The Washington Post reports, Putin puppet Trump and his master Putin, who fully owns him, had a “second meeting, undisclosed at the time,” during “a dinner for G-20 leaders”. According to The Washington Post, “At some point during the meal, Trump left his own seat to occupy a chair next to Putin. Trump approached alone, and Putin was attended only by his official interpreter.” When you are a so-called world leader and pretending to be the American president, this is what Trump himself might call a bitch move in a different context. Of course the White House tried to down play it because they all know the house is on fire and the roof is Russia by now. The New York Times notes, “There is no official United States government record of the intimate dinner conversation, because no American official other than the president was involved.” So, so wrong! The Washington Post notes, “The dinner conversation with Putin was first reported Monday by Ian Bremmer, president of the New York-based Eurasia Group, in a newsletter to group clients. Bremmer said the meeting began ‘halfway’ into the meal and lasted ‘roughly an hour.’” Now the day before Bremmer did the Kremlin’s bidding for it in lighting a match under Trump, Bremmer also used the hashtag #MAGA short for “Make America great again,” to relay a message with decidedly pro-Trump hues, namely, “For democracy to work, there must be acceptance of defeat.” Thank you Ian for that. We should all accept a puppet regime in Washington so Bremmer, known as “the young American,” to Kremlin elites in the early 2000s can play the field, merely as a courtesy, never for a buck? To be clear, Bremmer denies ever taking money from Russia but then promptly deletes his denial so as to not clutter his Twitter timeline, he claims. Luckily, TRUMPISTAN WATCH screenshots that shit. Do you think he works for free, merely as a courtesy? Oh one more thing, his firm advertises his newsletter, “Want more Vlad in your life?” (Who does at this point?) TRUMPISTAN WATCH is just a Russophobe seeing things! Probably because there is SO very much to see!

From The Washington Post and The New York Times.



The Washington Post reports, “A U.S.-based employee,” Irakli “Ike” Kaveladze, “of a Russian real estate company,” the Agalarov’s Crocus Group, “took part in a June 2016 Trump Tower meeting between a Russian lawyer and Donald Trump Jr., bringing to eight the number of known participants at the session”. The Washington Post adds, “Ike Kaveladze attended the meeting as a representative of Aras and Emin Agalarov, the father-and-son Russian developers who hosted the Trump-owned Miss Universe pageant in Moscow in 2013, according to Scott Balber, an attorney for the Agalarovs who said he also represents Kaveladze.” Why the hell under normal circumstances would the Agalarovs require a representative present in a meeting with a U.S. presidential candidate? Oh, right this is NOT normal, this is a Russian puppet regime that was installed. According to The Washington Post, “Balber said Tuesday that he had received a phone call over the weekend from a representative of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III asking whether Kaveladze would agree to be interviewed. Balber said his client would cooperate. The request is the first public indication that Mueller’s team is investigating the meeting.” Besides the three Americans, Donald “Uday” Trump Jr., princeling Jared Kushner and campaign manager Paul Manafort, we now have the presence of five individuals who have Kremlin or Agalarov ties of some kind: Natalia Veselnitskaya, Rinat Akhmetshin, Anatoli Samochornov, Irakli Kaveladze and Rob Goldstone. Now here is a challenge to the American media now that you found the eighth man: find the roof and there is your real story. If you do not know what a roof is or how it is relevant to doing business in Russia, oh boy TRUMPISTAN WATCH has enough mercy to tell you that usually a roof is a gangster, a member of the security services or a well connected politician, or maybe some combination of the above, in other words protection of a sort from the elements, not unlike a real roof. Just remember Trump said he had nothing to do with Russia over and over and over again, but this flimsy lie is obviously bullshit.

From The Washington Post.



Business Insider reports that according to an online CV, Irakli Kaveladze is “a member of the US-Russia Business Council and the Georgian Association in the USA,” adding he “was implicated in a Russian money-laundering scheme in 2000”. The Washington Post reports, “According to the GAO [Government Accountability Office], Kaveladze opened 236 bank accounts in the United States for corporations formed in Delaware on behalf of mostly Russian brokers. The GAO report said that Kaveladze had told officers of two U.S. banks that he had conducted investigations of the Russian companies for which he opened accounts.” However, the GAO report noted, “He admitted to us that he made such representations to the banks but that he in fact had not investigated the companies,” The Washington Post reports. “All told, the report traced the movement of $1.4 billion in wire-transfer transactions deposited into 236 accounts opened at the two banks, Citibank and Commercial Bank,” The Washington Post adds. There is a word for this: money laundering. Scott Balber, the Agalarovs’ attorney, objects to the GAO report, but he is paid to do that, so for whatever that is worth (not much).

From Business Insider and The Washington Post.



The Hill reports, “Three Democratic senators,” Al Franken, Richard Blumenthal and Mazie Hirono, “are calling for an ‘immediate review’ of White House senior adviser Jared Kushner’s security clearance, noting concerns over which contacts Kushner included on his clearance forms.” The Hill notes, “In a letter to the director of White House management and Office of Administration,” the three Senators wrote, “Such ongoing disclosures raise serious questions concerning Mr. Kushner’s suitability for continued access to classified information,” which the princeling obvious does not deserve given his undisclosed meetings with Russian spies. The letter continues, “Given Mr. Kushner’s pattern of delay in reporting contacts, we are deeply concerned that he may not have disclosed additional contacts with foreign individuals or had other inappropriate Russian contacts.” In the July 13 letter, the three Senators added, “Given the enormity of the outstanding national security concerns regarding his conduct, Mr. Kushner should not retain access to our nation’s most critical secrets.” Seems obvious enough but given he is a princeling and the probable money man, the orange Russian bullshit squatting in the White House seems likely to have a tantrum over the matter, especially if it comes to encircling Ivanka, the Aryan princess, as it will. Like American people with brains, the three Senators wrote, “We are also troubled by the revelation that Mr. Kushner sought to establish a secretive communications channel to the Russian government using Russian diplomatic facilities during the presidential transition. It is still unclear whether he notified background investigators about this,” as if that even matters. The Russians own this whole family.

From The Hill.



Another item that shows us all how powerless the orange Russian bullshit squatting in the White House really is! The Washington Post reports, “After a new round of talks failed to resolve the issue, Russia’s Foreign Ministry reiterated on Tuesday that it reserved the right to retaliate against the United States for its seizure of diplomatic property as punishment for Moscow’s meddling in last year’s presidential election.” Such a pity they do not get back their spy dens, seeing as how it is the only real penalty they have faced for hacking our elections, our critical infrastructure and harassing our citizens. As The New York Times notes, “Russian officials have been issuing repeated statements that their patience is wearing thin,” however imagine how we feel with a lunatic traitor trash kowtowing to Russia at every available opportunity instead of a competent leader in the White House. Of course “with Trump associates under investigation for ties with the Russians, the president is hesitant to send any signals of weakness,” even though that is all that ever happens because he is genuinely the weakest president in America’s postwar history. Maybe now the Russians begin to see how a normal president with normal priorities and concerns for U.S. national security might have actually been more beneficial to them than some bullshit boorish puppet? So the Kremlin’s “official tone has turned more belligerent, with Russia threatening to expel American diplomats,” The New York Times notes. Ironically, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov called it all “robbery in broad day light,” as opposed to what, our so-called election which they hacked and that wound down around the wee hours of the morning? What’s worse Sergey, broad daylight or before the crack of dawn? Property or sovereignty? No surrender!

From The New York Times.



The Washington Post reports, “Former Utah governor Jon Huntsman will be nominated as the U.S. ambassador to Russia, the White House announced Tuesday, ending months of delay in formalizing the appointment amid deteriorating relations between the two countries.” Recall “The White House confirmed in March that it would name the former Republican presidential contender and U.S. ambassador to China under President Barack Obama to the Russia post,” but the process was delayed. Why? Because “the White House had delayed formally naming Huntsman and sending the nomination to the Senate for confirmation as the United States waited for the Kremlin to approve his selection.” The Washington Post adds, “The Kremlin approved Huntsman’s appointment Monday night about the same time that the United States approved Russian politician Anatoly Antonov to serve as Russia’s ambassador in Washington, according to a person familiar with the situation”. Please note as The Washington Post does, “The company owned by Huntsman’s family has business interests in Russia, and he has traveled to that country in that capacity.” Huntsman has previously served as Ambassador to China from 2009-2011 and Singapore in 1992-1993. He ran for president in 2012.

From The Washington Post.



POLITICO reports, “The global cybersecurity community is still struggling to process the news that Christopher Painter, the Trump administration’s top cyber diplomat, will leave his State Department job at the end of the month.” According to POLITICO, Painter “has been leading American delegations to international cyber meetings since 2011, negotiating joint agreements with other countries on issues like protecting critical infrastructure and developing cyber norms.” None of this is relevant any more as Russia has hacked our election, and the only norm now is nothing is normal and we have a Russian-backed regime in Washington that uses America First rhetoric to cover for a total intrusion of Russian officials and hackers into our critical infrastructure, state and the lives of American citizens. By national security, the regime is deferring to Russia’s national security. POLITICO notes, “Painter previously served in top cyber roles at the National Security Council, the FBI and the Justice Department. He may return to DOJ, where he is technically an employee on detail to State.” Of course Russian Order of Friendship medal recipient and “Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is considering closing the cyber office,” because it’s pretty clear T Rex is not working for the American people but our new Russian overlords who do not give a damn for us, just as their proxy Trump does not.




DefenseOne reports on how a provision tucked into this year’s National Defense Authorization Act, the annual Pentagon spending bill that goes before Congress each fall and is a season onto itself in Washington, bizarrely favors Russia concerning the Treaty on Open Skies. The agreement on “aerial reconnaissance flights by the United States and Soviet Union over each other’s territory was first proposed during one of the darkest periods of East-West conflict. In 1955, neither side knew much about each other’s nuclear weapons — only that each was developing forces capable of destroying the other.” At the first East-West summit conference, President Eisenhowerproposed aerial reconnaissance flights by the U.S. and USSR over each other’s territory. The Soviets firmly rejected the notion, calling it a likely pretext for espionage,” DefenseOne notes. “So the idea lay dormant until the tail end of the Cold War, when it was revived by President George H.W. Bush and hammered out by NATO and Warsaw Pact negotiators. In 1992, the Open Skies Treaty was signed by 27 states, and it went into effect in 2002,” and “Eight more countries have since joined the Treaty”. “Each party has a yearly quota of overflights and must receive an equal quota of overflights each year; to date, treaty parties have flown some 800 flights,” DefenseOne reports, noting, “The transparency afforded by the Treaty is vital to member states’ national security and strategic stability.” However, “in recent years, Russia has upgraded the technology it uses on overflights, while U.S. equipment has remained largely the same. In March 2016, U.S. Strategic Command warned that Russia was ‘ahead of us’ in technology”. Horrible. Now for the truly curious: “Three months later, the U.S. Defense Department approved a Russian request to use modernized sensors and, in April of this year, Russia put its new gear to use in an observation flight over the U.S.” DefenseOne reports, “Shockingly, legislation now under consideration by Congress would bar the U.S. from improving its own Open Skies aircraft. Last month, the House Armed Services Committee passed a version of the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act that would prohibit the United States from upgrading the sensors on its observation flights. The bill would also prohibit the U.S. from conducting any surveillance flights under the Treaty unless a plan for the entire year is submitted to Congress in advance.” DefenseOne therefore notes, “Such provisions would needlessly grant a unilateral advantage to Russia.” And DefenseOne rightfully asks, “What could possibly justify Congressional action to bar our Defense Department from improving its own imagery as permitted by the Treaty?”

From DefenseOne.



The Telegraph reports, “Britain’s energy companies were hacked on the day of the General Election by computer criminals believed to have been backed by Russia.” “GCHQ said in an official report sent to the energy sector that companies ‘are likely to have been compromised’ in the wake of the attack launched on June 8,” The Telegraph adds. While “The document does not name Russia but experts have told The Telegraph that they believe the Kremlin was behind the attack and that it targeted engineers working in power plants and in the electricity supply network.” Recall Russian hackers have successfully executed attacks against the Ukrainian power grid.

From The Telegraph.



POLITICO reports, “NATO allies are worried about expanding Russian intelligence operations in Hungary,” noting, “officials from allied countries say Russia increasingly sees Hungary as an operational backdoor into Europe.” One former U.S. Embassy Budapest official told POLITICO, “There is tremendous concern that Russia is basically using Hungary as an intel forward operating base in NATO and the EU.” The situation has grown dire as “Western officials say Russian intelligence agencies have boosted their presence over the past few years in Hungary, which is a member of Europe’s border-free Schengen zone, to launch a variety of intelligence and sabotage operations in the EU,” and upped the number of Russian intelligence agents in the country from 50-100 to 300 plus, according to the former U.S. Embassy official. Of course “The Hungarian government, in response to questions from POLITICO, denied that there are any concerns about Russian operations in Hungary,” including a “‘special relationship’ between Russia and Hungary,” according to a Hungarian government spokesman.




The AP reports, “Separatists in eastern Ukraine on Tuesday proclaimed a new state that aspires to include not only the areas they control but also the rest of the country. But Russia, their chief backer, sought to play down the announcement, saying it was merely part of public discussion.” The AP somberly and quite obviously notes, “The surprise announcement in the rebel stronghold of Donetsk casts further doubt on the 2015 cease-fire deal”. They unveiled a flag and a name and Russia revealed its support but hey, last check, Ukraine is a sovereign country. Isn’t this a cute thing of our great friends and overlords the Russians to try and do? How long before the Trump regime seeks to join a Malorossiya in America? Days? Weeks? Of course let’s not forget that murderers in Moscow reside in the Kremlin as “More than 10,000 people have died in fighting since Russia-backed rebels took control of parts of Ukraine’s Donetsk and Luhansk regions in April 2014 after Russia annexed Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula.” According to AP, “Donetsk separatist leader Alexander Zakharchenko said in comments broadcast on Russian television that rebels in Donetsk and Luhansk as well as representatives of other Ukrainian regions would form a state called Malorossiya.” Of course “The Associated Press has documented how Moscow has been propping up the separatists in Ukraine with funds, weapons and recruits,” and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko called them “puppets” of the Kremlin, because those are facts and any alternative ones are bullshit.

From the AP.



IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly reports, “The Army of the Czech Republic (ACR) will contribute a contingent of 290 personnel to the NATO enhanced Forward Presence mission under way in Poland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania from 1 January 2018 to 31 January 2019.” A separate IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly story adds, “A second British Army armoured battlegroup, based around the 1st Battalion, The Royal Welsh Regiment, is to deploy to Estonia in November to sustain the UK’s contribution to NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence mission into 2018.”

From IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly and IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly.



The Moscow Times reports, “A Moscow district court on Tuesday ordered opposition leader Alexei Navalny and two co-defendants to pay 2.16 million rubles ($35,500) in damages to a timber company over charges of fraud”. TRUMPISTAN WATCH is not touching the veracity or the nature of the claims and charges given that justice in Russia operates like Kafka’s The Trial. According to The Moscow Times, “The Kirovles company originally asked for 16 million rubles ($270,400) compensation from Navalny, Petr Ofitserov and Vyacheslav Opalev in the high-profile embezzlement case.” Navalny is more likely a victim of his own ambition, which scares the hell out of the Kremlin because Russia cannot handle an internet star asking questions about corruption, just like a real superpower.

From The Moscow Times.



The Independent reports, “A ban on Jehovah’s Witnesses is to come into full force in Russia after a court dismissed an appeal against the group’s classification as an ‘extremist’ organisation.” That’s right, Russia is even afraid of Jehovah’s Witnesses, just like a real superpower. According to The Independent, “The British and American governments were among those raising human rights concerns over the prohibition,” as if any humans have rights in Russia, unless they are Kremlin or Oligarchic elites and their offspring. On Monday, Russia’s Supreme Court opted to uphold a lower court ruling. Consequently, “Judges ordered the closure of the group’s Russian headquarters, local chapters and the seizure of its property by the state,” The Independent notes.

From The Independent.





The Washington Examiner reports, “In the latest of a long series of actions meant to highlight President Trump’s possible conflicts of interest, Rep. Maxine Waters called on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from the Justice Department’s probe into Deutsche Bank, saying his allegiance to Trump makes it impossible for him to investigate the bank that has loaned hundreds of millions to the president.” Deutsche Bank holds the largest amount of Trump’s debt and German newspapers have pressed to find out how much of the debt is financed by Russian lenders. According to The Washington Examiner, “the top Democrat on the House Financial Services Committee, told Sessions in a letter sent Tuesday afternoon that he is ‘unwilling to stand up to the president on matters in which he has a vested interest.’” While private Russian “Sessions’ Justice Department is reportedly investigating a Russian money-laundering scheme for which the German bank has already been fined by U.S. regulators,” it is worth noting, “Trump reportedly owed Deutsche Bank $300 million before taking office.”

From The Washington Examiner.





The Washington Post reports on the fraudulent judo triumphs of Putin, a 5’7” (170cm) insecure little shit hell-bent on boosting the profile of his raging masculinity due to tremendous childhood setbacks that left him questioning his mother’s love. You know, just like a real man. “Vladimir Putin’s martial arts skills are the stuff of legend. Thanks to a steady stream of fawning coverage from Russian state media — often repeated uncritically in American news outlets — Putin is widely reputed to be some sort of high-level expert in judo,” to the extent that these hagiographies have even driven “a metaphor for his governing style,” The Washington Post reports. Well, well, well, the Lawfare blog’s Benjamin Wittes, a pal of fired FBI Director James Comey, who happens to be a martial arts aficionado himself, has chided Putin as a ‘fraud’ and a ‘phony’ and is trying to call his bluff by challenging the Russian strongman to a fight in any location where Putin lacks the authority to have him arrested.” What fun! Now you can break out the popcorn should this fight come to fruition! (It won’t because Putin is a scared little boy.) The Washington Post notes, “According to Wittes, a 47-year-old who holds black belts in taekwondo and aikido, many of Putin’s judo videos — and there are lots of them — are bunk,” who notes, “Putin’s partners drop to the floor all too easily.” Staged fights to show a glorious dictator! How totally masculine! Wittes wrote on Lawfare, “At least in the videos I have seen, there are no committed attacks on Putin, and I see no evidence that his opponents are ever trying to get the better of him”. The Washington Post notes, “In a Facebook post titled ‘Why Won’t Putin Fight Me?,’ Wittes put it more bluntly: ‘Putin is fraud martial artist. He only fights people who are in his power, and they are all taking falls for him.’” What a strong man he is who fakes his glory!

From The Washington Post.


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