The Washington Post reports, “Clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli soldiers broke out Thursday in Ramallah and other places in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, one day after President Trump announced that his administration would recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The Palestinian Authority called for a general strike in Palestinian cities and, in Gaza, the Islamist Hamas movement urged its followers to ignite a third intifada, or uprising, against Israel,” just as TRUMPISTAN WATCH predicted yesterday as it was too easy to not. The Washington Post adds, “Clashes also erupted in East Jerusalem and at the border fence between Israel and Gaza. There were early reports of injuries on both sides.” Now what in the world called upon Trump to throw Jerusalem at it at precisely this moment? Hmmm… The truth is not much really beyond some horrible truth about Trump’s treason he wishes to obscure, and that his Jewish son-in-law, princeling Jared, is up next for an indictment by all analysts’ counts. What would you do if you were a rabidly racist, anti-Semitic infant with zero empathy? Why not throw Jerusalem at it, in that case? The American nakhba, our nakhba, is spreading to the motherland of the nakhba.

From The Washington Post.



USA Today reports, “House conservatives plan to press FBI Director Christopher Wray on Thursday about revelations that a top agent was demoted for anti-Trump text messages — an incident the lawmakers charge proves bias against the president in the Russia investigation.” They are willing to destroy the instruments of law enforcement they claim to uphold, as does their “law and order” leader, in order to protect the fake Russian bullshit president: think about that. Get this: “Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., a member of the Judiciary Committee, said at a news conference with five other GOP lawmakers Wednesday that President Trump has been subjected to ‘the unprecedented bias against (him) that exists when we allow people who hate the president to participate in the investigations against him,’” USA Today reports. Was he alive the previous eight years before this one or in a coma or something? Oh yes, the world is just not cut out for the rich white man, it is against him from day one! Think about how deep this must go in house for them to fight like this. Follow the rubles, if not the rubes.

From USA Today.


Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
reports, “U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov plan to meet for face-to-face talks about Ukraine’s conflict on December 7 during the annual Ministerial Council of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).” Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty notes, “On December 6, a day before the start of the two-day Vienna conference, Tillerson said at NATO headquarters in Brussels that ‘Russia’s aggression in Ukraine remains the biggest threat to European security.’” Preach! But what is said behind closed doors?

From Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.





CNN reports, “Donald Trump Jr. told House investigators that he did not communicate directly with his father when confronted with news reports about his June 2016 Trump Tower meeting,” and instead went to Hope Hicks, now the White House Communications Chief and Robert Palmer “Addicted to Love” back up singer look alike. Uday, “said President Donald Trump, according to the sources, was debating between a longer and a shorter statement while the President and Hicks were aboard Air Force One,” and “Hicks was aboard Air Force One and was speaking with Trump while the statement was being crafted.” CNN adds, “Trump Jr. firmly denied that he had communicated with his father about the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting.” Sounds like someone is trying to protect Daddy. Bloomberg adds Rep. Adam Schiff, the committee co-chair said, “Donald Trump Jr., the president’s eldest son, told House lawmakers Wednesday that he couldn’t answer questions about what he told his father after a controversial meeting with a Russian lawyer in June 2016, citing attorney-client privilege,” albeit neither is an attorney, so this is bullshit. Business Insider adds, “President Donald Trump’s son, Donald Jr., was “pretty non-responsive” on a range of issues during his eight-hour testimony before the House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday,” according to Rep. Jackie Speier, who went so far as to say, “My takeaway is he has a very serious case of amnesia”.

From CNN, Bloomberg and Business Insider.



The New York Times reports, “Michael T. Flynn, President Trump’s former national security adviser, told a former business associate that economic sanctions against Russia would be ‘ripped up’ as one of the Trump administration’s first acts, according to an account by a whistle-blower made public on Wednesday”. Guess what did not happen? That. The New York Times adds, “Mr. Flynn believed that ending the sanctions could allow a business project he had once participated in to move forward, according to the whistle-blower. The account is the strongest evidence to date that the Trump administration wanted to end the sanctions immediately, and suggests that Mr. Flynn had a possible economic incentive”. Now for the shocking stupid even by the standards of The Stupid: “Mr. Flynn had worked on a business venture to partner with Russia to build nuclear power plants in the Middle East until June 2016, but remained close with the people involved afterward. On Inauguration Day, according to the whistle-blower, Mr. Flynn texted the former business associate to say that the project was ‘good to go,’” according to The New York Times. Does the stupid hurt yet? The New York Times reports, “The account is detailed in a letter written by Representative Elijah Cummings of Maryland, the top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee. In the letter, Mr. Cummings said that the whistle-blower contacted his office in June and has authorized him to go public with the details.” If the stupid hurts, you are not alone. TRUMPISTAN WATCH is here for that purpose alone.

From The New York Times.



POLITICO reports, “New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said Wednesday he was ousted as head of President Donald Trump’s transition due in part to his opposition to the hiring of Michael Flynn as national security adviser.” However, Christie did not smell lying treason on the disgraced former Defense Intelligence Agency head, or so he says now. Recall the Trumpistani elites purged Christie from the Trump train wreck real fast once the show got on the road as, “The governor, one of the first establishment Republicans to back Trump during the primary and still one of the president’s most loyal supporters, was chairman of the transition until he was unceremoniously fired just days after the election and replaced with Vice President Mike Pence.” You cannot hide treason the size of Russia, so you must eliminate any who smell borscht and pelmeni in the hallway! POLITICO adds, “Christie said it was clear those who took over botched the transition, pointing to Flynn’s guilty plea last week to charges of lying to the FBI. Christie has long said he had concerns about the retired three-star Army general, though he had never said exactly why.” None of this, however, exculpates Christie from signing onto a campaign that began when Trump called Mexicans rapists. The only other detail worth noting, the one that explains so much of the chaos of the past eleven months is that, “When Christie was fired on Nov. 11, Flynn and former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon tossed binders full of potential personnel picks into the trash to celebrate the departure.” So the Trump presidency began with its Chief Strategist shooting everyone in the feet. We should be so grateful, truly. Think of the horrors untold had there been a semblance of competency within the regime.




The New York Daily News reports, “Erik Prince, the Trump-boosting founder of defunct military contracting firm Blackwater, was conspicuously elusive when members of Congress grilled him over his contacts with a Kremlin-connected banker, records made public Wednesday reveal.” Recall, “Prince was questioned behind closed doors for nearly four hours by the House Permanent Select Intelligence Committee last week over a trip he took to the Seychelles on Jan. 11, during which he met with Kirill Dmitriev, the head of a Russian wealth fund that has been under U.S. sanctions since 2015.” The New York Daily News notes, “Prince also acknowledged that Dmitriev told him he hoped Russian trade with the U.S. would resume ‘in a normal way.’

From The New York Daily News.



Where the airport protests at? How to lose a resistance in ten days. CNN reports, The US Supreme Court on Monday allowed the newest version of President Donald Trump’s travel ban to take effect pending appeal.” It’s Thursday, so buried in the avalanche of Russia scandal and investigated related news are we now. Consider where we are as a frail republic that this is the case that we are tottering. CNN notes, “Issued in September, the third edition of the travel ban placed varying levels of restrictions on foreign nationals from eight countries: Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, Somalia and Yemen.” And this is how evil slips through our hands. It is also a story of how to wear your opposition and the resistance to you down. It is all a success for the adversary and the racist, white nationalist klan holding onto power illegitimately. Remember this when we survive and get to the lying and mythologizing phase of this catastrophe, or nakhba if you prefer the Arabic word. Afterall, an ousted member of the National Security Council claimed the resistance was in cahoots with Islamists, so let’s throw them a bone – a nothing burger – since they are so starved for attention.

From CNN.



The Washington Post reports, “Russian President Vladi­mir Putin, he of the perennial 80 percent approval ratings, declared his intention Wednesday to run for reelection, essentially guaranteeing a new six-year term for the Kremlin leader.” Is there more to say? The location and setting: Putin made “the announcement at one of Russia’s industrial giants, speaking to stoic automakers during GAZ’s 85th anniversary. Workers, particularly in the automotive industry, have been pummeled by Russia’s economic trouble over the past three years. The scene at the automobile plant seemed staged, as a foreman appealed to Putin to ‘give us a gift’ by announcing his candidacy. ‘GAZ is for you!’ the workers yelled.” How totally Soviet.

From The Washington Post.



Meduza summarizes an investigative report in a Russian publication The Bell, “an unnamed source claims that former Russian Federal Security Service colonel Sergey Mikhailov, who’s now on trial in Russia for treason, may have provided U.S. officials with information about the hacker attacks on the Democratic Party.” Meduza writes Sergey Mikhailov was arrested “on December 5, 2016, but almost nothing is known about the charges against him, though we do know that the treason case names four defendants from the Federal Security Service (FSB).” Meduza continues, “the case was launched because Mikhailov and his accomplices helped American intelligence agencies identify the hackers who stole data from the Democratic Party. The Bell was unable, however, to verify this information independently.” Recall, “According to the U.S. intelligence community, the Russian Defense Ministry’s Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) is responsible for the hacker attacks on the Democratic Party,” Meduza notes. According to The Bell’s sources, “institutional competition for budget resources has driven both the GRU and FSB to launch cyber-attacks,” which explains in part why we were hit so hard. Meduza notes, “The Bell’s sources say the formal charges against Mikhailov and the other defendants do not address the cyber-attack on the Democratic Party, and deal instead with intelligence he allegedly sold to American officials in 2007 about Pavel Vrublevsky, the owner of Chronopay, a transaction security company.” This is not dissimilar to Manafort being indicted on money laundering charges tied to his work in Ukraine. Of note, “In March 2017, the FBI charged Dmitry Dokuchaev, one of Mikhailov’s subordinates in the FSB’s cyber-investigative department, with hacking and stealing 500 million Yahoo user accounts.” As for motivation, “A source who knows Mikhailov says his main motivation for helping the Americans was his commitment to fighting crime. It’s possible, however, that Mikhailov was also receiving money from the U.S. government,” Meduza adds.

From Meduza.





The Hill reports, “Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will testify next week before the House Judiciary Committee about special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.” The Hill note, “Rosenstein’s hearing comes as Republicans express concerns over possible bias in Mueller’s investigation.”

From The Hill.





Jeffrey Toobin in The New Yorker has a long piece on what Michael Flynn’s guilty plea means for Trump’s lawyers. The game in America that the Russians so play with is our presumption of innocence, especially where wealthy white men are concerned. Tucked in to The New Yorker piece is the context of the legal challenge confronting Mueller. Toobin writes, “Mueller may need to make a similar transformation—in his case, to relabel collusion as criminal conspiracy.” The New Yorker Continues, “Paul Fishman, who served as the Obama-era United States Attorney in New Jersey,” and supervised the “Bridgegate” prosecutions, noted, “There is no crime called ‘collusion,’ but the evidence of collusion could be seen as a conspiracy to violate a specific provision of the federal code”.   While “The full nature of the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia is not yet publicly known,” there is enough that, “the established facts suggest conspiratorial behavior—and may even prove it.” There is the now infamous June 9, 2016 Trump Tower meeting between Uday, Manafort, princeling Jared and a cast and crew of assorted Russian mafia state proxies. There are also the Twitter direct messages exchanged between Uday and WikiLeaks. The New Yorker asks, “Does any of this behavior rise to the level of criminality, and, if so, what laws might it have violated? Federal law prohibits political candidates and their advisers from seeking or obtaining contributions from foreign individuals or entities.” So the crux of “The argument for a criminal-conspiracy charge based on these exchanges would be that Trump officials, including the candidate, solicited opposition research from Russian interests, and that such research is a ‘thing of value,’ an in-kind contribution, under the law”. However, “a prosecution along these lines would hardly be straightforward or routine. In the past, criminal cases about solicitation have focused on cash, so Mueller’s case would rest on a novel interpretation of the law.” However if the campaign knowingly participated in the hacking, it is irrelevant whether they did the hack themselves, there is a 1986 statute on the books that “prohibits unauthorized persons from obtaining the private electronic information of others, including access to e-mail accounts.” Before you feel deflated by obscurantia, “the crime of obstruction of justice is well established and easy to understand,” The New Yorker notes. So many possibilities! The challenge is like that at a buffet! So many options. Do not fill up on bread or low ticket items.

From The New Yorker.





POLITICO reports, “A Russian oligarch,” Oleg Deripaska, “whose business dealings have come under scrutiny by investigators probing Russian influence in the 2016 presidential election has dropped a libel suit against The Associated Press.” POLITICO recalls, “Deripaska’s suit, filed in May, alleged that an AP story published two months earlier falsely implied that Deripaska was paying Manafort for work aimed at advancing the goals of the Russian government and Russian president Vladimir Putin.” Count this as failed harassment of our media by antidemocratic forces aligned with the Russian mafia state and our bullshit fake president.






The Washington Post reports, “Christine Keeler, a London showgirl whose simultaneous relationships with British war secretary John Profumo and a Soviet military attache produced the country’s most notorious political scandal of the 1960s, died Dec. 4 at a hospital in Farnborough, England. She was 75. Her son Seymour Platt announced the death on his Facebook page, noting that the cause was chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.” The Washington Post notes, “The Profumo Affair, as it became known, has echoed through the years as one of the era’s most lurid tabloid scandals, with hints of espionage, Cold War politics, class prejudice and sexual hypocrisy. The case has stayed in the popular imagination in the form of theatrical plays, including a musical by Andrew Lloyd-Webber, a feature film and dozens of books — three of which were written by Ms. Keeler.” The Washington Post adds, “The Profumo Affair made the strikingly beautiful young woman from the British provinces a London celebrity and a perennial staple of headlines and gossip. nude photograph of Ms. Keeler straddling a chair in 1963 became one of the decade’s most famous images.” The Washington Post recalls, “She was often described as the call girl — a term she adamantly rejected — who brought down Britain’s ruling Conservative government. Profumo, a rising political star who held the cabinet post of secretary of state for war, saw his career go down in flames,” cheekily adding, “He and Ms. Keeler met in 1961, when she was taking a dip in a swimming pool at the estate of a British lord. He was 46, married and wearing a dinner jacket; she was 19, free-spirited and wearing a smile.” And so, “They began an affair that lasted several months. At the same time, Ms. Keeler was seeing other men, including Yevgeny Ivanov, widely believed to be a Soviet spy.” Of course, “Profumo, who was married to film actress Valerie Hobson, tried to conceal his affair with Ms. Keeler.” Then it slowly unraveled in 1962 when, “another of her jealous lovers, Johnny Edgecombe, opened fire on the front door of the house where Ms. Keeler was living.” After “he failed to appear as a witness at Edgecombe’s trial, people began to wonder why. The full extent of the scandal came to light in 1963.”

From The Washington Post.



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