Trump’s truly pugnacious first campaign chief Corey Lewandowski is leaving the lobbying firm he started “Avenue Strategies amid a spate of negative publicity, saying he is concerned that he’s lost control over the lobbying and political consulting firm he co-founded after the 2016 election.” Another white male victim in this absurd tragicomic farce of our national emergency! Everybody feel bad for the white man and blame the next four minorities you see, because that is how Trump’s America works! Throw in a couple of women too if this makes you particularly bitter, they always deserve it. What happened to big, proud, strong Corey? “Lewandowski said Thursday that his partner, Barry Bennett, and others among the firm’s eight operatives have used his name without his authorization and sought business with foreign clients that he doesn’t want,” Bloomberg reports. One of those clients was Citgo which is in the midst of a controversy as it seems Rosneft is trying to strong arm the Venezuelan state oil company Petroleros de Venezuela SA (PDVSA) out of its shares in the American oil company to seize control of it. Sounds like Corey is doing what is known in the mafia as “trying to go legit,” but then, all the hits, the various cons, the crowd he’s surrounded himself with, they all conspire to pull him back into the criminal underworld of the American presidency! They can’t afford to lose an enforcer who might go legit — he might start singing to the Feds after all… Lewandowski admits as much in an interview, “The most important thing is my reputation, and I’ve worked really hard in the face of adversity to try to be successful”. That adversity is the Russian mafia puppet he worked for and whose business partners it sounds like tried to hump for cash or it is nothing. “I know I have a giant target on my back. People want to see me fail,” Lewandowski said according to Bloomberg.

From Bloomberg.



You probably don’t have to guess who, if you know head from ass in the U.S. Congress, that Rep. Dana Rohrbacher, aka “Putin’s favorite congressman,” would be most likely to openly acknowledging a meeting – practically al fresco – with Russian intelligence. Rohrbacher is openly acknowledging meeting Rinat Akhmetsin on April 11 in Berlin in the lobby of the Westin Grand Hotel for 15-20 minutes according to two witnesses and Rohrbacher, CNN reports. CNN writes, “The topic of discussion: A high-profile Russian money laundering case and related sanctions on Russia”. CNN notes, “Just one week before the meeting, Senator Charles Grassley had written letter to John Kelly, the Secretary of Homeland Security, describing Akhmetshin as ‘a Russian immigrant to the United States who has been accused of acting as an unregistered agent for Russian interests and apparently has ties to Russian intelligence.’ Grassley was requesting ‘all information’ on Akhmetshin’s immigration history.” Recall Kelly just this week thought it was outrageous anyone would challenge the utility and need for The Wall, so he should be thrilled to kick an immigrant out of the country, even if he is not so dark and from the master country of the puppet president. Akhmetsin declined to comment to CNN but previously made light of connections to Russian intel to POLITICO citing the feverish mood of Washington following the Russian-backed coup last November. Conveniently, Rohrbacher “told CNN that he cannot recall exactly what was said in the lobby, or at a subsequent dinner he attended with more than a dozen people, including Akhmetshin.” Others did not forget however! CNN reports, “The focus, according to two eyewitnesses in the hotel lobby, was a U.S. federal money-laundering case in New York. The government is targeting Prevezon Holdings, a Cyprus company that has invested in Manhattan real estate and which prosecutors allege was the receptacle for some of the $230 million stolen from Russian taxpayers in 2007. Rohrabacher acknowledged to CNN that the case came up in conversation with Akhmetshin.” One of the U.S. attorney’s key witnesses, Nikolai Gorokhov, nearly died in March “when he plummeted from his Moscow apartment” just “a day before he was due to appear in a Russian court”. On Wednesday, FBI Director James Comey was on the Hill and said Russia continues to influence the legislative process. Behold, exhibit A.

From CNN.



Hans-Georg Maassen, the director of Germany’s domestic intelligence agency BfV, said at a conference on cyber security in Potsdam outside Berlin that “‘large amounts of data’ were seized during a May 2015 cyberattack on the Bundestag, or lower house of parliament, which has previously been blamed on APT28, a Russian hacking group,” according to Haaretz. Maassen “said it was up to the Kremlin to decide whether it wanted to put it to use ahead of Germany’s September election.” He also cited concerns about misinformation, disinformation and propaganda influencing the electorate, which has come to be known as “fake news” in some corridors. Even before Trump expropriated the term to mean news he does not like, TRUMPISTAN WATCH eschewed any effort to conceal or describe propaganda as anything other than.

From Haaretz.



IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly reports on growing Baltic weariness to Russia’s huge military exercise planned for September, Zapad (previously covered by TRUMPISTAN WATCH). Andrei Kortunov, the director of Russia’s International Affairs Council, “intimated” that Russia should share more about the highly secretive military exercises they have planned later this year but “that this information could only be disclosed through the NATO-Russian Council, which was suspended following Russia’s annexation of Crimea.” How convenient. Jane’s reports, “Speaking to Baltic states media on 2 May, Kortunov’s observations follow fears expressed by senior figures in the region,” that a large presence of Russian troops becomes a fixture in neighboring Belarus.

From IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly.



The AP reports, “Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny says he has been issued a Russian passport after being denied the travel document for five years.” The Russian authorities have been hounding him very aggressively as of late, dousing his face in chemicals so he requires eye surgery abroad and upholding a suspended sentence so he is ineligible for the presidency according to Russian penal code. The Financial Times reports, “On Thursday, Mr Navalny was abruptly told by migration authorities that he could get a passport after five years of denials, only for prison officials to call his lawyer, Vadim Kobzev, and tell him ‘not even to think’ about leaving the country.” In other words, guess who has courage and who has none! And this is what it’s like when an individual is targeted by a Kremlin disinformation campaign directly, note the confused signals, mixed messages, what is the truth? Does Navalny go? Will he be putting himself in jeopardy to do so? Putin is scared and trying to show Navalny the door.

From the AP and The Financial Times.





In a sign of something vaguely positive, 82% of French people view our lunatic puppet president unfavorably (13% think favorably and 5% have no opinion, so there’s your counterpoint: almost one in five are basically hopeless and/or asleep). Evidently our national shame is viewed even less favorably than other autocrats like Putin and Xi. Merkel is viewed favorably by 70% of the French, cementing her leader of the free world status.   This could be very positive for Macron in so far as the French appear to have learned something at least from our great national mistake. Otherwise let’s hope Moscow Marine’s scary nationalist rhetoric and misogyny wipe out any chance of victory.

From Newsweek.





The New Yorker has a long piece on Trump’s prospects for impeachment, which would be tremendous if the House were not controlled by the Republicans so expect hell on earth meddling in next year’s midterm election to keep the America operation on track. In any case, buried in the story which revisits the allegations and counter-allegations but lives in the realm of FACT and TRUTH, is the fact that “Senator Mark Warner, of Virginia, the ranking Democrat on the Intelligence Committee, privately told friends that he puts the odds at two to one against Trump completing a full term. (Warner’s spokesperson said that the Senator was ‘not referring specifically to the Russia investigation, but rather the totality of challenges the President is currently facing.’)” That’s sort of a “Wait, but there’s more!” “Price is Right”-style maneuver and TRUMPISTAN WATCH is digging it. High five, very nice. America is officially a shameful, loser nation under Russian occupation as long as this goes on for. Down with Trump! Long live the republic!

From The New Yorker.



The House intelligence committee held a closed door classified hearing Thursday with FBI Director James Comey and National Security Agency director Mike Rogers. After DARKNESS AT NUNES set it alight, it Schiffed back on track with Rep. Devin Nunes’ ouster and subsequent open ethics investigation. According to The New York Times, Rep. Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the committee told reporters while standing next to Rep. Mike Conaway, the ranking Republican, “We’re working together very well… The whole committee is.”

From The New York Times.




Russian Order of Friendship medal recipient and U.S. Secretary of State who should not be Rex Tillerson has continued on his corporate American style cost cutting rampage overlaying Russian active measures and “launched a survey, obtained by CNN, in the lead up to a restructuring that’s expected to include substantial staff and budget cuts. The online questionnaire, being sent to all staff at the State Department and Agency for International Development, asks for their help in building a ‘word cloud’ to characterize the department’s current mission and what it should be over the next 20 years.” Oh and he did it all with “a spattering of corporate buzz words”. Good grief. YOU’RE FIRED! If you work for the State Department or USAID you have the permission of the American people to wax lyrically about the need for diplomacy in an increasingly hostile world in these surveys. We support you.

From CNN.



Recall, the goal of active measures is to capture the state and as the Russians define “the state,” there are three main pillars: foreign policy, defense and the economy. Russian Order or Friendship medal recipient and U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has been very effective at overlaying active measures with American corporate downsizing and other tactics destructive to the human soul so that the output, no longer resembling a fully fledged human being, looks something like lizard frog dinosaur Rex Tillerson. Oh, and there is a total absence of a U.S. foreign policy at present moment. This is by design. So, time to move on to defense, which is where we are now, albeit the U.S. military should put up somewhat more of a fight. Trump keeps not nominating people for one, degrading our capabilities and readiness that way and then when he does, reasonable people and interest groups often find the nominees to be unacceptable or there are financial conflicts because Trump only likes plutocrats who think as he does, very little of the small people. So CNN reports, “The nomination of President Donald Trump’s Army secretary is in serious jeopardy, and he could be withdrawing as soon as this week”. Mark Green, Trump’s nominee is a Tennessee state senator who has claimed transgender is a disease, has made anti-Muslim comments and generally behaved like a member of the Trumpenproletariat. When Green was nominated, Mattis expressed his support. “He had my full support during the selection process, and he will have my full support during the Senate confirmation process”. What the hell is going on? Far, far from “a fine-tuned machine”.

From CNN.


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