Well they already shook hands, CNBC reports. Today is the day Trump and Putin finally meet at the G20 in Hamburg, Germany. Axios reports, “There will likely only be six people in the room,” naming them as, “Trump, Putin, the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, the Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov, and translators.” How horrible. The two little piggies and companion piglets T Rex and Lavrov are scheduled to meet at 3:45pm local time in Hamburg for half an hour. As far as today goes, what will happen? The Russians have made their intentions and desires perfectly clear: they want back their spy dens in Maryland and Long Island, New York that the Obama administration seized and they want sanctions rolled back to please their population and prevent their economy from going bust. For Trump’s part, he has also made his intentions known, namely he will not bring up how they helped facilitate his way into the White House through election hacking and an aggressive propaganda campaign last year and maybe they will launder him some money through proxies via real estate. As far as things to read to prepare for this, in the dung heap of nonsense articles focusing on everything from handshakes to smiles to god knows what, only one piece stands out. The Washington Post’s speculative memo on what Putin’s advisors are telling him written by the former Deputy Director of the CIA, Michael Morell, and a senior advisor on the National Security Council Staff, Samantha Vinograd, is perhaps the only thing that is not complete and utter baby shit.

From CNBC, Axios and The Washington Post.



Meanwhile The New York Daily News reports another self-inflicted wound: “The White House waited too long to book… any accommodations for the G20 Summit this week, leaving it uncertain” where the traitor trash will sleep. As he failed to play nice with his host German Chancellor Angela Merkel, first in the White House, then in Brussels, and he sent his daughter Aryan princess Ivanka to shame the nation on a panel in Berlin she never should have been on, he cannot exactly send out an SOS. A man who cannot help himself cannot be helped by others.

From The New York Daily News.



Reuters reports, “Tillerson will meet with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko during his visit to Kiev, on July 9,” Sunday. Clean up duty after the squatting president poops all over the world order and sovereign nations is obviously less anticipated than the Trump-Putin non-showdown in the Western media but perhaps equally if not more important.

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The Washington Post reports, “President Trump on Thursday reaffirmed the United States’ bond with European allies, calling their pact as ‘strong as ever.’ Yet he argued in a speech here that Western values are increasingly imperiled by terrorism and extremism. In a dark and provocative address with nationalist overtones, Trump said that ‘the fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive.’” As Bloomberg notes, “The address included repeated invocations of God, faith, tradition, national sovereignty and family. It made only passing reference to what are usually cited as core Western values: the rule of law, democracy and freedom of speech. Religious tolerance did not get a mention.” The Guardian notes Trump also hailed Jan Sobieski, the Polish King and General, who beat back the Turks during the Siege of Vienna which led to a period of the irreversible decline of the Ottoman Empire, not the vodka by the same name. The Warsaw speech “was also notable for its explicit commitment to Article 5, the collective security provision of the NATO treaty: ‘The United States has demonstrated not merely with words, but with its actions, that we stand firmly behind Article 5, the mutual defense commitment,’ Trump said.” In the past, before Trump attacked allies in Brussels in late May and refused to mention Article 5 in an improvisation that dismayed even close aides. The mentioning of Article 5 by an American President was never notable, it was a given. Do not forget the past, even as it changes before our very eyes.

From The Washington Post, Bloomberg, and The Guardian.



As Kellyanne Conway said in January on Fox News, “We certainly don’t want intelligence interfering with politics and we don’t want politics interfering with intelligence.” So it was yesterday in Warsaw as Trump gave the Russians an extra deliverable in insulting U.S. intelligence agencies from the stage. The Daily Beast reports, “Trump began his tour of Eastern Europe on Thursday with a rant that cast U.S. intelligence agencies as untrustworthy in their assessment that Russia interfered in the U.S. presidential election. Trump even deflected blame away from Moscow for election-related hacking.” Terrible horseshit and lies. Of course he called Russian election hacking a hoax for months before changing tack in recent weeks to blaming Obama for not doing more to stop it while a slew of surrogates asked if treason is really so terrible. The Daily Beast reports, “Trump also erroneously claimed the U.S. press corrected its reporting after his supposed ‘research,’” alleging only three or four not 17 intelligence agencies blamed Russia for the hacking — as is factually accurate, “another virtually unprecedented action overseas.” After Trump’s latest narcissistic rant and act of denial, the former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper took to CNN to proclaim yet again, “We saw no evidence whatsoever that it was anyone involved in this other than the Russians.” Useful reminder for all on the far left and far right who continue to deny reality, and of course Trump. What makes Trump’s research lie most implausible is the notion that Trump would do research or read any research produced for him, unless recited by a pretty, buxom Fox News bunny. Trump made his “unsubstantiated attack on the press,” while “next to the chairman of Poland’s Law and Justice party,” which transformed the public broadcaster into state propaganda. Horror.

From The Daily Beast and CNN.



The Washington Post reports Trump said during his Warsaw speech, “We urge Russia to cease its destabilizing activities in the Ukraine and elsewhere and its support for hostile regimes, including Syria and Iran, and instead join the community of responsible nations in our fight against common enemies and defense of civilization itself.” If this is an overture to Russia, Trump does not understand Russia has its own enemies and does not share ours; however, it might share Trump’s personal worldview that Western-style democracy is a threat to both his regime and Putin’s. POLITICO notes, “During his speech, the president heaped praise upon Poland as a longtime U.S. ally, holding it up as an example of resilient Western democracy,” however much this is not the case today under the ruling Law and Justice Party, “and warning against a trio of threats such democracies face today: terrorism, Russian aggression and ‘the steady creep of government bureaucracy.’” How horrible, especially since Trump has long expressed admiration for Putin and his aggression, mistaking it for genuine masculinity.

From The Washington Post and POLITICO.



Another day, another reference to a Jew-free Holocaust from the Trump administration! How can you pay homage to the Holocaust without referencing the Jewish people, you may wonder? Rather than seeing Nazism as something that emerges from a troubled society hell bent on first scapegoating than the annihilation of the other, an undesirable minority population, you simply rewrite the past, remove the Jewish people and recast the Nazis as some outside foreign other evil who must be repelled, much as the Nazis spoke of Jews once upon a time. POLITICO reports, “President Donald Trump is unlikely to suffer politically at home for making history abroad as the first sitting American president in decades to visit Warsaw while forgoing a stop at the city’s monument to the Jewish Ghetto Uprising. But the president’s decision to skip that symbolic visit was seen as handing a victory to the ruling Polish right-wing nationalist party – the Law and Justice Party has been highlighting the role of the Poles who fought against Nazi Germany while downplaying the persecution of 3 million Polish Jews who perished in the Holocaust.” See what sort of example the ruling far right Polish government presents! Why would you want Jews in your Holocaust references when they spoil everything anyway? POLITICO notes, “Trump appeared to bolster the government’s desired narrative by visiting only the memorial to the Warsaw uprising while ignoring the Ghetto memorial less than a mile away.” Of course “White House officials highlighted Ivanka Trump’s visit to the Ghetto Uprising Memorial and the museum,” because having a House Jew is so convenient at such times, even if she is the living embodiment of fake bullshit in all she does and says.   As the museum director said, “I have to deal with what we got, not what we didn’t get,” adding, “Is the glass half-empty, or half-full? We know it’s only half a glass.”




POLITICO reports, “National security officials across the federal government say they are seeing new restrictions on who can access sensitive information, fueling fears in the intelligence and security community that the Trump administration has stepped up a stealthy operation to smoke out leakers.” It is also a way to attack a population of patriots the puppet president likened to Nazis, in a move that not only echoes Russian propaganda concerning all adversaries, but also likely pleases his masters in Moscow much. POLITICO reports, “Officials at various national security agencies also say they are becoming more concerned that the administration is carefully tracking what they’re doing and who they’re talking to — then plotting to use them as a scapegoat or accuse them of leaks.” According to POLITICO citing “half a dozen officials across the national security community,” “a series of subtle and no-so-subtle changes that have led to an increasingly tense and paranoid working environment rooted in the White House’s obsession with leaks.” Notably, “Information on Trump and Russia has been so limited there would be fewer and fewer sources, the official said, putting those who are talking at risk,” POLITICO reports. POLITICO notes, “Rumors have ricocheted among national security officials and journalists in recent weeks that Trump- or GOP-related operatives have hired private eyes to try and intimidate reporters, or run rogue operations to find their sources.” There is also concern “that the White House could be seeking out amenable employees in different agencies to do its bidding, effectively sanctioning its own, parallel — and informal — intimidation measures.” This is what is known in countries that have true deep states such as Turkey, Egypt and Pakistan as trying to build a “parallel state”. As one U.S. official told POLITICO highlighting the Trump White House’s hypocrisy, “They don’t mind the leaking as long as they control it”.




CNN reports, “Russian spies are ramping up their intelligence-gathering efforts in the US, according to current and former US intelligence officials who say they have noticed an increase since the election.” That’s not a surprise since they faced almost zero repercussions beyond the seizure of a couple of compounds and the expulsion of some 35 individuals in the wake of last year’s election hacking coup that installed the lunatic traitor trash Donald Trump into the White House. Of course “one of the biggest US adversaries feels emboldened by the lack of a significant retaliatory response from both the Trump and Obama administrations,” as CNN reports. Wouldn’t you? There has been an “increase in suspected Russian intelligence officers entering the US under the guise of other business,” CNN notes, adding currently “Russians are believed to now have nearly 150 suspected intelligence operatives in the US”. Alongside American turncoats, the number is probably higher than that TRUMPISTAN WATCH would venture to guess. Imagine that number does not include the orange Russian bullshit in the White House either.

From CNN.



The Hill reports, “A bipartisan group of senators is urging President Trump to not return a pair of U.S. compounds seized under the Obama administration back to Russia.” Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen and Republican Senators Marco Rubio and Johnny Isaksonoutlined their request in a letter sent to Trump ahead of his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday.”  In the letter sent Thursday, they wrote, “The return of these two facilities to Russia while the Kremlin refuses to address its influence campaign against the United States‎ would embolden President Vladimir Putin and invite a dangerous escalation in the Kremlin’s destabilizing actions against democracies worldwide.” The Hill notes Russian Order of Friendship medal recipient and “Secretary of State Rex Tillerson sidestepped a question from Shaheen during a Foreign Relations Committee hearing last month about if he compounds were part of U.S.-Russia discussions,” a point of “deep concern” for the Senators.

From The Hill.



Reuters reports, “Washington is considering appointing an envoy to the negotiations,” in Minsk, Belarus to end the fighting in Ukraine. The announcement came this morning as AP reports, “The State Department says Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is appointing Ambassador Kurt Volker as the special representative for Ukraine.” According to AP, Volker will “coordinate the State Department’s efforts to address ‘the conflict created when Russia invaded Crimea and later eastern Ukraine.’” The AP notes, “Volker is a career diplomat and Europe specialist who also worked in the White House. He’s executive director of Arizona State University’s McCain Institute for International Leadership.” Reuters notes Russian Order of Friendship medal recipient and “Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who is due to visit Ukraine next week, said last month the United States should not be ‘handcuffed’ to the 2015 Minsk agreement in case the parties decide to reach its goals through a different deal.” If diplomacy cannot solve Russia’s occupation of Crimea and the Donbass, the State Department official said, “We’ve neither ruled out providing such weapons to Ukraine, nor have we taken a decision to do so.”

From Reuters and the AP.



The New York Times reports, “An international team of prosecutors investigating the downing of a civilian airliner over Ukraine three years ago has decided to try the suspects in a Dutch court,” the Dutch Foreign Ministry announced Wednesday. The New York Times adds, “The group concluded last year that the powerful surface-to-air missile system used to shoot down the airplane,” which killed 298 civilians on board, “came from Russian territory and was returned to Russia,” in a surprise to no one, not even the Russian propagandists tasked with generating outrageous conspiracies to cover for the crime. However, “in making that announcement, the prosecutors, who are from the Netherlands, Malaysia, Belgium, Australia and Ukraine, did not name individual culprits and stopped short of saying Russian soldiers were involved. The group said it had identified about 100 people of interest in the case,” but it is utterly unclear how they will be brought to justice so long as they can hide behind the Russian mafia state and its illegal occupation of Ukrainian territories.

From The New York Times.


reports, “The leader of a Russian hacking group that targeted the emails of high-profile Kremlin figures has been given two years in prison by a Moscow court. Vladimir Anikeev’s group “Shaltai Boltai” (Humpty Dumpty) was notorious for hacks including the Twitter account of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.” Pretty audacious thing to do in a police state that casts itself as all powerful. Anikeev “was tried amid tight secrecy,” and “convicted of unauthorised access to computer information.” The BBC reports, “A former journalist, he denied that Humpty Dumpty was political or had links to the FSB security service. Two other men have also been accused in the case, Alexander Filinov and Konstantin Teplyakov. Among the Kremlin figures he was accused of targeting were presidential aide Andrei Belousov, the prime minister’s press secretary Natalya Timakova and state TV presenter Dmitry Kiselyov, who also heads the Sputnik news agency. In an interview earlier this year with the BBC, another member of Shaltai Boltoi based in Estonia, Alexander Glazastikov, claimed “the group was ‘a politically-oriented project in opposition to the Kremlin’ that targeted domestic corruption,” however, “he claimed that last year Anikeev had been approached by a senior member of the FSB. An FSB official was among those arrested earlier this year.”

From the BBC.



Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reports, “Russian opposition leader Aleksei Navalny has been released from a Moscow detention center after 25 days under administrative arrest.” Because Russia is so big and great and strong and mighty, Navalny was jailed for inciting protests because Russia cannot handle when its citizens take to the streets, just like a real superpower. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty notes, “Navalny’s spokeswoman Kira Yarmysh said on social media on July 7 that Navalny was released at 9 a.m. Moscow time.” Just in time for the issue not to be raised when Trump and Putin meet, allegedly for the first time, in a few hours time!

From Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.



The Moscow Times, citing a report in Novaya Gazeta, reports, “A volunteer working for opposition leader Alexei Navaly’s has been hospitalized after a late-night altercation with police at Navalny’s Moscow headquarters”. The Moscow Times reports, “Navalny’s staff said Alexander Turovsky was at the opposition leader’s headquarters in Moscow when masked policemen entered the building early Thursday morning. The volunteer said police violently detained him in the process of searching the premises.” It is believed he suffered a concussion and was taken to the hospital only after being detained in a police station and “complaining he felt ill,” according to The Moscow Times. A post on Twitter by on of Navalny’s assistants, Natalia Chernikova, stated, “Turovsky, a volunteer from Navalny’s team, underwent a spinal tap procedure after being beaten. Police are waiting at the entrance to take him to a detention center,” according to a translation provided by The Moscow Times. “Local authorities have also searched Navalny’s offices in Novosibirsk, Oryol and Vologda since Wednesday”.

From The Moscow Times.





Welcome to the Trump era where ethics are as irrelevant as our shared humanity! Who needs ethics when you are an aspiring mafia state kleptocrat ideally looking to transfer the seat of power to his idiot children whilst scooping up state assets into your private coffers? No one! Trump! Trump! Trump! CNN Money reports, “The ethics watchdog,” Walter Shaub, “who has badgered the Trump administration for months about conflicts of interest says he is leaving the federal government.” The only kinds of dogs required now are the bros with their leering eyes and octopus hands, and of course bitches, lots and lots of bitches. Shaub, “director of the previously little-known Office of Government Ethics, made a name for himself by criticizing the administration repeatedly, most notably over Trump’s refusal to sell his business interests.” Yeah no true tyrant can have that, even if his country needs him now more than ever. Shaub is moving into the nonprofit sector to work on government reform and ethics “at all levels of government.” While in the public sector, Shaub’s infractions of the last several months included “taking presidential aide Kellyanne Conway to task for plugging Ivanka Trump products in a live TV interview,” raising “doubts about ethics waivers hat the White House granted to its own employees,” and sending out a tweet storm last November “enthusiastically” congratulating “Trump for divesting himself of his business holdings,” even though he never did and never would. His resignation will be effective July 19.

From CNN Money.



Because this one is straight out of an authoritarian hell, TRUMPISTAN WATCH is covering Trump’s bogus Election Integrity Commission, the ostensible purpose of which is to hunt down and weed out the three million illegals Trump alleges voted for Hillary rather than his highness, delivering her the popular vote. Of course, no part of this conspiracy has any basis in fact. This will be a wide-scale voter suppression effort and given Trump’s willing collaboration with an adversary nation, you can bet our info ends up in nefarious, possibly foreign hands. Never mind facts. Facts are as irrelevant as our shared humanity in the Trump era. The Washington Post reports, “The Trump administration formally identified its 10-member commission seeking voter data from all 50 states in a court filing Thursday that also said the commission intends to keep the data it collects at the White House.” Those collaborating to destroy the very fabric of what remains of democracy include “chairman Vice President Pence,” as well as commissioners, “Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson (R); New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner (D); Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap (D); former Ohio secretary of state Ken Blackwell (R); Christy McCormick (R), commissioner with the U.S. Election Assistance Commission; former Arkansas state representative David Dunn (D); Mark Rhodes, clerk of Wood County, W.Va. (D); and Hans von Spakovsky, senior legal fellow of the Heritage Foundation (R).” Hope everyone enjoyed the electoral process! If this gets off the ground, say goodbye to that and hello to elections decided by Russian and Chinese hackers. As Bush’s second Director of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff writes in The Washington Post, this database poses a major national security threat. We once had a country and we behaved like spoiled children who had no idea what we had.

From The Washington Post and The Washington Post.


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