CNN reports in the context of advice that Trump will likely ignore from his National Security Council to expel Russian diplomats over Sergey Skripal’s poisoning with Novichok in the U.K. that “Germany, France, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Czech, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Ireland and several others will ‘likely’ expel the Russians on Monday”. Good. A nation with less Kremlin scum wandering about is a far better, healthier nation, but it is just a start we must hope against hope.

From CNN.





Because America must live on in our hearts, porn stars take precedent over all other things. CBS News reports, “A week and a half before the 2016 election, Donald Trump’s personal attorney paid a porn star named Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about her alleged relationship with the Republican candidate for president. Today, that arrangement is well on its way to becoming the most talked-about ‘hush agreement’ in history, with potential legal and political implications for the president.” A full half of “60 Minutes” Sunday night was devoted to Stormy’s airing of grievances and it was truly a thing of beauty. TRUMPISTAN WATCH had a taco bowl and enjoyed the fine art of schadenfreude and hope many of you did as well. To bolster her claims, her lawyer, Michael Avenatti showed FedEx receipts addresses to Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal attorney, at his Trump Tower address with Trump’s name on it. Most important, Stormy and Avenatti made the case to the nation that, in Avenatti’s words, “This is about the cover-up. This is about the extent that Mr. Cohen and the president have gone to intimidate this woman, to silence her, to threaten her, and to put her under their thumb. It is thuggish behavior from people in power. And it has no place in American democracy.” As TRUMPISTAN WATCH is headquartered in Chicago, there was an exciting hat tip to “The Chicago Way” as Avenatti was asked directly by Anderson Cooper about his ties to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, something he did not exactly deny, stating, “I haven’t done anything in politics in over 20 years”. When pressed about how he was “a former Democratic operative” and how it “sounds political,” Avenatti said the most Rahm Emanuel thing of all: “No, it sounds righteous.” That’s a response where you can literally smell Rahm.

From CBS News.



Fox News reports, “The lawyer for Michael Cohen, President Trump’s personal attorney, sent adult film star Stormy Daniels a cease and desist letter late Sunday following her interview with ‘60 Minutes’ where she spoke about her alleged affair with Trump and claimed she faced threats to her safety.” Fox News adds, “Brent Blakely, Cohen’s attorney, demanded that Daniels apologize for insinuating that his client was behind the threat she described that allegedly took place in a Las Vegas parking lot in 2011. Daniels said in the interview that an unidentified man told her: ‘Leave Trump alone. Forget the story.’ She said she was with her daughter at the time and the man continued, ‘That’s a beautiful little girl. It’d be a shame if something happened to her mom.’” Fox News notes, “The letter, which was also sent to Daniel’s attorney, Michael Avenatti, demanded that the actress refrain from making ‘false and defamatory statements’ about Cohen in the future.” And in response to the cease and desist letter, Avenatti went on “CBS This Morning,” and said, “We’re only getting started. Michael Cohen has zero credibility. We’re going to prove it. His statements thus far in connection with this matter are laughable. This is a man who has a history of thuggish behavior, using intimidation tactics, and trying to step on little people. And as it relates to my client, it’s going to come to an end and we’re going to show the American people exactly who Michael Cohen is.” Additionally, “Avenatti said on Monday that he is in the process of trying to discover the identity of the man Daniels claims threatened her. ‘You can imagine how terrifying that was for my client,’ he said,” adding Stormy “receives threats on a near-hourly basis”.

From Fox News and CBS News.



Reuters reports, “The Kremlin said on Friday the appointment of John Bolton as U.S. President Donald Trump’s national security adviser was the affair of the U.S. administration.” Wink, wink in case you miss it, this is the old, “Never believe anything until the Kremlin denies it,” nod that in fact, they are indeed heavily involved in replacing McMaster with John Bolton, one might say overjoyed in fact if they are willing to do this little arrogant dance about it. On a daily call with reporters, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, “That is not a question for us, it is for the U.S. administration”. Bullshit. Trend News Agency in Azerbaijan adds, “Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has told reporters that he knows new US National Security Adviser John Bolton from when he served as Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United NationsTASS reports. ‘I worked with him, as he was the United States’ acting permanent representative to the United Nations back then,’ Lavrov said. ‘He was an acting envoy, the Senate did not approve his appointment. He worked there for less than a year,’ he added.” Lavrov added, “We used to have occasional phone conversations. Once he came to New York from Washington and we met to discuss the situation at that moment,” you know, asshole-to-asshole dialoguing that is in no way indicative of the fact that Bolton is as horrific as Flynn but on steroids.

From Reuters and Trend News Agency.



Foreign Policy reports, “Incoming National Security Advisor John Bolton and people close to him are expected to launch a massive shake-up at the National Security Council, aiming to remove dozens of current White House officials, starting with holdovers from President Barack Obama’s administration”. He and Foreign Policy mean civil servants loyal to this country, but whatever. Remember the goal of active measures is to capture the state so foreign policy, defense and the economy and remember John Bolton is on video praising a new era of freedom in Vladimir Putin’s Russia. He is sworn in April 9, if the regime lasts that long. Circle the date on your calendar and remember to throw the kitchen sink at this problem before then.

From Foreign Policy.



The New York Times reports, “Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, the retired general who has argued for keeping the Iran deal intact and warned that military confrontation with North Korea would result in ‘the worst kind of fighting in most people’s lifetimes,’ told colleagues on Friday that he did not know if he could work with Mr. Bolton. The White House chief of staff, John F. Kelly, another retired four-star general, was also unenthusiastic about Mr. Bolton’s hiring.” So this means that without a Chief of Staff or a Defense Secretary, in American terms, you pretty much do not have a government and would have regime collapse. Not the worst thing given that our fake Russian bullshit president is really just Russian bullshit as fake and president cancel each other out. It also means we could be on the eve of destruction.

From The New York Times.


Fox News
reports, “Incoming national security adviser John Bolton defended himself Sunday after a Democratic senator questioned whether he would be able to obtain the necessary security clearance over a video speech Bolton gave to a Russian pro-gun rights group in 2013.” Fox News adds, “On Saturday, Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., tweeted out a National Public Radio report about the group Bolton spoke to, known as The Right To Bear Arms. The NPR report described one of the group’s founders, Alexander Torshin, as an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin who served as the deputy speaker of Russia’s parliament for more than 10 years. ‘Can John Bolton even get a security clearance?’ Kaine asked rhetorically. ‘Ties to Russian allies of Vladimir Putin?’” Fox News notes, “According to the NPR report, Bolton was named to the NRA’s international affairs subcommittee in 2011.”

From Fox News.



The Washington Post reports, “When a Russian news agency reached out to George Papadopoulos to request an interview shortly before the 2016 election, the young adviser to then-candidate Donald Trump made sure to seek approval from campaign headquarters. ‘You should do it,”’deputy communications director Bryan Lanza urged Papadopoulos in a September 2016 email, emphasizing the benefits of a U.S. ‘partnership with Russia.’” The Washington Post adds, “Papadopoulos had more extensive contact with key Trump campaign and presidential transition officials than has been publicly acknowledged. Among those who communicated with Papadopoulos were senior campaign figures such as strategist Stephen K. Bannon and adviser Michael Flynn, who corresponded with him about his efforts to broker ties between Trump and top foreign officials”.

From The Washington Post.



After days when they had the opportunity to destroy or at least move sensitive materials to the Russian Embassy, The Guardian reports, “Investigators from Britain’s data watchdog have spent nearly seven hours searching the London offices of Cambridge Analytica. Eighteen enforcement officers entered the Cambridge Analytica headquarters in London’s West End on Friday night to search the premises after the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) was granted a warrant to examine its records. The officials concluded the search at about 3am on Saturday.” The Guardian adds, “The focus of the data watchdog’s investigation includes the acquisition and use of Facebook data by Cambridge Analytica, its parent company, SCL, and Dr Aleksandr Kogan, the academic who developed the app used to gather the data. The growing scandal stems from claims over the harvesting of personal data and whether it was used to affect the outcome of Donald Trump’s US presidential campaign and the EU referendum,” known as Brexit in the media. Meanwhile, CNN adds, “In a statement Friday, the company reiterated its previous claims that it did not use any of the data during its work for Trump. The firm also said it is ‘now undertaking an independent third-party audit’ to verify to the public it complied with a Facebook request in 2015 to delete the data.” Do you believe any of that? Don’t.

From The Guardian and CNN.



The Washington Post reports, “Cambridge Analytica assigned dozens of non-U.S. citizens to provide campaign strategy and messaging advice to ­Republican candidates in 2014, according to three former workers for the data firm, even as an attorney warned executives to abide by U.S. laws limiting foreign involvement in elections.” The Washington Post adds, that Christopher Wylie “provided The Washington Post with documents that describe a program across several U.S. states to win campaigns for Republicans using psychological profiling to reach voters with individually tailored messages. The documents include previously unreported details about the program, which was called ‘Project Ripon’ for the Wisconsin town where the Republican Party was born in 1854.” Of course, “U.S. election regulations say foreign nationals must not ‘directly or indirectly participate in the decision-making process’ of a political campaign, although they can play lesser roles.”

From The Washington Post.



The Washington Examiner reports, “Rudy Giuliani’s law firm warned Cambridge Analytica, which worked with the Trump campaign, in 2014 that foreign citizens could not play ‘substantive management’ roles in the running of U.S. election campaigns unless they were permanent residents”. The Washington Examiner adds, “Lawyers from the firm formerly known as Bracewell & Giuliani, of which the former New York mayor and Trump campaign surrogate was a named partner, detailed their advice in a memo dated July 22, 2014, per MSNBC’s Ari Melber on Friday. The document was addressed to Trump mega-donor Rebekah Mercer, Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon, and Cambridge Analytica’s suspended head, Alexander Nix, Melber said.”

From The Washington Examiner.



The New York Times reports, “The political action committee founded by John R. Bolton, President Trump’s incoming national security adviser, was one of the earliest customers of Cambridge Analytica, which it hired specifically to develop psychological profiles of voters with data harvested from tens of millions of Facebook profiles, according to former Cambridge employees and company documents. Mr. Bolton’s political committee, known as The John Bolton Super PAC, first hired Cambridge in August 2014, months after the political data firm was founded and while it was still harvesting the Facebook data.” The New York Times adds, “‘The data and modeling Bolton’s PAC received was derived from the Facebook data,’ said Christopher Wylie, a data expert who was part of the team that founded Cambridge Analytica. ‘We definitely told them about how we were doing it. We talked about it in conference calls, in meetings.’” Wylie adds, “The Bolton PAC was obsessed with how America was becoming limp wristed and spineless and it wanted research and messaging for national security issues”. The New York Times notes, “Using the psychographic models, Cambridge helped design concepts for advertisements for candidates supported by Mr. Bolton’s PAC, including the 2014 campaign of Thom Tillis, the Republican senator from North Carolina, according to Mr. Wylie and another former employee,” who spoke anonymously. Bolton wants people more militaristic to better hide the gay. What the hell is that about?

From The New York Times.



The Daily Beast reports, “Buried in the massive $1.3 trillion spending bill that Congress is considering this week are strict new punishments against Russia, in what lawmakers and aides say is a message to President Donald Trump to reconsider his relaxed posture toward Moscow.” The Daily Beast adds, “The legislation, which Trump was always expected to sign, includes restrictions that bar many federal agencies from engaging financially or otherwise with the Kremlin and its backers on a number of fronts. Lawmakers from both parties viewed those provisions and others as an opportunity to enshrine new punishments against Vladimir Putin’s regime at a time when the Trump administration has taken heat for its refusal to immediately and fully implement mandatory sanctions and other punishments.” The Daily Beast notes, “Multiple lawmakers and congressional sources from both parties said the new financial barriers aimed at punishing Russia are both robust and significant, and were crafted in light of Russia’s continued aggression in eastern Europe and the Middle East in addition to the likelihood that the Kremlin tries to meddle in the 2018 midterm elections.” The Daily Beast adds, “The spending bill bars the use of federal funds for ‘enter[ing] into new contracts with, or new agreements for Federal assistance to, the Russian Federation,’ and allocates $250 million to the Countering Russian Influence Fund—a 150 percent increase from last year. Additionally, it authorizes significant new sanctions against Russia over its actions in eastern Europe and the Middle East.”

From The Daily Beast.



Business Insider reports, “The Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation on Friday requested public testimony from Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook founder and CEO, adding to the list of congressional panels looking to haul in the company’s top executives.” The committee is lead by Republican Sen. John Thune and Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson. Business Insider adds, “The House Committee on Energy and Commerce has also requested Zuckerberg’s testimony, while the Senate Judiciary Committee has been mulling doing so since two senators asked its chairman, Sen. Chuck Grassley, to bring the billionaire in for a public hearing.”

From Business Insider.



CNN reports, “Atlanta’s mayor on Thursday urged anyone with personal information in city information systems to check their financial records as an investigation continues into a ransomware attack on the city.” CNN adds, “Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms advised city employees to contact credit agencies and monitor their bank accounts in case their personal data was compromised. She urged the public to take the same precautions while investigators work to determine the scope of the attack.” CNN notes, “Atlanta Chief Operating Officer Richard Cox confirmed that the city received a written demand related to the attack. When asked in the news conference if the city was going to pay a ransom, Bottoms said, ‘We can’t speak to that right now.’”

From CNN.



Wired Magazine reports, “After months of silence, Tumblr Friday released a list of 84 usernames and their aliases that it says were connected to ‘state-sponsored disinformation and propaganda campaigns.’ It’s the first time the company has publicly acknowledged what journalists and researchers have known now for months: Russian trolls also used Tumblr to spread their divisive memes and gifs, reportedly to the tune of hundreds of thousands of interactions.” Wired adds wryly, “‘Democracy requires transparency and an informed electorate, and we take our responsibilities very seriously,’ Tumblr wrote in a brief introduction to the list. ‘We aggressively monitor Tumblr for signs of state-sponsored disinformation campaigns, and take the appropriate action when we uncover anything.’ A company spokesperson declined to answer follow-up questions about what form that monitoring takes, how comprehensive the current list is, and what took Tumblr so long to make this information public.” Yes, Tumblr is so serious about transparency it will not answer follow up questions just as Mark and Sheryl so want the truth after being white knuckled shaking in anger for two years that they were literally paralyzed to inaction. Furthermore, Tumblr is so committed to transparency that “when researcher Jonathan Albright told Buzzfeed about IRA-related content on Tumblr, the blogging company and its parent business Oath offered no comment at all, despite reportedly opening Buzzfeed’s emails more than 290 times.” Wired Magazine notes, “Among the accounts are names like bleepthepolice, blacknproud, blackness-by-your-side, and black-to-the-bones. One particularly disturbing post Albright unearthed from 4mysquad featured a GIF of a black girl being sexually assaulted by a police officer. The description for the video said that the officer in question was a member of NYPD; he was in fact a police officer in South Africa.”

From Wired Magazine.



The AP reports, “Back in World War II when the U.S. and Russia were allied against the Nazis, hundreds of Soviet aviators were trained on the North Carolina coast as part of a secret spy project — but now, an effort to honor their mission has triggered a miniature Cold War in a small American city. The Russian Ministry of Defense wants to place a 25-ton bronze monument in Elizabeth City, where the recently declassified ‘Project Zebra’ was carried out. Russia would pay for the 13-foot tall monument, with the city footing the bill for improvements to the as-yet undeveloped park on the Pasquotank River where it would be located.” You know what the Russian Defense Ministry can do with its 25 ton bronze monument? Luckily, “amid international tensions and fears about Russian hacking of U.S. elections, Elizabeth City elected officials have rejected a memorandum of understanding that was to be the next step,” the AP adds. From the AP.



Citing reports in Russian news agencies, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reports, “The Russian ambassadors to Poland and the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania have been summoned to meetings at those countries’ foreign ministries”. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty adds, “The reports on March 26, which cited various named and unnamed Russian diplomats, did not say whether reasons were given for the summonses. They came amid signs that several European Union countries are preparing to expel Russian diplomats in response to the poisoning of a former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia with a nerve toxin in England.” Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty notes, “Officials in the three Baltic states, Poland, and the Czech Republic said they are considering expelling Russian diplomats.”

From Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.





The New York Times reports on “investor and defense contractor” Elliot Broidy who “became a top fund-raiser for Mr. Trump’s campaign when most elite Republican donors were keeping their distance, and Mr. Trump in turn overlooked the lingering whiff of scandal from Mr. Broidy’s 2009 guilty plea in a pension fund bribery case.” The New York Times adds, “After Mr. Trump’s election, Mr. Broidy quickly capitalized, marketing his Trump connections to politicians and governments around the world, including some with unsavory records,” such as, “a Congolese strongman accused of funding a lavish lifestyle with public resources,” “an Angolan politician,” and, “a Romanian parliamentarian facing corruption charges, who posted a photograph with the president on Facebook.” The New York Times notes, “Broidy was so aggressive, some associates said, that they warned him to tone down his approach for fear that he might run afoul of the president, clients or American lobbying and anti-corruption laws.”

From The New York Times.



CBS News reports, “Former U.S. attorney Joseph diGenova and his wife and law partner Victoria Toensing will not be joining the legal team representing President Trump in the Russia probe led by special counsel Robert Mueller. Mr. Trump’s attorney Jay Sekulow said Sunday morning that ‘conflicts’ prevented the pair from formally joining the legal team, but said they would assist in other areas.” CBS News notes, “Sekulow had announced diGenova’s addition to the legal team last week, saying in a statement that he had ‘full confidence that he will be a great asset in our representation of the President,’” and, “Trump denied Sunday morning that he was having trouble finding lawyers to represent him in the Russia probe”. Do not believe your eyes and ears; just believe what the illegitimate fake Russian bullshit president and the Russian mafia state and their proxies tell you. Bonus problem for extra credit: this means Scaramucci lasted how many diGenovas?

From CBS News.



The Guardian reports, “The blueprint for how Cambridge Analytica claimed to have won the White House for Donald Trump by using Google, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube is revealed for the first time in an internal company document”. The Guardian notes, “The 27-page presentation was produced by the Cambridge Analytica officials who worked most closely on Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.” The Guardian adds, “Intensive survey research, data modelling and performance-optimising algorithms were used to target 10,000 different ads to different audiences in the months leading up to the election. The ads were viewed billions of times, according to the presentation. The document was presented to Cambridge Analytica employees in London, New York and Washington DC weeks after Trump’s victory, providing an insight into how the controversial firm helped pull off one of the most dramatic political upsets in modern history.” The Guardian cites, “Brittany Kaiser, 30, who was Cambridge Analytica’s business development director until two weeks ago, when she left over a contractual dispute,” as the source, describing her as “the second former employee to come forward in less than a week, talking exclusively to the Guardian about the inner workings of the firm, including the work she said it conducted on the UK’s EU membership referendum.” Kaiser told The Guardian, “Everyone wanted to know: past clients, future clients. The whole world wanted to see it. This is what we were allowed to confidentially show people if they signed a non-disclosure agreement.” The Guardian adds, “Kaiser claims to be committed to human rights, but many would argue her career at Cambridge Analytica tells a different story. She has worked extensively for the firm, pitching business to clients in countries that have a history of exploitation by western political mercenaries, including Lithuania, Benin, Ethiopia and Libya.” There are no saints in politics, only degrees of whoring.

From The Guardian.



The Cambridge Student reports, “Former colleagues of Dr Aleksandr Kogan, the man at the centre of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, expressed concern for the way Kogan used data gathered through university research for the benefit of political consultancy firm Cambridge Analytica.” Citing a Financial Times story, The Cambridge Student notes, “a Cambridge academic, who wishes to remain anonymous, claims that Kogan, during his employment as a Senior Research Associate in the Department of Psychology, used Facebook information ‘in ways that we might not have approved of and clearly threatened to undermine liberal democracy.’” The Cambridge Student adds, “Cambridge Psychometrics Centre was at the time working on developing tools that would be able to analyse anonymised Facebook data for political and psychological research. At the time, Kogan claimed that fears surrounding the ethics of his work were unfounded and he had developed his own tools without using university resources. Concerns were later passed to the university. Following a series of hostile messages between the university’s legal team and the psychometrics department, the University was forced to employ an external lawyer to arbitrate the dispute. The case was eventually abandoned due to its complex nature”. According to The Cambridge Student, “Kogan’s app, downloaded by over 220,000 users, allowed him access to over 50 million facebook profiles.” Of note, “Kogan has not been suspended from his university position, but has been removed from his Russian government-funded role at the University of Petersburg and suspended from Facebook.”

From The Cambridge Student.





The Intercept reports, “John Bolton, President Donald Trump’s pick to be his new national security adviser, has a long association with a group infamous for its role in publishing ‘fake news’ and spreading hate about Muslims.” According to The Intercept, Bolton is “chair of the Gatestone Institute, a nonprofit that focuses largely on publishing original commentary and news related to the supposed threat that Islam poses to Western society. He has served in that role since 2013.” The Intercept notes, “The website routinely portrays Muslim migrants and refugees as an existential threat to Europe and the United States, claiming that immigrants bring ‘highly infectious diseases,’ genital mutilation practices, and terror to any nation that accepts them. The site spent years sharply criticizing the Obama administration for having a ‘traditional Muslim bias’ against Christians.” The Intercept adds, “Bolton has made no effort to conceal his close ties to the forces of Islamophobia. As reporter Eli Clifton noted, Bolton wrote the foreward to a book authored by Robert Spencer and Pamella Geller, two American activists that have led the charge in protesting mosques and spreading conspiracy theories about the threat posed by Islam.”

From The Intercept.



ABC News reports no-self awareness “CNN chief Jeff Zucker sharply attacked the network’s rivals at Fox News Channel on Thursday, saying that it has become a propaganda machine that is ‘doing an incredible disservice to the country.’” Excuse me, sir, who was the president of NBC when “The Apprentice” aired? Who cut out of Hillary rallies to go direct to Trump rallies because you never knew what Trump might say? He probably also blames rural voters into whose living rooms CNN pumped Trump rallies unfiltered during the campaign because those people should have really known better. When the hour for deTrumpification arrives, no one forget about Jeff Zucker.

From ABC News.



Business Insider reports, “Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took out full page ads in several British and American newspapers to apologise for the Cambridge Analytica scandal that has roiled the company over the past two weeks.” Do you think he means it? Business Insider notes, “‘We have a responsibility to protect your information. If we can’t, we don’t deserve it,’ says the ad, which ran in papers including The New York Times, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal.”

From Business Insider.



The New York Times reports, “Numerous Russian news media outlets vowed on Thursday to curtail their coverage of the State Duma, the lower chamber of the Russian Parliament, a day after its ethics commission exonerated a lawmaker accused of sexual harassment by several female journalists.” The New York Times adds, “Some two dozen publications have declared a boycott of the 14-member commission and of the lawmaker, Leonid E. Slutsky, a member from the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, a right-wing nationalist group, who is the chairman of the international affairs committee. Some organizations said they were stopping all professional interaction with Mr. Slutsky, while others like the popular Ekho Moskvy radio station announced a broader ban, withdrawing reporters from the Duma altogether. ‘Ekho Moskvy considers the State Duma an unsafe work location for journalists of both sexes,’ said Aleksei A. Venediktov, the station’s editor in chief.” Pay attention as this is important since, “The Parliament is widely viewed as a rubber stamp for the Kremlin”.

From The New York Times.





BBC News reports, “People in eastern Europe have been wondering at the appearance of orange-tinted snow. Pictures of the snow have been posted on social media from Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania and Moldova.” BBC News adds, “Meteorologists say the phenomenon is caused by sand from Sahara desert storms mixing with snow and rain. It occurs roughly once every five years but concentrations of sand are higher than usual this time. People have complained of sand in their mouths.”
From BBC News.


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