 21 percent of Republican respondents who want it.”

From NBC News.





The Russians will be cheering from the White House. A former Obama speechwriter, Terence Szuplat, takes a look at what Trump will say when that day arrives in The Washington Post. The paper, which has adopted the slogan “Democracy dies in darkness” as of late, warns readers, “It will be a demagogue’s dream and a uniquely dangerous moment for our democracy.” Will they listen or will they goose step with what the leader says? “Demagogues rarely disguise their intentions; they boast of them. So, too, with President Trump.” We saw how he cheered last week for Le Pen after the attack on the Champs Élysée in France last week, tweeting, “Another terrorist attack in Paris. The people of France will not take much more of this. Will have a big effect on presidential election!” In the past, leaders used the moment to express sympathy with the people of a nation not cheer on a fellow Russian puppet. Szulpat warns, as so many have before him from Hannah Arendt to Sarah Kendzior, “As citizens, we’ll need to steel ourselves for the inevitable moment when our president tries to play to our collective fears.So much history repeating itself here, it’s a pity more Americans don’t know any and our government is not capable of talking too straight with us at the moment about the coup of November 9, when we lost to the Russians big league and we do not yet know if we are digging ourselves out or pummeling down the abyss.

From The Washington Post.



General John Nicholson, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, “appeared to confirm Monday that Russia is sending weapons to the Taliban,” according to The Washington Post. “When asked by reporters, Gen. John Nicholson did not dispute claims that the Taliban is receiving weapons and other supplies from the Russians.” One senior U.S. military official cited anonymously said, “the Russians have increased their supply of equipment and small arms to the Taliban over the past 18 months.”

From The Washington Post.



The Washington Post takes a look at all the neophytes, hacks, greedy capitalists and assorted misanthrope degenerates that Trump could not get confirmed in his first 100 days. One caught TRUMPISTAN WATCH’s attention in particular. Monica Crowley who was slated to oversee communications for the National Security Council but was felled by a plagiarism scandal, “registered with the Justice Department as a foreign agent for Ukrainian oligarch Viktor Pinchukin March. She also once tweeted a picture of herself at the Berlin Wall with the remark that “Walls work.” They also kill people, you stupid, foolish (useful) idiot.

From The Washington Post.





TRUMPISTAN WATCH really needs to change this to BULLSHIT DMITRY PESKOV SAYS already because my god, if we were not concerned and could have normal life back, it would not be worth the trouble. But as America is a nation that thinks this could never happen here, to us, in our times, well, yawn, we must. Peskov denied the hacking of Denmark’s foreign and defense ministries on the grounds that Russia does not do such things even when it so, so does! Peskov also bullshitted about all the Kremlin’s efforts to fight corruption according to Russian state-run TASS, which exists solely for the purposes of propagating disinformation. Of corruption, Peskov said, “As for the process of fighting corruption, it is already clear that it is not just a set of one-time actions. It is actually methodical work which is geared towards creating an atmosphere of intolerance to corruption in any shape or form”. Laughable. In the old Soviet days when they spouted such rubbish it at least came with a hefty side portion of Marxism, which might have been more interesting somehow even if it was complete bullshit itself. Should we at least be grateful he wasn’t denying torture against gays or spouting unbelievably hateful rhetoric? Sure, why not, everything is terrible and this is merely irritating.

From Reuters and Russian state-run TASS.



The New York Times takes a look at a new show set to debut Thursday on Comedy Central called, “The President Show,” where the orange lunatic is sure to be mocked mercilessly because this is still America and we still have a constitution. The theme of an “unaired test show” was mothers with the Trump character, played by Anthony Atamanuik sitting “silently, wearing his mother’s wig and shawl, while her disapproving voice berated him in his mind,” in an homage to Hitchcock’s “Psycho”. God help us because Putin also has considerable mother issues. According to The New York Times, “’The President Show,’ which will follow Trevor Noah’s “Daily Show” on Thursdays, is an unusual offering, even for Comedy Central, the ancestral home of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.” And it’s a definite gamble for a tuned out, turned in, long ago dropped out American public “whether audiences want to spend a whole half-hour with a satirical deconstruction of the commander in chief.” Delightfully Atamanuik describes his Trump as “the ‘Jungian shadow,’” a “part of me that I don’t want the world to see, but that I’m showing all the time.” Oh my god if that isn’t a metaphor for the nation’s newfound status as a land full of bitter, sad, angry losers it is hard to say what is.

From The New York Times.





Her handler must be having an amazing amount of fun because now probable Kremlin conduit Pamela Anderson has outdone all previous attempts in the realm of ridiculous. The Daily Mail reports, “Pamela Anderson has boasted about her ‘special relationship’ with exiled WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and advised the US, UK and France to have a ‘threesome’” in a new poem released to her blog. The Daily Mail published the whole thing too because it is so absurd. We will continue to laugh with her handler, not at her handler because at least someone in the orbit of Russian intelligence most certainly has a sense of humor and the absurd, even if personally unaware of this quality.

From The Daily Mail.


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