POLITICO reports, “Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team on Tuesday announced the latest target in his sprawling probe, saying attorney Alex Van Der Zwaan made false statements about past communications with former Trump campaign aide Rick Gates.” POLITICO adds, “Mueller said Van Der Zwaan, who worked for a law firm that did work in Ukraine in 2012,” Skadden, Arps, “made false statements about communications in 2016 with Gates and an unnamed person. Van Der Zwaan is expected to appear in federal court in Washington Tuesday afternoon to offer a guilty plea to the charge.” The Washington Post flushes out his biography as he is no ordinary Skadden associate or lawyer but “The Dutch son-in-law of one of Russia’s wealthiest men”. The Washington Post notes, “Based in London, van der Zwaan worked for the law firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, which did work with Manafort and Gates while they served as political consultants in Ukraine, before joining Trump’s campaign in 2016. Van der Zwaan is the son-in-law of German Khan, a billionaire and an owner of Alfa Group, Russia’s largest financial and industrial investment group.” Oh my! Alfa Group’s servers were in constant contact with Trump Organization servers during the campaign, U.S. based computer scientists detected + Khan is noted in the Steele dossier as doing useful things to aid the America operation. So, joy! The Washington Post adds van der Zwaan “pleaded guilty to one count of making a false statement to investigators, a felony. A Dutch citizen, van der Zwaan, 33, will face a recommended sentence ranging from zero to six months in prison when he is sentenced April 3.” The Washington Post continues, “Prosecutor Andrew Weissmann told the court Tuesday that van der Zwaan spoke with investigators on Nov. 3 and Dec. 1, and has been in the United States since arriving for the November interview under travel limits after giving up his passport to U.S. investigators pending resolution of the case. Weissman said van der Zwaan had entered a plea agreement, but not a cooperation agreement”. His father in law “has filed a $75,000 defamation suit against Fusion GPS,” maker of the Steele dossier.

From POLITICO and The Washington Post.




The New York Times
reports, “Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, is resisting giving up his access to highly classified information, prompting an internal struggle with John F. Kelly, the White House chief of staff, over who should be allowed to see some of the nation’s most sensitive secrets”. The New York Times notes, “Mr. Kushner is one of dozens of White House officials operating under interim security clearances because of issues raised by the F.B.I. during their background checks”. The New York Times notes, “Now Mr. Kelly, his job at risk and his reputation as an enforcer of order and discipline tarnished by the scandal,” over two-time wife beater Rob Porter, then boyfriend to Hope Hicks, “is working to revamp the security clearance process, starting with an effort to strip officials who have interim clearances of their high-level access. In a memo issued on Friday, Mr. Kelly said he would revoke top clearances for anyone whose background check had been pending since June 1 or earlier, and review such clearances every month thereafter.” Meanwhile thought the idiot son-in-law princeling Jared “has insisted that he maintain his current level of access, including the ability to review the daily intelligence briefing when he sees fit,” because nothing matters to him beyond himself. Go home Jared.

From The New York Times.



Yahoo! News reports, “Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats is defending a controversial secret visit to the United States by Russian spy chiefs — including one under U.S. sanctions imposed in 2014 to punish Russia for its annexation of the Ukrainian region of Crimea.” Yahoo! News adds, “Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer had raised questions about late January meetings between U.S. officials and the head of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), Sergy Naryshkin, and Alexander Bortnikov, head of the domestic Federal Security Bureau (FSB), the successor to the Soviet Union’s KGB,” as “Naryshkin would have needed special approval from the Trump administration to gain entry to U.S. soil,” due to Obama-era sanctions. Yahoo! News adds, “In a letter to Schumer, Coats says the meetings focused on counterterrorism cooperation. The letter does not explicitly address whether the visit included a discussion of the sanctions or of Moscow’s alleged meddling in the vote that brought Trump to power.” Counterterrorism must be the new adoptions. Also utterly unclear why such a meeting needed to happen here in Washington.

From Yahoo! News.



The Hill reports, “The Justice Department is creating a cyber-digital task force to examine outside attempts to interfere with U.S. elections, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Tuesday.” The Hill notes, “The cyber force will bring together representatives from a wide range of DOJ offices along with outside law enforcement and federal agencies, depending on the direction of Rosenstein,” which means at least it’s in the hands of a total baller instead of some weak Lubyanka shitstain like Private Russian Sessions.

From The Hill.



The Hill reports, “Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen on Tuesday touted the department’s effort to engage with state and local officials on guarding U.S. voting infrastructure from cyber threats, stressing that public trust in vote counts ‘relies on secure election infrastructure.’” The Hill adds, “Nielsen issued the statement highlighting the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) recent meetings with state and local election officials, which included classified briefings from U.S. intelligence officials on cyber threats to U.S. voting infrastructure.” The Hill totes, “The meetings are part of Homeland Security’s new effort to engage with stakeholders on the security of U.S. voting infrastructure.” Since we all know by now the empire has no security and nobody is coordinating anything to push back against Russian interference efforts and the party in power including the autocratic foreign backed puppet at the top have no desire to stop it, consider this an act of going through the motions whilst actually doing nothing. Remember Nielsen has lied to us in the past by insisting she did not know if Norway is a majority white country and insisting she did not hear the president call Haiti and African nations “shitholes”. She is not a particularly good liar either. She is however America’s other Aryan princess as she gets her power busting up immigrant families on minimal pretext and destroying lives.

From The Hill.



The Guardian reports, “Russia’s foreign ministry has admitted that “several dozen” citizens of Russia and other former Soviet states were killed or wounded during a recent battle in Syria.” The Guardian notes, “The announcement came shortly after reports that scores of Russian mercenaries fighting alongside pro-Syrian regime forces were killed by a US-led coalition airstrike in Deir ez-Zor, in eastern Syria, on 7 February. Moscow dismissed those reports last week as ‘classic disinformation,’” which turns out to have been more accurate than the ministry’s own statements – amazing how that works! The Guardian adds, “The ministry stressed on Tuesday that the combatants were not Russian servicemen and that no Russian military equipment was involved in the fighting. It gave no date or location for the clash, but said the wounded Russian citizens had received help to return home and were receiving medical treatment.”

From The Guardian.



The Moscow Times reports, “Masked men attacked an activist from Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s Open Russia organization in St. Petersburg on Monday.” The Moscow Times notes, “The attack is the latest in what appears to be a scare campaign against political and civil activists in Russia’s second largest city in the first months of 2018.” The Moscow Times adds, “Open Russia activist Oleg Maksakov was beaten by two unidentified men at the entrance to his home”.

From The Moscow Times.



Bloomberg reports, “The banking crisis engulfing the tiny nation of Latvia has turned into a potential diplomatic incident, as Riga points the finger at Moscow. ‘There is a high probability that an externally organized widespread information operation is being carried out that, by its structure and execution, is identical to those observed in pre-election periods in the U.S., France and Germany,’ Latvia’s Defense Ministry said in an emailed statement on Tuesday.” Bloomberg adds, “The Latvian accusation is the latest twist in a scandal that’s transfixed the European Union and NATO member nation of 2 million inhabitants that abuts Russia. A regional banking hub, Latvia has long faced questions over its enforcement of money-laundering rules, concerns that escalated when central bank Governor Ilmars Rimsevics was detained over the weekend by the country’s anti-corruption agency on suspicion of securing bribes.” Bloomberg notes, “While it didn’t explicitly name Russia, the ministry cited recent events, including the publication of a photograph that allegedly shows Rimsevics in Russia, as evidence of an attempt to damage the country’s image and erode public trust in the state before elections this October.” Bloomberg continues, “The 52-year-old Rimsevics has led the central bank since 2001, making him the longest-serving head of a national bank on the European Central Bank’s Governing Council, which he joined in 2014 when Latvia adopted the euro.” Bloomberg reports, “Rimsevics, who was released on bail late Monday and hasn’t been formally charged, denied seeking bribes and accused lenders of conspiring against him. He resisted pressure from Latvian officials to resign from his post and told reporters in Riga that he’s ‘not guilty.’” Bloomberg adds, “The probe coincides with separate bribery allegations against the central banker from Norvik Banka JSC, a Riga-based lender controlled by Grigory Guselnikov, a Russian-born U.K. citizen. Norvik detailed accusations in a 39-page complaint to a World Bank arbitration body. The document, obtained by Bloomberg News, referred to a ‘very high-level, senior Latvian public official’ that Norvik Chief Executive Officer Oliver Bramwell said was Rimsevics.” Also, “Just last week, the U.S. Treasury Department proposed to ban ABLV Bank SA, the third-largest lender, from the U.S. financial system, saying it helped entities allegedly linked to North Korea’s missile program and institutionalized money-laundering as a ‘pillar’ of its business.”

From Bloomberg.





The Daily Beast reports, “The warnings are loud, clear, and unambiguous. Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats told us last week that Russia is attempting to ‘degrade our democratic values and weaken our alliances.’ A few days later, after the Mueller indictment came down, National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster noted to a Russia delegate of the Munich Security Conference, ‘as you can see with the FBI indictment, the evidence [of Kremlin interference] is now really incontrovertible and available in the public domain.’ Most alarming were the comments of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who warned Russia would and is seeking to influence this year’s congressional elections and he felt the U.S. couldn’t do much about it.” That is because WAKE UP WAKE UP no one else is doing a goddamn thing to stop it and so can you too do nothing and let it happen again! Of course, The Daily Beast notes, “There are a variety of ways in which American companies and the American government could meet Vladimir Putin’s challenge—from hardening our electoral systems to banning social media bots to imposing sanctions on the Russian troll farmers,” if only we were trying! (Note: indictments do not freeze current accounts, perhaps only travel plans abroad.) The Daily Beast adds, “To date, no consolidated, coordinated plan for responding to Russian influence has been revealed to the public. All reporting suggests the executive branch remains frozen, lacking direction from administration leadership and a president who remains silent on Russia’s attack on America—while shouting about how unfair the investigation into that attack has been.” Of course, “The U.S. government has been painfully slow in designating election systems as critical infrastructure,” because normally if an election is stolen it is done so by the Supreme Court, not a foreign adversary. “Above all, all voting systems should immediately institute paper ballot backups that provide a verifiable audit trail to confirm results,” The Daily Beast notes, adding, “Meanwhile, Congress can step up quickly, by immediately passing the Honest Ads Act requiring public disclosures of all political and social issue advertising in social media consistent with print, radio, and television standards,” but Congress is controlled by Twitler’s allies in the GOP death cult. Most important, though, “Russian influence operations work because the commander in chief uses them against his opponents. Until this changes, America and Americans will continue to bow to Putin.”

From The Daily Beast.



POLITICO Magazine reports, “When Ash Carter became President Barack Obama’s fourth and final secretary of defense in early 2015, Russia had just seized Crimea by force from its neighbor Ukraine, in the first such armed takeover of territory in Europe since the end of World War II, and its troops were busy destabilizing Ukraine’s east. Carter ordered the Pentagon to respond by producing its first Russia war plan since the end of the Cold War, he revealed in an interview last week.” Yes, it took one full year from the annexation of Crimea for the Pentagon to have a Russia war plan, a security gap Putin exploited to the maximum. Carter said, “There was essentially no … campaign plan for countering Russia of the kind that I lived with all during the time I was working in the Cold War defense”. It gets so much worse. Carter added, “The NATO plans, and the U.S. plans for the defense of Germany against Warsaw Pact invasion; all that stuff went away when the Wall came down, and then the Soviet Union collapsed, and we didn’t think anything like that was necessary. Three years ago, when I was secretary of defense, I said, ‘We’ve got to change that.’ We need to put together a campaign plan that is military but also politico-military, and that pushes back.” The empire has no security. And we are all naïve fulls guilty of believing our own “end of history” bullshit from back in the day.

From POLITICO Magazine.



The Washington Post reports, “When American conservatives assemble for the now iconic Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) later this week, in addition to the newly powerful luminaries of America’s right wing, they will also hear a number of European speakers. These stars of Europe’s populist movements may have been invited to Maryland to emphasize the rise of the right worldwide, but their fate in Europe tells a very different story. Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, the niece of Front National leader Marine Le Pen, will be prominently featured. CPAC’s website also lists the former leader of the U.K. Independence Party, Nigel Farage, and Hungarian-U.S.-citizen Sebastian Gorka, who was born in London.” The Washington Post notes, “In Europe, all three are considered to represent a far- or populist-right that has mostly run out of momentum for now,” and also that just happen to have the enthusiastic backing of the Kremlin. Just another coincidence to add to the never-ending, all encompassing, completely constant hoax that all our intelligence agencies say was and is not a hoax!
From The Washington Post.



Meduza reports, “After graduating from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations in 1980, Sergey Prikhodko started his career in socialist Czechoslovakia as a diplomat in the Soviet embassy. Fluent in Czech, French, and English, he arrived as a simple personal assistant, but by 1991 he’d become the Soviet embassy’s first secretary in Czechoslovakia.” Meduza notes, “When he finally returned to Moscow, Prikhodko continued working in diplomacy for the Russian Federation, heading the Foreign Ministry’s Baltic Department. In this position, he fought for visa-free transit through Lithuania for Russian citizens traveling to Kaliningrad, and he made it Moscow’s policy to stand up for ethnic Russians in Latvia. By 1997, Prikhodko was acting deputy director of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s second European Department.” Meduza adds, “In the spring of 1997, Prikhodko’s career suddenly took a sharp turn: in April, he was appointed to serve as an advisor on foreign affairs to President Boris Yeltsin. Then Kremlin spokesman Sergey Yastrzhembsky lobbied for the appointment,” noting, “According to some reports, Prikhodko and Yastrzhembsky were brothers-in-law, having married sisters.” Meduza notes, “Prikhodko immediately started accompanying the president on trips abroad and during visits from foreign dignitaries, particularly to help resolve problems with Ukraine and Belarus.” Meduza continues, “In September 1998, it was Yastrzhembsky’s turn to be fired,” adding, “Yastrzhembsky lost his place as deputy head of Yeltsin’s administration to a man he once recruited for the Kremlin: Sergey Prikhodko.” Meduza notes, “In his new position, Prikhodko continued to oversee foreign policy issues, gaining more and more influence in the Yeltsin administration. In 1999, Prikhodko was one of the only Kremlin officials who saw a complete advanced copy of the president’s state of the nation speech, which was prepared that year in great secrecy. In February that year, he was simultaneously made head of the administration’s foreign policy, traveling with Yeltsin to the presidential residence at ‘Gorki-9’ outside Moscow, where he reported on preparations for top-level negotiations.” Among other tales of post-Soviet power struggles, none of which Prikhodko succumbed to, there are glorious details such as “in December 2001 he collected Putin’s ‘Person of the Year’ award from the Russian Biographical Institute on the president’s behalf.” IA ubiquitous insider since Yeltsin’s time it is interesting that Meduza notes, “As the president’s advisor on foreign policy, Prikhodko reportedly developed a troubled relationship with Sergey Lavrov, the head of Russia’s Foreign Ministry since 2004.”

From Meduza.



Meduza reports, “On February 16, the U.S. Justice Department indicted 13 Russian citizens for interfering in the 2016 presidential election. The most recognizable name on the list of Russians belongs to the catering magnate Evgeny Prigozhin, the general director of the ‘Internet Research Agency’ (better known as ‘Russia’s troll factory’). The other 12 individuals singled out by the American grand jury are businessmen, translators, analysts, and office managers” and decidedly less is known about them. Here Meduza flushes out what is:


Mikhail Burchik: “started working at the ‘Internet Research Agency’ in 2013, and a year later he was promoted to acting director, becoming the organization’s second-highest official. Burchik allegedly participated directly in planning the agency’s efforts to meddle in U.S. politics, including the 2016 presidential election.” Meduza adds, “the magazine RBC in March 2017,” reported, “ that he owned several companies, including one called the ‘Commercial News Agency,’ which was registered in October 2013 and liquidated in December 2017.” Meduza notes he “is an individual entrepreneur born in 1986. He and his companies have won several state procurement contracts. In 2015, for example, he won a contract worth 1.3 million rubles ($23,000) for ‘producing and distributing the newspaper Municipal District Smolninsky in St. Petersburg.’” So young and so indicted.


Alexandra Krylova: “was the Internet Research Agency’s director and third-most senior official. She worked for the organization from at least September 2013 until late 2014. She is also accused of visiting the United States on a false pretext to collect intelligence for the agency.” Meduza adds, “From 2014 to 2015, Krylova was the general director of the ‘Federal News Agency,’ which Western and Russian journalists have linked to Evgeny Prigozhin, the ‘troll factory,’ and the ‘Wagner’ private military company.” Of note, “Federal News Agency has published several exclusive stories about events in Syria.” Meduza notes, “In July 2016, staff from the Federal News Agency tried to occupy every seat in the courtroom at a hearing in Prigozhin’s lawsuit against the Internet search engine Yandex, when he tried to exercise his ‘right to be forgotten’ and force Yandex to remove search results that tied him to the troll factory.” That task though fell on “Krylova’s successor, Evgeny Zubarev”.


Sergey Polozov: was “the Internet Research Agency’s IT manager, Polozov was directly involved in purchasing U.S. servers, which the organization used to mask its activities in the United States. He worked for the agency from 2014 until 2016.”


Anna Bogacheva: “While working as a translator for the Internet Research Agency between April and July 2014, Bogacheva visited the United States allegedly to collect intelligence.” Meduza adds, “A native of the Stavropol region, Bogacheva studied at the St. Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (now known simply as ‘ITMO University’), where she carried out scientific research on ‘cloud-computing-based automation of the development of virtual laboratory workshops.’” Meduza notes, “In 2014, she registered a business in St. Petersburg called ‘IT Debugger,’ which promotes various websites and designs PR campaigns. According to the company’s description on the jobs search engine HeadHunter, IT Debugger ‘has experience working with complex clients.’ Bogacheva’s business partner at the company is Mikhail Potepkin, who once served as a commissar in ‘Nashi,’ a now-defunct pro-Kremlin youth movement.”


Robert and Maria Bovda (Belyaeva): “Maria Bovda (Belyaeva) worked at the Internet Research Agency from at least November 2013 until October 2014, holding different positions, including head translator. Robert Bovda worked for the agency during roughly the same time period, reportedly as the organization’s deputy head translator. He’s also suspected of trying to infiltrate the U.S. in order to collect intelligence (he failed in this effort, however, when his visa was rejected).” Meduza notes, “Robert and Maria Bovda’s names first appeared online in the summer of 2014, when Fontanka published its investigative report on the troll factory, based on accounting documents leaked by the hacktivists at “Anonymous International.” Those financial records indicated that the Internet Research Agency employed about 500 people and operated on a monthly budget of about $1 million per month.” Meduza adds, “On different blogs and in various forums, the Bovdas have been called ‘paid commenters.’ On social media, people claiming to be the Bovdas’ friends and former teachers have said Robert and Maria were students in the psychology department at St. Petersburg State University. According to the department’s website, someone in 2011 named Robert Sergeevich Bovda defended a thesis titled “The Effects of Social-Support Conditions on Loneliness as Experienced by the Elderly.”


Dzeikhun Aslanov: “has reportedly worked at the Internet Research Agency since 2014, serving as one of the directors of the organization’s translator project. He also allegedly supervised the agency’s effort to interfere in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.” Meduza adds, “Dzheikhun Nasimi Ogly Aslanov is the owner and general director of a company called ‘Azimut,’ which the U.S. Justice Department says funnels money from Evgeny Prigozhin’s ‘Concord’ holding company to the Internet Research Agency. Aslanov owns another two companies, as well: the advertising agencyReputation Management Center’ and ‘Aslan LLC,’ which was dissolved in 2016. All three of his businesses were created in St. Petersburg. Among other things, ‘Azimut’ actually owns hundreds of patents on different inventions.”


Vadim Podkopayev: “At the Internet Research Agency, Podkopayev was allegedly responsible for monitoring the political situation in the U.S. and reviewing content published on social media. The Justice Department says he worked as an analyst in the translator project.” Meduza adds, “Notary registries and open sources have almost no information about anyone named Vadim Podkopayev. The one exception is Vadim Vladimirovich Podkopayev, who’s registered as an independent entrepreneur in the city of Stary Oskol. A 32-year-old native of Ukraine, Podkopayev provides services as an interpreter and translator.”


Gleb Vasilchenko: “reportedly worked at the Internet Research Agency from August 2014 until September 2016, publishing content on social media from numerous accounts, posing as different American citizens.” Meduza notes, “some job search engines contain listings from a nonexistent sole proprietorship called ‘Gleb Igorevich Vasilchenko,’ mostly advertising jobs in social media marketing. Junior SMM editors with at least a year’s experience can earn up to 40,000 rubles ($710) a month, according to Vasilchenko’s listings.”


Irina Kaverzina: “has allegedly worked at the Internet Research Agency since October 2014, serving as a translator and creating fake accounts on social media, posing as different Americans.” Meduza adds, “Messages posted in online forums say a woman named Irina Viktorovna Kaverzina studied at St. Petersburg State University. The indictment against her in the U.S. cites an email she allegedly sent to a ‘family member’ in September 2017, where she wrote: ‘We had a slight crisis here at work: the FBI busted our activity (not a joke). So, I got preoccupied with covering tracks together with colleagues. […] I created all these pictures and posts, and the Americans believed that it was written by their people.’”


Vladimir Venkov: Meduza reports, “Venkov allegedly worked as a translator at the Internet Research Agency, posting content while posing as different American Internet users.” Meduza adds, “A man named Vladimir Venkov works as a project manager at the company ‘Ex Libris,’ which specializes in monitoring social media for private clients, including businesses like Rostec, Beeline, Kaspersky, and the state corporation Rusnano. According to a Vkontakte account registered to a Vladimir Venkov, he also works at the website D3.ru, which is owned by the British-Virgin-Islands-registered company ‘Futuware Limited.’ The same company also owns the popular websites Leprosorium.com and Dirty.ru. Albert Martirosyan, Ex Libris’ managing director, told Meduza that the Vladimir Venkov who works at Ex Libris has no connections to the Internet Research Agency and just happens to have the same name as the person mentioned in the indictment.”


In other words, other than Evgeny Prigozhin these are basically nobodies if not nothings. If anything, in several instances, this may elevate their status, in other cases it might impede travel or other intelligence operations elsewhere. But one thing can be said for all of them: if ever there was a group that truly deserved their shithole motherland. They love their motherland so much to attack our country, may they remain trapped in their giant prison of a nation forever.

From Meduza.





Business Insider reports, “A woman in Florida who unknowingly posted messages in support of events promoted by Russia-linked trolls during the 2016 US election denied she had been duped by the Kremlin operatives.” Business Insider adds, “Florine Gruen Goldfarb ran the Facebook page Team Trump Broward County, which posted messages touting pro-Donald Trump gatherings in 2016 – one of which was a flash mob scheduled for August 20 that year. Goldfarb’s talked to a CNN reporter about that, but the interview quickly went sideways when Goldfarb was informed that Russian trolls helped coordinate that event and others like it. ‘I don’t go with Russians, come on, give me a break,’ Goldfarb said.” Now let’s all pause and reflect on the total intellectual dishonesty of this encounter for all participants as perhaps no network did more to promote Trump and seek a ratings boost from his “you never know what the guy will say” rallies than CNN. So, in lieu of accepting its responsibility in promoting all Trump narratives throughout 2016 and forcing this white trash carnival into living rooms across this once great nation, they instead decide to foist that responsibility on some pensioner in Florida?  Who had a bigger reach? Or better: who wears their intellectual dishonesty better? Florida pensioner lady for sure, at least she came by her intellectual dishonesty the honest way, not for ratings!

From Business Insider.





The New York Times reports, “With Russia performing feebly at the Winter Games because many of its best athletes are barred for doping violations, the Russian oligarch who owns the N.B.A.’s Brooklyn Nets is helping to finance an attempt to attack the credibility of the whistle-blower who exposed the country’s elaborate doping program.” The New York Times adds, “The oligarch, Mikhail D. Prokhorov, who led Russia’s biathlon federation before and during the 2014 Sochi Games, is backing a long-shot legal effort against the whistle-blower, Dr. Grigory Rodchenkov, that will commence with a defamation lawsuit to be filed in New York State Court on Tuesday. The suit, which The New York Times reviewed before it was filed, claims Dr. Rodchenkov defamed three now-retired Russian biathletes — Olga Zaytseva, Yana Romanova and Olga Vilukhina — when he linked them to the state-controlled scheme that corrupted the last Winter Games in Sochi, Russia.” They are assholes, aren’t they? And they are willing to take advantage of every letter of every law here to exploit it for maximum gain for their own bogus and mendacious causes, aren’t they? The New York Times notes, “The attorney for the women, Scott Balber, has other Russian clients. In addition to representing Mr. Prokhorov in other matters, Mr. Balber also represents the Russian billionaire Aras Agalarov and his son Emin,” and “Mr. Balber also represented Mr. Trump in a 2013 lawsuit against the comedian Bill Maher for likening Mr. Trump to an orangutan. The suit seeking $5 million was dropped about eight weeks after it was filed.”

From The New York Times.



Agence France Presse reports, “A Moscow court on Tuesday upheld the Russian security service’s refusal to open the files of Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg — who saved thousands of Jews during World War II — to his family.” That is because they killed him when they were [coughs, sneezes, chokes, dies before the words come out] “liberating” the Eastern half of Europe, which they occupied for nearly half a century, raping it of everything: dignity, material wealth, sovereignty, life and livelihoods. Agence France Presse adds, “After being repeatedly refused access to his files, the Wallenberg family last year sued the FSB security service (the successor of the KGB). A Moscow court rejected the lawsuit in September, a decision which the family appealed. Russian agencies reported that an FSB representative told the court on Tuesday that publishing the files could lead to releasing information on Wallenberg’s cell mates that ‘not every relative wants.’” Translation: the FSB has not quite worked out the lies yet vindicating their predecessors and reframing everything as Wallenberg’s fault. Agence France Presse recalls, “As a special envoy in Nazi-controlled Hungary, Wallenberg issued Swedish identity papers to tens of thousands of Jews, allowing them to flee Nazi-occupied Hungary and likely death.” Agence France Presse notes, “In 1957, the Soviet Union released a document saying Wallenberg had been jailed in the Lubyanka prison, the notorious building where the KGB security services were headquartered [and FSB still is], and that he died of heart failure on July 17, 1947. But his family refused to accept that version of events, and for decades have been trying to establish what happened to him. They specifically want to know if Wallenberg was ‘Prisoner number 7’ who according to records was interrogated on July 23, 1947 — six days after Wallenberg’s alleged death.” They would bring back a man from the dead just to interrogate him, but even the KGB is incapable of that feat.

From Agence France Presse.



The Washington Examiner reports, “Pornographic actress Stormy Daniels will ‘bare all’ during an online performance Wednesday that her team says is ‘fit to topple regimes.’” In case you have forgotten, but how could you, Stormy Daniels had an affair with our fake Russian bullshit president at a golf tournament in Tahoe as she shilled for her porn production company. Stormy delivered the much awaited smut component of the white trash carnival, which for some unknown reason took a nearly a year from Inauguration (the catastrophe) to materialize.

From The Washington Examiner.



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