Reuters reports, “The top U.S. intelligence official insisted on Tuesday that President Donald Trump’s administration is ‘actively engaged’ in countering Russian efforts to influence the November elections, even as he warned of Moscow’s continuing ‘malign activities.’” The fake Russian bullshit president still insists everything is a hoax and has fits of paranoid delusions while sidestepping blaming and punishing Russia — but do not believe that which you can see and hear, only believe the fake Russian bullshit president and the corruptible liars he appoints! Yet Dan Coats insisted during the Senate hearing yesterday that, “The White House is actively engaged,” and, “This is a high priority for them”. Why does Dan Coats have to lie? We can see and hear what is happening. Is he aware? Business Insider portrayed the hearings in a slightly more sinister way adding, “Russia ‘is likely to continue to pursue even more aggressive attacks, with the intent of degrading our Democratic values and weakening our alliances,’ Coats said during a ‘Worldwide Threats’ hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee.” Rather than the chipper quotes Reuters lingered on, Business Insider quotes Coats striking a Hollywood-style menacing tone, “Thanks to Vladimir Putin, we’ve gotten a wake-up call,” adding, “The Russian bear came out of hibernation and was hungry … so NATO’s now back in business.” Isn’t it always amazing that people sometimes talk this way in Washington? Grossly, “Coats added that although it was ‘disappointing’ that Germany, ‘the country most capable of providing strength and resources to NATO,’ was not contributing as much as the US would like, other member states have stepped up to combat Russia and provide ‘significant coordination and integration to intelligence that NATO hadn’t had before.’” So the guy was asked about Russia and made an ad hoc attack on Germany? Perfect. Most disgustingly though for our purposes of enacting revenge on the nation engaged in an all systems attack on our country, Business Insider notes, “Coats said that Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin is in the process of ‘bringing out a list of sanctions’ against the 13 Russian nationals whom special counsel Robert Mueller charged last month with mounting a social media influence operation to interfere in the 2016 race.” That is bullshit because a much more amplified list exists and Treasury suppressed it and came out with a fake instead. TRUMPISTAN WATCH has sent a Freedom of Information ACT (FOIA) request for that list and was first told there would be a delay of 10 days, then placed in a queue for “complex” queries at number 870. So from an informed perspective, TRUMPISTAN WATCH can tell you Dan Coats is full of shit.

From Reuters and Business Insider.



CNN reports, “The US Office of Special Counsel announced Tuesday that White House aide Kellyanne Conway violated the Hatch Act on two occasions by ‘advocating for and against candidates’ in last year’s Alabama Senate special election.” CNN notes, “In new report, the OSC special counsel, Henry Kerner, pointed to Conway’s TV interviews conducted in her ‘official capacity’ in November and December of last year. The agency said Conway ‘impermissibly mixed official government business with political views about candidates in the Alabama special election.’” CNN adds, “In letter to President Donald Trump, Kerner said he is referring her violations for the President’s ‘consideration of appropriate disciplinary action.’” Discipline – in this White House!? Tell Russia to tell them. CNN notes, “The Office of Special Counsel is unrelated to the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller, and is an independent agency with purview of the Hatch Act.” Kellyanne, always saying what human garbage has to say. This is all because she was defending that child molester Roy Moore who helped put a Democrat in Alabama’s Senate seat.

From CNN.



POLITICO reports, “Gary Cohn is resigning as National Economic Council director amid a battle over tariffs within the Trump administration, the White House said Tuesday.” Rumor was he was only sticking around to prevent this and looks like this, namely the self-destruction of our economy, cannot be prevented because the goal of active measures is to capture the state, so foreign policy, defense and the economy. POLITICO notes, “Cohn, who left his post as president and chief operating officer at Goldman Sachs to join the White House in 2017, had urged Trump not to impose steep tariffs. He was widely seen as likely to exit after Trump announced plans to impose a 25 percent tariff on steel imports and a 10 percent tariff on aluminum imports.” Note this is his moral line, not the neo-Nazis on the streets who the fake Russian bullshit president called “very fine people” or anything else really. Before his departure, Cohn can take credit for “a policy victory with the passage late last year of the Republican tax plan,” thereby squeezing what little joy that may be left in the lives of the next generation from them. Victory! One of the villains of the 2008 financial crisis Lloyd Blankfein said of his colleague, “Gary Cohn deserves credit for serving his country in a first-class way”. Oh yes, the taxpayers no doubt picked up the tab for all that first classing it up. And so will generations to come! We, the youth, just really hope the caviar and champagne are delectable as we look forward to mash in caves.




The Washington Post reports, “Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III has requested documents and interviewed witnesses about incidents involving Michael Cohen, the longtime lawyer for President Trump whose wide-ranging portfolio has given him a unique vantage point into Trump’s business, campaign and political activities.” The Washington Post adds, “Cohen played a role in at least two episodes involving Russian interests that have drawn Mueller’s attention”. The Washington Post notes, “One area of focus has been negotiations Cohen undertook during the campaign to help the Trump Organization build a tower in Moscow. Cohen brought Trump a letter of intent in October 2015 from a Russian developer to build a Moscow project. Later, he sent an email to Russian President Vladi­mir Putin’s chief spokesman seeking help to advance the stalled project. He said he did not recall receiving a response. Another area that Mueller’s team has explored is a Russia-friendly peace proposal for Ukraine that was delivered to Cohen by a Ukrainian lawmaker one week after Trump took office”. The Washington Post recalls, “Cohen is also among nine Trump associates whose communications with former Trump aide Sam Nunberg are being sought by the special counsel, according to a grand jury subpoena sent to Nunberg last week. Cohen is the only individual on the list who never worked for Trump’s campaign or the White House — and the only one still working for the president.”

From The Washington Post.



The Daily Beast reports, “On Dec. 19, 2017, a former staffer for Sen. John McCain named David Kramer testified before the House intelligence committee behind closed doors. He’d played a role in bringing the salacious and unverified Steele dossier to the FBI’s attention, and members peppered him with questions about it. Then something unusual happened. Word of Kramer’s testimony got out—to the lawyer of another witness.” The Daily Beast notes, “some people working on the committee investigation may be trying to covertly assist one of the president’s closest allies—when the president’s inner circle is ostensibly a focus of their probe.” It seems “A few days after Kramer’s testimony, his lawyer, Larry Robbins, got a strange call. The call was from Stephen Ryan, a lawyer who represents Trump’s longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen.” The Daily Beast adds, “Ryan told Robbins he reached out because someone from the House told him that Robbins’ client, Kramer, had information about the Steele dossier that could help Cohen. Robbins declined to help. Ryan then asked Robbins not to tell the House intel committee about their conversation,” but, “Robbins told the committee anyway.”

From The Daily Beast.



The Hill reports, “Roger Stone on Tuesday pushed back at the notion that it would be treasonous if President Trump’s campaign coordinated with WikiLeaks to release emails from rival Hillary Clinton’s campaign.” The Hill adds, “‘I’ve been accused of being a dirty trickster. There’s one trick that’s not in my bag: That’s treason,’ Stone, a longtime GOP operative and informal adviser to Trump, said on MSNBC’s ‘Meet The Press Daily’. ‘For it to be a treasonous act, [Julian] Assange would have to provably be a Russian asset, and WikiLeaks would have to be a Russian front. And I don’t think that’s the case,’ he continued, referring to the founder of the anti-secrecy group.” It’s official: Roger Stone’s best defense is that he is just a useful idiot. And nobody buys it either.

From The Hill.



The AP reports, “A former Trump campaign aide,” Sam Nunberg, “spent much of Monday promising to defy a subpoena from special counsel Robert Mueller, even throwing down the challenge to ‘arrest me,’ then backed off his defiance by saying he would probably cooperate in the end.” In brief, the AP recalls, “During his afternoon tirades, Nunberg detailed his interview with Mueller’s investigators, mocking them for asking such questions as if he had heard Russian being spoken in Trump Tower. He then said he would reject a sweeping demand from Mueller for communications between him and top Trump advisers.” Seems he changed his mind after entertaining the press for hours on Monday while not really saying a whole lot. Surprise! Another deranged fame-seeking whore in Trump’s orbit, who could have predicted that? Spoiler: he will not be the last either.

From the AP.



CNN reports, “A Middle East specialist with ties to Donald Trump’s team attended secret meetings during the presidential transition between the United Arab Emirates and Trump associates, and is now cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller”. CNN adds, “George Nader, a low-profile diplomatic go-between who has forged close ties to the Emirates, was stopped and questioned by the FBI at Dulles International Airport in January as he returned from an overseas trip”. It seems “Since then, he has been talking to Mueller’s investigators and providing information to the grand jury.” CNN notes, “Nader attended a December 2016 meeting in New York between Emirati officials and members of Trump’s inner circle, and another in January 2017 in the Seychelles islands between the Emiratis and Erik Prince, a Trump associate. Nader was also in the Seychelles when Prince met with a Russian banker”. He gets around and really keeps wonderful company, but alas money does not care who owns it.

From CNN.



POLITICO reports, “Two powerful House Republicans are pressuring Attorney General Jeff Sessions to appoint a prosecutor to investigate the FBI’s 2016 decision to spy on Carter Page”. POLITICO adds, “House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte and House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy sent a letter Tuesday to Sessions and his deputy, Rod Rosenstein, urging them to name a special counsel to review Republicans’ allegations that the FBI misled a federal judge to obtain a warrant to conduct surveillance of Page”. They are really going to hinge the counter defense on this one loon with the most obvious tell in the world? Well death cult members are going to act as if they belong to a death cult. POLITICO notes, “The decision by the two prominent chairmen to seek a special counsel escalates the confrontation between Congress and the Justice Department and drives up the pressure on Sessions, who last week weathered a Twitter attack from Trump for refusing to assign Justice Department prosecutors to the matter. The Justice Department, Sessions said, had deferred to an internal watchdog, Inspector General Michael Horowitz, to review the FBI’s handling of Page. Gowdy and Goodlatte said only a special prosecutor would have the authority to compel testimony from former officials, such as former FBI Director James Comey or his outgoing deputy Andrew McCabe.” What about Hillary? My god, drag her across the floor!




Euractiv reports, “EU defence ministers yesterday (6 March) held their first meeting in the ‘PESCO format’. This means that, although ministers from all EU member states were present, only those participating in the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) pact were involved in adopting legal acts. Twenty-five EU governments – all except the UK, Denmark and Malta – launched the PESCO agreement in December to fund, develop and deploy armed forces together.” Note this is the consequence of Trump’s attacks on NATO. Euractive adds, “The next steps are as follows: In May, the PESCO secretariat will call for proposals for a next set of PESCO projects; in June, the Council will adopt governance rules for the PESCO projects; The process to identify, assess and select the next PESCO projects will last until October,” with the European months of vacation in between to ensure extra efficiency, and, “In November the Council will adopt the new set of PESCO projects.” Let’s hope we are not at war before then, shall we, as war is almost certainly inevitable now.

From Euractiv.



The Jamestown Foundation reports Russia has extended “to Italy’s Stefano Valdegamberi (affiliated with the far-right Lega Nord) and Andreas Maurer (leader of Germany’s far-left Die Linke) to observe the Russian presidential election on March 18.” The Jamestown Foundation adds, “The invitation to Valdegamberi was signed by Vyacheslav Volodin, the chair of the State Duma (lower chamber of the Russian parliament), and the invitation to Maurer was issued by one of the deputy chairs of the Federation Council (upper chamber).” The Jamestown Foundation notes, “Valdegamberi’s invitation was dated February 21, while the invitation to Maurer was dated even more recently, on February 27. Nevertheless, both invitations requested an answer by March 4. This exceptionally tight turn-around time strongly suggests prior agreements and cooperation between both parties and the Kremlin—meaning a near-certainty of acceptance.” The Jamestown Foundation recalls, “Maurer was in Ukraine earlier in 2018, from February 3 to 7, when he visited the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR).”

From The Jamestown Foundation.



Reuters reports, “Britain warned Russia on Tuesday of a robust response if the Kremlin was behind a mysterious illness that has struck down a former double agent convicted of betraying dozens of spies to British intelligence.” Who knows maybe May will pull Putin aside and tell him to “knock it off” by way of punishment. Reuters adds, “Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson named Sergei Skripal, once a colonel in Russia’s GRU military intelligence service, and his daughter Yulia as the two people who were found unconscious on Sunday on a bench outside a shopping center in southern England. Skripal, 66, and his 33-year-old daughter were exposed to what police said was an unknown substance in the city of Salisbury. Both are still critically ill in intensive care, police said.” Reuters notes, “If Moscow were shown to be behind Skripal’s illness, Johnson said, it would be difficult to see how UK representation could go to the World Cup in Russia in a normal way. A government source said that meant attendance of ministers or dignitaries.” Seizing assets of corrupt Russians in London however, an actual signal, would be too not normal. So instead, knock it off, Russia!

From Reuters.




The Washington Post
reports, “Stormy Daniels, the porn star who says she was paid to keep quiet about her alleged affair with Donald Trump, sued the president Tuesday, asking the court to declare that her nondisclosure agreement before the 2016 election is void because Trump did not sign it.” How is this real? The Washington Post adds, “In the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, Daniels — whose real name is Stephanie Clifford — said she had wanted to go public with the story of her alleged decade-old affair with Trump in the weeks leading up to the election.” Again, how is this real life? Gentlemen, a note to the wise: if you have affairs pick women with some things bigger than you going on in their lives to reduce this risk. TRUMPISTAN WATCH is also here to provide life advice and help you ensure you live your best life.

From The Washington Post.



POLITICO reports, “After more than a year on defense against a flurry of legal challenges to President Donald Trump’s immigration policies, the Justice Department went on offense Tuesday, filing a suit against the State of California that alleges obstruction of federal immigration enforcement.” POLITICO adds, “Filed in federal court in Sacramento, the lawsuit targets three sanctuary-focused laws that the California Legislature passed last year. Each was passed as part of a backlash against Trump’s vows to step up immigration enforcement.” As for the law of unintended consequences and the intersection of political ploys, POLITICO notes, “The litigation is modeled on a lawsuit the Obama administration filed in 2010 against a controversial state law in Arizona that sought to crack down on illegal immigrants, SB 1070. That case resulted in a Supreme Court ruling finding that some provisions of the Arizona law unconstitutionally intruded into Congress’ right to set federal immigration policy.” Be still your beating hearts as POLITICO reports, “Attorney General Jeff Sessions is traveling to California to tout the new lawsuit on Wednesday morning in a speech to law enforcement officials in Sacramento.” We still have laws? Smash the laws! Give the leader all the power! First get us a leader!




Reuters reports, “Exxon Mobil Corp’s (XOM.N) $200 million write-down last month on abandoned ventures in Russia – once its next big frontier – points to challenges facing Chief Executive Darren Woods in his second year leading the world’s largest publicly traded oil producer. Some of the biggest bets taken by his predecessor Rex Tillerson, now the U.S. secretary of state, have resulted in billions of dollars in write-downs amid falling production and a stock price that has long lagged peers.” Reuters adds, “That leaves Woods facing the prospect of slow growth and billions of dollars in new spending that could weigh on results for years. In 2018, the company plans capital spending of about $24 billion – up about a quarter since 2016 – suggesting return on capital will get worse before it gets better as the firm waits for a payoff from new exploration under Woods.” Reuters notes, “Exxon is set to host its annual analyst meeting in New York on Wednesday.” It’s as if these Russian investments Exxon tried to make may have been dangled before the former CEO for nothing! Why might Russia do that!? Sort of like what they do with cease fires too, in fact.

From Reuters.



The European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) asks, “Can we envision Russia after the departure of Vladimir Putin,” even though, “we do not know when or how he will leave, who will replace him, or in what kind of international environment the transition will take place?” Putin “will comfortably win the March 2018 election, his victory will mark the arrival of the post-Putin era in Russia’s domestic politics”. The ECFR notes, “while Russia is not on the edge of regime change, the regime is changing.” The ECFR adds, “Many Western observers find it difficult to understand that, for most Russians, Putin is not simply a president but the true founder of the post-Soviet Russian state. Since Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014, opinion polls have indicated that Russians view Putin as a historic figure rather than an elected official.” For this reason ECFR’s analysts conclude, “Therefore, his successor – whoever he or she is – will claim to defend Putin’s legacy even while intending to break from it,” likening him to “a constant, the portrait on the wall that can no longer be taken down,” citing a Levada Center report by Andrei Kolesnikov and Denis Volkov. The ECFR notes, “The fast promotion of the sons and daughters of senior figures in the elite is critical to the president’s plans for post-Putin Russia. There has been a major change in the behaviour and career trajectories of leaders-in-waiting in the last few years: if the sons and daughters of the Yeltsin-era elite tended to study and work abroad, those of the current elite often study in the West but usually work in Russia – many of them for the state. Western sanctions on Russia appear to have accelerated rather than initiated this shift. The relatives of the leading Putin-era siloviki are extending their influence primarily in the financial sphere. For example, Dmitry Patrushev – son of Nikolai Patrushev, secretary of the Security Council of Russia and former head of the Federal Security Service (FSB) – is in charge of Russian Agricultural Bank, Russia’s sixth-largest bank (he is also rumoured to be joining the board of the Russian Railroad Company). Denis Bortnikov, son of FSB head Alexander Bortnikov, is a member of the board of VTB Bank North-West. Pyotr Fradkov – son of Mikhail Fradkov, a former prime minister and head of Russia’s foreign intelligence service – is director general of the Russian Export Centre. Sergei Ivanov Jr, son of a former head of the presidential administration, is prewsident of Arosa. Stanislav Chemezov, son of Sergei Chemezov, is the head of the powerful Interbusiness Group. The rise to power of Andrei Turchak, the new general secretary of United Russia, also fits with this trend.” Change you can’t and shouldn’t believe in. Where else do we see this happening with the kids?

From the European Council on Foreign Relations.



The Jamestown Foundation reports, “Russia’s Armed Forces are reportedly rehearsing innovative approaches to combat tactics in their military exercises. This ‘new’ approach to the combined use of tanks, artillery, Ground Forces personnel and reconnaissance assets is characterized as ‘shock-fire’ (udarno-ognevoy), with only limited details emerging on its precise contours.” The Jamestown Foundation adds, “in late 2017, the chief of the General Staff, Army General Valery Gerasimov, noted that new combat-training manuals were being introduced based on lessons drawn from Russia’s operations in Syria. However, the reported shifts in tactics during combat training also seem to reflect some of the approaches to Russian operations in Donbas”. The Jamestown Foundation notes, “On February 26, commanders of battalions and divisions based in the 20th Combined-Arms Army (CAA) in the Western Military District demonstrated shock-fire tactics during exercises at the Pogonovo training ground, near Voronezh. The defense ministry released a video showing the training. Initial reporting suggested that the ‘shock-fire’ was conducted at ‘great distances,’ claiming improvements in the use of artillery in particular.” The Jamestown Foundation adds, “More than 200 battalion commanders participated in the exercises, involving over 1,000 personnel and 100 pieces of military equipment. According to the deputy commander of the Ground Forces, Major General Timur Trubienko, the targets were struck at ranges of up to 12 kilometers, by no means claiming any advances on traditional artillery capability. However, Trubienko highlighted a ‘unique method’ in fixing and locating the targets. This involves the use of reconnaissance and artillery to exploit the principle of ‘discover and destroy’ (obnaruzhil—unichtozhil), with the targeting occurring in real time based on coordinated use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and reconnaissance radars”. As The Jamestown Foundation notes, “The claim that the shock-fire tactics are new seems exaggerated.” The Jamestown Foundation concludes, “Russia’s Armed Forces are transitioning from traditional reliance upon massed fires to incorporate a more refined network-enabled approach to fixing and locating enemy targets. This exploits a range of force enablers and force multipliers, ranging from radars to UAVs and EW assets. The shock-fire is not new, in the sense that it reflects some of what Russia’s Armed Forces carried out in Ukraine and Syria. But the target acquisition, based on enhanced command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) capabilities, will certainly boost the conventional capacity at the state’s disposal.”

From The Jamestown Foundation.



The Guardian reports, “Without explanation Skripal had been taken from a penal colony, where he had spent the previous five and a half years, and transported in handcuffs to Moscow. Now he was about to board a flight to Vienna. His ultimate destination: Britain.” The Guardian adds, “On the tarmac at Vienna airport he was to be exchanged for 10 Russian ‘sleeper agents’ caught by the FBI and on their way home to Moscow. Heading in the other direction were three fellow Russians, including Igor Sutyagin. All were accused of working for UK or US intelligence,” including the most notorious Anna Chapman. The Guardian notes, “Skripal did not exactly vanish. His semi-detached four-bedroom home, bought in 2011 for £260,000, was registered in his own name. In Russia, Skripal had worked for military intelligence and the GRU, the most powerful and secret of Russia’s three spy agencies. He reached the rank of colonel. Now, at least officially, he was a retired local government planning officer.” The Guardian adds, “In provincial south-west England was he at least safe? The answer is, we don’t yet know. On Sunday afternoon Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, were found in a comatose state on a bench in the centre of Salisbury. This followed exposure to what police describe as ‘an unknown substance’. They are both critically ill in hospital. Scotland Yard’s counter-terrorism unit is involved.”  The Guardian notes, “There are few details about what, if anything, might have caused their terrible symptoms, or what might have befallen Skripal nearly eight years after he exited Moscow. Inevitably, though, the case invites comparison with the 2006 murder of Alexander Litvinenko, who was poisoned in Mayfair by two Kremlin assassins. The killers used a weapon of low-key English style: a cup of (deadly) tea.” The Guardian continues, “Skripal’s case is different. The Russian security service FSB viewed Litvinenko unambiguously as a traitor. But Skripal received a pardon in 2010 from Dmitry Medvedev, Russia’s president at the time; in cold war times this should have made him untouchable. He had betrayed the motherland but admitted his crime (he pleaded guilty and got 13 years). He was swapped as part of a state-to-state deal.” In the old days Russia never would have attempted a coup on the United States either.

From The Guardian.




Russian state-run Tass
reports, “Forbes magazine has published the 32nd annual list of the world’s richest people.” Remember, these are the only people in the whole world whose dreams and ambitions mean anything. Russian state-run Tass reports, officially the top two slots are taken by Americans Jeff Bezos in “the top position on the list with the personal wealth of $112.0 bln” and “Standing next is Bill Gates with $90.0 bln.” Putin is probably worth more than both combined. Russian state-run Tass adds, “The ranking includes the names of 103 wealthiest Russians, whose aggregate capital totals $414 bln.” So due to the omission of Putin, the greatest thief in the world, “Vladimir Lisin, the president of the NLMK steel company, emerged again as the richest Russian in 2018 with $19.1 bln [57th ranking on the global list], up $3.0 bln versus 2017.” Beware Vlad, the other Vlad may want some of that. Other top wealthy Russians on the list include, “Alexei Mordashov, the owner of Severstal company [60th position globally] is number two with $18.7 bln – up $1.2 bln compared with a year ago,” and, “Leonid Mikhelson, the co-owner Novatek natural gas producer and Sibur holding company, turned up number three among the wealthiest Russians. His capital grew $0.4 bln to reach $18.0 bln. He has the 60th position globally.” Russian state-run Tass adds, “Other Russians among the Top 100 richest people of the world are Vagit Alekperov [78th position, $16.4 bln], Gennady Timchenko, the main owner of Volga group [82th position, $16.0 bln], Interros company president Vladimir Potanin [83rd position, $15.9 bln], the main owner of EuroChem Andrei Melnichenko [88th position, $15.5 bln], the founder of Alpha group Mikhail Fridman [93rd position, $15.1 bln], and Skolkovo foundation president Viktor Vekselberg [99th place, $14.4 bln].” Remember, all that matters to these men is their money; your lives mean nothing. This is an overview of the biggest Russian thieves not in the Kremlin.

From Russian state-run Tass.



The AP reports, “A proposal to name a Utah highway after President Donald Trump is getting pushback from state Democrats, including one who said Tuesday that he would suggest naming a ramp for porn star Stormy Daniels, who alleges she had a sexual encounter with Trump in 2006.” The AP adds, “State Sen. Jim Dabakis said he’s trying to show lawmakers that many people would be offended by the idea of honoring Trump for his contentious decision to shrink two national monuments in Utah.” Dabakis said, “I just want the Legislature to understand the level of disrespect that a lot of citizens are feeling by this notion of awarding him this most special byway in the United States”. The AP notes, “Now named the National Parks Highway, it overlaps several roads as it connects a series of iconic national parks such as Zion, Arches and Bryce Canyon. If the idea becomes law, Utah would spend $124,000 on signs for Donald J. Trump National Parks Highway. It’s been approved by a committee of lawmakers and is now paused in the House, where another Democrat is suggesting replacing Trump’s name with recently deceased Utah billionaire and philanthropist Jon Huntsman Sr. Republican Gov. Gary Herbert said that while he wanted the monuments scaled back, naming the highway for Trump might be premature.”

From the AP.



TEDxMidAtlantic released TRUMPISTAN WATCH creator and writer Amanda Rivkin’s TED talk from last fall on “Active Resistance”! Go watch it because it doesn’t suck, TRUMPISTAN WATCH promises only that much.  And then share it and tell everyone because they should see it too, says the person who delivered this TED talk.

From TEDxMidAtlantic.



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