Newsweek reports, “The Kremlin has underlined that the planned meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump, will have to hinge on Putin’s busy schedule.” Both insecure losers will be in Hamburg, Germany this week for the G20. We all know this meeting will happen, that Russia is not a great power but a great abuser, but we are supposed to ooze with anticipation because the era of clickbait journalism demands it. According to CNN, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, “We’ve been saying for a long time that the two presidents, one way or another, will meet on the sidelines of the summit.” Oh? So there is a chance Dmitry? CNN adds, “Peskov says the Kremlin is open to any meeting format ‘that is convenient for Americans.’” Au contraire Newsweek, they want to meet their puppet that badly. The only country on earth Russia cares about earning respect from is the United States. No further comment necessary.

From Newsweek and CNN.



The Wall Street Journal reports, “A longtime Republican activist,” the late Peter W. Smith, “who led an operation hoping to obtain Hillary Clinton emails from hackers listed senior members of the Trump campaign including some who now serve as top aides in the White House, in a recruitment document for his effort.” The document dated September 7, 2016. Peter W. Smith “and his associates said they were in touch with several groups of hackers, including two from Russia they suspected were tied to the Moscow government,” as TRUMPISTAN WATCH wrote, citing an earlier Wall Street Journal story last Friday. As The Wall Street Journal notes, “Mr. Smith’s purpose in listing the officials isn’t clear,” and “There is no indication in the document that he sought or received any coordination from the campaign officials or the campaign in general.” However, “Officials named in the document include Steve Bannon, now chief strategist for President Donald Trump; Kellyanne Conway, former campaign manager and now White House Counselor; Sam Clovis, a policy advisor to the Trump campaign and now a senior adviser at the Agriculture Department; and retired Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, who was a campaign adviser and briefly was national security adviser in the Trump administration,” The Wall Street Journal reports. Bannon denied any connection to Peter W. Smith or having heard of him and Conway told The Wall Street Journal she knew Smith from Republican politics “but hadn’t spoken to him in years.” The White House and the Department of Agriculture did not respond to requests for comment and “Neither Mr. Flynn nor his son,” who was chief of staff of the Flynn Intel Group, “responded to requests for comment.” A former British intelligence official, Matt Tait, wrote his account of the document on the Lawfare blog, which is what most of The Wall Street Journal story is heavily based on. The title of his post? “The Time I Got Recruited to Collude with the Russians,” which is well worth the read.

From The Wall Street Journal.



Reuters reports, “As U.S. officials investigated in January the FSB’s alleged role in election cyber attacks, U.S. technology firms were quietly lobbying the government to soften a ban on dealing with the Russian spy agency”. Obama’s December 2016 sanctions against the kleptocratic Russian mafia state “made it a crime for American companies to have any business relationship with the FSB, or Federal Security Service.” But tech companies, including Cisco and Microsoft neither of which would cough up to lobbying, felt “the sanctions also threatened to imperil the Russian sales operations of Western tech companies.” Oh, poor rich techies! They will miss having even more money more than they will freedoms they are too spoiled to appreciate. Reuters notes, “Under a little-understood arrangement, the FSB doubles as a regulator charged with approving the import to Russia of almost all technology that contains encryption, which is used in both sophisticated hardware as well as products like cellphones and laptops,” presumably so they can crack it or are given the keys to do so. Reuters reports, “Worried about the sales impact, business industry groups, including the U.S.-Russia Business Council and the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia, contacted U.S. officials at the American embassy in Moscow and the Treasury, State and Commerce departments, according to five people with direct knowledge of the lobbying effort. The campaign, which began in January and proved successful in a matter of weeks, has not been previously reported.” So now we know: all the tech industry’s bullshit about technology as a liberating force in our lives is precisely that, complete and utter bullshit. They will sell themselves to malicious “security” services (read: police states) for a buck; do not believe they will hesitate here at home either. Last week, Reuters reports, “In recent years, Western technology companies have acceded to increasing demands by Moscow for access to closely guarded product security secrets, including source code.” Of course, “A spokesman for the U.S. Commerce Department Bureau of Industry and Security declined to comment,” because that would involve accountability. So “On Feb. 2, the Treasury Department created an exception to the sanction, about two weeks after Trump took office, to allow tech companies to continue to obtain approvals from the FSB,” Reuters reports. Those sanctions sure hit Russia hard, Obama!

From Reuters.



POLITICO reports BuzzFeed “seeks to use Russian tech executive’s libel suit to seek records from spy agencies”. Smart. “The online media outlet sent formal demands Thursday to the CIA, the FBI and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, seeking details on the distribution of an unverified intelligence dossier about Trump said to have been in the possession of Russian intelligence during last year’s presidential campaign,” POLITICO reports. A source familiar with the subpoenas told POLITICO, “BuzzFeed is also seeking testimony from fired FBI Director James Comey, as well as former DNI James Clapper and CIA Director John Brennan”. BuzzFeed was sued by “Russian technology executive Aleksej Gubarev over BuzzFeed’s decision to publish the salacious intelligence dossier in its entirety in January” for libel. According to POLITICO, “The subpoenas seek information about the existence and scope of the federal government’s investigation into the dossier, initially compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele. The requests for documents say the information could bolster BuzzFeed’s claim that publication of the document was protected by the fair report privilege, which can immunize reports based on official government records.” POLITICO notes, “Experts said it’s possible that process will yield more information than Freedom of Information Act lawsuits that are already pending.”




The AP reports, “The chief executive of Russia’s Kaspersky Lab,” Eugene Kaspersky, “says he’s ready to have his company’s source code examined by U.S. government officials to help dispel long-lingering suspicions about his company’s ties to the Kremlin.” Kaspersky “attended a KGB-sponsored school and once worked for Russia’s Ministry of Defense.” In an interview with the AP at the firm’s Moscow headquarters Saturday, “Kaspersky acknowledged having ex-Russian intelligence workers on his staff, saying that ‘most probably we have these guys in our sales department for their relationship with the government sector.’” TRUMPISTAN WATCHians, recall there is no such thing as a former Russian intelligence officer who has severed all ties to Russian intelligence, do not believe this and do not kid yourselves. Kaspersky told the AP, We stay on the bright side,” he said, “And never, never go to the dark side.” Yeah, right. Existing in Russia means co-existing with the dark side, the mafia state.

From the AP.



Russia, a country that produces almost nothing other than oil and gas and whose people want better relations with the West because it means they will have a better economy than their shit one right now, is shooting itself in the foot because Russia. The AP reports, “Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree to extend a ban on Western food imports for another 18 months after the European Union extended economic sanctions against Russia.” According to the AP, “Putin’s office published a decree on Friday that keeps the food ban in place until Dec. 31, 2018.” So for now, Russians are stuck with their lesser quality imitations of Western products while the Kremlin and oligarchic elite can skate off to London and New York and France where they can sample all the camembert and Veuve Clicquot they wish because nothing in Russia is fair or just. Evidently Prime Minister Dmitry “Robin” Medvedev says this asshattery is supposed to incentivize Russian farmers who otherwise have little reason to live beyond the bottom of the bottle. Good for Russia, stick it to the West at the same time all Russia wants is Western approval LOL.

From the AP.



The Independent reports, “Russia is cancelling its annual payment to the Council of Europe after claiming its 18 delegates are being ‘persecuted’ in response to the annexation of Crimea.” A country that endured Stalinist terror no longer knows what it means to truly be “persecuted”; the word must be as inverted as “fake news” has come to be, meaning anything that hurts the executive’s feelings. The Independent notes, “Last month the Council condemned the annexation as ‘illegal’”. The Council of Europe also objected to Russia’s homophobia antigay propaganda legislation. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty notes, “Russia was reportedly to contribute about 33 million euros ($38 million) for the year to the 47-member body that focuses on democracy and human rights across Europe. Russian Duma speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said this month that Moscow still had about 11 million euros ($13 million) to pay.” Good. Less blood money thrown at smoke and mirrors to legitimize a murderous kleptocratic regime; however, something tells TRUMPISTAN WATCH the Council of Europe will not see it that way. Russia’s unwillingness to bribe the Council of Europe will only harm Russia, see: Azerbaijan. The West is not as quick on the draw to hurt sad Russia as Russia is to shoot itself in the foot.

From The Independent and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.



Reuters reports, “Ukraine’s state security service (SBU) seized equipment it said belonged to Russian agents in May and June to launch cyber attacks against Ukraine and other countries, the SBU said in a statement on Friday.” Separately Reuters reports, “Ukraine said on Saturday that Russian security services were involved in a recent cyber attack on the country, with the aim of destroying important data and spreading panic.” The SBU announced last week’s Petya attack “was by the same hackers who attacked the Ukrainian power grid in December 2016,” Reuters notes, which of course the Kremlin denied. To quote @DarthPutinKGB, “Never believe *anything* until the Kremlin denies it.”

From Reuters and Reuters.



Newsweek reports, “Ukrainian authorities arrested two men that it claims are Russian security agents off the Black Sea coast after the pair apparently got lost at sea in a tiny boat during a training exercise in Crimea, seized from Ukraine by Russia in 2014.” In a Facebook post, the head of Ukraine’s border police Viktor Nazarenko announced, “The men, who were washed ashore in Ukraine’s Kherson region, claimed to be agents of Russia’s Federal Security Bureau (FSB) who had been deployed in Crimea, where they were taking part in a training drill”. According to Newsweek, “Russia has not yet commented publicly on the arrest but has contacted Ukrainian authorities to confirm the men were FSB patrol guards”.

From Newsweek.



Newsweek reports, “Russia and China have begun naval exercises in the Baltic Sea, the most significant sign of military cooperation between the two major powers in a region seen as a flashpoint for Moscow’s rivalry with Western military alliance NATO.” Citing reports in the Xinhua News Agency and Reuters, Newsweek reports, “The Joint Sea-2017 drills began last week as China deployed a fleet consisting of guided missile destroyer Changsha, multipurpose frigate Yuncheng, one comprehensive supply ship, ship-borne helicopters and a number of marines to St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad”. “Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius told journalists last week that China’s cooperation with Russia, who he referred as a country that is ‘not setting an example in the field in real life and by way of actions,’ could threaten regional stability,” Newsweek reports, citing The Baltic Times. Just a friendly reminder: this is how world wars get started.

From Newsweek.





ABC News reports, “Former Trump campaign aide Michael Caputo will testify before the House Intelligence Committee in a closed door session on July 14. Caputo had previously been contacted by the FBI”. According to ABC News, in “his written response to the committee, Caputo denied any contact with Russian officials while a member of the campaign. He said he only discussed Russia once with Trump, in 2013, ‘when he simply asked me in passing what it was like to live there in the context of a dinner conversation.’” He must have determined it was paradise and America should be more like that authoritarian shithole with no economy except the mafia state, which usurped all public resources into private coffers for personal and political profit. Recall, “Caputo worked for the Trump campaign from November 2015 to June 2016 and has long been an associate of fellow Trump adviser Roger Stone”. Of course like so many in Trumpworld, “In the 1990s, Caputo lived in Russia while working for an energy company with ties to current Russian President Vladimir Putin.”

From ABC News.





As Gizmodo reports, “The White House on Wednesday requested that every state surrender a laundry list of voter data, including partial social security numbers, using an insecure email address unprotected by even basic encryption technology.” This way they do not even have to go through with the inconvenient step of handing the Russians anything. Why does this even exist? Technically it exists bolster one of Trump’s unproven conspiracy theories “that between 3 and 5 million illegal ballots were cast for his opponent, Hillary Clinton, ultimately costing him the popular vote,” Gizmodo notes. So because the lunatic is insecure our elections get to become even more insecure. The whole republic must be just like him. Goodbye fake democracy, hello real authoritarianism! What do the Russians want by proxy through our fake president? Full names, home addresses, dates of birth, political affiliations, last four digits of social security numbers, elections voted in from 2006 onwards, information about felony convictions, voter registration in other states, military status and overseas citizen information. That’s some bullshit. This should all be sent to ElectionIntegrityStaff@ovp.eop.gov, but you can also express your displeasure in an email to this account as TRUMPISTAN WATCH has already done because they deserve to hear from the three million more legals more who voted for Hillary this last election. Just know the Russians and whoever else is reading as this e-mail “does not use basic security protocols,” so nothing too intimate as the aforementioned info. Silver lining: three million is halfway to six million, the number who were murdered in the Holocaust, so at least we know Trump is not so ambitious. Reassuring!

From Gizmodo.





Here is a bone(r) for the masses of Trumpenproletariat who find anything that does not involve sex and degrading women hard to follow, so like all of America. CNN reports, “MSNBC hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski say President Trump and his White House used the possibility of a hit piece in the National Enquirer to threaten them and change their news coverage.” This is retaliation of sorts for his Mika has a facelift tweets of late last week which while oozing with misogyny are completely irrelevant to the collusion story other than as a distraction of sorts because everyone knows in America it is totally ok to treat women like garbage – 53% of white women agree! While the orange bullshit Russian lunatic called this all “FAKE NEWS” (of course he did, of course), “Scarborough says he has proof of White House threats earlier this year — he replied to Trump and said ‘I have texts from your top aides and phone records.’” Also “an NBC News spokesman told CNN that Scarborough kept several executives apprised of the alleged threats ‘contemporaneously.’” Because many Americans, notably Trumpenproletariat, are not so great at putting it all together, CNN has to tell us, “Scarborough and Brzezinski are essentially alleging a form of blackmail.” Seems slumlord millionaire princeling Jared had blackmailing television correspondents in his portfolio too. What else does the presumed moneyman have going on these days that the public doesn’t know about (yet)? Since Joe and Mika refused to gravel to the puppet president, and the two are now engaged so it’s an open secret they had something going on since forever, “the Enquirer did publish a negative story about Scarborough and Brzezinski back in early June.” Mika said, “Let me explain what they were threatening,” adding, “They were calling my children. They were calling close friends.” Such a lovely thing to do to a person as her father, the former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, was dying. Karma will be so totally unkind to Aryan princess Ivanka some day. Can’t wait.

From CNN.



The Washington Post is right in reporting, “It seems clear, at this point, that the White House would prefer not to hold regular press briefings. But President Trump and his aides do not want to be the ones to pull the plug. They want journalists to do it.” So what are the tactics to get journalists to abandon ship and make the White House even less accountable? The Washington Post breaks it down to “Turn off the cameras,” “Stop answering questions,” and “Show the media at its worst”. In turning off the cameras and reverting to audio only, the White House knows “it makes for lousy television.” In not answering questions, “The White House appears to by trying to turn briefings into such low-value events that reporters will stop showing up.” And the easiest way to show the media at its worst is to make the AV White House briefings occur on days when the media has either embarrassed itself or Twitler has fired off some enraging tweet. So with last week as an example, that means the day CNN retracted a story resulting in three journalists leaving the network and after Twitler sent off his vile missive about Mika Brzezinski. TRUMPISTAN WATCH hates to say, “told you so,” (ok not really) but first you enable a lunatic for ratings, continue to profit from his destruction of America and then you cry when he comes after you. Sadly for the Trumpenproletariat, the majority of The Stupid still has yet to have their “and then they came for me moment”. Conflict is the fuel of reality teevee and this is the reality teevee presidency.

From The Washington Post.



Slate reports on yet another vile tweet from our fake Russian puppet president that is a spoof of the Russian puppet body slamming a guy from a very real World Wrestling Entertainment cameo Trump made years ago, only with the CNN logo over the man he attack’s head. Very clever, dignified even. Seems the meme originates with “the controversial subreddit The_Donald,” which Slate identifies as an “infamous group that has long been known as a hub for racist, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, and misogynist content.” Just great, especially as it was received by members of this group as showing “he is ‘one of us’”. Indeed he is. The individual who posted the meme “is fond of posts denigrating blacks, Muslims, women, and, of course, liberals,” and was thrilled that his “God Emperor” shared it for the world so that international media would comment on it over and over again and be outraged by it. Other offensive content by said user includes “advocates running over Muslims with a tank” and “a meme that identified CNN contributors as Jews using a Star of David.” So everyone who is reassuring themselves everything will be ok now that the president is actively endorsing hate and violence against the press and minorities, what lies are you telling yourselves now that he would never harm a fly will not exactly hold up? Just know this: if you are white, your whiteness will only protect you so much when the real slaughter starts and everyone will be harmed in the process whether perpetrator, victim or even unwilling spectator.

From Slate.



Be still, our beating hearts! The Hill reports, “The Russian state-sponsored news outlet Sputnik is entering the Washington, D.C., radio market”. Russia is taking over a radio station that formerly played bluegrass music. TRUMPISTAN WATCH does not make it a practice of referring its readers to Russian propaganda against our nation, especially if it is airing over our airwaves unless it is to call bullshit on the whole enterprise. So, bullshit! In case should you choose to take in copious amounts of Russian state propaganda, also known as bullshit, we might advise gouging out your ear drums as a more enjoyable alternative. Take TRUMPISTAN WATCH’s word on that, TRUMPISTAN WATCH is committed to staring into the abyss so others need not be. So not only is Russia facing zero repercussions for hacking our election, destroying our democracy, installing a racist, fascist, authoritarian puppet regime, now they are going to blast their state’s bullshit propaganda onto our radio waves. Anyone want to challenge the notion we are living under occupation now? Go ahead and try. Hope you enjoyed the last Fourth of July. It was our last one in a free country.

From The Hill.



Fast Company reports on the Western public relations firms that have glossed over Putin’s brutality in favor of earning some blood money making the dictator and his kleptocratic mafia state look good. “Russia has spent $115 million on Western PR firms since 2000, with most going to the U.S. firm Ketchum, a division of Omnicom,” according to Fast Company. From 2006-2014, “Ketchum had ongoing contracts with the Russian government and its state-owned energy company Gazprom.” Among other things, “Ketchum facilitated op-eds by Russian officials in publications around the world, including Putin’s 2013 New York Times article”. For more recent suspect examples, you can also defer to their gloss over communism’s failures in the “Red Century” series, never mind it was actually an American century. The series focuses not on the Soviet Union’s vast crimes but instead opts for a Bolsheviks in love fluff pieces and neo-Marxist nonsense on how we should all leap frog over mass atrocities and return to Lenin’s arrival at Finland Station for a Marxist do-over. Citing ProPublica, Fast Company notes, Ketchum planted Russian propaganda with Huffington Post (not hard, that site has no editorial guidelines most of the time) and “CNBC’s website (where links to those stories are no longer active),” and elsewhere. Ethics in journalism are so flexible! Ketchum also lobbied TIME to name Putin “Person of the Year,” which it did in 2007. Never should you listen to anyone’s self-righteous bullshit about how the journalistic profession is dedicated to truth, sometimes it is just about the money. Also in 2007, “Ketchum tried to convince the U.S. State Department to soften its assessment of Russia’s human rights abuses,” Fast Company notes. Only after the invasion of Crimea when Ketchum was “Faced with intense criticism” did they end the contract in March 2015, a whole year after said invasion. And partner firm GPlus continued the work. Now Russia’s Minister of Communications Nikolay Nikiforov announced late last year a new tender for $30-50 million a year, “possibly more” for any whores in the public relations industry who want a lot of blood money to shill for a dictator who is complicit in installing a puppet regime in Washington and helping to destroy American democracy. If you are not familiar with the Nayirah story, you can bet the Russians are and studied it; they likely made it doctrine.

From Fast Company.



The Atlantic decides we should listen to our friends and allies in Russia who have dealt with everything we are dealing with now before because after all, Trump is Russia’s puppet president. This is a very novel concept for America and Americans, to look beyond the country’s borders and at history on a greater timeline than 3-5 years, so bear with TRUMPISTAN WATCH, compatriots. The Atlantic does not look too far or dig too deep beyond the Aspen Ideas Festival (ok not at all), which places all quotes and sources firmly within the America ideas industry, so this will not be too difficult, compatriots! Galina Timchenko, the executive editor of Riga-based opposition site Meduza, notes the phenomenon of fake news, e.g. propaganda that sets a fake agenda, traces back in contemporary Russia to the Yeltsin years, so basically since the beginning of the post-Soviet era. “The Kremlin’s idea is, and unfortunately they won, that there is no truth at all,” she said. “[That] everybody has his own truth.” Alexey Kovalev who calls himself a Russian journalist but often makes excuses for the state on social media said fake news is “not so much a problem as genuine news that has no informational value at all: endless repetition of every nonsensical statement.” That’s pretty much where we are in America. Kovalev says Russia’s problem is one of fact checkers and a docile public which are obvious, but if there are no facts to check because the journalist is not doing their job and the state throws millions if not billions at propaganda efforts? Moving on. Oh wait, that’s it! Everyone applaud politely, the Aspen Ideas panel has concluded! Heavy lifting by The Atlantic there. They worked so hard.

From The Atlantic.



The Washington Examiner reports Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says NATO is “doomed to failure” and that it “lacks a reason for existence,” because such is the state of total denial at the Russian Foreign Ministry and among Russia’s leadership generally. See, Russia is not so different from the Soviet Union! The Kyiv Post notes Lavrov also said “he is frequently criticized for ‘joining the fight in Donbas and Syria’. Pardon Sergey, was it not the unaffiliated “little green men” and a fake civil war that are the supposed front for Russian occupation? Countering Russian aggression – let’s call it what it is – is now NATO’s number one priority. They might not like it but that does not make it not so. If before the November 9 coup NATO suffered a bit of war on terror related mission creep, no more. Isn’t the sad little man they all owe their livelihoods and status to happy? He is getting all kinds of attention now, the kind he never got from mama leaving him to feel so neglected. Given his petit stature (he is a full head shorter than TRUMPISTAN WATCH, so a very short, little man), one cannot help but think Putin has quite the Napoleon complex. Also sad is that nobody near the Russian leadership seems comfortable conveying the truth: Russia is in over its head and cannot afford this and cannot withstand the scrutiny. No, NATO does not lack a reason for its existence; it is the sad trolls in the Kremlin who would without their grip on power. One if by sanctions, two if by an arms race. Russia cannot afford either.

From The Washington Examiner and The Kyiv Post.





The Washington Examiner reports, “Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s team called on Russia to fully investigate the death of an opposition leader,” Boris Nemtsov, “following the conviction of five men.” Note his team, so the State Department, which still has some baby teeth yet, not T Rex, a Russian Order of Friendship medal recipient. Five “men were convicted of killing Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, who was murdered while writing a report that accused Putin of invading Ukraine in order to boost his domestic popularity,” The Washington Examiner notes. “Nemtsov’s family has accused the Russian government of stonewalling efforts to find out who ordered and paid for the killing. Putin’s team has denied any wrongdoing, but the State Department subtly sided with the regime’s critics,” The Washington Examiner reports. As if there is any doubt who ordered the killing in the shadow of the Kremlin or such a thing as siding subtly and having that mean anything.

From The Washington Examiner.



The Independent reports, “Gay people in Russia have been asked to compete for a one-way plane ticket out of the country by an Orthodox Christian television channel,” Tsargrad TV. Vile. According to The Independent, “The channel said anyone interested should have a ‘medical certificate’ confirming ‘sodomy or other forms of perversion.’” California is the suggested destination; one might guess many non-gay Russians would opt for a one-way ticket there if it meant getting the hell out of Russia. One could ask what is wrong with Russia but everyone knows the answer is everything.

From The Independent.



Deutsche Welle reports on an expedition of four Lithuanians to a lost Siberian gulag village that includes the son of a former Lithuanian Health Minister, now European Commissioner for health, Vytenis Andriukaitis, who was born in the remote Siberian gulag town. The four are calling the expedition “In the Footsteps of the Laptevians“. According to Deutsche Welle, “Kyusyur is the last remaining village from Gulag settlements that once spread across the shores of the river and the coast of the Laptev Sea. Thousands of people, primarily from the occupied Baltic states and Karelia [a region now divided between Russia and Finland – the ed.], were shipped here for forced labor in 1941-1942 by Josef Stalin’s regime.” While “Little is known about the place,” the four “explorers are hoping to find the people who remember its cold history”. The four explorers have located only one previous traveler who arrived in Kyusur by steam boat and wrote on an internet forum of having “met a Lithuanian woman, a daughter of Gulag survivors” there. Andriukaitis’ son said, “We want to see if there are more forgotten people like her.” Deutsche Welle reports, “When Andriukaitis’ grandfather, a chemistry teacher, was deported to Kyusyur, he didn’t have time to pack his backpack. In June 1941, an NKVD [the leading Soviet secret police organization – the ed.] officer went to his classroom and put a gun to his back. He and his family were then sent off to board a train, together with other teachers, political activists, doctors. They weren’t told where they were going.” The gulag by the Laptev Sea “was created to supply Soviet army with fish during World War II.” Deutsche Welle notes, “The current trek was inspired by a 1989 expedition to Lena’s delta by former Lithuanian exiles.” While the adventure of an expedition is fascinating, let’s not forget the seriousness of the history. Deutsche Welle notes, “Almost 400,000 people were deported from the Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia before Stalin’s death in 1953. Many of them died due to the lack of food, clothes and medicine.”

From Deutsche Welle.


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