CNN reports, “President Donald Trump resumed his criticism Tuesday of the investigation into possible ties between his campaign and Russia. Trump’s messages broke a relative Twitter silence for the President, who, aside from several retweets, hadn’t tweeted since Saturday.” CNN notes, “‘WITCH HUNT,’ Trump simply wrote at one point Tuesday.” This is good news as it tells you he is sweating terribly. Because this is all so redundant by now because the fake president is a petulant child, CNN adds, “The tweets include commentary on Fox doubting that his campaign colluded with Russia, which he has vigorously denied. One tweet reiterated his commonly stated belief that his 2016 general election opponent, Hillary Clinton, should be investigated for ‘criminality.’” Remember every pound of flesh taken from the death cult must result in a pound of flesh extracted from Hillary – or at least an earnest attempt to do so.

From CNN.



CNN reports, “US Cyber Command chief Adm. Mike Rogers told lawmakers on Tuesday that he has not been granted the authority by President Donald Trump to disrupt Russian election hacking operations where they originate.” When asked, “if he has been directed by the President, through the defense secretary, to confront Russian cyber operators at the source, Rogers said ‘no I have not’ but noted that he has tried to work within the authority he maintains as a commander,” CNN adds. Rogers said, “They have not paid a price that is sufficient to change their behavior”. Note to our fake Russian bullshit president: that “they” does not refer to a 300-pound man in his basement; they are the Russians.

From CNN.


NBC News
reports, “The U.S. intelligence community developed substantial evidence that state websites or voter registration systems in seven states were compromised by Russian-backed covert operatives prior to the 2016 election — but never told the states involved”. NBC News adds, “Top-secret intelligence requested by President Barack Obama in his last weeks in office identified seven states where analysts — synthesizing months of work — had reason to believe Russian operatives had compromised state websites or databases. Three senior intelligence officials told NBC News that the intelligence community believed the states as of January 2017 were Alaska, Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Texas and Wisconsin.” Surprise! As TRUMPISTAN WATCH has long asked, when have you ever known ruthless KGB bastards to leave anything to chance? Those are not minor states either. While NBC News notes, “All state and federal officials who spoke to NBC News agree that no votes were changed and no voters were taken off the rolls,” we all know ruthless KGB bastards do not leave things to chance so expect this to change over time. TRUMPISTAN WATCH was purged twice in 2016 from Illinois and now perhaps knows why, albeit all denials run in opposition to factual experience, to which there are witnesses. Now here is where it gets dark with denial as “NBC News reached out to all seven states that were compromised, as well as 14 additional states the Department of Homeland Security says were probed during the 2016 election,” and “To this day, six of the seven states deny they were breached, based on their own cyber investigations.” And the 2018 election is just months away! How do you win a rigged election? Trump knows.

From NBC News.



The Washington Post reports, “Officials in at least four countries have privately discussed ways they can manipulate Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and senior adviser, by taking advantage of his complex business arrangements, financial difficulties and lack of foreign policy experience”. Surprise! Extra surprise: “Among those nations discussing ways to influence Kushner to their advantage were the United Arab Emirates, China, Israel and Mexico”. The Saudis probably too we just did not hear them (yet) and others too, certainly. Hello, Russia! Of note, “Kushner’s contacts with certain foreign government officials have raised concerns inside the White House and are a reason he has been unable to obtain a permanent security clearance,” not simply because he is massively in debt and totally unqualified. No, princeling Jared is uniquely wholly unqualified. The Washington Post adds, “Kushner’s interim security clearance was downgraded last week from the top-secret to the secret level, which should restrict the regular access he has had to highly-classified information”. Now this is where it gets delicious as we get a glimpse of how our country is actually being run as The Washington Post adds, “H.R. McMaster, President Trump’s national security adviser, learned that Kushner had contacts with foreign officials that he did not coordinate through the National Security Council or officially report. The issue of foreign officials talking about their meetings with Kushner and their perception of his vulnerabilities was a subject raised in McMaster’s daily intelligence briefings”. McMaster’s daily intelligence briefings? Like the ones for a president before our fake Russian bullshit president spent his morning consumed watching, tweeting and screaming at Fox News on the teevee screen during so-called “executive time”? Fascinating! Looks like the adults talk about the kids when they are not there. Meanwhile princeling Jared seems keen to take on even more debt making him yet more vulnerable as Bloomberg reports, “Kushner Cos. says it’s negotiating to buy the 49.5 percent of a debt-laden office tower on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue that it doesn’t already own from partner Vornado Realty Trust.” Who will loan him the money to do that?

From The Washington Post and Bloomberg.



POLITICO reports, “Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Tuesday that the Justice Department’s inspector general is looking into a House Republican memo’s claim that prosecutors and FBI agents misled a federal judge when applying for warrants to surveil a Trump campaign adviser [Carter Page] with ties to Moscow. In response to a question at a press conference about government anti-opioid efforts, Sessions appeared to confirm that the Justice Department is investigating the surveillance-related allegations leveled in the memo issued by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) and declassified on Feb. 2 at the order of President Donald Trump.” Horrible. Especially since Private Russian Sessions and DARKNESS AT NUNES both claimed at different points last year that they were recusing themselves from the Russia investigation. Well here is your big red flag they continue to run interference in a joint effort. Note this is not TRUMPISTAN WATCH objecting to transparency and the FISA court, for those of you on the libertarian right and the left, call this a procedural matter and an important one.




The Washington Post reports, “A self-described sex expert whose videos highlighted the ties between one of Russia’s richest men and the Kremlin has been jailed in Thailand and is calling for U.S. help, claiming she has information about links between Russia and President Trump.” The Washington Post adds, “Anastasia Vashukevich, an escort service worker from Belarus who catapulted to a certain measure of fame after filming a yacht trip with Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska and Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Prikhodko, was detained in Thailand over the weekend in a police raid on her ‘sex training’ seminar. While still in custody Tuesday, she published Instagram videos asking U.S. journalists and intelligence agencies to help her.” The Washington Post notes, “Deripaska, with whom Vashukevich said she had an affair, used to employ former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort. But Vashukevich, better known by the alias Nastya Rybka, provided no evidence Tuesday to back up the claim that she had new information to offer”. The Washington Post adds, “A post to her Instagram account showed her sitting on the floor of what was described as a Thai jail cell and said she was sick.” This one is rather sad as she said in a live video on Instagram Tuesday, “In exchange for help from U.S. intelligence services and a guarantee of my safety, I am prepared to provide the necessary information to America or to Europe or to the country which can buy me out of Thai prison.” The Washington Post notes, “Vashukevich said in her video that she had already given an interview to U.S. broadcaster NBC.” Note from this and Melania’s story that it is not always a “Pretty Woman” fairy tale ending for these girls.

From The Washington Post.



The Atlantic reports, “Private Twitter messages obtained by The Atlantic show that Stone and WikiLeaks, a radical-transparency group, communicated directly on October 13, 2016—and that WikiLeaks sought to keep its channel to Stone open after Trump won the election. The existence of the secret correspondence marks yet another strange twist in the White House’s rapidly swelling Russia scandal. Stone and Trump have been friends for decades, which raises key questions about what the president knew about Stone’s interactions with Wikileaks during the campaign.” So it goes naturally that, “The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.” The Atlantic notes, “Stone confirmed the authenticity of the messages, but called them ‘ridiculously out of context’ and ‘a paste up.’ He said that he provided the complete exchange to the House Intelligence Committee, but did not immediately respond to a request to provide his own record of the conversation to The Atlantic,” which adds, “A screenshot of the exchange, which has not been previously reported, was provided to the House Intelligence Committee last year by a third-party source. The private messages confirm that Stone considered himself a ‘friend’ of WikiLeaks, which was branded a ‘non-state hostile intelligence service’ by CIA Director Mike Pompeo last April.”

From The Atlantic.



Bloomberg reports, “Allies of President Donald Trump have created a new fund to cover legal expenses for administration officials and associates caught up in Russia probes led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and various congressional committees”. Bloomberg adds, “The project, named the Patriot Legal Expense Fund Trust, will operate as a tax-exempt political organization under section 527 of the tax code, according to documents posted to the website of the Office of Government Ethics. The fund, which is now running, was set up independently from Trump’s re-election campaign”. However , “The fund also won’t support anyone charged with a crime, according to the document,” so some probably will not have access to it forever, one can assume safely.

From Bloomberg.



The AP reports, “A Danish newspaper said Tuesday a whistleblower warned the management of Denmark’s biggest bank in 2013 that family members of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russia’s spy agency were using its Estonian bank branch for money laundering. Denmark’s Berlingske daily says the leaked internal report indicated that the Danske Bank leadership knew ‘of far more serious conditions than previously stated.’” Reuters adds, “Estonia’s financial regulator said on Tuesday it would open an investigation into Danske Bank (DANSKE.CO) after media reported it had been aware of money-laundering allegations at its Estonian branch as far back as 2013.”

From the AP and Reuters.



Bloomberg reports, “The mind-boggling news story of cocaine-filled suitcases at the Russian embassy school in Buenos Aires demonstrates that the tolerance President Vladimir Putin’s regime has shown for all kinds of moonlighting and freelancing by its servants has gone too far. The regime needs to find a way to curb it; otherwise it will end up being treated as a criminal organization.” As TRUMPISTAN WATCH noted at the start of the week, “The official version of the story raises more questions than it answers.” Bloomberg recalls, “Some 18 months ago someone (the Russian foreign ministry won’t say who) found bags filled with almost 400 kilograms of cocaine stored in the embassy school building. According to Argentine sources, Russian Ambassador Viktor Koronelli alerted the local police. The bags allegedly belonged to a former technical employee of the embassy whose contract had expired. Russian and Argentinian officials then conducted a joint operation that culminated in December 2017, when the bags were filled with flour, fitted with a GPS device and flown to Moscow to determine the recipient. Three people were detained, including the former embassy employee and two people who tried to claim the cargo. There are problems with this version,” and they are numerous from logistical to personnel matters. Bloomberg adds, “Most intriguingly, the Russian daily RBC tracked the number of the plane on which the flour was taken to Moscow — it appears in one of the photos published by the Argentinian authorities — to Rossiya, the elite air unit that takes care of top Russian officials’ travel. Rossiya is run by the presidential staff’s business department, which promptly denied that one of its planes was involved, although a plane with that number was indeed in Buenos Aires in December 2017.” Bloomberg notes, “Russians, especially security personnel with access to useful bits of government infrastructure use this access to line their pockets.” As Bloomberg observes, “In the end, all the moonlighting creates the impression that there is barely a line between the Russian security establishment’s activities by day and by night.”

From Bloomberg.



Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reports, “Supporters and relatives of Boris Nemtsov have formally unveiled a new Washington, D.C., street plaza dedicated to the assassinated Russian opposition leader, as compatriots marked the third anniversary of his killing in Moscow. The ceremony to rename the plaza — a grassy lot opposite the Russian Embassy — was one of the highlights of efforts in Russia, the United States, and elsewhere to honor Nemstov, who was gunned down on a bridge just meters from the Kremlin on February 27, 2015.”

From Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.





CNN reports, “Investigators for special counsel Robert Mueller have recently been asking witnesses about Donald Trump’s business activities in Russia prior to the 2016 presidential campaign as he considered a run for president”. CNN adds, “Questions to some witnesses during wide-ranging interviews included the timing of Trump’s decision to seek the presidency, potentially compromising information the Russians may have had about him, and why efforts to brand a Trump Tower in Moscow fell through”. Additionally, “Questions have also touched on the possibility of compromising information that Russians may have or claim to have about Trump”.

From CNN.



POLITICO reports Robert Mueller “asked a federal court in Alexandria, Virginia Tuesday to dismiss a series of criminal charges against Gates, including tax and bank fraud, in exchange for his guilty plea and testimony in the wider probe into the 2016 presidential election.” POLITICO adds, “Gates also secured another win on Tuesday when a different judge granted his request to take his children to Boston next week for their spring break — well outside the 110-mile corridor between his home in Richmond and Washington that he’d previously been confined to for his travels.” POLITICO notes, “The additional leniency comes after Gates agreed to a plea deal last Friday with Mueller that stipulates he must cooperate ‘in any and all matters’ that the special counsel’s office decides are ‘relevant.’




BuzzFeed reports, “A Ukrainian woman named Anna says Joseph Mifsud asked her to marry him in a restaurant overlooking the Kremlin. Later, he allegedly told a Trump campaign aide [George Papadopoulos] that Russia had ‘dirt’ on Hillary Clinton. She hasn’t heard from him since that news broke in October.” And guess what? She says she has his love child! And she saved – and shared – their text messages! Which are in English? And they reveal SO much. So, let’s get to it! Since “Mifsud went to ground,” it seems “His biography disappeared from one university where he taught and he quit his job at another university. His email and cell phones went dead. And politicians, colleagues and journalists can’t find him.” Not even “Anna, his 31-year-old Ukrainian fiancée”. And because this is all a giant white trash carnival like Jerry Springer, she “says he is the father of her newborn child”! So it appears her story “offers a glimpse at the human collateral damage of an intelligence operation in which the mysterious Mifsud was allegedly a central figure.” Anna told BuzzFeed (which is withholding her last name to deflect unwanted attention they say), she “was seven months pregnant and engaged to Mifsud when he became the focus of world media attention as the professor who told Papadopoulos that Russia had ‘dirt’ on Clinton.” Mifsud “cut off all contact with Anna, including phone calls and WhatsApp messages. That silence has held, even six weeks after the daughter Anna says he fathered was born.” Now the juice as “BuzzFeed News first contacted Anna in October, finding her name among Mifsud’s friends on Facebook. She refused to talk then, saying her relationship with Mifsud was private. According to WhatsApp messages she later shared, she told the professor about BuzzFeed News’ attempt to speak to her — and in his very last WhatsApp message to Anna, Mifsud asked her not to talk to journalists.” But he burned her so “she’s changed her mind. The result is new information about Mifsud’s activities, including his claim of having dined with Sergey Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister.” Most curious for our purposes, “In a series of WhatsApp messages sent in May 2017, Mifsud also told Anna he was in Saudi Arabia at the same time as President Donald Trump’s visit, and in Sicily, Italy, for the G7 Summit.” TRUMPISTAN WATCH finds it most curious that the messages are in English, as if made for us. But what also is he doing so close to our Great Lunatic still?

From BuzzFeed News.



ABC7 Chicago reports, “Top Democrats are asking the Pentagon for records about a Chicago banker linked to ex-Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort. Today, Rep. Elijah Cummings, the Ranking Member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, and Rep. Stephen Lynch, the Ranking member of the Subcommittee on National Security sent a letter to Secretary of Defense James Mattis asking for information on Chicago banker Stephen Calk. In the letter, they cite “’extremely troubling’ press reports suggesting’ that Calk ‘may have made loans of up to $16 million’ to Manafort ‘in exchange for alleged promises to name him Secretary of the Army.’” ABC7 Chicago adds, “The congressmen also asked the Pentagon to provide a briefing and produce documents related to Calk by March 13th.”
From ABC7 Chicago.





POLITICO reports, “White House communications director Hope Hicks declined to answer many questions during an appearance on Tuesday before the House Intelligence Committee, escalating a standoff over witness ground rules between the West Wing and House members investigating Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.” POLITICO adds, “Hicks said she was acting on instructions from the White House when she refused to answer questions covering her time on the post-election transition and in the West Wing, committee members said. It is unclear whether President Donald Trump officially authorized her to invoke executive privilege on his behalf, a step some lawmakers believe he must take to make such a claim valid.” The committee questioned Hope for over nine hours yesterday. POLITICO notes, “She spent much of that time answering questions about her time on the Trump campaign, when investigators believe Russians made multiple efforts to infiltrate Trump’s circle. Toward the end of the day, Hicks abandoned her refusal to discuss the presidential transition — but continued to decline queries about her White House tenure.” Rep. Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat, is quoted by CBS News, “This is not executive privilege, this is executive stonewalling”. The New York Times adds, “her work for President Trump, who has a reputation for exaggerations and outright falsehoods, had occasionally required her to tell white lies.”

From POLITICO, CBS News and The New York Times.



Just Security reports, “The Schiff memo, the Democrats’ response to the Nunes memo’s claims about the Russia investigation, was released over the weekend and it contained a few nuggets of new information. We learned, for example, that the FBI interviewed Carter Page, who served as a foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign, in March 2016 about his contacts with Russian intelligence. This is new public information and it’s pretty stunning. This means after Page’s 2013 run-in with federal investigators for spending too much time with Russian spies, the FBI was once again suspicious of his contacts with Russian intelligence right around the time he joined the Trump campaign. So, although the FBI didn’t apply for a FISA warrant on Page until October 21, 2016, it clearly had detected some red flags much earlier that year.” Just Security notes, “almost as important as what the memo says is what it doesn’t say, because it got redacted during the Justice Department’s classification review,” however, “just because portions were redacted doesn’t mean they represent black holes of information.” Just Security adds, “For various reasons, we’re still able to discern what may lie behind those blocks of blacked-out text. As Matt Tait, a former information security specialist at Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters, pointed out on Twitter, it appears not all precautions were taken to be sure no one could uncover what had been redacted.” Tait notes a redaction that failed to conceal a number indeed revealed, “the FBI was already looking into four individuals associated with the Trump campaign, including Page, in September 2016.” Of course, “This is significant to the argument Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) is making in his memo because it shows this was all taking place before the FBI’s counterintelligence team even had Steele’s reporting.” Another failed redaction, coupled with an unredacted footnote reveals, “From this, we can infer who the four individuals most likely are: Carter Page, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos and Paul Manafort.”

From Just Security.





The AP reports, “An Associated Press investigation reveals that the political strategist and online guru who was just named as President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign manager has a close financial relationship with a penny-stock firm tied to a convicted fraudster. Brad Parscale sold his digital marketing company in August for $10 million to CloudCommerce Inc., a firm with a controversial past.” The AP adds, “In 2006, a top executive at the company, which was operating under a different name at the time, was caught in an FBI bribery sting and later pleaded guilty to securities fraud. The company says the former executive no longer has any connection to the company. Documents indicate the former executive has been involved in corporate decisions in recent years.” So this is one possible way for Parscale to get his real fees in exchange for his silence and complicity.

From the AP.



The Hill reports, “After returning home from the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, first daughter Ivanka Trump says the Trump administration will take steps to increase participation in youth sports.” Is this communist era Czechoslovakia or some Central Asian republic? Every communist country and several post-communist countries still have a Ministry of Youth and Sports. TRUMPISTAN WATCH received a scholarship stipend from Poland’s in college, for instance. As if something out of that era, she wrote in what passes for an opinion piece NBC News published for some reason, “We must break down barriers to youth sports participation”. Where are the children to give her flowers?

From The Hill.


reports, “A top White House communications aide who has worked most closely with Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump is leaving the White House in the coming months. Josh Raffel, who was recruited to the White House by Kushner, has primarily served as a spokesman for Ivanka Trump and Kushner’s White House initiatives”. In other words, he was their personal flak because the normal White House communications operation did not suit the kids. CNN however notes, “A White House official said in an email that Raffel had been quietly promoted to deputy communications director in the fall of 2017.” Raffel is said to leave within the next two months.

From CNN.



The Washington Post reports, “Four Commerce Department political appointees working on interim security clearances lost their jobs Tuesday because of problems in their background checks, the latest fallout from the intensifying public scrutiny on administration officials working without permanent clearances. The department determined that the four appointees — including one who worked for the agency for nearly a year and served for several months as a senior adviser to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross — should not be given access to classified information”. The Washington Post adds, “Among the Commerce appointees who lost their jobs Tuesday was Fred Volcansek, who served as a senior adviser to Ross for several months last year. Since last April, he has worked as executive director of SelectUSA, a program that promotes foreign investment in the United States.” The Washington Post continues, “Three other Commerce appointees also left their posts after they were denied permanent security clearances: Chris Garcia, acting head of the department’s minority business development agency; Edgar Mkrtchian, senior adviser to the International Trade Administration; and Justin Arlett, adviser to the director for the Economic Development Administration, according to multiple officials.” Recall: the goal of active measures is to capture the state, so foreign policy, defense and the economy.

From The Washington Post.



The Kyiv Post published an open letter by Ukrainian alumni of the Wilson Center’s Kennan Institute who are writing to “express its deep concern with the worrisome trends in the overall management and strategy of the Wilson Center’s Kennan Institute. After careful consideration, we would like to request that Wilson Center leadership disintegrate the Ukraine program from the Kennan Institute and transfer it under the auspices of the Wilson Center’s Global Europe Program.” The reason is “a logical outcome of Ukraine’s Euromaidan Revolution of Dignity and its unequivocal desire to break away from the politico-economic influence of Russia. In light of the growing EU-Ukraine partnership, the transfer of our academic program to the Global Europe Program would guarantee the proper academic framework for the analysis of Ukraine’s internal politics, economy and security as part of the European agenda.” The alumni are writing to express their “strong interest in disassociating Ukraine from the Kennan Institute,” because they “are deeply concerned by the Kennan Institute’s growing pro-Kremlin policies, lack of democratic procedures and unprofessional communication with Kennan Institute alumni in Ukraine.” The eruption appears to have occurred in the wake of “Dr. Kateryna Smagliy, Director of the Kennan Institute Kyiv Office” firing and the fact that the Kennan Institute “simultaneously appointed Dr. Mikhail Minakov as Principle Investigator on Ukraine,” earlier this month. The concerns however are deeper as the alumni write, “The Kennan Institute’s growing pro-Kremlin policies threaten to turn the Wilson Center into an unwitting tool of Russia’s political interference. We noted numerous episodes of the Kennan Institute’s involvement with Kremlin associates, as exemplified by its special awards to a Russian businessman Petr Aven, whose name is on the ‘Kremlin’ sanctions list, and to Susan Carmel Lehrman, previously personally awarded by President Putin with an ‘Order of Friendship’.” You know who else has one of those? T Rex. For her part, Kateryna Smagliy published a farewell letter in today’s Kyiv Post marking her last day under a headline, “Goodbye to the Kremlin Institute”. Horrible.

From The Kyiv Post and The Kyiv Post.



The New York Times reports, “Department of Housing and Urban Development officials spent $31,000 on a new dining room set for Secretary Ben Carson’s office in late 2017 — just as the White House circulated its plans to slash HUD’s programs for the homeless, elderly and poor, according to federal procurement records.” Remember, the Trumpistani elites are just tourists in government and are really there for the plunder. The New York Times adds, “The purchase of the custom hardwood table, chairs and hutch came a month after a top agency staff member filed a whistle-blower complaint charging Mr. Carson’s wife, Candy Carson, with pressuring department officials to find money for the expensive redecoration of his offices, even if it meant circumventing the law.” The New York Times notes, “Mr. Carson ‘didn’t know the table had been purchased,’ but does not believe the cost was too steep and does not intend to return it, said Raffi Williams, a HUD spokesman.” So it almost goes without saying, “Department officials did not request approval from the House or Senate Appropriations Committees for the expenditure of $31,561, even though federal law requires congressional approval ‘to furnish or redecorate the office of a department head” if the cost exceeds $5,000,” The New York Times adds. Then there is the abuse of power component to this sad saga as, “About a month before it was ordered, Helen G. Foster, a former top HUD official, filed a complaint with the Office of Special Counsel, a federal whistle-blower agency, claiming that she had been demoted and transferred after resisting Mrs. Carson’s attempts to get around the $5,000 redecoration law.”

From The New York Times.



Yahoo! reports, “The whistleblower who exposed Russia’s Olympic doping scandal is firing back at a powerful oligarch who is financing a lawsuit against him in the United States, demanding that the businessman preserve documents that he believes may show Russian President Vladimir Putin’s government is secretly behind the litigation. And in a letter addressed to Mikhail Prokhorov, the billionaire businessman who is also the owner of the Brooklyn Nets basketball team, the lawyer for whistleblower Grigory Rodchenkov threatens a countersuit aimed at exposing the Russian government’s efforts to harass and intimidate his client in the United States.” Yahoo! adds, “In numerous interviews and in the widely acclaimed Netflix documentary ‘Icarus,’ Rodchenkov described how he worked with the FSB, the Russian spy agency formerly headed by Putin, and with Russia’s sports ministry to oversee a system in which sealed urine samples of athletes were routinely swapped after testing, allowing athletes to take banned substances to avoid detection. After the Sochi Olympics, Rodchenkov was awarded a prestigious Order of Friendship medal by Putin,” like the one T Rex has. Then of course he told the world and now lives in the federal witness protection program in America.

From Yahoo!.





The Washington Post reports, “The Golden State Warriors went to great lengths to keep their plans for what they would do in Washington on Tuesday in lieu of a trip to the White House under wraps. Then, guard Klay Thompson divulged the information after Monday night’s 125-111 victory over the New York Knicks here at Madison Square Garden. ‘The White House is a great honor,’ Thompson said, ‘but there are some other circumstances that we felt uncomfortable going. We’re not going to politicize anything. We’re going to hang out with some kids, and take them to the African American Museum, and hopefully teach them some things we learned along the way, and life lessons, and hopefully give them some great memories.’” The Washington Post notes fake “President Trump disinvited them from a White House visit in September.” Some other circumstances?! Like we don’t have a real president who is not a puerile racist piece of shit? Take the kids. Learn about our beautiful American people instead. The fake president is not our country, not its focus and most definitely not our leader and never will be.

From The Washington Post.



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