And there is no rabbi or priest, just the translators word to be taken into account and maybe, hopefully bugs belonging to German intelligence BND, or the CIA , assuming the true patriots have not all been purged under the lunatic traitor trash. As usual when you have Russia and their puppets, you should expect four stages of disinformation to emerge from the Putin, Lavrov, Trump, Tillerson confab on the sidelines of the G20 Friday, the meeting that cancelled America. First stage is denial, second stage is a variation of denial but to blame the others through deflection, third stage is an acknowledgment of some truths, and the fourth stage is to ask, why does it matter? Well, surprise, everyone followed the old KGB textbook because everyone but maybe the American translator works for Russia! So The Washington Post reports, “Eight months after an American election that U.S. intelligence agencies believe Russia tried to sway, President Trump and President Vladimir Putin sat for their first face-to-face talks Friday, a friendly encounter that ended in confusion over whether Trump had agreed to absolve the Kremlin of any wrongdoing.” What confusion Washington Post? So confused. The only confusion is what plans to loot the state, destroy democracy, and further sow the seeds of discord in the newly minted Trumpistan were actually planned. TRUMPISTAN WATCH refuses to engage in the he said, he said, he said, he said accounts because not a pig, not rolling in shit. The only things worth noting is Putin’s puppet by the name of Trump said, “It’s an honor to be with you.” And Putin asked if the reporters present were the ones that have been so mean to the thin-skinned heap of shit in a flesh carcass named Donald J. Trump. Sorry is that supposed to be menacing? Oh right, yeah Putin murders journalists, critics, everyone but mama, that’s right. And supposedly some sort of cease fire in Syria, as if, which will last until Russia blows shit up again there, or their other puppet Assad does, so come on, who is drinking that polonium tea? Anyone? America is cancelled. Russian Order of Friendship medal recipient and U.S. Secretary of State T Rex says let’s move forward, like this is all some bad movie of the week or Dateline episode with a victim demanding closure. No we move forward by seeing to it that Russia is reduced to the size of modern Germany someday and the Putinocracy dies. Then maybe we can move forward, just maybe.

From The Washington Post and The AP.



Quartz reports, “The president of the United States is taking Vladimir Putin’s word over the work of US intelligence agencies when it comes to whether Moscow meddled in the 2016 race for the White House.” Recall the human garbage squatting in the White House thanks to the benign indifference of Moscow, of course, called the U.S. intelligence community “Nazis” and desecrated their memorial wall to the fallen with one of his narcissistic rants in his first act as fake puppet president. In cozying up to a murderous thin-skinned dictator who destroyed Russian democracy first, then its economy, orange Russian bullshit does not even know who the Nazis are; evidently they are his friends; however, the Nazis just are not the CIA. What shit did Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov have to say after “Trump accepted Putin’s explanation that the Russia government did not interfere in the election,” and “cast doubt on the credibility of his own government’s long-running investigation into Russian meddling, dismissing months of work by the US agencies—and the conclusions drawn by top officials Trump himself appointed”? Lavrov was as delighted as when he and Trump met in the White House the day after the lunatic traitor trash fired then FBI Director James Comey. “President Trump has said he has heard a clear declaration from Mr. Putin that the Russian government and Russian leadership has not interfered in the elections, and he accepts the things that Mr. Putin has said,” Lavrov said. Just a reminder: there is no debate among 17 U.S. intelligence agencies whether the Russians worked to install traitor trash Trump in the White House. And there is not much debate among people who have a brain and like to use it either. However, the fact that the Trump traitor trash had help and so many willing accomplices among the Trumpenproletariat and the country’s business, financial and political elite is what nailed the fate of the free republic into a coffin so Trump could cancel it on Friday. Someone may order a reboot, and we may get a new season on America, but we all know reboots and sequels are never as good as the original. America is cancelled. May it live in each and every one of you now! Remember how to do that: greedy selfish indifference.

From Quartz.



POLITICO reports, “President Donald Trump floated, then seemingly disavowed, a deal for greater cybersecurity cooperation with Russia — an idea that drew dismay and mockery from lawmakers of both parties, and which numerous cyber analysts warned could even make the U.S. less secure.” Less secure than we are now!? Shit, that’s even possible. Of course it is! Prepare for mass slaughter or mass casualty incidents everyone – hard to say which will come first! POLITICO reports, “Trump cryptically declared on Twitter early Sunday that he and Russian President Vladimir Putin had ‘discussed forming an impenetrable Cyber Security unit so that election hacking, & many other negative things, will be guarded … and safe.’” Floating this bullshit rendered it politically infeasible pretty fast as Twitter and the teevee and anyone with a brain picked their metaphor about giving the thieves keys to the kingdom. Most of the metaphors were not very clever but redundant variations, but like assholes, everyone seemed to have one. “By Sunday night, Trump was tweeting apparent doubts that the idea was even feasible,” POLITICO reports. Trump does not even stick to his master’s demands, he goes where the wind blows to try and save himself first. Do not be stupid and think this means the Russians are out of our lives however, they are not, they linger like a cancer for generations.




The New York Times reports, “Two weeks after Donald J. Trump,” the traitor trash puppet president, “clinched the Republican presidential nomination last year, his eldest son,” Butthead/Uday, “arranged a meeting at Trump Tower in Manhattan with a Russian lawyer who has [deep state] connections to the Kremlin,” according to someone Trump and Russian propaganda will say is U.S. deep state. Princeling Jared and traitor trash Paul Manafort were also present for this nothing burger, of course. The meeting at Trump Tower on June 9, 2016 with Natalia Veselnitskaya was about adoption if you believe Uday and Russian state-run Sputnik. Putin was adopting Trump. To facilitate that adoption, Uday did not meet with Veselnitskaya until he “was promised damaging information about Hillary Clinton,” The New York Times reports. The Washington Post follows up on this Kremlin collusion nothing burger by noting, “Donald Trump Jr., the president’s son, said in a statement Sunday that a Russian lawyer with whom he met in June 2016 claimed she could provide potentially damaging information about his father’s likely Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton.” Is treason not allowed? Uday did not know, afterall, he is just a kid. And as TRUMPISTAN WATCH has loooooong suspected and began tweeting about from a personal account in December, after which point weird stuff started happening, Emin Agalarov, son of Russian oligarch and Miss Universe Moscow pageant host Aras Agalarov, is tied to this Kremlin collusion nothing burger through his manager, Rob Goldstone, who arranged the meeting. In January, Aras Agalarov was named in the Steele dossier. Also in January, Emin tweeted, “While the world tries to figure out what Donald Trump was doing in a hotel room in Moscow – I actually know”. Hey editors who are reading, TRUMPISTAN WATCH has lots of pictures of the kid in case you tire of wire photos, but you have to pay for them because America the greedy capitalist nation lives in my heart.

From The New York Times, Russian state-run Sputnik, The New York Times and The Washington Post.



Natalia Veselnitskaya “is best known for mounting a multipronged attack against the Magnitsky Act, an American law that blacklists suspected Russian human rights abusers. The law so enraged Mr. Putin that he retaliated by halting American adoptions of Russian children.” Yes, think of the children! Wait why do Russian babies need to be adopted by far more prosperous American families anyways? Who compromised their future welfare? Oh right, Russia – because of the children! Think of the children! The New York Times notes, “Ms. Veselnitskaya was formerly married to a former deputy transportation minister of the Moscow region,” so you know she is a true romantic and not self-interested in the least. Uday denied meeting with Russian nationals during the campaign because Uday is about as credible as Benedict Arnold, like his father. Princeling Jared lied too because same shit. The Magnitsky Act is bad news for the Russian mafia state because as The New York Times notes, “Under the law, some 44 Russian citizens have been put on a list that allows the United States to seize their American assets and deny them visas.” Veselnitskaya not only makes great Kremlin collusion nothing burgers, she is also a renaissance woman, did you know? The New York Times reports, “Veselnitskaya was also deeply involved in the making of an anti-Magnitsky Act film”. It won an Oscar. No just kidding, that’s real fake news.

From The New York Times.



The Washington Post reports Aryan princess “Ivanka Trump was deputized to fill in for her father at a table of world leaders at the Group of 20 summit on Saturday”. The Washington Post is polite in terming this obvious act of nepotism Barbie being positioned for succession and a greater role in government as “the un­or­tho­dox mixing of family and government in President Trump’s White House.” Yo, TRUMPISTAN WATCH has no such qualms about calling this what it actually is: some heaping pile of bullshit unbefitting of a democratic, Western country. Seriously other dictators’ daughters in the post-Soviet sphere like Leyla Aliyeva of Azerbaijan or Gulnara Karimova of Uzbekistan never dared pull shit like this. Where the fuck are we living? Oh, right: Trumpistan. Behold, this is full Trumpistan and done the day after the puppet met Putin and cancelled America no less. This is so way beyond the earlier stages where the republic was merely dragged from the back of a truck. There is only one real conclusion here: Ivanka is a greater prostitute than even her stepmother once was. Full Trumpistan! America is cancelled.

From The Washington Post.



Surprise! If you wondered why Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham would only go so far, you can bet it was because they were well aware of even greater threats to the nation than the traitor trash Trump squatting in the White House. Now The Washington Post reports, “Russian government hackers were behind recent cyber-intrusions into the business systems of U.S. nuclear power and other energy companies in what appears to be an effort to assess their networks”. If this surprises you, you are still only just waking up to the true horror that has befallen the now cancelled nation of America. Further such non-surprises will likely include Russian infiltration of senior Obama administration circles, probably the National Security Council, the Pentagon, the CIA and of course the FBI. Most of this will be state secrets of the highest level, revealed only long after we are all gone. The bigger point is if you have not assumed full infiltration of absolutely everything, even though it is obviously to a much lesser degree than absolutely everything, you are working off the wrong security assumptions in the first instance. You see, tech did not liberate us; it enslaved us. And if you love Trump and Russian occupation, boy are you going to love when the country you knew transforms into North Korea! As usual, the official warnings are coming much too late as The Washington Post reports, “At the end of June, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security sent a joint alert to the energy sector stating that ‘advanced, persistent threat actors’ — a euphemism for sophisticated foreign hackers — were stealing network log-in and password information to gain a foothold in company networks.” Euphemisms are not our friends when the population is asleep, dead tired and so precious as to need constant “self-care” prior to making no sacrifices. The Washington Post reports, “The campaign marks the first time Russian government hackers are known to have wormed their way into the networks of American nuclear power companies, several U.S. and industry officials said,” so yeah, the attack is ongoing. The puppet traitor trash president is on the side of the enemy, who must now be destroyed. And before you can say, “It was not the Russians,” or “I am a naïve dumb ass in denial,” The Washington Post reports, “The National Security Agency has detected specific activity by the Russian spy agency, the FSB, targeting the energy firms”. Presumably those contradicting this (e.g. the collaborators and facilitators) know more than the National Security Agency, as per usual? The government wants you to remain calm; TRUMPISTAN WATCH is here to tell you to freak the fuck out because the only way anything is going to change is through civic engagement.

From The Washington Post.



The New York Times reports Russian Order of Friendship medal recipient and U.S. “Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson assured Ukraine’s leader on Sunday that the United States would not lift economic sanctions against Russia until it ‘reverses the actions’ that prompted them and restores the country’s ‘territorial integrity,’” however at this point, we sort of have to insist on both. Really what carrots does Russia deserve? Sanctions must stay at the least for the devastating attack on our state and the Russians must get the hell out of eastern Ukraine. If we cede this much up front, there will be so much more ceded later. This is not the opening salvo of a negotiation unless you are rolling out the red carpet for Moscow. Wait. Watch. How does TRUMPISTAN WATCH know? The New York Times reports, “Mr. Tillerson’s strongly worded statement, issued at a news conference in Kiev alongside President Petro O. Poroshenko of Ukraine, seemed to insist that Moscow withdraw Russian troops and heavy weapons from eastern Ukraine and return Crimea, the Black Sea territory that Russia annexed in 2014 — though Mr. Tillerson never specifically mentioned that disputed peninsula by name.” Crimea! Crimea! Crimea! If the so-called Secretary of State cannot say it TRUMPISTAN WATCH will just have to scream it. Crimea is Ukraine!

From The New York Times.



Reuters reports, “A plane carrying Russian President Vladimir Putin to the G20 summit in Germany took a detour of about 500 km (300 miles) rather than flying over NATO members Poland or the Baltic states, data from a flight tracker showed.” Reuters reports, “According to the FlightRadar24 website, a Russian government jet flying from Moscow to Hamburg on Thursday deviated from the direct route over Belarus and Poland – which was once a Soviet bloc state [no it was Eastern bloc; not a republic of the Soviet Union, but never mind] but joined the Western military alliance [16 years] after the fall of communism. Instead the Ilyushin with the registration number RA-96022 flew over the Baltic Sea, crossing on its way territory of neutral Finland and Sweden before entering the airspace of Denmark and Germany, both NATO members.” Reuters notes, “Russian television later showed Putin emerging from a plane with same registration in Hamburg as he arrived for the summit,” noting, “It was not clear why this time his jet took a longer route, which also avoided crossing the Baltic states.” What’s the little shrimp so afraid of? Oh, everything. Even lyin’ Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin spokesman had no good lie ready to answer inquiries about why the little guy was so wigged out. Come on Dmitry, try harder. So-called strongmen are often, always weak little boys desperate to recover from the attention and love they never felt they got as children.

From Reuters and Russian state-run Sputnik.



From today’s department of you don’t say the Russian mafia state has nothing going for them but brutal bullshit comes an NBC News report that “A Russian lawyer who survived after falling from a fourth-floor balcony says his plunge was ‘no accident’ and fears he was targeted because he found key evidence in a $230 million corruption scandal involving high-ranking state officials.” If you are in any way shocked by this, keep huffing on that drain pipe, it is doing you so much good already. Sadly NBC News reports, “Nikolai Gorokhov told NBC News in his first interview since surviving the 50-foot drop on March 21,” that he is “still afraid for my life,” which is sort of normal and healthy for a post-traumatic stress reaction given his non-accident. Gorokhov also said, “of course I am more afraid about the safety of my family.” Hard to blame him for something that should rest on the shoulders of the Russian mafia state. Maybe dumb as shit Trumpenproletariat will wake up as the white victims mount? Yeah, right. More like, soon America will be this great! The incident “left him with a fractured skull and sent him to intensive care,” but it’s a miracle he is alive – if you believe in a god or found one who has not abandoned us yet. NBC News reports, “Eight people who have been involved in the same case have died in mysterious or violent circumstances, while Gorokhov and another man have survived a combined three suspected assassination attempts.” To return to Magnitsky for a moment, “Gorokhov, 53, represents the family” of Sergei Magnitsky who “was a Russian lawyer whose death led to a bitter round of sanctions between Washington and Moscow, and led Congress to pass the Magnitsky Act in 2012.” Here is your great future America: “After surviving almost a year of torturous conditions and ailing health, he [Magnitsky] was tied to a bed and beaten to death by eight prison guards with rubber batons, according to investigators”. And all this while he was white! Imagine the horror! NBC News notes, “In 2012, President Vladimir Putin said that Magnitsky died of a heart attack, in spite the evidence to the contrary.” Makes you wonder what sort of heart attack may befall Putin some day. Gorokhov’s fuck you after he survived is an act of real beauty: an interview with NBC News’ Richard Engel from the balcony he was pushed from.

From NBC News.



Agence France Presse reports, “Anton Nosik, one of the key figures in developing the Russian-language internet into a vibrant platform for news and debate, whose outspoken views saw him slapped with an extremism conviction, has died at 51, his friends and family said Sunday.” Nosik’s activism is as old as sad little shit Putin’s time at the top of the Russian power hierarchy. Agence France Presse notes, “in 1999 was one of the founders of Russia’s first internet news publication, called Gazeta.ru, and went on to launch other hugely popular news sites including Lenta.ru and Newsru.com, working as a start-up manager and editor, and later becoming one of the country’s most-read bloggers.” Even though the Russian military has done its part to wipe Syria off the map to protect their other puppet, the butcher of Damascus, Bashar al Assad, “In 2016, Nosik was convicted and fined by a Moscow court for making public calls for extremism, thanks to a 2015 post on his Live Journal blog in which he said Syria should be ‘wiped off the face of the Earth’ because it threatens Israel.” Agence France Presse reports, “‘Nosik was one of the pioneers of the Runet,’ wrote Vedomosti business daily, using the slang term for the Russian-language web.” The West’s favorite illiberal challenging Kremlin views Alexey Navalny “called Nosik his ‘mentor’ in a post on his website, saying ‘he had a decisive influence on my views and activities connected to the internet and journalism.’” Gosh why aren’t free speech Nazis Julian Assange and Glenn Greenwald crying foul over his death and the fact that “Nosik was a strident critic of the Russian government’s moves to crack down on internet freedoms in recent years with harsh legislative regulation”?

From Agence France Presse.



This may be the best news of the day as far as crushing a very weak Russia and a chaotic Kremlin that has no plan now. Reuters reports, “Ukraine and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization will begin discussions on a roadmap to get Ukraine into NATO, with Kiev pledging reforms to it up to standard by 2020, President Petro Poroshenko said on Monday.” Godspeed! Reuters adds, “Speaking alongside Poroshenko on a visit to the Ukrainian capital, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said NATO has provided Ukraine with new equipment to uncover the perpetrators of a cyber attack that hit Ukraine in June and spread globally.”

From Reuters.



Agence France Presse reports, “A Lithuanian court on Friday sentenced a Russian security official to 10 years in prison for spying after prosecutors accused him of attempting to bug the president’s home.” The spy Nikolai Filipchenko “worked for the Russian federal security service (FSB) whose activities include intelligence outside of the Russian Federation,” Judge Regina Pociene said at sentencing. Always remarkable how the considerably smaller Baltic states show so much more mettle than the cancelled America/newly anointed Trumpistan nation in standing up to Russia despite not having a fake billionaire dealmaker in charge. The key difference: Lithuania is governed by Lithuanians instead of Russian occupiers, a critical one.

From Agence France Presse.





The Washington Post reports, “President Trump accused former FBI Director James B. Comey of illegally leaking classified information to the media, part of an angry, early morning tweet storm on Monday as the president faces new allegations about his 2016 campaign’s contact with the Russians.” It is probably because his son Uday is dumb as shit and admitted to collusion with Russia over the weekend, just after Trump wanted to give the keys to the kingdom to his puppet master Putin. Twitler has really reached the banal stages of whining and the intelligence community is gaining some steam. No one can reverse the damage, but the country might be spared a nuclear exchange and inhabitable for sane individuals of intellect again some day, probably not in our youth or many of our lifetimes though, sadly.

From The Washington Post.





TRUMPISTAN WATCH would say wake up, Europe, but now TRUMPISTAN WATCH knows that is all but impossible because world wars are as dead as those who fought them; selfish materialism is the permanent condition of man in Western Europe now and forever. Never again until next time! If a second Trump tour talking verbal diarrhea on the pillars of the West’s ability to be greedy and selfish as a whole, instead of just him personally does not wake you up, you might as well carry on with sleepwalking indifference. Molly McKew writing in POLITICO Magazine makes the case very simply, in case you need it broken down for you, “Trump attacked NATO and the EU, the twin pillars of the post-World War II transatlantic architecture, again demonstrating he has no interest in being the leader of the free world, but rather its critic in chief.” Indeed, “Trump did not express a clear commitment to Article 5: He said only that ‘the United States has demonstrated not merely with words but with its actions that we stand firmly behind it.’” Nor did he “defend Western democracies: In fact, he did not once mention democracy in his speech. As for values, he mentions them seven times: first, in the negative—immigrants who are against them—and second, in the context of traditionalism.” Naturally for a Russian puppet, “Trump’s challenge to Russia came with an olive branch, offering it a place in a ‘community of responsible nations in our fight against common enemies and in defense of civilization itself.’ This signals to Putin that there is a common ‘civilization’ to which the U.S., European nations and Russia all belongabsent the usual rhetoric of democracy or shared Western values—is a critical gesture.” Do you like Stalin and slaughter? He is the hero and those are his values, if this is the case. If you think this is terrible, recall “this only assesses what we know was discussed.” Now “Russia is prepping the battlefield in the United States for what comes next.” Just remember, “drain the swamp” is code for “kill them all”. If you do not think Americans will positively delight in the opportunities mass atrocities provide you either have not been paying attention or been to America lately since the rise of Trump. Maybe you belong to the Watergate generation that thinks we should not let them get us down, you know, because then the terrorists win. Or something.

From POLITICO Magazine.



Foreign Policy reports, “In May 2013, the Republican lobbyist Vin Weber welcomed Serhiy Klyuyev, one of Ukraine’s most powerful political operatives, to Washington. For two days, Weber squired the member of parliament around Capitol Hill to spread the message that then-Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych was leading his country on the path to reform and was seeking to embrace the West.” None of that is true but no matter, there was money and money does not care who owns it. Guess who was tasked with helping “On the recommendation of Paul Manafort, President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman who worked as a political fixer for Yanukovych”? Surprise! The firm, the Podesta Group, of Hillary’s campaign manager John Podesta and another firm, the Mercury Group. When TRUMPISTAN WATCH lived in Azerbaijan, Obama aides Jim Messina, Robert Gibbs and David Plouffe also came through as well, so this shit is spread thin everywhere you look in the post-Soviet space. The Ukraine Yanuokovych effort was done through a paper thin front, “an obscure Brussels-based think tank, the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine (ECFMU),” which could pass itself off as quasi-respectable to disinterested parties on the Hill and elsewhere because it is always and forever only about the Benjamins in America. Fact: money never cares who owns it and those who seek it often care even less. Foreign Policy reports, “Working with Manafort and his deputy, the two firms pushed Yanukovych’s agenda in Washington, but none at the time documented their work under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA)”. The Justice Department does not go after violations rather “works to bring them into compliance with the law,” because you know, it’s not really criminal if the perpetrator is white, white collar and politically connected. Of course, “In the controversy that has ensued since Trump’s victory and allegations that Russia interfered in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Podesta, Mercury, and Manafort’s firm have all conceded that their work benefited the Ukrainian government and have filed paperwork under FARA.” Now isn’t that rich? Oh P.S. one more thing: everything linked to the ousted Ukrainian leader Viktor Yanukovych is linked to Russia. There are way fewer degrees here to get to the Kremlin than to Kevin Bacon.

From Foreign Policy.





The Washington Post reports, “On her MSNBC program last night, host Rachel Maddow told viewers that her show had received an apparent NSA document over tip-routing portal SendItToRachel.com. Though Maddow didn’t display the document or detail all of its allegations, she did say that it purported to be very secret.” One problem, she could not get it authenticated by anyone who knows anything, suggesting a forgery of the sort that once ensnared Dan Rather and put an end to his career at CBS News. Faux news Fox News has no such scruples (see: Seth Rich conspiracies), however real news cares about things like making sure documents that confirm bias are authenticated so as to not see credibility devastated by dubious docs. The fake docs sent to Maddow would confirm an existing bias, the easiest way to ensnare the easily duped in “that it ‘names a specific person in the Trump campaign as working with the Russians on their hacking attack on the election last year.’” According to The Washington Post, “According to experts consulted by Maddow and her staff, it’s unlikely that a U.S. citizen would be named in a document of this sort. Other telltale signs relate to printer codes and digital sleuthing that Maddow presented in her trademarked long-form TV narrative style — the particulars of which we won’t detail here. May it suffice to say, however, that ‘The Rachel Maddow Show’ took a pass on this potentially explosive document, except to point out that it appears to be a forgery.” Maddow is right and learned Rather’s lessons, “one way to stab in the heart aggressive American reporting on that subject is to lay traps for American journalists who are reporting on it, trick news organizations into reporting what appears to be evidence of what happened… You then hurt the credibility of that news organization. You also cast a shadow over any similar reporting in the future, whether or not it’s true, right? Even if it’s true, you plant a permanent question, a permanent asterisk, a permanent — who knows — as to whether that too might be false like that other story, whether that too might be based on fake evidence.” Doods trying to pull this shit, Maddow is smart, a former Rhodes scholar. Go for lower hanging fruit like Sean Hannity or Julian Assange or Glenn Greenwald next time. Oh wait, you can’t do that, they already work on the team for Russia. Man that sucks. The Washington Post acknowledges, “These are dangerous times for reporters,” but omits that this might include the inability to earn a real living on crap pay or have a voice in a media landscape that insists on normalizing traitor trash for clicks, likes and ratings. Sad! Very, very sad.

From The Washington Post.



TRUMPISTAN WATCH says likely so the lawyers don’t bark. The Sydney Morning Herald “reports,” (see note at bottom: “The writer travelled to Singapore as a guest of Kaspersky Lab”), “Top cyber security experts have thrown their weight behind Apple and Google’s privacy defence, saying users’ encrypted communications data should stay private and turning it over to police would not help fight terrorism.” Well, who counts as a “security expert” in the age of The Red Web? Eugene Kaspersky of course! Never mind U.S. intelligence believes since 2012 he has been in cahoots with the Russian mafia state’s particularly malicious state security services, the FSB, willingly or unwillingly. Reuters reported last week that fellow tech giants Microsoft and Cisco were the first to sanctions bust because it’s always and forever only about the Benjamins. They are just keeping America alive in their bottom lines as you will and must do in your hearts! Greedy selfish indifference forever!   Don’t you want a Google home eavesdropping device or more Apple gizmos in your home now that the friendly FSB proxy says they are oh so warm and fuzzy? You know, trick out the kids rooms too; there are no pedophiles in Russia or anywhere near the throne in the Kremlin. Here’s your daily dose of sad fucking irony: “At the INTERPOL World Conference held in Singapore this week, Eugene Kaspersky, founder of global security firm Kaspersky Lab, rejected Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s suggestion that technology giants should better co-operate with police by sharing digital behaviour of some of their customers,” The Sydney Morning Herald reports. The Julian Assange crowd is rubbing their nipples and lactating from all the joy his bogus talk of privacy and citizen sacrifices and blah blah blah brings. So always trust the FSB’s personal guests, dears! Like Assange, they are the only ones who hold the keys to The Truth, presumably before they distort it to manipulate and blackmail people with kompramat, or merely slaughter them. FAKE NEWS!

From The Sydney Morning Herald.


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