reports, “For the most part, net neutrality died on Monday, April 23rd. It’s death warrant was signed a couple of months earlier when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted on party lines to end the Obama era rule that prohibited internet service providers from discriminating against or in favor of content, based on business considerations.” Great! We are becoming near totally Orwellian thanks to the use of technology that was sold to us to make our lives better and more efficient – yes, we all bought and consumed the soma! Forbes notes, “Without net neutrality in place, ISPs are able to charge fees to content providers to give them faster access into our homes. They could, for example, charge companies like Netflix and YouTube for access to faster connections into the home. You might think that’s OK because Netflix and YouTube can afford these fees but — aside from the possibility that such fees could be passed on to customers — there is the real risk that smaller content providers won’t be able to pay such fees and therefore won’t be able to [sic] complete with services like YouTube and Netflix.” Forbes adds, “Of course, Congress could vote to make Net neutrality the law of the land, but given that the FCC voted on party lines with Republicans opposed to net neutrality and the Democrats favoring it, such a law in unlikely to pass the current Congress or be supported by the President, despite the fact that 2017 poll found that 80% of the population — including 75% of Republicans — were opposed to the FCC’s abolition of the net neutrality rule.” This is government by whom for whom exactly? Citizens? United? Of course, “here is also pending state legislation and litigation that can establish net neutrality within those states”.

From Forbes.



Bloomberg reports, “House Democrats plan Tuesday to interview Cambridge Analytica whistle-blower Christopher Wylie, who renewed his warning over the weekend that ‘malicious actors’ are using social media to threaten democracies around the world.” Bloomberg adds, “Wylie is to meet privately with Judiciary Committee members and staff, as well as staff from the Oversight and Government Reform panel. On Wednesday, he is scheduled to meet behind closed doors with House Intelligence Committee Democrats.”

From Bloomberg.



Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reports, “U.S. authorities have demanded a nearly eight-year prison sentence for a Kazakh-born computer hacker, asserting that a harsh term would send a message to Russia’s main intelligence agency about hacking and espionage. Federal prosecutors made the arguments in court filings in San Francisco ahead of the next hearing for Karim Baratov, who is scheduled to be sentenced on April 24.” No, it will not work like that just as it does not here. The lowest ranks are always slated for punishment while the big fish swim free – any U.S. government employee can tell you that much. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty notes, “As part of his plea deal, Baratov agreed to cooperate with U.S. prosecutors in their investigation of the Yahoo hack. Two officers from the FSB have also been charged, along with another Russian hacker on the FBI’s most wanted list.” Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty recalls, “One of the two FSB officers identified in court papers is Dmitry Dokuchayev, who worked in the FSB’s Center for Information Security, the agency’s lead cyberunit. In December 2016, four months before the U.S. indictments were released, Dokuchayev and his superior, Sergei Mikhailov, were arrested in Moscow and charged with treason along with a researcher for the private computer company Kaspersky Lab.”

From Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.





Bloomberg reports, “President Donald Trump twice gave James Comey an alibi for why a salacious report about the 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow couldn’t be true: He never even spent the night in Russia during that trip, Trump told the former FBI director, according to Comey’s memos about the conversations. Yet the broad timeline of Trump’s stay, stretching from Friday, Nov. 8, 2013, through the following Sunday morning, has been widely reported. And it’s substantiated by social media posts that show he slept in Moscow the night before the Miss Universe contest.” Bloomberg adds, “Now, flight records” show Trump’s “journey to Moscow began in North Carolina, where he attended a birthday tribute to evangelist Billy Graham on Thursday, Nov. 7, 2013. While flight records show Trump’s own Cessna jet headed back to New York that night from Asheville, North Carolina, Trump himself apparently wasn’t aboard. Instead, Trump flew to Moscow on a Bombardier Global 5000 private jet owned by Phil Ruffin, his partner in the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Las Vegas, the New York Times reported in January 2017. Trump’s use of Ruffin’s jet is also reported in the newly published book, ‘Russian Roulette: The Inside Story of Putin’s War on America and the Election of Donald Trump,’ by Michael Isikoff and David Corn.” Bloomberg adds, “The jet — tail number N443PR — had flown from Las Vegas to Asheville on Nov. 6, according to the flight records that Bloomberg purchased from FlightAware, an aviation data company. The flight records don’t say who was aboard the jet, which took off from Asheville at 9:15 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 7, bound for Moscow’s Vnukovo International Airport.” After “The Bombardier jet landed in Moscow on Friday, Nov. 8, at a time unspecified in the records. From Vnukovo airport, it’s less than an hour’s drive to the Ritz-Carlton hotel, where Trump stayed, according to the pageant’s host, developer Aras Agalarov. Trump surfaced online later that day in a Facebook post by the restaurant Nobu Moscow. That night he attended a birthday party for Agalarov.” Bloomberg notes the next night, “On the night of the pageant itself, the plane Trump was said to be using didn’t fully overnight in Russia. Ruffin’s Bombardier took off from Vnukovo airport at 3:58 a.m. Moscow time, the records show.”

From Bloomberg.



The Daily Mail reports, “A fellow porn star has backed up Stormy Daniels’ claims that she was once threatened to stay silent about her alleged affair with Donald Trump.” The Daily Mail adds, “Now Jessica Drake, who claims she turned down a $10,000 offer to have sex with Trump after meeting him at a Lake Tahoe golf event in 2006, says that Daniels told her about the alleged threat on two separate occasions.” The Daily Mail adds, “‘She actually told me about the threat twice,’ Drake said, during her appearance on Good Morning America on Monday. ‘So the first time she told me about the threat was shortly after it happened.” The Daily Mail recalls, “Drake came forward with her own allegations of sexual misconduct against Donald Trump during a 2016 news conference.” The Daily Mail adds, “The adult movie star described how she and Daniels met Trump at the 2006 golf event. Drake says they, and a third woman, were invited back to his hotel suite where he allegedly kissed them and asked them a number of questions.” The Daily Mail notes, “Drake said the trio left but she later got a call from a Trump employee asking her if she would come back for $10,000. She says that while she refused, Daniels went back to the future president’s room.” The Daily Mail notes, “Drake’s account appears to differ somewhat from Daniels’ who has never mentioned Drake in the past, or being in Trump’s room with other women.”

From The Daily Mail.


reports, “On Monday morning, Michael Flynn Jr., the son of President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser, tweeted… ‘American Patriot @GenFlynn did not lie to Pence (or anyone else in the admin) about his perfectly legal and appropriate conversations w Russian AMB Kislyak in Dec 2016’.” CNN notes, “what Flynn Jr. is alleging is that his dad never lied to Vice President Mike Pence (or anyone else!) about his interactions with then-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.” CNN recalls, “That runs directly counter to Pence’s version of events. Pence said Flynn did not tell the truth when the two talked about interactions with Kisylak. ‘I was disappointed to learn that … the facts that had been conveyed to me by Gen. Flynn were inaccurate,’ Pence said a week after Flynn’s firing.” CNN adds, “And it complicates — and seemingly contradicts — the fact that Flynn himself pleaded guilty last year to lying to the FBI about the nature and depth of his interactions with Kislyak during the presidential transition process.” Of course, “there is the fact that Flynn Jr. has a past history of just saying stuff.”

From CNN.



The Washington Post reports, “Secretary of state nominee Mike Pompeo narrowly eked out an endorsement from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Monday after President Trump and a Democratic senator intervened at the last minute, all but guaranteeing that he will be confirmed by the full Senate later this week.” So it turns out that you can meet with three Russian intelligence chiefs including those under U.S. sanctions in Washington and still get confirmed to Trump’s cabinet and head up the State Department no less. Well, the precedent was set with T Rex’s Russian Order of Friendship medal. In any event, always a good time to recall the goal of active measures is to capture the state: foreign policy, defense and the economy. We live in the former USA, a ghost of its former sovereign state. Maintain your capacity for shock and moral outrage, it also serves the function of historical memory for someday we will need to rebuild our institutions once we wrestle them back from the grip of these Russian-back souls lacking in sufficient patriotism and respect for all Americans, notably immigrants and Muslims.

From The Washington Post.



After we moved on Oleg Deripaska like a bitch and grabbed him by the pussy, POLITICO reports, “The Treasury Department Monday eased sanctions on Russian aluminum producer Rusal and said it would consider lifting them altogether if the company severs ties with Oleg Deripaska, a Russian oligarch with close ties to President Vladimir Putin.” What the hell happened? Our fake Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a statement, “RUSAL has felt the impact of U.S. sanctions because of its entanglement with Oleg Deripaska, but the U.S. government is not targeting the hardworking people who depend on RUSAL and its subsidiaries”. What bullshit. You mean the people Deripaska robs senselessly save for a consigliere and some escorts that he probably undervalues as well? That’s not all, though, in fact the U.S. has stepped up to do the Kremlin’s bidding as, “In document released today, OFAC [Office of Foreign Assets Control] said ‘the path for the United States to provide sanctions relief is through divestment and relinquishment of control of RUSAL by Oleg Deripaska.’” Wait until they try this on American companies now that they have a taste. This may be the most obviously corrupt mafia state move yet that the Trumpistani elites have pulled — and that’s a field flush with competition. Reuters adds that despite this clear overture to do the Kremlin’s bidding for it either appearances must be maintained or some hard feelings of betrayal are there – or both – as “Moscow is ‘cautious’ about the possibility of Washington easing its sanctions on Russia’s biggest aluminum producer Rusal, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday.” Russian state-run Tass adds, “Shares of Russia’s aluminum giant Rusal surged 14.8% to 31 rubles per share on the Moscow Exchange on Tuesday following the US Treasury Department’s statement on a potential sanctions relief.”

From POLITICO, Reuters and Russian state-run Tass.



CNN reports, “Russia joined a chorus of voices Monday urging US President Donald Trump to stand by the Iran nuclear deal, as Tehran sent a stern warning that it was an ‘all or nothing’ situation.” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov followed similar words by Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif over the weekend.

From CNN.



Unian Information Agency reports, “The Russian occupation forces have begun military drills in Crimea. Coastal defense missile systems will be involved in the exercises, RFE/RL’s Krym-Realii media project reported with reference to the press service of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.” Unian Information Agency adds, “Russia’s Bastion and Bal coastal defense missile systems were deployed in Crimea. The command and staff training of the missile brigade of the Russian Black Sea Fleet is taking place on the training ground in Crimea.”

From Unian Information Agency.



Bloomberg reports, “Armenian Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan suddenly resigned on Monday less than a week after taking office amid massive opposition protests.” Bloomberg adds, “The crisis erupted when Sargsyan became prime minister last week as Armenia completed constitutional reforms to switch to a parliamentary republic, with executive powers transferred from the presidency to the premier. Pashinyan accused Sargsyan of trying to rule the former Soviet republic indefinitely after two terms as president, and called for his ouster. Tens of thousands of people joined demonstrations amid discontent over official corruption and widespread economic hardship.” Bloomberg notes, “Talks between Sargsyan and Pashinyan on Sunday broke up within minutes when the opposition leader said he’d only discuss the premier’s resignation. Pashinyan was detained shortly after.” Bloomberg adds, “‘Nikol Pashinyan was right. I was wrong,’ Sargsyan said in the statement announcing his resignation. ‘This situation has several solutions but I will not take any of them,’ he said, as he wished ‘peace, harmony and logic for our country.’” Armenia is a close ally of Russia and the echoes of the past are fairly obvious for the Kremlin and Sargsyan’s position now is not one Moscow wishes to emulate. Reuters reports, “The Kremlin said on Tuesday it did not regard political tumult in Armenia, a close Russian ally, as a Ukraine-style revolution and was pleased that the situation there appeared stable for now.”

From Bloomberg and Reuters.





Bloomberg reports, “Special Counsel Robert Mueller and FBI agents seized tens of thousands of items from the home of Paul Manafort last July, including testimony that he gave in a civil lawsuit about a protracted business dispute with Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska. Mueller, who is investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election, disclosed his seizure of the Deripaska-related testimony in a court filing defending an FBI raid on the home of Manafort, President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager. The disclosure shows the depth of Mueller’s interest in understanding the links between Manafort and Deripaska.” Bloomberg adds, “In the raid, agents seized the 2015 testimony, in video form as well as written transcripts, by Manafort and his former right-hand man, Rick Gates, according to a filing late Monday in federal court in Washington. The contents of that testimony, which is sealed, are unknown. Early this year, Deripaska filed a fraud lawsuit against Manafort and Gates.”

From Bloomberg.





The New York Times reports, “For months, members of Congress have been demanding answers about how many families are being separated as they are processed at stations along the southwest border, in part because the Trump administration has in the past said it was considering taking children from their parents as a way to deter migrants from coming here. Officials have repeatedly declined to provide data on how many families have been separated, but suggested that the number was relatively low.” If you listen to the crowd that denies atrocities by Bashar Al Assad, this is a familiar excuse. Now wait for the true horror: “new data reviewed by The New York Times shows that more than 700 children have been taken from adults claiming to be their parents since October, including more than 100 children under the age of 4.” This is not a fluke or inflated number from activists, The New York Times reports, “The data was prepared by the Office of Refugee Resettlement, a division of the Department of Health and Human Services that takes custody of children who have been removed from migrant parents. Senior officials at the Department of Homeland Security, which processes migrants at the border, initially denied that the numbers were so high. But after they were confirmed to The Times by three federal officials who work closely with these cases, a spokesman for the health and human services department on Friday acknowledged in a statement that there were ‘approximately 700.’” At least in Korematsu’s day they kept families together. Meanwhile, The Hill reports, “Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said Monday her agency and the Justice Department will prosecute any members of the Central American ‘caravan’ headed to the United States who cross the border illegally.” What garbage racist nonsense. And BuzzFeed notes, “The White House on Monday wouldn’t deny that President Trump was referring to people having babies when he attacked a ‘crime infested and breeding concept’ in so-called sanctuary cities last week in a much-criticized tweet.” The only family that breeds us the Trump’s as they are the true animals. Meanwhile unaccompanied children in the hands of this administration is a painfully unsettling thing for any American with a conscience, something the Trumpistani elites in charge here clearly lack.

From The New York Times, The Hill and BuzzFeed.



The New Yorker reports, “The National Security Council has a comparatively lean budget—approximately twelve million dollars—and so its staff consists largely of career professionals on loan from the State Department, the Pentagon, and other agencies. When Trump assumed office, N.S.C. staffers initially generated memos for him that resembled those produced for his predecessors: multi-page explications of policy and strategy. But ‘an edict came down,’ a former staffer told me: ‘ “Thin it out.” ’ The staff dutifully trimmed the memos to a single page. ‘But then word comes back: “This is still too much.” ’ A senior Trump aide explained to the staffers that the President is ‘a visual person,’ and asked them to express points ‘pictorially.’” Yeah, that’s pretty funny if it were not happening in our lifetime did not happen to be even the fake president of the United States. But wait, The New Yorker adds, “‘By the time I left, we had these cards,’ the former staffer said. They are long and narrow, made of heavy stock, and emblazoned with the words ‘the white house’ at the top. Trump receives a thick briefing book every night, but nobody harbors the illusion that he reads it. Current and former officials told me that filling out a card is the best way to raise an issue with him in writing. Everything that needs to be conveyed to the President must be boiled down, the former staffer said, to ‘two or three points, with the syntactical complexity of “See Jane run.”’” Looks like the stupid wins that cage match by virtue of the office the stupid holds.

From The New Yorker.



The New Yorker’s extended profile of what went wrong with H.R. McMaster as National Security Advsior is a romp through a sort of greatest hits of failure from the White House’s foreign policy shop which slowly unravels the myth of a so-called “axis of adults” made up of McMaster, Tillerson and Mattis. The New Yorker reports, “McMaster sought to cultivate Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, proposing that they meet for weekly breakfasts. Tillerson, who showed little regard for McMaster, demurred. McMaster then suggested weekly phone calls. Tillerson had an aide take his place, or skipped the calls altogether. (Tillerson was fired, by tweet, in March.) Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis was no more supportive. Last April, when he learned that McMaster planned to visit Afghanistan, Mattis told him not to go. According to an official familiar with the exchange, Mattis may have been ‘miffed’ because, at that point, he had not yet been to Afghanistan as Defense Secretary. McMaster went anyway, an act of defiance from which the relationship never recovered.”  Horror of horrors, “One Flynn appointee was a close friend of McMaster’s: Derek Harvey, a retired Army colonel who was also a Petraeus protégé.” The New Yorker notes that to cope with all the bullshit and insularity of how isolated the National Security Council was, “McMaster and his colleagues may have adopted a bunker mentality, and focussed on one thing that they could control: process.” But of course, “rational protocols at the N.S.C. matter little if the President doesn’t respect them.” The New Yorker adds, “As the atmosphere grew increasingly poisonous, McMaster began to fire the Flynnstones, including his old friend Derek Harvey. Harvey was rumored to have aligned himself with Bannon, though he insisted to friends that this wasn’t the case. He had become consumed with questioning the loyalty of the career staff of the N.S.C.’s Middle East directorate. One day, a member of the directorate approached McMaster after a meeting. ‘I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but Derek is trying to fire practically the entire staff,’ he said. ‘Shouldn’t I have a say?’ McMaster asked, before putting a stop to the mass termination.” Jesus. Very Lord of the Flies meets Apocalypse Now. Because he was dealing with total garbage, “McMaster tried to reassure the political appointees that the professional staffers weren’t spies but, rather, a valuable source of institutional knowledge.” The New Yorker notes, “Harvey, who declined to comment for this article, joined the staff of Representative Devin Nunes.”

From The New Yorker.



The Washington Post reports, “Before President Trump hired Rudolph W. Giuliani to defend him in the Russia investigation, before Giuliani delivered a hotblooded, fists-clenched speech on Trump’s behalf at the 2016 Republican National Convention, the most sensational moment in the duo’s long history came when Trump kissed Giuliani on the breast.” Yes you read that right, remember there was a time when the former mayor of New York would flit about in drag. If you have not seen this video referenced, well, well worth it. Of course as tabloid fixtures they were not upselling their fascism but instead, “Both men relished being in the public eye, going to great lengths to build their images. Both were mainstays in New York tabloid headlines and regular guests on David Letterman’s TV show and Don Imus’s and Howard Stern’s radio broadcasts.” Of all years, the two can trace their cooperation in the racist anti-freedom agenda to 1989 when, “Trump was co-chairman of Giuliani’s first major fundraiser in his first run for mayor; the event pulled in $850,000. But Trump also donated that year to Giuliani’s opponent, Democrat David Dinkins. And the developer said on several occasions that his primary motive in the race was making sure that Mayor Ed Koch (D), with whom Trump had had a long feud, did not win a fourth term.” Then, “A decade later, when Giuliani was running for a U.S. Senate seat from New York, Trump again held a fundraiser for him, at $500 a head. About the same time, Giuliani let it be known that he was supportive of a Trump run for president as a Reform Party candidate.” Given where the media has helped steer the nation, it’s fascinating to read that, “Some news reports from the time said Giuliani was drawn to a Trump candidacy because the developer in those days described himself as a ‘liberal.’ (Giuliani at the time was a vocal defender of gun control, gay rights and a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.)”

From The Washington Post.



The Daily Beast reports Keith Davidson “negotiated hush agreements for two of the president’s alleged paramours—Daniels, the porn actress, and Karen McDougal, a onetime Playboy model—in the weeks leading up to the 2016 election. He inked Daniels’ deal with Cohen, who personally paid the adult actress $130,000 for her silence about the alleged Trump affair. And he was in touch with Cohen, too, after McDougal signed her ‘catch and kill’ agreement with the publisher of the National Enquirer, which bought her story for the purpose of burying it.” Surprise, surprise, “the lawyers on opposite coasts appear to have developed a symbiotic relationship in recent years, beginning when details of Stormy Daniels’ Trump affair first surfaced in 2011.” The Daily Beast reports, “On Friday, Davidson revealed he’s cooperating in the criminal probe of Cohen’s business dealings, led by federal prosecutors in New York.” The Daily Beast adds, “Davidson provided ‘certain limited electronic information’ to the Cohen inquiry, said his spokesman Dave Wedge.” McDougal’s current counsel Peter Stris “is representing a third woman once represented by Davidson: Shera Bechard. The former Playboy model and actress was at the center of another hush agreement negotiated between Davidson and Cohen in late 2017 and for which she received $1.6 million” from Elliot Broidy, former vice-chair of the death cult GOP’s finance committee and a big Trumper (fascist). The Daily Beast notes, “Davidson’s law license has been suspended twice since 2010, California Bar records show. The first time, Davidson was accused of misconduct in cases, including his failure to appear at a hearing and case management conference in a medical malpractice suit. He was suspended a second time for failing to pay bar membership fees.”

From The Daily Beast.



CNN reports, “Rod Rosenstein, the embattled deputy attorney general, took a break from supervising the Russia investigation on Monday to make his debut before the Supreme Court and argue a technical sentencing guidelines case. A seasoned prosecutor, Rosenstein was completely at ease as he jumped into arguments and answered questions, at times relying upon his notes in a brown folder, during the 60-minute argument.” So what was he wearing? CNN adds, “Rosenstein donned a morning coat that is traditionally worn by government lawyers arguing before the court as well as presidential cufflinks that were given to him last Friday by White House counsel Don McGahn. Asked by a reporter about the cufflinks before arguments began, Rosenstein simply smiled, displayed the cufflinks and said, ‘Not bad,’ while laughing.”  Did you think he was an atelier Versace type?

From CNN.



The Washington Post reports, “On April 13, eight Republican senators sent a letter to President Trump, urging him to take action against Russia’s violations of international sanctions against North Korea. The letter mentioned allegations that Russia helped North Korea export supplies related to chemical weapons to Syria. Nor is this violation an isolated case. Moscow continues to illegally export oil to North Korea and to hire North Korean guest workers for construction projects in Siberia. Why is Russia ignoring the international agreement to isolate Kim Jong Un until he reverses his country’s nuclear program?” The Washington Post suggests Russia “violating the sanctions is part of Russia’s broader goal of challenging U.S.-led sanctions regimes, for two reasons. First, the two powers have very different perspectives on what constitutes an effective sanctions policy. Second, Russian President Vladimir Putin wants the political benefits of resisting U.S.-led sanctions policies toward North Korea.” The Washington Post notes, “To stay in power, Putin needs the loyalty of these anti-Western factions within Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) and military-industrial complex. And so he has actively considered the opinions of these groups in his sanctions policy toward North Korea.”

From The Washington Post.





CNN reports, “President Donald Trump doesn’t hide his feelings: He thinks Fox News is the ‘fairest’ source of news. He watches Fox all the time. Fox talking points frequently show up in his tweets and speeches.” CNN decided to make a rough cut that “juxtaposed with previous clips” the fake Russian bullshit president with “Fox personalities saying almost exactly the same things,” just a tad more eloquently, which says so much, too! As Nicole Wallace put it, instead of suggested faux news Fox is state TV, we have a “Fox-run state”. Now replace Fox with Russia and that is much more in tune with reality as they are only echoing messaging first found on Russian state-run outlets.

From CNN.


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