The New York Times reports, “President Trump shared videos supposedly portraying Muslims committing acts of violence on Twitter early Wednesday morning, images that are likely to fuel anti-Islam sentiments popular among the president’s political base in the United States.” Note the lean on the word “portraying” as the video is fake. The New York Times notes, “Mr. Trump retweeted the video posts from an ultranationalist British party leader, Jayda Fransen, who has previously been charged in the United Kingdom with ‘religious aggravated harassment’”. That party is called Britain First which like the “America First” movement makes a practice of dragging its namesake nation from the back of a truck so a foreign nation can hog tie it in an effort to capture the state. So, ignorance second? Maybe The New York Times can profile Fransen doing laundry and behaving like normies as The New York Times loves to profile white nationalists as of late! The New York Times notes the former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told CNN, “It has all kinds of ripple effects, both in terms of perhaps inciting or encouraging anti-Muslim violence, and as well causes, I think, our friends and allies around the world to wonder about the judgment of the president of the United States,” because obviously Trump is an unhinged lunatic working in the service of a foreign adversary, Russia, against our people. For good measure here is a video of that foreign adversary unhinged and violating a small boy – only this video is real. Then of course there is the actual link to other European far right groups supported by our great friends in the Russian mafia state. The Southern Poverty Law Center notes, “Jayda Fransen and Britain First have involved in supporting the extreme hate-preacher Jacek Miedlar and she spoke alongside him at a November 11 rally in Wroclaw, Poland. According to the NEVER AGAIN Association, which tracks racist organizations in Poland, Fransen also joined a protest in support of Miedlar in front of a court in Warsaw this summer. Miedlar had threatened a female MP with using a razor blade against her on Twitter.” Miedlar tried to attend a Britain First rally in the U.K. but was “stopped by the British authorities”. Again the fake Russian president is on record supporting white nationalism. Not a fluke or a gaffe.

From The New York Times and the Southern Poverty Law Center.



CNN reports, “Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team has postponed an anticipated grand jury testimony linked to his investigation into Michael Flynn amid growing indications of possible plea deal discussions.” So this is why Trump is so obviously spooked. CNN adds, “Additional witnesses were expected to be questioned soon including a public relations consultant hired by Flynn’s lobbying firm,” according to a source at, “Sphere Consulting, the PR firm where the consultant worked”. CNN notes, “Sphere’s government relations arm, SGR LLC Government Relations and Lobbying, is one of several companies Flynn Intel Group hired to work for Inovo BV, a Netherlands-based company owned by Turkish businessman Ekim Alptekin, according to filing made by Flynn Intel Group under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).” CNN notes, “Inovo hired Flynn to research Fethullah Gulen, an exiled Turkish cleric who Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused of being behind the 2016 attempted military coup to overthrow him”. No wonder Trump must charge that CNN is fake news: the truth is so damning it will destroy him so easier to discredit it. CNN reports, “Sphere entered the assignment in August 2016 when it was approached by Bijan Kian, Flynn’s business partner, to publicize the proposed documentary to promote investing in Turkey.” CNN adds, “Sphere did place Flynn’s election day op-ed on Gulen in The Hill newspaper”. How much?

From CNN.



CNN reports, “Jared Kushner met earlier this month with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team as part of the investigation into Russia’s meddling in the election”. According to CNN, “Mueller’s team specifically asked Kushner about former national security advisor Michael Flynn”. Curiously, CNN notes, “One source said the nature of this conversation was principally to make sure Kushner doesn’t have information that exonerates Flynn,” which sounds like a hell of an interrogation technique. CNN adds, “The meeting took place around the same time the special counsel asked witnesses about Kushner’s role in the firing of former FBI Director James Comey and his relationship with Flynn”.

From CNN.



The Intercept, a publication TRUMPISTAN WATCH loathes to cite let alone link to directly because of its top of the masthead affiliation with Krem’Glenn Greenwald, one of the great Kremlin disinfo agents of our day, has a reveal concerning Erik Prince’s secret Seychelles meeting to arrange a back channel to the Russian mafia state, first reported months ago by The Washington Post. The Intercept reports, “on January 11, a Turkish-owned Bombardier Global 5000 charter plane flew Kirill Dmitriev, CEO of the Russia Direct Investment Fund, to the Seychelles,” citing flight records they obtained. Bottom line: if it is coming at us via The Intercept, maybe it is a signal that we are growing ever closer to that day when Putin says yes, he hacked our election to a shaking, disbelieving contingent of hard core Trumpistani death cult members, who still refuse to believe as their Great Lunatic, His Heinous, their Führer (leader) and Ilham (inspiration) all in one, is the only one left denying the truth. Of note, “Dmitriev’s plane was an unscheduled charter flight and flew to the island with two other Russian individuals, both women.” According to The Intercept, “During the same period in January when Dmitriev and Prince were in the Seychelles, Alexander Mashkevich, a Kazakh businessman linked to a shady Trump investment vehicle known as Bayrock, also arrived to meet with [Abu Dhabi crown prince Mohammed bin] Zayed, who was ‘holding court’ at his mansion on the island.” More curiously, “Abdulrahman Khalid bin Mahfouz, a Saudi billionaire whose grandfather founded the first Saudi private bank and whose father allegedly helped Al Qaeda, was also present.” By the way, the parent company of Russia Direct Investment Fund is Vnesheconombank. The CEO is Sergey Gorkov, who met with princeling Jared last December.

From The Intercept.



CNN reports, “President Trump’s longtime associate Roger Stone was in contact with a New York radio personality who had conversations with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange during the 2016 campaign season”. CNN adds, “The radio host, Randy Credico, is the individual Stone referred to as an intermediary between him and Assange. Stone initially declined to reveal his name to the House Intelligence Committee”. CNN reports, “Credico received a subpoena this week to appear Dec. 15 before the House Intelligence Committee, something Credico’s attorney Martin Stolar says he ‘certainly’ plans to comply with.” CNN notes, “‘He’s had conversations with Julian Assange,’ [Credico’s attorney Martin] Stolar said of Credico, noting that Assange and Stone both were guests on his radio program.” On Twitter, New Yorker staff writer Ryan Lizza wrote, “I asked Roger Stone in March if Randy Credico was his Wikileaks contact and he lied to me and said no. He just texted me, ‘A misguided effort to protect Credico who I felt had helped me on an off the record basis. Sorry.’ Many reporters use Stone as a Trump source. Beware.” Wait you mean Roger Stone is a liar? Did we not learn this 45 years ago?

From CNN.



Luckily there is Dianne Feinstein to point out hey, boys, it looks like Kremlin scum infiltrated the NRA! Business Insider reports, “Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, on Wednesday requested new documents related to Russia’s election interference from several of the Trump campaign’s foreign policy advisers. She asked them in separate letters for documentation of any contact they had with Russia-linked entities during the 2016 election.” Business Insider notes, “Some of those entities had not previously been known to be of interest to the committee”. For instance, “Paul Erickson, a longtime Republican activist who told associates that he was an adviser to Trump’s transition team,” who “reportedly started a business– a limited liability company called Bridges, LLC – with Russian gun-rights champion Maria Butina. Erickson travelled to Moscow in August 2014 to meet with Butina’s gun-rights organization.” Business Insider adds, “Butina and her associate Aleksander Torshin, a Russian politician and banker close to Russian President Vladimir Putin, are also of interest to the committee.” According to Business Insider, “Feinstein asked both campaign national co-chair Sam Clovis and campaign national security adviser JD Gordon for their communications with or concerning ‘the NRA, Paul Erickson, Alexander Torshin, Maria Butina,’ and others associated with Torshin’s outreach.” Additionally, “In her letter to Trump campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page, Feinstein asked for ‘all communications to, from, or copied to you with or concerning’ Russian political scientist and Putin foreign policy adviser Sergey Karaganov; Randi Levinas, the executive vice president and chief operating officer of the US-Russia Business Council; and Bernie Sucher, a former managing director and head of global markets for Russia at the wealth management firm Merril Lynch.” Business Insider notes, “Before joining Merrill Lynch, Sucher was the chairman of Alfa Capital – a limited liability company that is a member of Alfa Banking Group,” and he overlapped with Page at Merrill Lynch. Business Insider adds, “Feinstein also asked Page for his communications with or concerning Alfa Group.”

From Business Insider.



The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports, “A federal judge in Augusta has denied Reality Winner’s latest attempt to get out of jail pending her March 19 trial in the National Security Agency leak investigation, saying there are too many risks.” This is insane considering walking active measures and obvious flight risks — also indicted criminals — Paul Manafort and Rick Gates are free on bail. Is this a case of poor contractor/rich contractor and maybe a bit of gender too? Um, yes.

From The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.



Reuters reports, “Germany is best suited to host a new NATO military logistics command, the top U.S. Army general in Europe said on Tuesday. NATO allies this month backed plans for two new military headquarters – an Atlantic command and a logistics command – to help protect Europe in the event of a future conflict.” Reuters notes, “Lieutenant General Ben Hodges told the Berlin Security Conference that Germany – already host to many U.S. troops – was well-placed to take on the logistics role given its geographical location in the heart of Europe, and its existing capabilities.” Hodges is due to retire next month, Reuters adds.

From Reuters.


Is that if the West has free and fair elections, then the Russian people, especially the restless Russian youth
who have only ever known Putin’s fascist cynicism, may want the same. That is a big problem if you sit atop a kleptocratic mafia state and your power base is a coterie of murderers, thieves and pedophiles. The Times of London reports, “Russian senators have accused western countries of plotting to turn the nation’s youth against the Kremlin ahead of next year’s presidential election.” Gosh TRUMPISTAN WATCH sure hopes that is the case! According to The Times of London, “The allegation was made in a report compiled by the upper house of parliament’s committee on the protection of state sovereignty, which has been leaked to Russian media ahead of its release in January. The committee is headed by Andrei Klimov, an influential senator.” Sadly however, TRUMPISTAN WATCH suspects we are far too busy playing defense and contrary to the Russophobia accusation-laden fears of the Russian mafia state, Russia’s youth are on their own and acting of their own free will. If anything, Russia’s youth inspires hope in us in the West fighting the rise of fascist Kremlin-backed lies and bullshit. After 17 years of bullshit lies and KGB-style fear tactics, Russian youth are not exactly goose stepping gleefully into a Kremlin-arranged totalitarian future. And good for them that they are not! So what the hell is wrong with our own domestic Trumpenproletariat that they are so easily brainwashed by Russian bullshit?

From The Times of London.



Defense One reports, “The Russian government will build an ‘independent internet’ for use by itself, Brazil, India, China, and South Africa — the so-called BRICS nations — ‘in the event of global internet malfunctions,’” citing a report in Russian state-run RT. Defense One clarifies, “Moscow intends to create an alternative to the global Domain Name System, or DNS, the directory that helps the browser on your computer or smartphone connect to the website server or other computer that you’re trying to reach.” According to Defense One, “The Russians cited national security concerns, but the real reason may have more to do with Moscow’s own plans for offensive cyber operations.” Defense One notes, “Russia may have another reason to build its own alternative to DNS: deterrence by denial. If you’ve got a backup internet running that connects you to key nation-state trading partners, you can hack your opponent at less risk of disrupting your own state.” Defense One adds, “The move follows Russia’s 2016 launch of its own segregated military internet for top-secret communication, called the Closed Data Transfer Segment, modeled slightly after the U.S. Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System, or JWICS.” A terrible acronym! Let’s hope we have hacked ours and ours is firewalled against Kremlin scum. We must destroy them,

From Defense One.





The Hill reports, Uday “Donald Trump Jr. has agreed to speak with members of the House Intelligence Committee next week as part of the committee’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election”. The Hill adds, “Trump Jr.’s testimony is scheduled for Dec. 6, and is expected to focus on his contacts with Russian officials last year. The testimony will likely take place behind closed doors”. Just give us a good perp walk then, for fuck’s sake.

From The Hill.





The Moscow Times runs an analysis by former Kremlin aide turned critic, Gleb Pavlovsky. He notes, “discussion within the ruling elite is focused not on the next stage of the Putin era but on what will come after.” Pavlovsky marvels, “Political life has returned to Russia. Who would have expected last fall that Alexei Navalny, known until then as an anti-corruption campaigner, would be able to launch a juggernaut campaign fifteen months before polling day?” Pavlovsky adds, “With the election less than four months away, Putin has not yet declared his candidacy, though everyone expects it. He is as visible as ever in the media, but now he fails to convince that he is the author of Russia’s political activity or is still a leader who takes responsibility.” Pavlovsky is harsh and very Russian in his criticism that “In short, the Kremlin writers who are putting together the script for 2018 worry that Putin has become nobody’s leader — that he is now more akin to the centerpiece of the nation, a fixed entity”. Pavlovsky adds, “He is not acting in sync with his inner circle. Each feels uncomfortable with the other, as the president grows more stingy with his interventions to resolve power struggles within the elite.” Pavlovsky notes, “Nowadays, we increasingly have the impression that ‘the boss is away,’” which means that like Trump, the America operation and resulting paranoia have likely consumed him, as has the geopolitical chessboard which he imagines himself master of these days. For a man often portrayed as in total control in the Western press, Pavlovsky writes, “The system is not only functioning without a fully functional Putin, it is also lacking any strategic direction,” adding, “The atmosphere inside the government apparatus is increasingly fearful and the rivalry with the security agencies is intensifying.”

From The Moscow Times.





Russian state-run RT whines, “The US Congress has withdrawn [Russian state-run] RT America’s accreditation on Capitol Hill, citing the company’s ‘foreign agent’ status. That’s hours after the State Department said the US Foreign Agents Registration Act ‘does not restrict an organization’s ability to operate.’” Oh, poor babies! The Kremlin’s propagandists received a letter, which stated, in part, “The withdrawal of RT’s accreditation in the Congress was effective immediately”. Good! Goodbye and good riddance.

From Russian state-run RT.





Reuters reports, “The International Olympic Committee (IOC) said on Wednesday it had banned for life three Russian bobsledders – Aleksandr Kasyanov, Aleksei Pushkarev and Ilvir Khuzin – over doping allegations related to the 2014 Sochi Olympics.” Reuters notes, “The IOC’s latest move brings the total number of Russian athletes handed life bans to more than 20 this month.” That’s a lot of liars and cheats! And all for the motherland’s prestige and glory they pumped and doped. Some motherland, that Lubyanka toilet bowl is so cluttered with shitstains at present that we will have to get one of those really abrasive steely sponges to clean it all off and make it sure it stays that way forever.

From Reuters.



Russian state-run TASS reports, “The All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK) and the Academy of Popular Music of composer and producer Igor Krutoy plan to file an application for hosting the 2019 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Russia,” according to Director General of the Academy Stella Khachanyants. This all sounds very grass roots and not at all Russian mafia state orchestrated! And if the criminals and thieves in that toilet bowl nation get to host the children’s singing competition, it should be a victory for the pedo in the Kremlin! Remember, Putin loves little children enough to kiss one boy on the stomach while wondering the Kremlin grounds. Maybe Roy Moore can get a VIP ticket and Trump can surprise everyone in the dressing room? Remember, the gallows humor pedophilia jokes would be impossible without the fake Russian president normalizing it and denying it and getting mad at his Aryan princess Ivanka for condemning it.

From Russian state-run TASS.



The Huffington Post reports, “A Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe leader issued a damning response Wednesday to President Donald Trump’s ‘Pocahontas’ slur earlier this week during an event meant to honor Navajo Code Talkers.” Harold Frazier of the South Dakota-based tribe was having none of it. In an era of shit talking and reality TV, just a reminder that minorities who have been shat on forever are so much better at delivering uppercuts than mainstream, mass culture bullies. Frazier said Trump “chose to disgrace himself, his position and the nation he represents,” and then delivered the goods: “leave the office you bought and take your swamp things with you.” Take note white man for this is how you will survive the winter in the new world! The Huffington Post published Frazier’s full statement.

From The Huffington Post.



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