Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reports, “Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko may have pulled off a small coup in winning an audience with U.S. President Donald Trump before Russian leader Vladimir Putin could,” but, “Judging from the deafening silence coming from the White House, however, it’s a small coup that the U.S. administration doesn’t seem interested in publicizing.” The meeting will take place today, on the six-month anniversary of the start of “Dr. Strangelove” in real life, which is entirely appropriate given that Ukraine is one of two nations (the other being Libya) that gave up its nukes, returning them to Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union, only to see the country they surrendered them to invade them and threaten territorial integrity. Hold onto your nukes world, they are your security guarantee, of sorts! See: Pakistan. According to Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, “Poroshenko is expected to raise the question of greater American military support, specifically providing Ukraine’s armed forces with lethal weapons.” Also, “Poroshenko will also be looking to get a firm commitment from Trump that he won’t roll back the U.S. sanctions imposed on Russia over its annexation of Crimea and military support for separatists.” Spoiler alert: Poroshenko will not get what he seeks. Expect this to be a version of Trump’s disastrous White House meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, only on steroids. It will not go well and it will embarrass our nation because Trump is a Kremlin puppet serving only Putin.

From Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.





Newsweek reports, “Lawyers seeking to unseal documents related to the criminal past of a former business partner of President Donald Trump,” Felix Sater, “said in federal court on Monday that the documents may contain evidence that Trump committed fraud.” Sater was a partner in the Bayrock Group, which had a heavy hand in the Trump Soho Hotel project. Attorney Richard Lerner told a federal court in Brooklyn Monday, “A fellow named Donald Trump is now president and he had a business associate named [Sater.] The public needs to know the length of their relationship and the nature of the relationship and what kind of person [Sater] is,” adding, “By allowing this regime of secrecy to continue, it’s facilitating what may have been fraud by President Trump.” The president – a Russian mafia linked fraud!? Um, surprise!? “It was unclear from the court proceeding what acts by Trump could possibly be construed as criminal. But after court ended,” Newsweek reports Lerner said, “that if Trump knowingly did real estate with a convicted felon, that could constitute financial fraud.” Interestingly, “A Department of Justice lawyer told Judge Pamela Chen that unsealing the documents could be unsafe for Sater or others,” demonstrating once again the politicization of the Department of Justice in protecting the lunatic traitor trash squatting in the White House. Recall, “Sater served a year in prison in 1993 for stabbing a man in the face with a broken glass. Five years later, he pleaded guilty to taking part in a $40 million Mafia stock fraud scheme and avoided prison by working as a confidential informant”. Curiously, “While he was still reportedly working for the feds, Sater spent years trying to line up deals for Trump’s real estate empire around the world beginning in 2003. Trump backed away from Sater when the latter’s criminal past became public in 2007. But about three years later, the real estate mogul started working with him again,” suggesting the Russian mob may have long and deep ties and have something very serious on the orange Russian bullshit puppet. Hilariously Newsweek notes, “On Monday afternoon the judge instructed all the attorneys to refer to Sater as “John Doe,” but the lawyers seeking to unseal the documents repeatedly mistakenly referred to Sater by his real name. Towards the end of the proceeding, even the judge forgot and did the same.” Yeah, oops. “When a lawyer said that Sater has referred to himself as ‘formerly known as John Doe,’ the judge quipped, ‘Sort of like Prince.’ After over three hours of public arguments, the judge closed the courtroom to reporters and observers and held additional arguments on whether the documents should be unsealed,” Newsweek reports. Unseal the documents!

From Newsweek.



BuzzFeed reports, “A new classified document by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson lays out a new path for Russia and the US,” and it is even dumber than the so-called “reset” and it will not work, this TRUMPISTAN WATCH can promise. According to BuzzFeed, Russian Order of Friendship medal recipient and “Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has taken it upon himself to guide the Trump administration’s thinking on dealing with Russian President Vladimir Putin,” because Trump really does not do anything more than orchestrate the reality TV show that keeps the masses satisfied enough while we effectively have a de facto military government. BuzzFeed notes Tillerson “crafted a three-point framework for future US-Russia relations that takes a narrow view of what can be achieved between the former Cold War adversaries but seeks a constructive working relationship with Putin on a limited set of issues,” which is far too generous for what this so-called “framework” is. According to a previously undisclosed classified document, “The first pillar of the framework, a US official said, is to convey to Moscow that aggressive actions against the United States are a losing proposition that will be counterproductive for both sides. When Russia takes bold actions against American interests, such as sending arms to the Taliban in Afghanistan or harassing US diplomats in Moscow, Washington will push back,” because we are seeing so much push back now? Citing a U.S. official, BuzzFeed reports, “The second pillar is to engage on issues that are of strategic interest to the United States, including the long-running civil war in Syria, North Korea’s rapidly developing nuclear weapons program and cyber security and cyber-espionage.” Drink some polonium laced tea to swallow that nonsense. The third pillar of delusional nonsense is by far the most absurd, as it “emphasizes the importance of ‘strategic stability’”. This is “an ambiguous umbrella term that encompasses a range of long term mutual geopolitical goals,” and is indistinguishable from the first two pillars which means all T Rex has learned in Washington is that they like three bullet points best. Russia hacked our election and tried to destroy our democratic institution and installed a puppet president; they only respond to pain. There will be no strategic stability until we crush sad little Putin and make sure everyone in the Kremlin now suffers immensely. In exchange, we might get back our consulate in St. Petersburg, but that’s not even a fair trade because we will throw sprinkles on the corpse of the republic in the form of their dachas that Obama confiscated in Maryland and New York. And what do the American people get? Nothing but hell on earth. The tip off the Russian may have been the real authors: according to Russian state-run TASS, “The Kremlin knows nothing about the plan to develop constructive relations with Russia prepared by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Tuesday.” Remember: never believe anything about or in Russia until the Kremlin denies it.

From BuzzFeed and Russian state-run TASS.



ABC News reports, ousted National Security Advisor “Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn made an unreported trip to the Middle East in 2015 to work on a U.S.-Russian venture in Saudi Arabia before he joined the Trump campaign, possibly having multiple contacts with Saudi officials that he failed to disclose when seeking renewal of his security clearances,” citing House Democrats Elijah Cummings and Eliot Engel, who are seeking more information and likely putting it out there believing it will encourage a media feeding frenzy. Truth be told, the media is pretty broke and weak at the moment; we are in the era of content-free content creation. Most everything we know, we know through leaks. House Democrats are seeking documents on “Flynn’s Saudi venture” involving “not only a Russian-U.S. effort to construct the nuclear reactors but also a plan to have Arab countries repay the Russians with the purchase of ‘Russian military hardware,’” because good grief, there must be more money the Russians gave Flynn off shore because it is increasingly implausible that he was doing all this for less than $100k? According to ABC News, Flynn would not comment through his lawyer and “Neither X-Co Dynamics Inc./Iron Bridge Group nor ACU Strategic Partners, the companies reportedly involved in the venture, responded to requests for comment.” Flynn traveled to Saudi in summer 2015 to try and secure the deal, which he never reported and again “in October 2015 on security clearance forms, but the letter says he omitted key details of that trip, including who paid for it.” Curiously Flynn “said he traveled with a ‘friend,’ whom he did not identify, had a speaking engagement that could not be confirmed by the agencies that booked his speeches and stayed at the King Khaled International Hotel, the letter says. Congressional investigators could find no evidence that such a hotel existed.” Perhaps the “friend” is Russian intelligence? ABC News reports, “Lawmakers believe his travels were related to a proposed U.S.-Russian partnership that would have been financed by Saudi Arabia to build, operate and secure dozens of nuclear reactors throughout the Middle East.” Of course, “The U.S.-Russian partnership seemingly never materialized,” however, “after his trip, Saudi Arabia announced a $100 billion deal with Rosatom, Russia’s state atomic energy corporation, to build 16 nuclear power plants.” Of course Flynn’s failure to disclose could “‘constitute further violations’ of federal law.”

From ABC News.



The Hill reports, “Six senators are calling on the secretaries of State and Treasury to review whether a potential Russian takeover of petroleum company Citgo could threaten national security and violate economic sanctions.” This is not the first time as Senator Robert Menendez has previously made the same damn request so it seems the Russian Order of Friendship medal recipient and U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin may not be complying. Surprise! They do not serve us or the Congress, they serve themselves and the highest bidder, which as long as there is a Russian mafia state will always be Russia, with stiff competition from fellow corrupt mafia state China. Where are our capitalists to bribe these boys into being better to their own people? Oh right, they do not care either about the so-called small people. For background again, The Hill notes, “Citgo, owned by the government of Venezuela, risks defaulting on a loan from Rosneft, a Russian state-owned energy company. Rosneft could take control of Citgo upon default, giving a company with close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin command of United States infrastructure.” This time the latest letter to our fake leaders comes from “Senate Finance Committee ranking Democrat Ron Wyden, (Ore.), Foreign Relations Committee ranking Democrat Ben Cardin (Md.), and Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas)” as well as “Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Richard Blumethal (D-Conn.)”. So quite the bipartisan consensus there! Will it be enough to convince the Russian chicken hawks in the Trump administration? Their letter notes, “Citgo operates across 19 states, with 48 terminals, interstate oil and gas pipelines, and refineries,” and “Serious questions have been raised regarding the national security risk of Rosneft — a company with close ties to President Putinassuming control of U.S. energy infrastructure.” Well, the good news is that not everyone is down with the whole Russian takeover of our nation, or at least every aspect of it. According to The Hill, “The senators also asked Tillerson and Mnuchin to report on whether Rosneft’s acquisition of Citgo’s U.S.-based assets would violate economic sanctions against Russia.” The Hill notes, “Rosneft has been subject to U.S. sanctions since Russia’s annexation of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014. The company’s executive chairman, Igor Sechin, has also been blocked from the U.S. financial system.” Or as Rep. Jackie Speier once mistakenly called him in one of the great malapropisms in all this, “Igor Rosneft”.

From The Hill.



The Hill reports, “Russia issued a stark warning to the U.S. Monday, saying it will treat U.S.-led coalition planes in Syria that fly west of the Euphrates River as targets one day after the U.S. took down a Syrian plane,” noting “The Russian Defense Ministry demanded a full U.S. account as to why it decided to shoot down a Syrian jet Sunday.” So while we are demanding full accounts, why don’t the Russian bastards quit with the bullshit about how they did not hack our elections and try to destroy our political system by installing an orange lunatic puppet? After the incident, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford said, “The U.S. will be working in the ‘coming hours’ to defuse tensions with Russia and re-establish a war zone deconfliction line,” who “said the two countries were still in communication,” as of Monday morning, according to The Washington Examiner. Dunford said, “I think the worst thing any of us could do would be to address this with hyperbole,” according to The Washington Examiner. According to The Hill, “Moscow also said it will track all coalition jets and drones west of the Euphrates starting on Monday.” Not our friends, nor our ally; our adversary. As The Washington Post notes, “The United States is becoming more perilously drawn into Syria’s fragmented war as it fights on increasingly congested battlefields surrounding Islamic State territory.” Russian newspapers meanwhile are beyond hawkish as the BBC’s Steve Rosenberg captures in his morning review of the Russian headlines on Twitter, noting one even suggests a “no fly zone” is being imposed on the U.S. Air Force west of the Euphrates River. Talk of red lines, total war, expanding conflict to direct confrontation between the U.S. and Russia; envy your friends who are asleep, they are enjoying these days blissfully unaware of what is coming, for we are sleepwalking into a total war unseen in 70 plus years. And for what and why? The Stupid, that’s why.

From The Hill, The Washington Examiner and The Washington Post.



Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reports, “A Chinese naval fleet held the first of two planned military exercises with the Russian Navy in the Baltic Sea over the weekend, with another show of force scheduled days after U.S. President Donald Trump’s visit to NATO ally Poland next month.” The Chinese Navy is now engaged in the region!? My goodness, all the ingredients are in place for a total war. Citing Chinese state media, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reports, “three ships, headed by the Changsha missile destroyer, linked up with Russian vessels near St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad on June 18, with the next exercise, which will include Chinese marines and ship-borne helicopters, scheduled for late July.” According to Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, “Trump is scheduled to visit Poland, which is on the Baltic Sea, on July 5-6 ahead of a G20 summit in Germany.”

From Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.



POLITICO reports on the thoroughly corrupt and naked attempt by Russia via Gazprom to divide and conquer Europe via the Nordstream 2 pipeline project. POLITICO reports, “As the world’s second-largest producer of natural gas, Russia actually has leverage over its European customers by threatening to cut off gas supplies, and it’s using this power to foster discord among European countries.” Of course it is, all while Europe is asleep in a cocoon of privilege. The new pipeline that Russia seeks to build and that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is thoroughly behind “could dramatically increase that leverage, potentially raising its share of Germany’s gas market to above 50 percent. This policy, and the pipeline in particular, poses a direct challenge to the post-World War II U.S. interest in European stability—and could potentially have effects that outlast the election scandals.” Stay asleep Europe, enjoy your last days before the total war. It is none of TRUMPISTAN WATCH’s goddamn business if you want to sleep or how well you do, enjoy the slumber, just grab an eye mask to make sure you cannot even open your eyes if you choose. POLITICO reports, “At the end of April, Russian natural gas giant Gazprom signed a financing deal for its Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which would carry gas from Russia’s Ust-Luga area west of St. Petersburg across the Baltic Sea directly to Germany, where it would be distributed to other European countries.” Everyone else, fortify yourselves, you will lose people because there is always a human cost. As long as Germany is lit up at night and the Trump administration has bent over for Russia, you should expect nothing less. The bombs are not likely to hit America and its vast trove of stupid first, immediately anyways, but rather Europe and areas east of there because that is how it works when you have oceans dividing you from Russia versus when you do not. You think the Russians, the Germans or the puppet administration in Washington gives a shit about your lives or nations? America will no longer do for Europe that which it cannot do for itself. If you are unfamiliar with pipeline politics and even if you are, a must read.




Estonian Public Broadcasting reports, “NATO fighter jets serving in the alliance’s Baltic Air Policing mission were scrambled nine times last week to identify and escort a total of 32 Russian military aircraft in international airspace over the Baltic Sea, the highest number yet this year.” Citing the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense, figures “show that NATO fighters took off daily from Wednesday through Saturday,” escorting the 32 Russian aircraft, “including two Tu-160 strategic bombers, which flew not far from the Baltics’ airspace on Thursday.” According to Estonian Public Broadcasting, “Last week was the busiest week yet this year for NATO air policing jets,” likely because there are major NATO drills Saber Strike and BaltOps taking place in the region now. “All of the Russian aircraft escorted last week were flying between the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad and the Russian mainland,” Estonian Public Broadcasting notes.

From Estonian Public Broadcasting.





Bloomberg reports, “Many young people are less wedded to the Putin model than the rest of the population, having spent their lives in a period of relative prosperity without major upheavals, unlike their parents’ often-wrenching experiences in the 1990s”. Alexei Grazhdankin, the deputy head of the Levada Center, which conducts the closest thing Russia has to independent polling, notes, “The young are less worried about stability and more interested in change”. According to Bloomberg, “A survey of more than 6,000 students published in May by the Higher School of Economics showed that up to two-thirds don’t trust lawmakers and other officials. They highlight corruption — a key theme of this year’s protests — as Russia’s top problem.” Bloomberg notes, “The Kremlin’s monopoly over television — where most older Russians get their news — is little help with a generation for whom YouTube is the go-to source. Opposition leader Navalny has seen traffic for his online videos exposing alleged official corruption take off despite being ignored by TV.” Despite, “The government’s tightening control over the Internet hasn’t squeezed video bloggers,” and while parliament may pass some laws soon to change that, “For the moment, the authorities are trying to embrace them to make their messages more Kremlin-friendly,” adding, “So far, it’s not going very well.” Hilariously, “parliament invited a dozen popular video bloggers to a hearing on the issue in May” however “only one showed up to address lawmakers.” So they tried again on Monday but “The most prominent was the Paris-based daughter of Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov, known for her often-racy Instagram account,” @stpellegrino, “which has fewer than 50,000 followers.” Another attempt included “a recent music video discouraging young people from going to protests. Commissioned by a government-backed entity, it got over 280,000 dislikes compared to just 17,000 likes,” notes Bloomberg. One of the great ironies in all this is how ineffective Russian propaganda can be when utilized against the Russian people whereas its rate of success with the American people and media is quite stellar. This should really end in a reality show: American Stupid v. Russian Stupid. Think they could find enough sober Russians to field a team?

From Bloomberg.





The Guardian reports, the European Court of Human Rights ruled, “A Russian law that bans gay ‘propaganda’ encourages homophobia and discrimination”. You mean Russia is not a law-based civilized nation promoting liberal values of inclusion and diversity and kindness and gentility towards all human beings? Shock! The Guardian notes, “Three Russian gay rights activists brought the case,” proving there are some incredibly brave Russians who continue to stand up to their oppressive mafia state over what is right, because when something is not right, it is wrong. And the European Court of Human Rights agrees!

From The Guardian.



Princeling Jared speaks! Behold the presidential advisor and husband to Aryan princess Ivanka speaks and he sounds like he looks: like a complete adolescent tool. For real, does the guy even need to shave? He is like a hairless rat. Recall, Saturday Night Live has featured Jimmy Fallon as a mute princeling Jared in the past and note, today is the start of month six of “Dr. Strangelove” in real life, that’s how long princeling Jared has been publicly silent for. TRUMPISTAN WATCH will not insult children by likening these rats to them, but suffice to say it is a small miracle his voice does not crack. Whatever you do, do not liken him to a Bar Mitzvah boy, that implies he is of age and about to become a man and that is simply not the case; princeling Jared will never, ever be a man. The resulting headlines are stellar fun, so here is a round-up:

CNN, “Hear Jared Speak”

The Washington Post, “Jared Kushner speaks in public. And Washington takes notice.”

USA Today, “Jared Kushner speaks and Twitter goes wild”

New York Post, “Jared Kushner actually speaks in front of people”

– * TRUMPISTAN WATCH favorite * The Daily Mail, “‘Sounds like he is giving an 8th grade valedictory’: Twitter goes vocal after hearing Jared Kushner speak for first time”

Cosmo, “FYI, Here’s What Jared Kushner’s Voice Actually Sounds Like”

Jezebel, “Breaking: This is How Jared Kushner’s Voice Sounds”


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