POLITICO reports, “Carter Page, a former foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign, informed the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday that he will not be cooperating with any requests to appear before the panel for its investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election and would plead the Fifth”. Why the loon Page has talked with every television network this side of the Volga, what is the matter now? Has the cat got his tongue or the bear his testicles? Recall, “A former naval-officer-turned-energy consultant, Page came under fire last year after reports emerged that he had met with high-level associates of Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow in 2016. While Page denied those meetings occurred, the Trump campaign distanced itself from the adviser not long after, with former officials saying that Page and Trump had never met.” All roads lead to Russia but then fall down into the abyss at the intersection of hoax at the junction of fake news and complete fucking bullshit, so basically the Kremlin.




The New York Times reports, “It was a case of spies watching spies watching spies,” as “Israeli intelligence officers looked on in real time as Russian government hackers searched computers around the world for the code names of American intelligence programs.” The New York Times notes, “What gave the Russian hacking, detected more than two years ago, such global reach was its improvised search tool — antivirus software made by a Russian company, Kaspersky Lab, that is used by 400 million people worldwide, including by officials at some two dozen American government agencies.” This is why allies matter.

From The New York Times.



USA Today reports, “A bipartisan group of federal election officials, national security advisors and a retired U.S. general have formed a coalition to fight election hacking with the aim of establishing protocols that would keep Russians and other state entities from interfering with the voting process. At a Tuesday news conference at the headquarters of the foreign policy think-tank Atlantic Council in Washington, D.C., the group plans to announce it’s working on a list of necessary procedures and standards that state and local election officials must do, such as implementing digital firewalls around election data and making sure there are paper ballots to allow for auditing of all election tallies. It has given itself a 60-day deadline to produce the guidelines.” It is good they gave themselves a deadline because nobody else except maybe the Russians care what they do. Do you think the administration of wannabe forever president, fake Russian POTUS cares? Or Congress? Ha! Nonetheless, the effort will be necessary though as a talking point and to position something, let’s call it X, in the discussion. At least we will have X to point to start the discussion, if we ever dislodge our heads from our asses or the bananas from our ears. Also, how do you deal with the problem that greedy, selfish, opportunistic capitalists who will allow themselves to be bought and sold like high end slaves because their minds are captive and they do not quite grasp they take all of us on a journey along with them when they do? Hmmm? Is there even a concept for a panel discussion on this far larger problem at some future date?
From USA Today.



CNBC reports, “The liberal-leaning think tank,” The Brookings Institution, “released a 108-page report on the issue,” of whether Trump obstructed justice when he fired FBI Director James Comey. CNBC notes, “In the analysis, Brookings concludes that even though Trump had the authority to fire Comey, he could not do so if the intention was to get in the way of an ongoing investigation.” Additionally, “The analysis concludes that if special counsel Robert Mueller comes to the same conclusion, legitimate articles of impeachment could be drawn up.” This is only the Watergate-level truth; there is nothing about how this presidency is a lie and how last year’s election was no election at all but rather a coup. Brace yourselves this is about as far as many white men of a certain age have gotten by way of wrapping their heads around the enormity of what has hit our country.

From CNBC.



Reuters reports, “Russia said on Tuesday it had dropped accusations against CNN International of violating Russian media law and the U.S. channel could continue broadcasting in Russia.” Citing Russian state-run Interfax, Reuters reports, “The head of broadcasting regulator Roskomnadzor, Alexander Zharov, said the issue was resolved after CNN agreed to rectify details of its Russian license shown onscreen during broadcasts”. Consider this a warning.

From Reuters.



Probably the Russians realized their secure online transactions are not so secure any more after all they have done to wreak havoc on the world’s networks of online systems. Reuters reports, “President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday crypto-currencies were risky and used for crime, as Russia’s central bank said it would block websites selling bitcoin and its rivals – a change of tone from a month-old promise to legalize the market.” In a likely wink-wink to the reality that foreign intelligence agencies can likely trace the flow of the digital currencies, Putin said, “The usage of crypto-currencies carries serious risks”.

From Reuters.



ABC News reports, “A political research firm behind a dossier of allegations about President Donald Trump’s connections to Russia has been subpoenaed by the House intelligence committee.” That alone is not so exciting if not for the fact that “Joshua Levy, a lawyer for Fusion GPS, said in a statement Tuesday that the subpoenas were signed by Rep. Devin Nunes even though the Republican committee chairman stepped aside months ago from leading the panel’s Russia probe.” Levy’s quote is precious too: “As we evaluate these subpoenas we have serious concerns about their legitimacy.” Do you smell that shit? To TRUMPISTAN WATCH’s fine, fine nose that shit smells like Russia, but time could reveal DARKNESS AT NUNES’ sycophancy to Trump is the result of being merely a useful idiot, albeit truly homegrown idiocy often does not have this shape and contour. Only time and proper investigation will tell. For now, airs of illegitimacy as DARKNESS AT NUNES continues to run interference on a proper investigation by the House intelligence committee.

From ABC News.



Reuters reports, “Software produced by Microsoft Corp has been acquired by state organizations and firms in Russia and Crimea despite sanctions barring U.S-based companies from doing business with them, official documents show. The acquisitions, registered on the Russian state procurement database, show the limitations in the way foreign governments and firms enforce the U.S. sanctions”. According to Reuters, “Some of the users gave Microsoft fictitious data about their identity,” taking advantage of “a gap in the U.S. company’s ability to keep its products out of their hands.” Reuters notes, “The products in each case were sold via third parties and Reuters has no evidence that Microsoft sold products directly to entities hit by the sanctions.”

From Reuters.





It is not a little known secret that much of the president’s success in show business and politics can be attributed to the fact that Americans are often very dumb. It’s not that they aren’t learned, it’s that they are not even curious so much of the time. So with that in mind, The Washington Post reports, “President Trump proposed an ‘IQ tests’ faceoff with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson after the nation’s top diplomat reportedly called the president a ‘moron’ and disparaged his grasp on foreign policy.” First of all, this is not how IQ tests work, just like everything else involving Trump, that is not how this works, that is not how any of this works. But Tillerson? The man is undoubtedly the smartest guy in the room in most every room he walks into, especially where the Trumpistani elite is concerned. He’s that deputy minister everyone sort of grudgingly respects in a third world country. He may have destroyed the State Department through some neoliberal love of word clouds and downsizing and TRUMPISTAN WATCH may have spent months mentioning his Russian Order of Friendship award, but he is probably the best case worst case scenario because he at least seems to respect America and object when Trump shows off his KKK and Nazi-loving side. In other words, we are SO lucky to have him! Trump’s IQ test duel proposal came in an interview with Forbes, which is not generating much else by way of headlines because it was a rather hagiographic affair, which you can skip right over.

From The Washington Post.



Gizmodo reports, “A judge ordered the web hosting company DreamHost to redact identifying information about visitors to a website used to coordinate a protest during President Trump’s inauguration, imposing further limits on an extensive warrant obtained by the Justice Department that initially aimed to collect visitors’ IP addresses. Chief Judge Robert E. Morin of the Superior Court of D.C. had previously ordered DreamHost to turn over information about the operators of the website, disruptj20.org. The Justice Department alleged that the site was used to privately communicate plans for a riot, and that it needed the IP addresses of the millions of visitors to the site in order to discover who had incited the violence. After resistance from DreamHost, the Justice Department narrowed the scope of its request.”

From Gizmodo.



Bloomberg BusinessWeek reports, “The first prosecution of a minister for graft under Russian President Vladimir Putin” is “The case against former Economy Minister Alexei Ulyukayev, who’s accused of taking a bribe from Igor Sechin,” the head of Rosneft. The result “is keeping rival camps off balance as Putin prepares for what will likely be his final election in March.” According to Bloomberg BusinessWeek, “The state’s case against Ulyukayev starts in a hotel in India and ends with a sting that Sechin, a veteran of military intelligence who’s worked for Putin since the 1990s, organized at Rosneft’s Moscow headquarters. The trial, which started in August, resumes on Oct. 12 and may run into November. Sechin set the operation in motion last October, when prosecutors say Ulyukayev demanded $2 million for dropping his opposition to Rosneft’s buying Bashneft PJSC, an oil company Russia seized from billionaire Vladimir Yevtushenkov after he was hit with money-laundering charges that were later dropped. Prosecutors allege that Ulyukayev indicated the amount of money he wanted by flashing a “double-finger gesture” while Sechin was playing billiards at their hotel during an international summit in Goa, India.” The story continues, “Back in Moscow a month later, Ulyukayev arrived at Sechin’s office, where their conversation was secretly taped. The transcript has Sechin presenting Ulyukayev with two ‘gifts’—a basket of sausages made from the meat of animals Sechin hunted and a locked bag Ulyukayev says he thought held fine wine. The bag turned out to be full of dollars. Federal Security Service agents were waiting to arrest Ulyukayev as he tried to leave Rosneft’s headquarters.” Both look and sound terrible on the tapes however, so it is likely a ploy to take down a rival and keep everyone else in line. According to Bloomberg BusinessWeek, “Political tensions are coming to a head in Moscow because Putin will have to dissolve his cabinet after the election. He’ll then have two weeks to submit for approval a candidate for premier to the lower house of parliament, the Duma, offering a clue as to who he wants to rule after him.”

From Bloomberg BusinessWeek.





CNN reports, “In what is perhaps the fiercest and the most exhaustive attack against Donald Trump in hip-hop, Eminem ‘came to stomp,’ unleashing on the President in an explosive 4.5 minute freestyle — which aired during Tuesday night’s BET Hip Hop Awards — calling Trump everything from ‘Donald the b—-,’ to a ‘racist grandpa.’” Eminem has criticized Trump in the past “but this time he took it a step further, directly addressing his own fans on the issue,” CNN notes. Eminem raps, “And any fan of mine who’s a supporter of his, I’m drawing in the sand a line, you’re either for or against, and if you can’t decide who you like more and you’re split on who you should stand beside, I’ll do it for it for you with this. F— you,’ he said toward the end, raising his middle finger.” CNN notes, “The rapper decried Trump’s comments following the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, questioned the President’s own patriotism following his attacks on athletes and Sen. John McCain, and in closing, issued a passionate tribute to Colin Kaepernick.”   CNN breaks it down into 11 baller lines, starting with number one: “A kamikaze that will probably cause a nuclear Holocaust.” It is poetry and a thing of real beauty and everyone should have a watch and a listen. Thank you, Eminem!

From CNN.


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