The Guardian reports, “One year after the US election, Donald Trump is escalating pressure on the Department of Justice to investigate Hillary Clinton. In a series of tweets on Friday, the president called on the FBI to ‘do what is right and proper’ by launching a criminal inquiry into several controversies linked to Clinton – chief among them the claim that the 2016 Democratic presidential primary was rigged in her favor.” So some of us — hi that’s TRUMPISTAN WATCH — have family who bet on this outcome way back in January because show trials are a de rigueur part of Soviet and U.S. history, so why not anew? We are never better than we were, and certainly never less greedy than we were. Or, as Henry James has it, “We shall never be as we were!”  Should Hillary be arrested, prepare for Yulia Tymoshenko style theatrics in politics and the street.

From The Guardian.



NBC News reports, “Federal investigators have gathered enough evidence to bring charges in their investigation of President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser and his son as part of the probe into Russia’s intervention in the 2016 election”. The truth goes marching on! “Michael T. Flynn, who was fired after just 24 days on the job, was one of the first Trump associates to come under scrutiny in the federal probe now led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into possible collusion between Moscow and the Trump campaign. Mueller is applying renewed pressure on Flynn following his indictment of Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort,” NBC News reports. Accordingly, NBC News notes, “The investigators are speaking to multiple witnesses in coming days to gain more information surrounding Flynn’s lobbying work, including whether he laundered money or lied to federal agents about his overseas contacts,” adding, “Mueller’s team is also examining whether Flynn attempted to orchestrate the removal of a chief rival of Turkish President Recep Erdogan from the U.S. to Turkey in exchange for millions of dollars.” Recall, “Flynn’s son, Michael G. Flynn, who worked closely with his father, accompanied him during the campaign and briefly worked on the presidential transition, could be indicted separately or at the same time as his father,” NBC News adds.   “If the elder Flynn is willing to cooperate with investigators in order to help his son, two of the sources said, it could also change his own fate, potentially limiting any legal consequences,” NBC News reports.

From NBC News.



Bloomberg reports, “A Russian lawyer who met with President Trump’s oldest son last year says he indicated that a law targeting Russia could be re-examined if his father won the election and asked her for written evidence that illegal proceeds went to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.” Bloomberg reports, “The lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, said in a 2½-hour interview in Moscow that she would tell these and other things to the Senate Judiciary Committee on condition that her answers be made public, something it hasn’t agreed to. She has received scores of questions from the committee,” adding, “Veselnitskaya said she’s also ready — if asked — to testify to Special Counsel Robert Mueller.” Another shot across the bow at Uday. These are really great friends the Trumpistani royals have made.

From Bloomberg.



The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) got its hands on “A trove of 13.4 million records exposes ties between Russia and U.S. President Donald Trump’s billionaire commerce secretary,” as well as information exposing “the offshore ties of more than a dozen Trump advisers, Cabinet members and major donors”. The Paradise Papers cache has “files come from two offshore services firms, based in Bermuda and Singapore, as well as from 19 corporate registries maintained by governments in jurisdictions that serve as waystations in the global shadow economy. The leaks were obtained by German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung and shared with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and a network of more than 380 journalists in 67 countries.” The OCCRP explains, “The most detailed revelations emerge in decades of corporate records from the white-shoe offshore law firm Appleby and corporate services provider Estera, two businesses that operated together under the Appleby name until Estera became independent in 2016.” The OCCRP notes, “Appleby has a well-guarded 100-year reputation and has avoided public scrapes through a mixture of discretion and expensive client monitoring. In contrast to Appleby’s public image, the files reveal a company that has provided services to risky clients from Iran, Russia and Libya, failed government audits that identified gaps in anti-money-laundering procedures and been fined in secret by the Bermuda financial regulator.” What does one have to possibly do to have that happen? Additionally, “The leaked cache of documents includes more than half a million files from Asiaciti Trust, a family-run offshore specialist that is headquartered in Singapore and has satellite offices from Samoa in the South Pacific to Nevis in the Caribbean.” Among many revelations, “Wesley Clark, a one-time Democratic presidential hopeful and a retired four-star U.S. Army general who served as NATO’s supreme commander in Europe , was a director of an online gambling company with offshore subsidiaries, the files show,” and “Pop singer and social justice activist Bono – listed under his full name, Paul Hewson – owned shares in a company registered in Malta that invested in shopping center in Lithuania, company records show.” There there is the Trumpistani elite

From the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project.



The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) reports, “The Appleby files show how [Wilbur] Ross, Trump’s commerce secretary, has used a chain of Cayman Islands entities to maintain a financial stake in Navigator Holdings, a shipping company whose top clients include the Kremlin-linked energy firm Sibur. Among Sibur’s key owners are Kirill Shamalov, Russian President Putin’s son-in-law, and Gennady Timchenko, a billionaire the U.S. government sanctioned in 2014 because of his links to Putin. Sibur is a major customer of Navigator, paying the company more than $23 million in 2016.” Ross never divested from “nine companies, including the four that connect him to Navigator and its Russian clients.” The OCCRP notes, “A spokesman for Ross said that the Commerce Secretary never met Putin’s son-in-law or Sibur’s other owners and that he was not on the board of Navigator when it initiated its relationship with Sibur.” The OCCRP notes, “Another of Navigator’s major customers is PDVSA, the Venezuelan state oil company owned by the authoritarian regime of Nicolas Maduro. The Trump Administration sanctioned one current and one former executive at PDVSA in July 2017, and sanctioned the company itself the next month.” The OCCRP notes Ross “met Donald Trump in 1990, when the future president’s Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City was experiencing financial trouble, and Ross represented a group of bondholders. Ross engineered a deal that preserved a stake in the company for Trump, reportedly telling disgruntled bondholders that the Trump name was ‘still very much an asset.’” Additionally, “In the 1990s, President Bill Clinton appointed Ross to the board of the U.S.-Russia Investment Fund, established by the U.S. government to make investments and promote American business interests in Russia.”

From the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project and the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project.



The Guardian reports, “Two Russian state institutions with close ties to Vladimir Putin funded substantial investments in Twitter and Facebook through a business associate of Jared Kushner, leaked documents reveal.” The documents are known collectively as “the Paradise Papers,” comprised of “a major new leak of documents from two offshore services firms based in Bermuda and Singapore”.  Surprise! They never cared about connecting the world, only themselves to capital! Well, Zuck will be flayed. “The investments were made through a Russian technology magnate, Yuri Milner, who also holds a stake in a company co-owned by Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior White House adviser,” The Guardian reports, adding, “The files show that in 2011, VTB funded a $191m investment in Twitter. About the same time, Gazprom Investholding financed an opaque offshore company, which in turn funded a vehicle that held $1bn-worth of Facebook shares.” Of note, The Guardian reports, “The money flowed through investment vehicles controlled by Milner, who also invested in a startup in New York that Kushner co-owns with his brother. Kushner initially failed to disclose his own holding in the startup, Cadre, when he joined Trump’s White House.” More curiously, The Guardian adds, “The Twitter and Facebook investments were made by Milner’s investment company DST Global, which was set up in 2009. At the time, Milner joined forces with the Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov, a co-owner of Arsenal FC, who invested heavily in DST Global funds.” Usmanov sued Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny alleging some bullshit after Navalny linked him to corruption of public funds. In 2009, when announcing Milner’s initial $200 million investment, Zuckerberg rather naively claimed Milner’s firm “stood out because of the global perspective they bring,” — whatever the hell that means. The Guardian adds, “The pair became friends and Zuckerberg attended Milner’s wedding in California late in 2011. The ceremony was held at a vast mansion atop a hillside near Silicon Valley that Milner had recently bought for $100m. Milner and Zuckerberg are advisers to each other’s philanthropic ventures and remain close.”

From The Guardian.



Russian state-run TASS reports, “Moscow expects representatives of social networks will not succumb to outrageous US pressure, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told reporters at a news conference following meeting with OSCE Secretary General Thomas Greminger.” Russian state-run TASS concludes, “Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov voiced regret over the fact that the company is falling victim to profound prejudice against Russian media effectively setting a precedent for unequal treatment of its clients.” Hey assholes, before there was so-called Russophobia, there was a flood of hateful, divisive, racist propaganda from the Russian mafia state, so own it.

From Russian state-run TASS.



The Dallas Morning News reports, “Donald Trump and the political action committees for Mitch McConnell, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, Lindsey Graham, John Kasich and John McCain accepted $7.35 million in contributions from a Ukrainian-born oligarch who is the business partner of two of Russian president Vladimir Putin’s favorite oligarchs and a Russian government bank.” Fabulous! Let the shit spray everywhere until the American people appreciate the stench of bullshit that comes with Kremlin scum. Oh wait, that already happened and resulted in an orange lunatic puppet president that is not only a stain on a generation but one that may very well lead to generational trauma – certainly our nation will never be the same again. The Dallas Morning News adds, “During the 2015-2016 election season, Ukrainian-born billionaire Leonard ‘Len’ Blavatnik contributed $6.35 million to leading Republican candidates and incumbent senators. Mitch McConnell was the top recipient of Blavatnik’s donations, collecting $2.5 million for his GOP Senate Leadership Fund under the names of two of Blavatnik’s holding companies, Access Industries and AI Altep Holdings, according to Federal Election Commission documents and OpenSecrets.org. Marco Rubio’s Conservative Solutions PAC and his Florida First Project received $1.5 million through Blavatnik’s two holding companies. Other high dollar recipients of funding from Blavatnik were PACS representing Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker at $1.1 million, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham at $800,000, Ohio Governor John Kasich at $250,000 and Arizona Senator John McCain at $200,000.” At least they were wise enough to try to discredit Graham and McCain or induce them with what are often known in the post-Soviet sphere as “sweets” or better translated, “sweeteners,” but it failed overall. While The Dallas Morning News suggests “Ironically,” TRUMPISTAN WATCH believes it is rather less than coincidental that “the shared address of Blavatnik’s companies is directly across the street from Trump Tower on 5th Avenue in New York.” The Dallas Morning News notes, “Len Blavatnik, considered to be one of the richest men in Great Britain, holds dual citizenship in the U.S. and the U.K. He is known for his business savvy and generous philanthropy”. The Dallas Morning News sardonically writes, “Blavatnik’s relationships with Russian oligarchs close to Putin, particularly Oleg Deripaska, should be worrisome for Trump and the six GOP leaders who took Blavatnik’s money during the 2016 presidential campaign. Lucky for them no one has noticed. Yet.” Deripaska is who Manafort is allegedly deeply indebted to.

From The Dallas Morning News.



Business Insider reports, “The first document leaked by self-proclaimed hacker Guccifer 2.0 was edited to include the word ‘confidential,’” according to a former DNC official. Business Insider notes, “The former DNC official told Business Insider that the word ‘confidential’ did not appear in the original document, titled ‘Donald Trump Report,’ that had been sent to Podesta. The word ‘confidential’ also did not appear on the version published by WikiLeaks in October.” This “indicates that Guccifer altered the screenshots to make them more alluring when they were first published,” Business Insider notes.

From Business Insider.



Russian state-run TASS reports, “All US consulates in Russia have resumed processing nonimmigrant visa cases that do not require interviews,” citing the spokeswoman at the US Embassy in Moscow, Maria Olson. Olson told the Russian mafia state’s news agency they say that, “We resumed limited nonimmigrant services on September 1 in Moscow, and the three consulates resumed processing nonimmigrant visa cases that do not require interviews”.

From Russian state-run TASS.



The CBC reports, “The Canadian government used a powerful new legal weapon — The Magnitsky Act —  for the first time Friday, slapping sanctions on 52 officials from three countries: Venezuela, South Sudan and Russia.” The CBC notes, “Thirty of the 52 individuals sanctioned today by Canada are Russians — all of them accused of involvement in the Magnitksy fraud and murder, or its subsequent coverup.” According to the CBC, this includes, “tax officials who had overall responsibility for the case, such as Interior Ministry Lieutenant-General Oleg Logunov and his subordinate Natalya Vinogradova, who is accused of intervening to deny Magnitsky medical treatment.” Lovely people. The CBC reports, “One of the names on the list is a banker, Dmitry Vladislavovich Klyuev, who is accused of helping to launder the proceeds of the $230 million fraud. Some of the money is thought to have been moved overseas through accounts Klyuev controlled in Cyprus. Some of the money may have made its way to Canada.” The CBC notes, “In 2014, after Canada slapped sanctions on senior Russian military and political figures it accused of fomenting war in Ukraine, Russia retaliated with sanctions on 13 Canadians, including politicians from all three main federal parties. One of them was Chrystia Freeland, then an opposition MP. Russia pointedly declined to remove Freeland from its sanctions list when she became foreign minister.” No one can help Russia to hurt itself more than Russia is capable of self-inflicting damage on its own national cause.

From the CBC.



Bloomberg reports, “Kurt Volker of the U.S. and Russia’s Vladislav Surkov will meet Nov. 13 in Belgrade for a ‘discussion of principles’ to see if they can agree on what a peacekeeping force might look like, Volker told reporters in Washington on Friday. ‘We are not in agreement on this yet,’ he said.”

From Bloomberg.



CNN reports in June, “Gurvan Le Meur was steering the 37,500-tonne oil tanker Atria toward the Russian port of Novorossiysk when something odd happened.” Le Meur said, “the position given by the GPS was offset by about 20 nautical miles.” According to CNN, “Alarms were ringing because the ship’s navigation system, which is underpinned by the Global Positioning System (GPS), showed that the tanker was located inland, at a regional airport near the resort town of Gelendzhik. The system showed other vessels in the same position.” He “reported the incident to the U.S. Coast Guard” which “would later issue an advisory about the incident, confirming that more than 20 other ships in the area had reported the same type of interference.” CNN adds, “Experts say the episode was likely the result of interference with GPS, a navigation system developed by the U.S. Air Force that is now used in a wide range of civilian applications. They say the system’s signal was most likely ‘spoofed,’ or overpowered by a stream of false data.” CNN reports experts point to Russia as the likely culprit.

From CNN.



Reuters reports, “Bomb threats forced thousands of people to evacuate Moscow’s Bolshoi theater, Metropol hotel, GUM department store on the Red Square and other public places on Sunday”. Recall, as Reuters notes, “A spate of anonymous phone calls have caused disruption at shopping centers, train stations and public buildings across Russia in the past two months. The calls have so far proved to be false alarms and there have been no claims of responsibility.” Reuters adds, “Alexander Bortnikov, the head of the FSB security service said last month the authorities knew the identities of those responsible, saying they four Russian citizens based abroad with ‘accomplices’ inside Russia.”

From Reuters.



The BBC reports, “At least 260 people have been arrested while protesting against Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow”. According to the BBC, “The protesters are believed to be linked to nationalist politician Vyacheslav Maltsev’s Artillery Preparation movement. It has been declared extremist and is banned in Russia.” Now let’s compare this Russian reality for a moment to what the Russian mafia state has tried to stoke and inflame on the streets of our cities. They do not like it very much when it happens to be their turn for such antics. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reports that prior to the protest, “Russian authorities say they have detained several backers of a self-exiled Kremlin critic in the Moscow area, claiming they were plotting to trigger riots by attacking government buildings and police during a politically charged holiday weekend.”

From the BBC and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.





NBC News reports, “The Trump administration has downplayed the role of foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos during the 2016 presidential campaign. But the public record shows that Papadopoulos, who attempted to set up a meeting between Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, was a more prominent figure than previously understood.” NBC News notes, “Papadopoulos was in Cleveland during the Republican National Convention where he was invited by the American Jewish Committee to speak on a panel about U.S. foreign policy, organizers said.” Co-panelists included, “Reps. Tom Marino, R-Pa., and Ted Yoho, R-Fla., both members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee while Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, gave opening remarks.” Not too shabby. There is a photo as well to bolster the fact. Then “he met with Israeli leaders during the inauguration in January as a foreign policy adviser for the newly-sworn in president,” and was quoted in the Jerusalem Post, “We are looking forward to ushering in a new relationship with all of Israel, including the historic Judea and Samaria,” which is how extremists and zealots refer to the West Bank and Gaza, the implication being that they are historic lands belonging to the Jewish people. Have these people any self-imposed limits on their crazy?

From NBC News.



Reuters reports, “President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort offered to post more than $12 million in real estate and life insurance assets and to limit his travel in a bid to avoid continued house arrest, according to court documents filed on Saturday.” Reuters adds, “In the Saturday court filing, Manafort offered to limit his travel to New York, Washington and Florida and pledged life insurance worth about $4.5 million as well as about $8 million in real estate assets, including a property on Fifth Avenue in New York that was identified by some media outlets as an apartment in Trump Tower.”

From Reuters.



POLITICO reports, “A federal judge on Friday proposed a May 7 trial date for President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, another former campaign aide. U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson said she would hear arguments about that date at a hearing scheduled for Nov. 6.”




Bloomberg reports, “Authorities in Cyprus handed over bank and company records to U.S. investigators late last week related to former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and his business partner Rick Gates, just before they were indicted in the U.S.” According to Bloomberg, “The Cypriot government was responding to a June 7 request from U.S. investigators for records related to Manafort, Gates and companies they set up in Cyprus and the Seychelles”.

From Bloomberg.



Bloomberg reports, “Rick Gates failed to disclose he had a second passport until three days after he surrendered to face charges with Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman that they hid their work as agents of Ukraine and laundered millions of dollars, prosecutors said.” That’s a good look. He also had a suitcase packed, a stash of granola bars and a golden pistol like Qaddafi’s. Just kidding – thus written so TRUMPISTAN WATCH does not get sued for libel for fantasizing about the traitor trash klan ending up like the Lion of Libya, fearful and alone, hiding in a drainage pipe. According to Bloomberg, “Prosecutors for Special Counsel Robert Mueller cited that omission as one of several reasons they oppose Gates’s request to ease his bail terms, which confine him to his home in Richmond, Virginia, with electronic monitoring.” Bloomberg notes, “The prosecutors said Gates’s lawyers didn’t tell them until Thursday about the second passport, even though he represented that he only had one when he pleaded not guilty in federal court in Washington on Monday.” Hello assholes! This is the federal government of the United States you are dealing with, do you not believe they might know more than you and exercise leverage around the world to crush the largest systemic threat to our state in our nation’s history? Stupid is as stupid does, sir.

From Bloomberg.



Talking Points Memo reports, “Carter Page acknowledged Friday that he was copied on an email chain in which fellow Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos suggested hooking the Trump team up with Russian government officials. ‘I was one of many people on that email chain,’ the perpetually chatty Page told CNN’s Jake Tapper in an on-air interview,” referring to a March 24, 2016 email chain involving a Maltese professor and Kremlin cut-out, Joseph Mifsud.

From Talking Points Memo.





POLITICO reports, “Three House Republicans on Friday moved to pressure special counsel Robert Mueller to resign over what they contend are ‘obvious conflicts of interest,’ the latest instance of rising GOP resistance to his Russia probe.” Horror of horrors for their future reputations, “Reps. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) and Louie Gohmert (R-Texas), introduced a measure that, while nonbinding, would put the House on record describing Mueller, a former FBI director, as unfit to lead the probe because of his relationship with James Comey, his successor at the bureau.” Who do these clowns work for or are they just useful sycophants? Since when has attacking the Director of the FBI gotten anyone anywhere good?






POLITICO reports, “Nearly half the respondents in an ABC News/Washington Post poll released Thursday afternoon believe President Donald Trump committed a crime during his run for the presidency.” See: propaganda works! Well, it takes time though. Obviously everything is a hoax, but most of all Donald Trump’s presidency. Needless to say, almost half the country is still afflicted by stupid as POLITICO reports, “Forty-nine percent of those surveyed said they believe the president committed a crime related to Russia’s attempts to influence the election — 19 percent said they think there is solid evidence of it, while 30 percent said it’s only their suspicion. Forty-four percent said it’s unlikely that Trump committed a crime.” So we can declare the dividing us part of the operational plan Russia devised a success by such metrics.



reports, “federal probes have recently homed in on several unofficial intermediaries suspected of doing some of the Kremlin’s most important, and potentially incriminating, dirty work.” POLITICO adds, “Current and former U.S. officials say the Trump-Russia case is spotlighting the way Russia’s intelligence services rely on a worldwide network of shadowy figures — some undercover agents, others paid accomplices in fields like academia, activism and even journalism — to infiltrate and influence western politics and government.” For instance, “In Papadopoulos’ case, court records show that the young Trump foreign policy adviser had extensive contacts with a London-based Maltese professor whose academic credentials appear mysteriously thin. The professor, identified in media reports as Joseph Mifsud, in turn introduced Papadopoulos to the Russian ambassador in London and a woman he told the Trump aide was the niece of Russian President Vladimir Putin,” POLITICO observes, adding, “Rolf Mowatt-Larssen, a former CIA Moscow station chief, said Russia has long used such intermediaries to obtain information from unsuspecting targets and to ‘signal’ people to see whether they are open to collusion and susceptible to blackmail.” Mowatt-Larssen added, “Unknown but significant numbers of Russian agents are believed to be working in the U.S. and abroad to target and test Americans — including academics, journalists, think tank experts and activists”. POLITICO adds, “The Kremlin is also suspected of masking agents as journalists. In June, a man claiming to be a reporter with the French newspaper Le Monde tried to murder a prominent anti-Russian Ukrainian couple during a phony interview in Kiev.” In another high profile incident, “A decade-long counterespionage effort known as ‘Operation Ghost Stories’ ended in July 2010 with the arrest of 10 suspected Russian spies who had been posing as ordinary citizens in the U.S.” Among the illegals sent home to their Mother Russia, a “financial services adviser Lidiya Guriyeva — who lived in Montclair, New Jersey under the name Cynthia Murphy,” and “was allegedly trying to build a relationship with Alan Patricof, a venture capitalist who co-chaired Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign.” Critically, “In all but the rarest of few cases, most Americans who were lured, or blackmailed, into assisting America’s enemies had no idea of the true background of the people they were dealing with, at least at first.” POLITICO notes. “Frequently,” as former CIA Director John Brennan said, “people who go along a treasonous path do not know they are on a treasonous path until it is too late.”




CNBC reports, “While Russia continues to tout the planned sale of its S-400 strategic air-defense system to Turkey, some U.S. analysts are growing more skeptical about the deal.” CNBC notes, “Last week, Gen. Petr Pavel, chairman of the NATO Military Committee, said during an event in Washington that Turkey should it go ahead with the acquisition would be ‘facing the consequences of that decision.’” CNBC adds that in addition to the formal warnings, “Analysts say the sale has other problems too, including the Russian military equipment’s lack of interoperability with NATO’s armed forces. No NATO ally currently operates the S-400.” Let’s hope this is not just wishful thinking.

From CNBC.



Forbes reports, “Forbes listed billionaire Oleg Deripaska launched one of the biggest IPOs in London this year, raising the planned $1.5 billion for his En+ Group, the holding company for his aluminum giant Rusal and En+ Power, a hydroelectric utility company in Russia. Shares were priced at $14 and traded slightly lower by mid-afternoon in London on Friday”. Of course this is “Despite Deripaska’s name being sullied as part of the foreign intrigue surrounding President Trump and his former campaign advisor Paul Manafort,” it is notable that “U.S. investment banks — Citigroup Global Markets, J.P. Morgan Securities and Bank of America Merrill Lynch — were book runners on the deal. Deripaska is not sanctioned like other Russian business leaders and political figures.” Now why is that?

From Forbes.





The Philadelphia Inquirer reports, “Jenna Abrams was a popular figure in right-wing social media circles. Boasting nearly 70,000 followers, Abrams was featured in numerous news articles during the 2016 election, spotlighted by outlets as varied as USA Today, the Washington Post, the BBC, and Yahoo! Sports. Her tweet about CNN airing porn during Anthony Bourdain’s show (it didn’t) was reported by numerous outlets. But Abrams never existed.” That’s because “Abrams was one of more than 2,750 fake Twitter accounts created by employees at the Internet Research Agency, a ‘troll farm’ funded by the Russian government based in St. Petersburg.” But wait that’s not all! There’s more! The Philadelphia Inquirer reports, “In addition to the Abrams account, several other popular conservative social media personalities — @LauraBaeley, SouthLoneStar, Ten_GOP — were all revealed to be troll accounts.” The Philadelphia Inquirer adds, “Once the Abrams account began to develop a following, the tone of its tweets shifted from pokes and prods at celebrities to divisive views on hot topics like immigration and segregation.” The Philadelphia Inquirer notes, “Unlike the Abrams account, which went out of its way to say it wasn’t pro-Trump, nearly all of Moore’s tweets leading up to the election appear to have crafted to support Trump’s campaign.” Of course the second biggest Kremlin troll of them all, “Former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn followed both accounts,” as he does. And of course, “Flynn wasn’t alone: Donald Trump Jr., Kellyanne Conway and Brad Parscale, Trump’s campaign digital director, all retweeted fake Russian Twitter accounts in the month before the election.”

From The Philadelphia Inquirer.



Business Insider reports, “10% of Facebook’s 2.07 billion monthly users are now estimated to be duplicate accounts,” a polite way of saying fake, “up from 6% estimated previously. The social network’s number of fake accounts, or accounts not associated with a real account, increased from 1% to 2-3%.” So what does that mean in real numbers? According to Business Insider, “the 10% figure means that there are now roughly 207 million duplicate accounts and as many as 60 million fake accounts on the network.” Keep in mind: the numbers only keep rising and making the antisocial networks look worse and worse and less and less transparent.

From Business Insider.



NBC News reports, “40 celebrities and politicians were all roped into retweeting or otherwise engaging with accounts created by a Russian ‘troll factory’ to millions of followers,” and “Over 3,000 global news outlets also inadvertently published articles containing embedded tweets by the confirmed Kremlin-linked troll accounts in over 11,000 news articles in the run-up to the 2016 election.” Recall: TRUMPISTAN WATCH has maintained for months that most Americans were likely exposed to Kremlin propaganda through mainstream news outlets. No one looks good here. But you could never be deceived, right?

From NBC News.


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