The Washington Post reports, “President Trump laid out his belief that special counsel Robert S. Mueller III is biased in the expanding Russia investigation and suggested in an interview broadcast Friday morning that he may eventually need to step down.” Well that is not going to happen – sad! Trump “argued that Mueller’s long friendship with fired FBI director James B. Comey and hiring of investigators with Democratic ties are ‘very bothersome’ and ‘ridiculous.’” Not as bothersome and ridiculous as the treasonous puppet loser squatting in the White House or his deep, decades-old ties to Russia dating back to when it was the Soviet Union. He also said he made no tapes but said he did to keep Comey honest. So to recap, the president lies or really lies and does so because he really cannot help himself, he is in so deep and has told so many lies he cannot keep them all straight. The Washington Post notes, “The interview was conducted by Ainsley Earhardt, a favorite of the Trump White House and co-host of ‘Fox & Friends,’ the cable network’s reliably favorable morning show that the president often cheers on Twitter.” If you thought that Megyn Kelly interview with Putin was light on substance, this is the aerated version of that.

From The Washington Post.



The Washington Post reports, “President Trump has a new morning ritual. Around 6:30 a.m. on many days — before all the network news shows have come on the air — he gets on the phone with a member of his outside legal team to chew over all things Russia.” According to three senior White House officials, the calls “are part strategy consultation and part presidential venting session, during which Trump’s lawyers and public-relations gurus take turns reviewing the latest headlines with him. They also devise their plan for battling his avowed enemies: the special counsel leading the Russia investigation; the ‘fake news’ media chronicling it; and, in some instances, the president’s own Justice Department overseeing the probe.” All advice he seems to largely ignore or at least override with his own increasingly faltering instincts because this investigation, like the republic and all his combined enemies, is so much greater than he is. According to The Washington Post, “Some in the White House fret over what they view as the president’s fits of rage, and Trump’s longtime friends say his mood has been more sour than at any point since they have known him. They privately worry about his health, noting that he appears to have gained weight in recent months,” because he looks fat and fucked as all hell as of late. Meanwhile the usual Felliniesque cast of loser sycophants line up to defend him in what the post politely calls a “human drama” instead of white trash reality TV.

From The Washington Post.



What happened to the biggest fake news hoax Trump was claiming forever the Russia investigation into his collusion was? Well, turns out it was Obama’s fault Trump called the election rigged, for Russia to hack Hillary, basically everything Trump did and Obama did not do is all Obama’s fault. According to BBC, “Mr Trump said Mr Obama had learned well before the 8 November poll about the accusations and ‘did nothing’.” It’s fair to criticize Obama, but it is also about time the lunatic puppet trash president take some responsibility for colluding with an adversary to destroy American democracy. Trump was largely reacting to an 8,000 word report in Friday’s Washington Post that eviscerated his chances of continuing to live in denial. None of this, though, will stop the Trumpenproletariat from their denial and mistaken belief that their beloved antihero is being picked on. Poor Trump, especially after all the things he said about Mexicans, Muslims, women! It’s all Obama’s fault!

From BBC News.



POLITICO reports, “Newly-elected House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Trey Gowdy does not plan to investigate Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election or questions of whether President Donald Trump obstructed justice.” Surprise! Trey “Benghazi” Gowdy does not actually care about national security, just about serving the Party of Russia and of course Moscow, which must have so much dirt on these clowns that they will keep surrendering American sovereignty bit by bit until everyone is either in a gulag or learning Cyrillic. Gowdy’s House oversight committee will supposedly eschew its responsibilities to protect the republic and return it to “its original ‘compulsory’ jurisdiction, including overseeing more mundane issues like government procurement and the Census.” However, “Gowdy was adamant that he does not want to infringe on the work of special counsel Robert Mueller,” POLITICO reports. Let’s see how long that lasts. Why not just move to Russia and seek a spot in the Duma?




BuzzFeed reports, “Ending one the most turbulent tenures of a Washington-based ambassador in recent memory, the Kremlin has decided to recall its ambassador to the United States Sergey Kislyak”. It was expected Kislyak would go to the United Nations to cover after the sudden, mysterious death of Russian Ambassador to the U.N. Vitaly Churkin last December, but seems his cover as blown as he is embroiled in the largest American political scandal in U.S. history – one that pits him at the center of a web of treason. BuzzFeed notes, “Though Kislyak’s departure has long been expected, Moscow would not confirm his departure date. The US-Russia Business Council, however, is hosting a going away party for the ambassador on July 11 at the St. Regis Hotel.”

From BuzzFeed.



Reuters reports, “Norway’s decision to extend the presence of U.S. Marines on its soil will worsen relations with neighboring Russia and could escalate tensions on NATO’s northern flank, the Russian embassy in Oslo” whined over the weekend. Poor Russia, they do not want anyone to fight back in their war against the world – sad! According to Reuters, “Some 330 Marines will be stationed in Norway until the end of 2018, the government said on Wednesday, doubling the length of what was initially billed as a one-year trial period.” Great for NATO and Norway, bad for Russia who wants the whole world to react with fear, which is not happening.

From Reuters.





POLITICO reports, “The White House copied and pasted President Donald Trump’s day-old tweet Friday in its written response to a House committee’s bipartisan request for any recordings of Trump’s conversations with former FBI Director James Comey.” In response, Rep. Mike Conaway, technically now the highest ranking Republican on the House intelligence committee leading the Russia probe when and if DARKNESS AT NUNES is not running interference for Trump and Russia, said, “We’d like something on letterhead,” you know like grown ups do in the big people adult world, POLITICO notes. Expecting Trump to act like a grown up might be a bridge too far.




The New York Times reports, “Federal investigators are examining financial transactions involving Paul Manafort and his son-in-law, who embarked on a series of real estate deals in recent years fueled by millions of dollars from Mr. Manafort, according to two people familiar with the matter.” Included among the financial transactions are “apartments and luxury homes in New York and California using money from Mr. Manafort, as well as from other investors solicited by the son-in-law, Jeffrey Yohai, including the actor Dustin Hoffman and his son.” The FBI has “reviewed financial records related to Mr. Yohai, who has been accused in a lawsuit of defrauding investors,” The New York Times reports. What is not clear is “if the F.B.I.’s interest was part of the broader investigation that has ensnared Mr. Manafort, who was President Trump’s campaign chairman until he resigned last August”. The New York Times reports, “Mr. Manafort has emerged as a key figure in the F.B.I.’s Russia investigation,” adding, “In addition to his work for Ukraine’s former president, an ally of the Russian leader Vladimir V. Putin, Mr. Manafort’s long lobbying and consulting career has included numerous financial dealings with Russian oligarchs. One of his former employees has been investigated in Ukraine on suspicion of having ties to Russian intelligence.” Jessica Manafort, one of Paul’s two daughters, who was married to Yohai filed for divorce in March. In a lawsuit, Yohai stands accused of running a Ponzi scheme.

From The New York Times.





NBC News reports, “The Trump administration has taken little meaningful action to prevent Russian hacking, leaking and disruption in the next national election in 2018, despite warnings from intelligence officials that it will happen again”.  Of course it will happen again but why would Trump care? He would not be president, the most powerless powerful man in the world, if not for his great friends and colluders in the Kremlin and Lubyanka. “Dozens of state officials told NBC News they have received little direction from Washington about election security,” in news that should shock no one. NBC News reports, “That apparent indifference, coupled with a failure to fill key federal agency jobs, has resulted in a government paralyzed by inaction when it comes to protecting the next election,” which is all by design because America, you can wave good bye to your freedom, your free and fair elections, politicians who give a damn about even pretending if your voice is heard; this is Russian reality we live now, with a reality TV show in the front room to keep the masses of Trumpenproletariat thrilled by the spectacle of it all! Hope you enjoyed life before 2016, because it is gone for good – for now.

From NBC News.



Business Insider nicely lays out the anatomy of Russia’s four-pronged attack on U.S. democracy, the key components of which were and are:

  1. “[Un]witting agents”
  2. “The DNC, WikiLeaks and Guccifer 2.0”
  3. “Fake news, trolls, botnets”
  4. “As many as 39 state-election systems targeted” (likely all 50 states, wait and watch).

From Business Insider.



POLITICO reports, “Ivanka Trump may keep an office in the White House and hold an official position within her father’s administration, but when it comes to politics, the first daughter said in an interview that aired Monday that she tries to stay out of President Donald Trump’s way.” Can you believe this shit? She has a White House office and a role as Daddy’s advisor but really all she wants is paparazzi pictures and pretty hair? Feminism involves using your pretty little head, Aryan princess, who literally said, “I try to stay out of politics.” Say what? Does not work like that when you are in the thick of it and campaigned for your lunatic racist father to have the role of president (as opposed to you know, actually being president). This regime has her name on it quite literally. The Ivanka brand cannot be pure while aiding and abetting Nazis, racists, traitors and collaborators — all enemies of American sovereignty. Politics is not for the boys when you have a formal role. She also gave Daddy an A – and that’s not for asshole – for his job as puppet president. Barf.

From POLITICO and The Washington Examiner.



Business Insider reports, “Some claim Putin is the richest man in the world, yet according to the Kremlin, he earns around $133,000 a year and lives in a small apartment.” Yeah right. Business Insider adds, “One former Russian government adviser estimated his fortune is worth $70 billion. Hedge fund manager Bill Browder, a noted critic of Putin, claimed it was more like $200 billion.” So Business Insider catalogues some of the murderous dictator’s possessions and it does not reflect well on his regime that he lives in such excess while his people drink bath lotion and live on subsistence wages, often sub-subsistence wages. Among other things, Putin reportedly has “20 different palaces and villas,” and you can assume those villas are not modest by any stretch, including his “secret palace” that “reportedly cost $1 billion to build.” The “secret palace,” which is not so secret it seems reportedly “has a private theater and landing pad with room for three helicopters.” A political rival’s 2012 dossier on Putin’s assets also includes “multiple private jets, helicopters, and yachts.” It is believed Putin also owns “58 different types of aircraft, including a Dassault Falcon, which seats 19.” Business Insider reports, “One of his planes was said to have an $11 million cabin fitted out by jewelers and that toilet which cost close to $100,000,” a golden throne. Business Insider adds, “This plane has room for up to 186 passengers. Putin is accused of owning five of these.” Business Insider notes the 2012 dossier also claimed Putin owns “a collection of four yachts, each costing thousands of dollars to maintain. Rossiya, one of his yachts, was upgraded in 2005. It reportedly cost $1.2 billion to do. ‘The Graceful,’ another of his yachts,” can sleep “14 people and has six bedrooms.” There is also the Olympia, which was a gift from oligarch Roman Abramovich — such a generous soul — that is worth $35 million. It’s believed Putin also owns 11 watches said to be worth an estimated $687,000. Modest!

From Business Insider.



The Miami Herald reports, “the tale of Igor Zorin offers a 21st-century twist with all the weirdness modern Miami has to offer: Russian cash, a motorcycle club named after Russia’s powerful special forces and a condo tower branded by Donald Trump.” According to The Miami Herald, “Zorin is a Russian government official who has spent nearly $8 million on waterfront South Florida homes, hardly financially prudent given his bureaucrat’s salary of $75,000 per year.” Turns out “He runs a state-owned broadcasting company that, among other duties, operates sound systems for the annual military parade that sends columns of soldiers and tanks rumbling through Moscow’s Red Square.” According to The Miami Herald, “Zorin has other Miami connections, too: His local business associate, Svyatoslav Mangushev, a Russian intelligence officer turned Miami real-estate investor, helped found a biker club called Spetsnaz M.C. Spetsnaz is a group of motorcycle-loving South Florida expatriates who named themselves after the Russian equivalent of Delta Force or Seal Team Six.” Once upon a time, Spetsnaz, the neo-fascist biker club “asked for official recognition from Russia’s biggest biker gang, the Night Wolves, an infamous group that has strong ties to Russia’s security services”. According to The Miami Herald, “The condo is one of three units Zorin owned at Trump Palace, a ritzy tower in Sunny Isles Beach built by a local developer and branded by the Trump Organization. Their total value? $5.4 million. Zorin still owns two condos there, plus a $3.3 million home in Bal Harbour.” Mangushev has also transferred property to Zorin through a shell company without a recorded deed of sale; Mangushev won $2.3 million worth of contracts from Zorin’s agency. Of course “none of those properties appear in the public disclosure forms Zorin is required to fill out as a government official,” which is technically illegal in Russia but we all know a non corrupt Russian official is a bit like a salad without dressing: lettuce wilting on a plate.   The Miami Herald notes, “Zorin was not an original buyer at Trump Palace, meaning his funds would not have gone to the Trump Organization, which signed lucrative deals to brand several condo towers in South Florida in the early 2000s,” but it could facilitate an in in other ways to Trumpworld as Trump loves people who love him and his white trash brand. Mangushev is a so-called “former officer” in the FSB, who The Miami Herald reports, “first appeared in Miami around 2010.” According to The Miami Herald, “In Russia, he ran a group of companies called Alpha-Anticriminal that provided security for some of Russia’s biggest state-owned companies and government agencies,” registered under a relative until 2014 in official Russian corporation documents. “Alpha Team is an elite Spetsnaz counter-terrorism unit that operates within Russia’s security service,” The Miami Herald reports.

From The Miami Herald.



CNN reports, “US European Command released dramatic photos that show the moment a Russian Su-27 fighter jet flew within five feet of a US Air Force RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft over the Baltic Sea — an encounter US officials assessed to be ‘unsafe.’” The incident took place last Monday and was previously reported on and covered by TRUMPISTAN WATCH but now the must see photographs of the beyond dangerous encounter have been released and were reported on in U.S. media Friday. The photos reveal an incident almost reminiscent of the earliest days of aviation warfare during the First World War when pilots were themselves armed with light weapons and taking shots at each other in the skies from the cockpit, Wild West style. According to CNN, citing a U.S. official, “The Russian plane was armed and flew ‘erratically’” who said, “the high rate of closure speed and poor control of the (Russian) aircraft during the intercept, this interaction was determined to be unsafe.” The photos show the Russian Su-27 fighter jet flying “so close to the wing of the US aircraft that the Russian pilot can be seen clearly in the cockpit.” Of course Russia blames the U.S. and denies it is at fault; never believe anything until the Russian mafia state denies it. CNN notes, “There have been more than 30 interactions between Russian and US aircraft and ships near the Baltic Sea since the beginning of June”. Deconflict this!

From CNN.



Newsweek reports, “The United States’s top Army commander in Europe,” Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, “wants international observers to attend Russian military drills ahead of the upcoming war games that will simulate an attack by the Western defense alliance NATO near the heavily fortified Baltic region.” Newsweek notes, “The Baltic region is considered a strategic pressure point in the rivalry between U.S.-led NATO and Russia, with both factions having devoted extensive resources to fortifying their respective defenses in the region.” It is also where Russian occupation forced the death of countless innocents sent to gulags in mass deportations, rendered many more stateless and the soul crushing horrors of nearly half a century of Soviet occupation. NATO does not do these horrific things, nor does it leech off of local resources and the local economy until there is no such thing. Hodges told POLITICO Pro, their subscription only service, “If they want to be treated like a world power and a leader in the world, they need to act like it”. Well that is never going to happen so we should get used to this state of war with a deranged, insecure evil pseudo-empire.

From Newsweek.





Granted Stalin was in charge of the Soviet Union in the days Russia fought the Nazis, so they were fighting one genocidal regime as tools of another genocidal regime. Still, for a nation that pretends it fights Nazis when it basically is the same as them, their beloved puppet, Russian Order of Friendship medal recipient T Rex at the State Department will be closing the office dedicated to fighting anti-Semitism, CBS News reports. Of course Russia uses anti-Semitism as a weapon all the time, whilst claiming all of its enemies are Nazis and Russophobes. CBS News notes, “The Trump administration has not named anyone to fill the role of special envoy to combat anti-Semitism, and it isn’t clear if the position will remain intact,” citing reports by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that said the two State Department employees currently tasked with fighting hate will be reassigned – because we all know Trump and Russia love hate. Hate and money are the two great loves of both Trump and Russia, and anti-Semitism with millennia-old conspiracies about Jews and money is a fabulous tool of deflection for their own unbridled greed. Don’t blame Trump and Russia! Blame the Jews, ok? Ivanka and Jared’s rabbi must be so pleased and thrilled by most powerful congregants who will literally screw people, nations and the world over for just a little bit more – just like Daddy and Russia! But it is not their Judaism that does it, it is the fact they are white trash Trumps, scum of the earth.

From CBS News.



BuzzFeed reports, “CNN is imposing strict new publishing restrictions for online articles involving Russia after the network deleted a story and then issued a retraction late Friday, according to an internal email.” According to the email sent to CNN employees, “”No one should publish any content involving Russia without coming to me and Jason [Farkas],” a CNN vice president.

From BuzzFeed.



The Washington Post reports, “As the United States grapples with the implications of Kremlin interference in American politics, European countries are deploying a variety of bold tactics and tools to expose Russian attempts to sway voters and weaken European unity. Across the continent, counterintelligence officials, legislators, researchers and journalists have devoted years – in some cases, decades – to the development of ways to counter Russian disinformation, hacking and trolling.” That’ some propaganda as TRUMPISTAN WATCH hears first hand of lack of funding, underfunding and interest in bells and whistles tech projects that are ineffective overall over information warfare and understanding the adversary. The Washington Post reports, “The best antidote to Russian influence, European experts say, is to make it visible.” In Europe “Methods vary.” According to The Washington Post, “Sweden has launched a nationwide school program to teach students to identify Russian propaganda.” While “In Lithuania, 100 citizen cyber-sleuths dubbed ‘elves’ link up digitally to identify and beat back the people on social media employed to spread Russian disinformation in daily skirmishes they call ‘Elves vs. Trolls.’” Brussels response is in the form of “the European Union’s East Stratcom Task Force has 14 staffers and hundreds of volunteer academics, researchers and journalists (read: no funding, unpaid) who have researched and published 2,000 examples of false or twisted stories in 18 languages in a weekly digest that began two years ago.” The lack of funding again should tell you this is not being taken nearly seriously enough. Does everyone wish to end up as screwed up as America? Seems like it. Other tepid forms of response include France and the U.K., which “have successfully pressured Facebook to disable tens of thousands of automated fake accounts”. The Washington Post reports, “The German cabinet recently endorsed legislation – now before Parliament – to impose fines of up to $53 million on social-media companies that fail to remove posts deemed to be ‘hate speech.’” Sorry but that fine can easily be paid by tech giants who will trade traffic and clicks for fines and reprimands; the dirt must first stick to their reputation and harm their bottom line for tech companies to really give a damn. There is also an array of debunking websites such as StopFake.org in Ukraine, Correctiv.org in Germany, Le Monde’s Decodex, and BBC’s RealityCheck but every time you see a headline about Assange, appreciate that these are dwarfed by effective disinfo. The problem is real, the money and material being spent to counter it is not. Look at TRUMPISTAN WATCH: one citizen, no formal support, and relatively small readership. Seem like no one really cares.

From The Washington Post.



The Moscow Times reports, “The head of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has accused Western media outlets of running an ‘information war’ against Moscow.” Is that so? Poor babies! It did not come out of nowhere since FSB chief Alexander Bortnikov worked with the Kremlin to deliver us the sad sack of shit that now squats in the White House. There is no way what they did will not boomerang back and shake the very foundations of their power. Citing reports in the BBC’s Russian service, The Moscow Times reports, “FSB chief Alexander Bortnikov warned Kremlin officials on Friday that outlets such as CNN and The Washington Post were targeting the country”. Note who is conspicuously not on the list: The New York Times. TRUMPISTAN WATCH is only sad there was no shout out! Bortnikov’s comments came during a closed session of the Russian parliament where he blamed “media outlets such as Voice of America, Radio Svoboda and the CNN television channel, had been used to ‘influence domestic politics in Russia.’” Russia cannot possible imagine its youth as agents in their lives with ambitions because this generation of Russian leaders never showed much agency or ambition. Bortnikov is nervous after witnessing what happened in America because it was possible as our system was so broken and not serving so many for so long and the Russian system is, was and eternally has been one thousand times more broken than ours. Sad!

From The Moscow Times.



No of course he did not really say that! You have to read between the lines! What Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Friday to Belarussian media, according to Russian state-run Sputnik, is “Blatantly provocative policy, which still remains and reflects NATO-centered way of thinking is bad, it does not help in ensuring good-neighborliness, does not help build trust and decrease concerns, even though we are still doing everything we can even in such circumstances.”   Everyone just laugh at this because it is really funny, Russians speaking of neighborliness! Good neighborliness does not include flooding your neighbors with racist, hateful propaganda and treating their rational, historically based concerns as if they are nothing, merely a case of hysterics, or as the Kremlin loves to say, “Russophobia!” What the Russians call Russophobia, locals in the Baltics and across the former Eastern bloc nations call memories of a brutal, heartless occupation based on an empty, rotten ideology that meant in practice, “Everyone is equal but some are more equal,” usually the Russians or Russian backed party apparatchiks. Good neighbors do not belittle their neighbors constantly and look for opportunities to crush them, kill them, and destroy their economy. Oh the shit Lavrov says, sometimes it is really big, very special bullshit; this is one such occasion.

From Russian state-run Sputnik.





Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reports, “Major Martin Manhoff spent more than two years in the Soviet Union in the early 1950s, serving as assistant army attaché at the U.S. Embassy, which was located just off Red Square at the beginning of his time in Moscow. He took full advantage of his post, using his gifted photographic eye to capture hundreds of images of everyday life in Moscow and across the U.S.S.R. When he left the country in 1954, amid accusations of espionage, Major Manhoff took with him reels of 16 millimeter film and hundreds of color slides,” that were left in cardboard boxes in a former auto repair shop in the Pacific northwest until Seattle historian Douglas Smith uncovered them. Included among the Manhoff Archives, as Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, has termed the trove, is the only known independent footage shot of Stalin’s funeral on March 5, 1953. Well worth the time to comb through and watch.

From Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.



The other daughter of Donald “Build the Wall” Trump, Tiffany Trump, e.g. the Trump no one has heard of and no one seems to care much about except for maybe mother Marla Maples, is touring Berlin! And guess what! The Daily Mail reports she posed for pictures on her Instagram beside the Brandenburg Gate, where the Berlin Wall once stood! Her Daddy popularized chants of “Build the Wall!” but here we have the little Trump standing where one once divided Europe. The walls came tumbling down also opened the door for Trump to fuck a bunch of women who once resided behind the Iron Curtain, such as his current Slovenian wife Melania. See what no walls and borders can do for the Trump klan? But that will not stop any Trump from leading white trash chants of, “Build the wall, build the wall!”

From The Daily Mail.



The Washington Post reports, “In an appearance Friday on the Russian late-night show ‘Evening Urgant,’ ‘The Late Show’ host,” Stephen Colbert, “sat on the other side of the desk for once, bantering with host Ivan Urgant through an interpreter and playing ‘Russian roulette’ with a tray of vodka-filled shot glasses and pickles,” and announcing he is running for president in 2020. According to The Washington Post, “Midway through their game, the American comedian interrupted Urgant to say he had something to disclose — but only if he could confirm first that the show wasn’t broadcast in the United States.” Colbert said “with a straight face,” that, “I am here to announce that I am considering a run for president in 2020”. At which point, “The audience applauded as Colbert nodded seriously.” Colbert continued, “And I thought it would be better to cut out the middleman and just tell the Russians myself,” not that they actually have a say in the electoral process in their own country. Colbert continued to prove he has enormous cojones telling his host Urgant that he was “officially an employee of the state,” as “the show was part of a state-owned TV channel”. Colbert also joked, “To the beautiful and friendly Russian people, I don’t understand why no members of the Trump administration can remember meeting you.”

From The Washington Post.


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