The Hill reports, “Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats will hold speak [sic] on Friday morning about the Trump administration’s ongoing efforts to combat intelligence leaks, according to a Justice Department statement.” Citing a statement, The Hill reports, “Sessions and Coats will deliver remarks at 11 a.m. on ‘leaks of classified material threatening national security’”. This comes a day after the transcripts of two calls Trump had with the leaders of Mexico and Australia leaked revealing that the president is in fact a complete moron and utter lunatic. Shock! According to The Hill, “Following those remarks, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and National Counterintelligence and Security Center Director William Evanina will talk to reporters in an ‘off-camera pen and pad discussion.’”

From The Hill.





USA Today reports, “A day after he grudgingly signed into law new sanctions against Russia, President Trump on Thursday blamed Congress for declining relations with the country that is accused of meddling in last year’s presidential election.” Again, it is all pretty open and in your face now. He will disrespect absolutely everyone but Putin, who he adores but has nothing to do with, or so he says. What did Twitler do now, you are asking? “Our relationship with Russia is at an all-time & very dangerous low,” Trump tweeted. “You can thank Congress, the same people that can’t even give us HCare!” Good, Russia deserves only the worst for helping to install Trump. The Hill reports Senator John McCain promptly responded to Trump’s sour puss attitude on Twitter, “You can thank Putin for attacking our democracy, invading neighbors & threatening our allies,” because that is what a real American hero thinks and says, as opposed to some loser Kremlin puppet. Later, at a rally of his that increasingly resembles a cult ritual in West Virginia, Trump “dismissed allegations of collusion between his campaign and Russia as ‘a total fabrication,’” according to The Washington Post. Look who is talking! Total fabrication: perfect words to describe the fake tycoon with his fake billions and ever faker presidency.

From USA Today, The Hill and The Washington Post.



The Wall Street Journal reports, “Special Counsel Robert Mueller has impaneled a grand jury in Washington to investigate Russia’s interference in the 2016 elections, a sign that his inquiry is growing in intensity and entering a new phase”. TRUMPISTAN WATCH says bring it on! Sadly, “The grand jury, which began its work in recent weeks, is a sign that Mr. Mueller’s inquiry is ramping up and that it will likely continue for months,” The Wall Street Journal reports. “Another sign the investigation is ramping up: Greg Andres, a top partner in a powerhouse New York law firm, David Polk & Wardwell LLP, has joined Mr. Mueller’s team,” The Wall Street Journal adds.

From The Wall Street Journal.



CBS News reports, “Two members of the Senate Judiciary Committee are moving to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s job, putting forth legislation that aims to ensure the integrity of current and future independent investigations.” CBS News reports, “Republican Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina and Democratic Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware plan to introduce the legislation Thursday. The bill would allow any special counsel for the Department of Justice to challenge his or her removal in court, with a review by a three-judge panel within 14 days of the challenge,” noting, “The bill would be retroactive to May 17, 2017the day Mueller was appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.” CBS News notes, “Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, another member of the Judiciary panel, said last week that he was working on a similar bill that would prevent the firing of a special counsel without judicial review.” Mueller will soon have more cover than Trump, how ironic.

From CBS News.



The Wall Street Journal reports, “Kushner Cos., the New York property development business owned by the family of White House senior adviser Jared Kushner, has been subpoenaed by New York federal prosecutors regarding its use of an investment-for-immigration program.” While they are there, maybe some inquiries about the old The New York Times building sale involving Uzbekh-born Russian-Israeli oligarch Lev Leviev and of course more than $200 million in Deutsche Bank loans (the same bank Trump is heavily indebted to)? Asking for America.

From The Wall Street Journal.



The AP reports, “President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, is revealing a brief advisory role with a firm related to a controversial data analysis company that aided the Trump campaign”. Oh, hello! The AP adds, “The disclosure of Flynn’s link to Cambridge Analytica will come in an amended public financial filing in which the retired U.S. Army lieutenant general also discloses income that includes payments from the Trump transition team”. The AP reports, “The amended disclosure shows that just before the end of the campaign, Flynn entered into a consulting agreement with SCL Group, a Virginia-based company related to Cambridge Analytica, the data mining and analysis firm that worked with Trump’s campaign.” Troubling given Flynn’s clear ties to Russia and his swift ouster after 24 days as National Security Advisor. The AP notes, “Cambridge Analytica was heavily funded by the family of Robert Mercer, a hedge fund manager who also backed the campaign and other conservative candidates and causes. Cambridge Analytica also worked for the successful pro-Brexit campaign in 2016 to pull Britain out of the European Union. Trump administration chief strategist Steve Bannon was a vice president of Cambridge Analytica before he joined the Trump campaign.” For a time Flynn was on top of the world and luckily that time is over. From hero in his world to zero in our world!

From the AP.



Unlike DARKNESS AT NUNES who went to town with allegations that Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice improperly “unmasked” Trump campaign officials in intelligence reports, H.R. McMaster stands with Rice. Bloomberg reports, “National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster has concluded that Rice did nothing wrong”. McMaster definitely “is taking advantage of the shield offered by the arrival of his old military colleague John Kelly as White House chief of staff,” POLITICO notes, “to make any staffing changes he deems necessary.” That’s meant a still not complete clean up of loony Flynnstones on the National Security Council. Fire Gorka next and Bannon soon thereafter, please!

From Bloomberg and POLITICO.



Reuters reports, “Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will discuss the current state of relations between Moscow and Washington at a meeting in Manila next week,” confirming a report from yesterday that “The two statesmen agreed to talk on the sidelines of an ASEAN regional security summit scheduled for Aug. 6-8 in Manila”. However, Reuters adds the detail that the two lovebirds T Rex and his man friend Sergey had “a phone call on Thursday. Supposedly they talked about “the situation in North Korea and a range of global issues”. How intimate! What do you think they really talked about? T Rex hearts Sergey and Sergey hearts T Rex.

From Reuters.



ABC News reports, “U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley met her newly-installed Russian counterpart, ambassador Vasily Nebenzia, in New York City Tuesday.” Nebenzia took up his post as Russia’s permanent representative to the U.N. on Friday. A deputy foreign minister since 2013, Nebenzia replaced Vitaly Churkin who died in February.”
From ABC News.


The AP
reports, “A Moscow court has ordered opposition leader Alexei Navalny and two of his associates to pay fines for staging an unauthorized rally.” The court ordered Navalny, Leonid Volkov and Nikolai Lyaskin pay “fines ranging from 250,000 to 300,000 rubles ($4,140-$4,960).” The Kremlin is afraid of a YouTube star and politically engaged young people, just like a real superpower!

From the AP.





Newsweek reports, “LinkedIn provides a rich hunting ground for Russian agents. Unlike Twitter and Facebook, most of its estimated 500 million, predominantly white-collar subscribers use it to advertise their expertise, seek employment or engage with peers in expert-based discussion groups. To bolster their credentials, most—even current and former U.S. national security officials—post detailed résumés and recommendations from their colleagues. That provides fodder for Russian intelligence to gather detailed information on its most formidable critics and cast doubt on the truth of those accomplishments.” Sometimes you can even find the Kremlin’s disinfo agents there, such as Denis Klimentov (now the spokesman for the New Economic School where Carter Page – and Obama – spoke; Klimentov appears to have run Bernie supporter turned neo-Nazi Trumpkin Cassandra Fairbanks before relocating to Moscow sometime since late last year). Newsweek adds, “The pro-Moscow campaign has recently expanded—and, in some cases, gone offline—allege some American LinkedIn members who have been criticizing Russia’s covert attacks on the West.” Fun place this Trumpistan is, Russian harassment on our own turf. In an incident eerily reminiscent of Georgi Markov in 1978, “a former U.S. national security official who had been contesting Kremlin propaganda on LinkedIn says he was assaulted near his retirement home in France,” when he “was shopping at the local supermarket,” and “stung… by something, probably with an umbrella”. According to the official, Giles Raymond DeMourot, “An hour later, he says, a doctor extracted bits of ‘what seemed like a wooden needle’ from the wound. Lab tests determined it was ‘impregnated with carbapenem-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa,’ a potentially lethal ‘superbug,’ he says, and he’s had to make several visits to his doctor for treatments,” Newsweek reports. What kind of an evil pseudo-empire does reruns of its old glory days like this? Maybe it was a 300-pound guy living in a basement?

From Newsweek.



POLITICO reports Roger Stone is setting up a legal defense fund with a website entitled, “Who Framed Roger Stone?” Personal responsibility is not a strong suit among the Trumpistani elite. POLITICO notes, “Trump’s campaign has shelled out at least $50,000 on attorneys for his son, Donald Trump Jr.,” but nobody outside the family has received a cent from all the money his campaign from his supporters, who are basically in a cult now and will require deprogramming.




Newsweek reports that Green Party presidential candidate Jill “Stein has recently been in the news because her name appeared in a Senate Judiciary Committee document request regarding collusion between Russia and the presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump.” Of course “suspicions stem, in good part, from a photograph of Stein taken in Moscow in 2015, where she was attending a conference. It shows her sitting at a dinner table with Russian President Vladimir V. Putin and former Trump adviser Michael T. Flynn.” You know the photo and the event, the 2015 gala for Russia state-run RT, an adversary’s propaganda channel. Also at the table breaking TRUMPISTAN WATCH’s heart is brilliant director turned mad loon Kremlin stooge, Emir Kusturica, director of “Underground,” and several other truly great films. Stein told Newsweek the story is “fake news,” as mature adults willing to take personal responsibility for their actions are known to do these days. Of the famous photo Stein tells Newsweek, “Putin came in very briefly. Maybe he was there for 10 or 15 minutes before he gave a speech in Russian. There was no translator. Nobody was introduced to anybody.” Obviously this woman should have been our president because she knows exactly how Russian intelligence works to ensnare and smear people. She also sounds a lot like Trump in her use of Russian disinformation to refute, for some reason unbeknownst to reality, that he colluded with Russia. “Unfortunately, we have seen our security agencies make some errors in the past, like weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Let’s say Russia did it,” Stein told Newsweek.

From Newsweek.





POLITICO Magazine reports, without irony, “When TV news viewers saw Trump adviser Stephen Miller accuse Jim Acosta of harboring a ‘cosmopolitan bias’ during Wednesday’s news conference, they might have wondered whether he was accusing the CNN White House reporter of an excessive fondness for the cocktail made famous on ‘Sex and the City.’” Again, imagine what it is like to live in this country where you are just constantly being talked down to and treated like you are stupid, and that goes double if you are woman because it comes with added disrespect and ogling. Seriously, some of us do not watch TV, can count on one hand the number of episodes of “Sex and the City” we have seen in our lives but run out of fingers and toes counting the number of books on Stalin we have read.  POLITICO Magazine asks, “So what is a “cosmopolitan”? And please, before a commercial break before our brain starts to hurt. It’s a cousin to “elitist,” but with a more sinister undertone. Now for a history lesson! POLITICO recalls, “One reason why “cosmopolitan” is an unnerving term is that it was the key to an attempt by Soviet dictator Josef Stalin to purge the culture of dissident voices. In a 1946 speech, he deplored works in which ‘the positive Soviet hero is derided and inferior before all things foreign and cosmopolitanism that we all fought against from the time of Lenin, characteristic of the political leftovers, is many times applauded.’” Recall, Americans do not know history because history is hard. This bit is injected free of the context that Stalin is a pretty bad guy who murdered millions. Maybe an inane point: but if you do not even know that “rootless cosmopolitan” is one of the most sinister of Soviet insults, because it also has strong anti-Semitic connotations, as you watch too much “Sex and the City,” how could you know who Stalin is? We might be the wealthiest nation in the world, but the intellectual poverty at the moment is off the charts.

From POLITICO Magazine.





Agence France Presse reports a new Russian “movie, currently with the working title ‘To See Stalin,’ is the latest in a string of government-backed productions about inspiring tales from the Second World War aimed at bolstering patriotic fervour that the Kremlin can then tap.” Horror. There was a time when Soviet schoolchildren were regaled with the stories of regular people who once saw Lenin but Lenin was not quite the same a paranoiac mass murderer on the scale of Stalin who slaughtered millions, sending innocents to die in gulags en masse. Agence France Presse notes, the “project centres on the epic tale of Mikhail Koshkin, who in the spring of 1940 drove his prototype tank more than 2,000 km across the Soviet Union to pitch the design to Stalin.” Agence France Presse adds, “The journey would eventually cost Koshkin his life, as he died from pneumonia contracted along the route. But his legendary T-34 tank went into mass production and eventually helped Moscow push back Nazi forces after their devastating invasion of the USSR in 1941.” Stalin’s Red Army fought the Nazis so they could go on to slaughter millions of their own people and those in subjugated nations they occupied in Eastern Europe after the war in a fresh wave of repressions in the 1940s prior to Stalin’s death in 1953. Russia is such a horrible place that propagandizes mass slaughter that “The film received the bulk of its financing — 60 million rubles ($1 million) — from the Russian Culture Ministry,” Agence France Presse reports. Can you imagine truly modern Germany ever doing such a thing? No, that’s because it wouldn’t.

From Agence France Presse.



Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reports, “For expertise on shipbuilding in Russia-annexed Crimea, a 19-year-old marketing student based in Paris might seem like an unusual choice.” However, “the appearance of Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peksov’s daughter at a Sevastopol shipyard this week was just the latest example of a system rife with cronyism and nepotism.” See, she can do anything Daddy let’s her to do! Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reports, “Yelizaveta Peskova, who has documented her jet-set lifestyle on social media, was widely ridiculed for her August 1-2 visit as part of a pro-Kremlin delegation to the shipyard, where she said the industry needs better ‘PR’ and that there’s nothing ‘to be ashamed of’ about building ships.” She is also a bit Rosie the riveter in a ball gown designed by the daughter of a Chechen tyrant! Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty notes, “Over the past several months, she has dipped her toe in Russian politics, publicly opining on youth activism, attending a meeting of bloggers organized by a lawmaker in Russia’s lower house of parliament, and traveling to Chechnya to meet — and dance — with Kremlin-backed strongman Ramzan Kadyrov,” who also has a regime that tortures and murders gays. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty adds, “Then, in July, she announced that she had joined Avanti, a lobby group founded by Russian businessman and former senior lawmaker Umar Dzhabrailov that has the stated mission of promoting ‘patriotic business,’” which usually in Russia means mafia activities such as money laundering, brutality, thuggery and general malfeasance against human decency. “Peskova serves as an adviser on youth politics,” with Avanti which is what brought her to Crimea. What could possibly go wrong?

From Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.



BBC Monitoring reports, “Violence against opposition-minded journalists is nothing new in Russia, but this time around it was a correspondent working for one of the key pro-Kremlin channels, NTV.” BBC Monitoring flushes out the details, adding, “Nikita Razvozzhayev was delivering a characteristically upbeat report about Wednesday’s Paratrooper Day festivities in Moscow’s Gorky Park,” when “Seconds into the live dispatch [sic], an apparently drunk man staggered into shot, shouting, in between expletives, ‘We’ll capture Ukraine!’” BBC Monitoring adds, “The man, dressed in a T-shirt bearing the logo of an eastern Ukraine separatist movement called Oplot, then punched Mr Razvozzhayev in the jaw after politely being asked not to interrupt the broadcast.” Evidently, “Paratrooper Day is a notoriously rowdy affair in Russia,” BBC Monitoring notes. So is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, etc., etc.

From BBC Monitoring.


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