The Washington Post reports, “U.S. intelligence agencies had sourcing deep inside the Russian government capturing Putin’s direct instructions in the operation to damage Clinton’s chances of winning and help elect Trump,” and in some effort at damage control over the eight months of hell since the coup, even calls it “a feat of espionage.” Then CIA Director John Brennan created a task force at the CIA comprising specialists from the CIA, the FBI and the National Security Agency (NSA). Not since the bin Laden raid had the video feed from the situation room been shut off to keep lower level officials in the dark. According to The Washington Post, “Obama set in motion a secret program that authorized the deployment of ‘implants’ in Russian networks – digital bombs that could be triggered in a retaliatory cyber-strike,” but the question of whether or not to deploy them is allegedly left up to Russian puppet Trump. Great plan. Then Secretary of State John Kerry pushed for “a bipartisan commission to investigate Russian interference,” but “Obama and senior White House officials killed the idea,” as “They believed it would be blocked by Congress” and “perceived as partisan,” never mind that the entire Party of Russia with the lonely exceptions of Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham seems rather compromised by Russia, which most likely hacked both parties but held fire on the email caches it obtained from the Republicans. The Washington Post also reports that there was unprecedented harassment of U.S. officials and diplomats within Russia. “In one previously undisclosed incident last year, a Russian military helicopter dropped down from the sky to pass just feet over the hood of a vehicle being driven by the U.S. defense attaché in northern Russia.” The NSA “in particular is reluctant to regard the CIA conclusion with high confidence, because some of the most critical technical intelligence on Russia came from another country,” officials said. Meanwhile “the State Department and FBI became alarmed by an unusual spike in requests from Russia for temporary visas for officials with technical skills seeking permission to enter the United States for short-term assignments at Russian facilities. At the FBI’s behest, the State Department delayed approving the visas until after the election,” The Washington Post reports. Ultimately “Election Day arrived without penalty for Moscow.” We should be increasingly suspicious that someone in Obama’s inner circle may have been compromised by Russia too given the relative inaction to Russian misdeeds from red lines over chemical weapons in Syria to red November here in the United States.

From The Washington Post and The Washington Post.



POLITICO reports, “President Donald Trump on Thursday said he did not make and does not have any ‘tapes’ or recordings of his conversations with former FBI Director James Comey, ending a nearly six-week saga he kicked off by suggesting in a tweet that such tapes existed.” This was a breaking news alert because it involved Trump and Twitter, less anyone wonder how we got here. POLITICO reports by looking at a screen, the preferred method of reporting since years now, “‘With all of the recently reported electronic surveillance, intercepts, unmasking and illegal leaking of information, I have no idea whether there are ‘tapes’ or recordings of my conversations with James Comey, but I did not make, and do not have, any such recordings,’ Trump stated in a pair of tweets on Thursday afternoon.” The tweets came “came a day before a House Intelligence Committee deadline for the White House to produce any such tapes”. The White House said the tweets were “drafted with the help of his communications team on Thursday morning,” and probably some lawyers as it reads like legalese more than his normal crazed conspiratorial delusions because this does not mean there are no tapes. Rep. Adam Schiff, the House intelligence committee co-chair, said, “We would hope that we could rely on a statement from the president,” rather than issue the likely forthcoming subpoena over the matter, however, “Unfortunately, the president has indicated in other statements that he is more than willing to play fast and loose with the truth.” So either Trump is a liar or was trying to intimidate a witness in his own collusion case, or most likely, both. Either way, he shows no concern for law and order, one of the key slogans of his fascist campaign.




The Washington Post reports, “if Trump doesn’t respond by Friday to its request for information about ‘whether any White House recordings or memoranda of Comey’s conversations with President Trump now exist or have in the past,’ they can subpoena him for that information. Which is exactly what the panel’s ranking Democrat, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), suggested on Wednesday that they would do.” However, “even with a subpoena, the panel stands little chance of actually compelling Trump to turn over anything he doesn’t voluntarily want to produce, according to legal experts, setting lawmakers up for a high-stakes choice: Let it go, and look like they are giving the president a pass; or pursue the subpoena, and risk exposing the legislative branch’s weakness in the midst of a historic probe of the president,” notes The Washington Post. In conclusion, by defying the legal process Trump gets his way no matter what his opponents do. This is how authoritarians work.

From The Washington Post.



The Guardian reports, “Deutsche Bank is at the centre of an escalating row on Capitol Hill after the German bank refused to respond to a congressional request for information about the bank’s examination of Donald Trump’s bank account and whether he had financial ties to Russia.” What is Germany’s role in this; is this like Lenin in reverse? According to The Guardian, “Maxine Waters, a top Democrat on the House financial services committee, has challenged Deutsche Bank’s legal rationale for refusing to volunteer information about the US president’s account and an internal review the bank conducted last year.” “Deutsche Bank claimed in a response to the first congressional request that US laws prohibit it from sharing information about its customers to government agencies,” The Guardian reports. However, “Waters and four other Democrats said in a letter that was sent to Deutsche’s Washington attorneys this week that the German bank had misinterpreted the law and said privacy rules do not apply to requests made by Congress,” The Guardian notes.

From The Guardian.



How long until we find out that the results were fake too? Do you believe the ruthless KGB trained Russian leadership ordered their mafia state hackers to stop before crossing some red line our government tells us now? How much does Putin ever leave to chance? TIME reports, “The hacking of state and local election databases in 2016 was more extensive than previously reported, including at least one successful attempt to alter voter information, and the theft of thousands of voter records that contain private information like partial Social Security numbers,” citing current and past officials. Surprise! TRUMPISTAN WATCH was dropped twice from voting rolls and in one instance faced a county clerk who had not a clue but swore no knowledge of it, so this must be what they are talking about. Yeah, right. This occurred “In Illinois,” where “more than 90% of the nearly 90,000 records stolen by Russian state actors contained drivers license numbers, and a quarter contained the last four digits of voters’ Social Security numbers, according to Ken Menzel, the General Counsel of the State Board of Elections,” so our national security state did a fine job of protecting us and safeguarding democracy. If you trust what we have been told so far about no votes being changed, recall it keeps escalating what we learn the Russian hackers did. “The Russian efforts against state and local databases were so widespread that top Obama administration cyber-security officials assumed that by Election Day Moscow’s agents had probed all 50 states,” TIME reports. But they did not change a vote? Um, ok. But these are our friends now and Russian Order of Friendship medal recipient and U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson wants to work directly with Russia on cyber security because that makes sense if you want to ensure eternal rule and the absolute death of democracy. This is where we are in 2017 and next year is 1937.

From TIME.



Two, eight, 39, 22… eventually we will get to the magic number of 50, 50 states that the Russians hacked. Maybe some day the government will let us in on what is becoming ever clearer: Russian hackers did not stop because of a red line Obama had in his mind. McClatchy reports, “Russian operatives hacked into the Florida headquarters of VR Systems, Inc., the vendor that sold them digital products to manage voter registrations.” But they never changed a vote; keep telling yourselves that, America. According to McClatchy, “A week before the election, the hackers sent emails using a VR Systems address to 122 state and local election officials across the country, inviting them to open an attachment wired with malicious software that spoofed ‘legitimate elections-related services,’ the report said.” The report Reality Winner leaked to The Intercept because Glenn Greenwald kept plugging Russian propaganda and she wanted to disprove his asinine horse shit revealed, “The malware was designed to retrieve enough additional information to set the stage for serious mischief”. But of course “That wasn’t the only type of attack.” So the interagency and federal-state blame game is underway, yee-haw! According to McClatchy, “State election officials, facing questions as to whether they ignored oddities or red flags, have responded by accusing intelligence agencies of failing to alert them of the risks.” McClatchy notes, “David Jefferson, a computer scientist at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California who has acted in his personal capacity in trying to safeguard election integrity, said he believes it is ‘absolutely possible’ that the Russians affected last year’s election.” Jefferson added, “we have done almost nothing to seriously examine that”. What election integrity? The next election in 2020 will be Russian v. Chinese hackers unless we switch to paper ballots, which will not happen as long as we are ruled by the puppet regime of an authoritarian working for an adversary. Hope everyone enjoyed the machinations of American democracy, as for now it is a thing of the past – next year’s midterms will be hacked and votes suppressed! How else can the Party of Russia keep #winning without the support of a majority of the American electorate?

From McClatchy.



The AP reports, “A Moscow court has sentenced an ally of the Russian opposition leader to five days in jail for organizing a webcast of massive anti-government protests earlier this month.” Leonid Volkov was found “guilty of violating the law on demonstrations and agreed with the prosecution’s argument that Volkov ‘organized’ the protests by holding a webcast.” The only thing that can be organized in Russia is crime, by law! The Washington Post notes opposition leader Alexey Navalny “has forced the president of Russia to stop pretending that he is against corruption. Others may rail against it, but for Putin, corruption is now officially ‘fake news,’” because it is inconvenient news. Now the Kremlin acts as if even discussing corruption in one of the most corrupt countries on earth is akin to “promoting ‘general destabilization.’” Forcing an authoritarian into defensive posturing is a signal of eroding power; just look at Trump as a case in point. Strength is the ability to be on the offensive and crush enemies in politics, authoritarian or no.

From The AP and The Washington Post.



Russian state-run TASS writes, “Fighter jets of Russia’s Aerospace Forces were scrambled 14 times during the past week to intercept foreign reconnaissance aircraft near Russian borders,” citing the Russian Ministry of Defense and local news reports from another state-run outlet (they all are in Russia if they still exist after 17 years of Putin). Citing state media reports, TASS writes, “a total of 23 reconnaissance flights were carried out in the vicinity of the Russian border last week by aircraft of seven countries”.

From Russian state-run TASS.



IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly reports, “NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told a press conference during Exercise ‘Iron Wolf 2017’ on 20 June that Lithuania and Latvia would achieve NATO’s guideline of spending 2% of GDP on defence in 2018.” Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite said her country is modernizing with German equipment “acquiring PzH 2000 155 mm armoured howitzers from the German Army” and “buying Boxer armoured infantry fighting vehicles”.

From IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly.





The National Interest reports, “The risk of nuclear miscalculation is now higher than at any time since the Cuban Missile Crisis, due to increasingly lethal technology and the breakdown in almost all official mechanisms of bilateral communication since Russia’s annexation of Crimea.” Great! Little wars in under-developed nations are so global war on terror and we all know Trump likes things big league tremendous. “The complex interactions and tightly coupled systems linked to modern nuclear arsenals—early-warning and command-and-control systems—have made accidental war more likely,” The National Interest notes. So how hot is this so-called new Cold War that is more like hybrid warm? Warm can be hot as it is now “If the Kremlin received intelligence of a possible U.S. attack, it could reasonably expect to have no more than seven to ten minutes to assess the information before Moscow was destroyed. Washington would not have much longer, and the new president is untested in crisis. In place of the regular contacts and civil discourse established by the Reagan-Gorbachev Summit in 1985, Washington and Moscow now have frequent dangerous military encounters.” Feel the extraordinary human progress we have made or better, just close your eyes and ears and replay the voices of white male tech evangelists in your head to lull yourself back to sleep. The result “is a depressing picture: America and Russia seem to be blindly repeating the errors of the past, creating a nuclear déjà vu even more menacing than before.” Note, “Russians go back to the years between 1989 and 1991, and a sense of being wronged when the United States began to push NATO eastward, starting with the German reunification negotiations. The epic nature of that time is so easily forgotten. The world saw the collapse of the Soviet Union, an empire with a still-loyal, five-million-man standing army that had the capability, imperial intentions and ideology to truly threaten the entire world.” Warning to Americans: understanding the adversary involves history not material objects or reality TV, which is hard. Sorry but you cannot watch the Kardashians if we all die in a nuclear exchange! Must read if you want to be awake, but you do not need to be, nobody really does.

From The National Interest.





Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reports, “Yury Drozdov, the Soviet spymaster who oversaw a sprawling network of KGB agents living clandestinely abroad, has died at the age of 91.” “Drozdov took part in the exchange of Soviet undercover agent Rudolf Abel, convicted in the United States, for downed U.S. spy-plane pilot Francis Gary Powers in 1962,” Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty notes, adding, “The story was made into Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster Bridge Of Spies in 2015 as well as the Soviet movie The Shield And The Sword, a 1968 classic that Russian President Vladimir Putin once said inspired him to join the KGB.” Drodzov served as the KGB Resident in the U.S. from 1975-1979. According to Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, “In 1979, he came to head a KGB department overseeing a network of elite undercover agents abroad known as ‘illegals,’ the job he held until resigning in 1991.” Putin offered condolences to the widow and Drodzov’s two sons on the Kremlin’s website calling him “a legendary spy” and “a true patriot”.

From Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.



The Daily Beast reports on what sad, pathetic shells of human beings some American women are as they seek a plastic surgeon who can give them “The Melania”. In authoritarian states, the first family represents both a moral ideal, no matter how immoral, and a paragon of beauty and grace, no matter how distasteful and hideous. So too, this trend now starts in autocratic America. The Daily Beast reports, “Dr. Franklin Rose has announced ‘The Melania Makeover.’” “One patient’s journey to become Melania, dubbed ‘Melania-in-the-Making,’ is even being featured on Inside Edition,” The Daily Beast reports. Told you this was sad. According to The Daily Beast, “Claudia Sierra sought Dr. Rose for her ‘Melania Makeover’ and was scheduled for surgery on June 20th.” Sierra said, “I want to feel like the First Lady I know I am inside”. Oh, my. You can roll in a dumpster to do that these days. Tragically Sierra also believes, “Melania for me illustrates power and strength”. Even for the Trumpenproletariat this is next level human garbage that should shatter any illusions Trump is just supported by the poors. Given that Melania appears to have gone under the knife a bit herself, especially if we compare certain aspects of her physique to earlier nude pictures from her youth as “a model,” we get some insight into how Melania herself might have achieved “The Melania”. The Daily Beast reports, “Sierra’s procedures will include a revision breast reduction, a revision rhinoplasty, a ‘mommy makeover’ with a tummy tuck, liposuction, a Brazilian buttock lift, an eyelid lift, and Botox, fillers, and other injectable treatments.” Money does not care who owns it. Inside Edition is expected to feature the aspirational Sierra in the fall. She could become the new octo-mom, a freakshow commoner celebrity for the age of autocracy.

From The Daily Beast.



First she was spotted blitzed in Hollywood on the arm of a mystery man, now The Daily Mail reports, “Pamela Anderson was spotted enjoying dinner with footballer Adil Rami in the south of France on Thursday evening amid reports they are an item. The 49-year-old actress and model, who was rumoured to be dating WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, was dressed to impress in a stunning floral gown which showcased her frame as she headed out with the French sportsman, 31.” Rami plays for Sevilla FC and the French national team. Who knows if this was also a paid date but evidence increasingly mounts that Pamela and Assange are not exclusive and the celebrity may be a gambit for sympathetic headlines by his (and her) Russian handlers, who just might be having a lot of fun penning her political missives on everyone from Jean-Luc Melenchon, the former French presidential candidate, to British Prime Minister Theresa May.

From The Daily Mail.


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