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The Washington Post reports, “President Trump and Russian President Vladi­mir ­Putin will meet July 16 in Helsinki, both of their governments announced Thursday, setting the stage for a high-profile attempt to soothe tensions between the United States and Russia.” Both men are traitors to the people of their nation, betraying them at every turn for personal enrichment ergo the appropriate title TRUMPISTAN WATCH is bestowing on the whole farce: The Quisling Summit. The Washington Post notes, “Finland, officially neutral during the Cold War and not a NATO member, shares a border with Russia, and its president, Sauli Niinisto, has fostered a relationship with Putin.” The next few weeks leading up to this and the days after will be hell, so friends and allies, bear with us and hold the line. Mattis and the Pentagon are doing just that, as a little noticed but very important exercise involving the 82nd Airborne out of Fort Bragg was announced yesterday as well. As Nancy Youssef, The Wall Street Journal’s national security correspondent posted to Twitter, “A real statement/exercise name from the US Army: From 13 to 21 July on Fort Bragg, North Carolina, the 82nd Airborne Division will conduct Operation Devil Storm, a Deployment Readiness / Joint Forcible Entry exercise…” Who in the devil could the devil be? Of note for civilians not clued in to the significance of this: snap military exercises are often used as cover to call up militaries to the highest state of readiness in preparation for urgent deployments. Pay attention to your military now and its leader now: it is democracy’s last stand. And everyone else: know what hill you have to take or hold and please hold the line, do not give up, do not lose faith, and whatever you do, do not surrender to these devils. Finally, if Trump and the death cult GOP wish to die on hills named Russia and Carter Page, fucking let them, it’s Calais to our Normandy.

From The Washington Post.



CNN reports, “Up and down Pentagon hallways, there is a sense of anxiety. If President Donald Trump goes to the NATO summit in July and decides to cut back US involvement in the group, as some in the alliance believe he might, it will shake the US military to its core. It will also open the door to the real possibility that Defense Secretary James Mattis — a decades-long advocate of alliances — may no longer be relevant in the Trump administration and might even have to go.” CNN adds, “Trump once again argued Wednesday for a better relationship with Russia amid his plans to meet President Vladimir Putin, just days after Mattis issued a stark warning that Putin aims to undermine NATO and the US itself.” CNN notes, There’s no indication Mattis is about to leave the administration. In fact, Mattis is scheduled to attend the upcoming NATO summit with the President and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo”.

From CNN.



The Southern Poverty Law Center reports, “Apparently, Milo Yiannopoulos didn’t get the memo about the need for civility in our discourse. ‘I can’t wait for the vigilante squads to start gunning journalists down on sight,’ the far-right provocateur texted a reporter for the New York Observer this week.” The Southern Poverty Law Center adds, “On Instagram, he responded to a similar query from Mediaite reporter Amy Russo with a post that has since been removed.” The Southern Poverty Law Center notes, “Andrew Anglin, the neo-Nazi editor of the Daily Stormer, was especially pleased. He wrote that ‘killing journalists is an awesome position to promote,’ and that doing so might successfully rebrand Yiannopoulos: ‘Now that is a sentiment I can get behind.’” TRUMPISTAN WATCH is loathe to give these cretins a megaphone and opted instead to wait until something happened. The Capital Gazette, based in the Maryland state capital of Annapolis, reported on a mass shooting in their own newsroom, “A gunman blasted his way into the Capital Gazette newsroom in Annapolis with a shotgun Thursday afternoon, killing five people”. The Capital Gazette adds, “Journalists dived under their desks and pleaded for help on social media. One reporter described the scene as a ‘war zone.’ A photographer said he jumped over a dead colleague and fled for his life.” The Capital Gazette notes, “The victims were identified as Rob Hiaasen, 59, a former feature writer for The Baltimore Sun who joined the Capital Gazette in 2010 as an assistant editor and columnist; Wendi Winters, 65, a community correspondent who headed special publications; Gerald Fischman, 61, the editorial page editor; John McNamara, 56, a staff writer who had covered high school, college and professional sports for decades; and Rebecca Smith, 34, a sales assistant hired in November.” Hiassen is the brother of bestselling author Carl Hiassen. The Capital Gazette adds, “Police took a suspect into custody soon after the shootings. He was identified as Jarrod W. Ramos, a 38-year-old Laurel man with a long-standing grudge against the paper. Ramos was charged with five counts of first-degree murder, according to online court records. He did not have an attorney listed; a bail review hearing is scheduled for 10:30 a.m. Friday in Annapolis.” Special shout out and thank you to the fake Russian bullshit president Trump for attacking us as “fake news” and “enemies of the people” for so long to all the crazy in the country that some of us are actually amazed it took this long for a mass shooting to materialize. Of related note, The Washington Post reports, “Rep. Maxine Waters, whose call for public protests of Trump administration officials has triggered a debate over civility in politics, said Thursday that she has canceled events in Texas and Alabama after a ‘very serious death threat’ made against her.” In a statement, Waters said, “There was one very serious death threat made against me on Monday from an individual in Texas which is why my planned speaking engagements in Texas and Alabama were cancelled this weekend.”   In the past on “Twitter, Trump fired back by calling Waters ‘an extraordinarily low IQ person’ and warning her to ‘be careful what you wish for.’” This is a fucking death cult he leads, because it is not government befitting a civilized nation, that much is for certain.

From The Southern Poverty Law Center, The Capital Gazette and The Washington Post.



As we all know, Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement from the Supreme Court this week, effective at the end of next month. That means the final alleged check and balance on our emerging as anti-democratic system is about to be subverted to a stand still as a check on the Trump regime. Now The New York Times reports, “Justice Kennedy’s son, Justin,” it turns out “spent more than a decade at Deutsche Bank, eventually rising to become the bank’s global head of real estate capital markets, and he worked closely with Mr. Trump when he was a real estate developer”. The New York Times adds, “During Mr. Kennedy’s tenure, Deutsche Bank became Mr. Trump’s most important lender, dispensing well over $1 billion in loans to him for the renovation and construction of skyscrapers in New York and Chicago at a time other mainstream banks were wary of doing business with him because of his troubled business history.” Yes that’s right, the reason you cannot walk north on Wabash in the Loop in Chicago anymore or else be confronted by that garish sign emblazoned with the awful word “TRUMP” is thanks to Justice Kennedy’s son. Oh and Trump also worked to capture the state for an adversary nation, destroy our nation and with it, our families as well as everything we hold dear and cherish. So fuck everything that is righteous and holy and just and free about our system, time to fight with everything we have because if we do not, we will be enslaved and all our rights as free persons abolished. The republic was sold long ago for scrap.

From The New York Times.



ABC News reports, “Several billionaires with deep ties to Russia attended exclusive, invitation-only receptions during Donald Trump’s inauguration festivities, guest lists obtained by ABC News show.” ABC News adds, “These powerful businessmen, who amassed their fortunes following the collapse of the Soviet Union — including one who has since been sanctioned by the U.S. Treasury Department — were ushered into events typically reserved for top donors and close political allies and were given unprecedented access to Trump’s inner circle. Their presence has attracted the interest of federal investigators probing Russian efforts to influence the 2016 presidential election”. ABC News notes, Several donated enough to the Presidential Inaugural Committee to qualify for tickets to a ‘Candlelight Dinner’ in Washington’s Union Station on the eve of the inauguration, a perk for $1 million contributors, the list of attendees show. Guests were treated to a preview performance by singer Jackie Evancho, a one-time runner-up on ‘America’s Got Talent,’ who would go on to sing at the inauguration the following day,” because that was literally the best they could get: a runner up on a reality show. Surely the Russians are just really big Jackie Evancho fans, not there for anything more sinister! ABC News continues, “A handful celebrated Trump’s surprise victory at the black-tie ‘Chairman’s Global Dinner,’ an exclusive 500-guest affair held the same night in the Greek-columned Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium whose attendees included close Trump friends, high-ranking campaign aides, and an array of foreign ambassadors and dignitaries. The inaugural committee treated them to a dinner of butter-poached lobster, coffee-crusted beef tenderloin and chocolate raspberry dome. For entertainment, casino mogul and Trump pal Steve Wynn flew in Las Vegas show girls to perform a Broadway-style rendition of Frank Sinatra’s ‘New York, New York.’” And the crowning glory, “According to a source with knowledge of the congressional investigations, at least one oligarch was ushered into Statuary Hall in the U.S. Capitol for the traditional Inaugural Day luncheon, hosted by the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies – an event typically out of reach to donors and even most rank-and-file members of Congress,” an event TRUMPISTAN WATCH covered eight years prior when it was historic for a whole different set of reasons. ABC News notes, “Names on the guest lists of the Candlelight Dinner included Victor Vekselberg, the billionaire head of the global conglomerate Renova Group, who was later sanctioned by the U.S. Treasury ‘for operating in the energy sector of the Russian Federation economy,’ and his American cousin Andrew Intrater.” ABC News adds, “Vekselberg and Intrater were seated at the dinner next to Michael Cohen and his family, according to a source familiar with the arrangements. Intrater’s firm, Columbus Nova, later signed Cohen to a $1 million consulting contract. Emails to Renova Group went unanswered.” Also in attendance was “Leonard Blavatnik, a Ukrainian-born billionaire philanthropist who holds American and British citizenship,” who “appeared on guest lists for both the Candlelight Dinner and the Chairman’s events,” as well as, “Alexander Shustorovich, a Russian-born American music industry mogul with a background in nuclear energy, also donated $1 million to the Trump inauguration and attended Chairman’s Dinner.” Additionally, “A Soviet-born billionaire Alexander Mashkevitch, who built a metals and mining empire in Kazakhstan, appears on the guest list for the Candlelight Dinner. Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak joined numerous other ambassadors on the invite list for the Chairman’s dinner.”

From ABC News.



POLITICO reports, “John Kelly has long told associates he wanted to make it a year in the White House, but has been telling people in recent days that he expects to leave his role as President Donald Trump’s chief of staff ‘very soon.’” POLITICO adds, “According to two Republicans close to the White House, the retired Marine general may depart before his July 31 anniversary. These people said Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff, Nick Ayers, is being eyed as a potential successor, a move that would lend considerable political heft as the president steps up his campaigning to help Republicans keep control of Congress and begins to plan for his 2020 campaign. Ayers, a 35-year-old Georgia native who has been close to the president’s senior adviser and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, since the 2016 campaign, brings with him a portfolio that Trump has lacked in his No. 2 under Kelly — that of a savvy and seasoned political tactician.” POLITICO notes, “Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, who emerged as a favorite of Trump’s during the victorious effort to pass tax reform last winter, is also a possible candidate for the top White House post.” You would have to be deranged or a quisling or both to step into his role now. Godspeed on the demise of this horrible terror state regime!




CNN reports, “Former Fox News president Bill Shine has accepted a senior position in the Trump administration”. CNN notes, “While the details of his hiring are still being finalized, he is not expected to become the communications director — a position he discussed at length with President Donald Trump at least twice in the past that has been left vacant since Hope Hicks left the White House in March.” Whatever happened to her? Is she cooperating or in some sort of death cult deprogramming facility now? CNN adds, “Instead, Shine will likely become the deputy chief of staff in charge of communications.” CNN notes, “Though he and Trump are not personally close, they know each other well, a source familiar with their relationship told CNN. Shine is, however, good friends with Sean Hannity, the Fox News prime-time host who speaks with Trump frequently. They often attend events together and have known each other for more than two decades.” Hannity is pure quisling trash cut from the same ilk as Trump, but affable and by all accounts not a raging egomaniac in person. Recall, Shine was “ultimately forced out of Fox News in 2017 after being ensnared in the network’s sexual harassment scandal. Shine was never accused of harassment himself, but questions arose over how much he knew about the sexual harassment allegations against Ailes, and whether he took all the proper actions at the time. He denied wrongdoing.”

From CNN.



Middle East Eye reports, “Donald Trump’s closest confidants were willing to exchange inside information about US government appointments with Yousef al-Otaiba, the Emirati ambassador to Washington, a new set of leaked emails has revealed. The president-elect’s advisers also pledged to Otaiba that they would keep his government’s interests at the heart of the new administration’s Middle East policy. The emails reveal that the relationship between the Emiratis and the president’s inner circle was cemented earlier than previously thought.” Middle East Eye adds, Barrack offered to bring Trump, then a candidate, to meet the Emirati ambassador for coffee in April 2016; how the Republican platform for 2016 was altered to remove a call for the publication of 28 pages of allegedly incriminating documents from the 9/11 inquiry; and how Otaiba sought information about top appointments from Barrack while Trump was president-elect.” Middle East Eye notes, “Throughout their correspondence Barrack, the son of a Lebanese immigrant and an Arabic speaker, referred to ‘our agenda’, and ‘our region’ and offered to introduce Otaiba to Jared Kushner, the future president’s Middle East adviser, adding: ‘You will love him and he agrees with our agenda.’”

From Middle East Eye.



The New York Times reports, “A former aide to Roger J. Stone Jr., the longtime Trump adviser and self-described ‘dirty trickster,’ was subpoenaed to appear before the grand jury hearing evidence in the Russia investigation and to hand over documents, and his lawyer moved on Thursday to quash it in court. The aide, Andrew Miller, has not been mentioned before publicly in the investigation by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III.”

From The New York Times.



POLITICO reports, “House Republicans on Thursday mounted a multi-front effort to rebuke and embarrass the GOP-led Justice Department, hauling Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein before an ‘emergency’ hearing of the Judiciary Committee just as the House voted to accuse him of flouting congressional document requests.” The actual emergency meanwhile is going ignored and those protecting this criminal regime are deeply afraid of the truth. With no shame and less guile, “Face-to-face with Rosenstein and FBI Director Chris Wray, Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte invoked the Church Committee — the 1975 investigation into federal surveillance abuses against figures like Martin Luther King, Jr. — and suggested history was repeating itself in the ongoing investigation into whether the Trump campaign coordinated with Russia on its election interference efforts.” The only moment of vague truth surprisingly came from Trey “Benghazi” Gowdy who has already conceded his years in the House were a waste of time and who said, “Whatever you got, finish it the hell up,” adding, “This country’s being torn apart.” The lunatic “Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) blasted Rosenstein, accusing him of ‘keeping information from Congress’ and prompting a sharp rebuttal from Rosenstein. ‘Your use of this to attack me personally is deeply wrong,’ Rosenstein said emphatically, noting that he’s one part of a large team working on congressional document requests, and rejecting the suggestion that he personally screened the information Congress had demanded. ‘If you’re interested in the truth … we have a team of folks who are Trump appointees.’” And so it went until, “Shortly after the exchange, the House passed the resolution by a 226-183 vote that split along party lines.”




Wired reports, “Democrats on the House Energy and Commerce Committee want Matt Oczkowski, a former employee of the now defunct consulting firm Cambridge Analytica, to answer questions about how his new company, Data Propria, uses consumer data.” Wired adds, “In a letter sent to Oczkowski on Thursday, the committee asks whether any of the data that Data Propria now uses was collected by a researcher named Aleksandr Kogan, who amassed data on tens of millions of Facebook users on behalf of Cambridge Analytica in the lead-up to the US election in 2016.” Wired notes, “lawmakers are asking Oczkowski to share details about whether Data Propria obtained any data about Facebook users through third-party apps or from Facebook directly; whether it’s received data from any data brokers, and if so, which ones; whether it’s using that data for political consulting; and whether the company is giving consumers notice about how it uses and shares their information. The committee asks for answers by July 19.”

From Wired.



Russian state-run RT reports, “John Bolton, who has dedicated his life to getting Iran – a Russian ally – bombed, has revealed himself as a Kremlin agent after shaking Putin’s hand in Moscow, according to Russiagate’s most levelheaded disciples,” meaning anyone with half a brain who monitors the situation closely. Russian state-run RT recalls, fake “US National Security Advisor met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Wednesday, laying the groundwork for a meeting between Putin and Trump.” In typically derisive of all common sense language, Russian state-run RT notes, “Bolton’s decision to meet with Putin can mean only one thing, according to celebrated connoisseurs of baseless Russiagate conspiracies: John Bolton has been compromised.” No shit he has. Recall Bolton was implicated in the Cambridge Analytica scandal as one of its earliest beneficiaries and the more we learn about Cambridge Analytica, the more closely linked to the Russian mafia state it appears to be.   Russian state-run RT cites “Neocon stenographer Michael Weiss” (actually a CNN correspondent), “Russian fairy tale author and Atlantic Council poster boy, Anders Aslund” (actually a Swedish economist), and “Echoing the profound cognitive abilities of Weiss and Aslund, a righteous group of #Resisters took to Twitter to express their outrage over two nuclear powers attempting to resolve disputes that could spiral into global extermination,” of whom they cite one of the Krassenstein brothers rather than say more credible, thoughtful individuals or yours truly but hey that’s show business for the Russian mafia state: it is only ever the business of show. Good luck on that devil’s bargain, Bolton, one assumes it will not be too long before it occurs to him – if it has not already – that there is no bargain, only the devil. As one European defense official privately remarked of Bolton this week, “fuck this fuck”.

From Russian state-run RT.



Reuters reports, “European leaders agreed on Friday to extend their economic sanctions against Russia for annexing Crimea from Kiev and backing rebels fighting government troops in east Ukraine”. Reuters adds, “The decision, which will be formally confirmed in the coming days, will prolong EU’s curbs on doing business with Russian banking, financial and energy sectors for six months until the end of January.”

From Reuters.



Cyber Scoop reports, “The criminal jury trial against Yevgeniy Nikulin, the Russian hacker accused of stealing data from LinkedIn and other U.S.-based tech firms, will begin in January, United States District  Judge William Alsup ordered on Tuesday.” Cyber Scoop adds, “The decision was a denial of the defense’s entreaties to delay the beginning of the case. Nikulin’s lawyers say they have not been able to adequately prepare for trial in the time allotted to them by the court.” Cyber Scoop notes, “The exact date will be decided upon soon after prosecutors and defense counsel discuss the issue. Alsup gave the lawyers just a few weeks leeway in proposing a start time.” Cyber Scoop adds, “Nikulin, who has been in solitary confinement for weeks, has been uncommunicative with his lawyers, the defense team said in filings on Monday. Due to ‘stress levels and strange behaviors,’ Nikulin’s lawyers requested a mental health assessment and preliminary documents from Santa Rita Jail, where he is being held. The defense also said they were struggling to explain the U.S. justice system to Nikulin, who has been in two foreign prisons.”

From Cyber Scoop.



Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reports, “Ukrainian ombudswoman Lyudmyla Denisova says she was not allowed to meet with jailed Ukrainian film director Oleh Sentsov. Denisova wrote on Facebook on June 28 that she flew to Russia’s far-northern region of Yamalo-Nenets, with her Russian counterpart, Tatyana Moskalkova, aboard one plane, but Moskalkova later took a separate route to reach the village of Labytnangi, where Sentsov is serving his prison term.” Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty adds, “Hours later, Denisova wrote on Facebook that she was not allowed to enter the penal colony, but Moskalkova and her associates were allowed access into the penitentiary’s territory in four SUVs. Moskalkova’s ‘motorcade passed me, although she clearly saw me. Such demonstrative behavior poses one question — how is she going to implement agreements reached by two presidents [Russian and Ukrainian], nothing to say about guarantees given to me by the Russian president that I can freely and without any obstacles meet with all Ukrainian political prisoners [kept in Russia],’ Denisova wrote.” Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty notes, “Meanwhile, Moskalkova said after visiting the penal colony that she talked to Sentsov for about an hour, adding that his state of health was ‘satisfactory.’” Despicable.

From Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.



Reuters reports, “The leaders of the Baltic states and Poland will sign a long-awaited deal on Thursday to connect their power grids to the European Union grid by 2025 and break their energy relationship with Russia, a Soviet legacy. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, once ruled from Moscow but now members of the European Union and NATO since 2004, view being plugged into Russia’s power network as a threat to their national security.”

From Reuters.


reports, “Latvia’s central bank governor will face prosecution over alleged bribery after a four-month-long investigation that turned up the spotlight on the financial system of the euro zone member state. Ilmars Rimsevics, a member of the European Central Bank’s policy-making governing council, was charged with soliciting and accepting a bribe, the Latvian Prosecutor General’s office said on Thursday.” Reuters notes, “Rimsevics has denied the allegations that he accepted a bribe of at least 100,000 euros ($115,880). If convicted, he could face a prison term of up to 11 years.” Reuters adds, “Latvia’s main anti-corruption body has been investigating the allegations since February. The inquiry coincided with a scandal at the country’s third biggest bank, ABLV, which was wound down after being accused by U.S. authorities of money laundering and violating sanctions against North Korea. Rimsevics has been Latvia’s central bank governor since 2001.”

From Reuters.





The Washington Post reports, “They came from all over, took planes and buses from 47 states, slept at friends’ homes or in churches and prepared to be arrested Thursday in Washington. Most of the participants were white women, stumbling over the syllables of Spanish-language chants. Many had never faced arrest before. But here they were.” The Washington Post adds, “Capitol Police said 575 protesters were arrested and escorted out of the Hart Senate Office Building in a mass demonstration that called for the abolishment of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, and an end to migrant family detentions and the Trump administration’s ‘zero tolerance’ immigration policy.” The Washington Post notes, “Several participants wrote ‘WE CARE’ on their palms, a rebuke of the jacket first lady Melania Trump wore on her first trip to visit detained children near the border.”

From The Washington Post.



CBS News reports, “In his first television interview, former Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) spokesperson James Schwab has opened up about why he abruptly resigned in March. But his interview with CBS News’ Jamie Yuccas on Wednesday was unexpectedly interrupted by agents identifying themselves as agents from the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General’s Office. ‘They just said that they wanted to talk to me about the leak with the Oakland mayor,’ Schwab said of his conversation with the agents.” CBS News adds, “Before the surprise visit, Schwab told Yuccas that both the Obama and Trump White Houses asked him to ‘spin’ information. But he said he felt compelled to resign after the current administration told him to lie about an incident that pitted the government against Oakland’s mayor.” CBS News notes, “Back in February in the month leading up to Schwab’s resignation, tensions in the San Francisco Bay area were running high over a series of raids carried out by federal agents with ICE. With the guidance of his superiors in Washington D.C., it fell to Schwab to communicate with journalists about those raids. The day before the operations took place, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf warned the community about the operation — a surprise to Schwab. ‘She was putting your officers’ lives, potentially, in danger?’ Yuccas asked Schwab. ‘Correct,’ he replied. ‘We ended up arresting 232, which is 16 percent higher than our highest estimates. So internally, that was considered a success….But what they publicly said was that she let people go,’ Schwab said. According to him, that was not true. He helped craft a statement to the media saying, ‘Some of them were able to elude us thanks to the mayor’s irresponsible decision.’  He was comfortable with that statement, he said, because it included the words ‘some of.’” So now that you know he is not some sort of anti-deportation radical libtard, CBS News continues, “A week later, Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ language was noticeably different. He said ‘ICE failed to make 800 arrests’ because of the mayor’s statement. Sessions’ words didn’t sit well with Schwab. ‘Completely false…that made me extremely uncomfortable,’ Schwab said.” CBS News adds, “When reporters asked him to clarify the discrepancy, Schwab said he was instructed by his superiors in Washington to simply refer to the original statement he drafted without disputing Sessions’ version of events. ‘After they failed to correct it – it’s a flat-out lie. They know it’s a lie. It was just shocking to me that no one wanted to fix that,’ Schwab said. Troubled by what he saw as public deception, Schwab turned in his resignation.” Then, “During the interview at his home, some three months after he quit, Yuccas and Schwab were interrupted by a surprise visit from men who said they were agents from the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General’s Office.” CBS News notes, “Schwab said it was ‘absolutely’ an intimidation technique.” Full Trumpistan.

From CBS News.



The Washington Post reports, “With a steady pipeline of unsettling images and reports coming from the border related to the Trump administration’s child separation policy, more than half a million Facebook users have opened their digital wallets to help. Since going live on June 16, an online fundraiser of the Texas-based Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services, ‘Reunite an immigrant parent with their child,’  has pulled in more than $20 million in donations. Besides providing a financial outlet for giving, the page has also become a sort of informal town hall for opponents of President Trump’s immigration policy. ‘Loving our neighbors will keep America great!’ one poster wrote over the weekend. ‘I care,’ another added simply.” The Washington Post adds, “But last week, an off-note was dropped into the fundraiser’s online chatter. ‘Waste of money,’ a Facebook account belonging to a Salem, Ore., man named Gerod Martin posted on the fundraiser’s page last Wednesday, according to images saved by the Oregonian. ‘They’re lucky we aren’t executing them.’” Guess what Martin does for a living! The Washington Post notes, “Martin’s page included pictures of him in military uniform. ‘Just a young buck serving his country,’ he wrote on the page, the Oregonian reported.” TRUMPISTAN WATCH saw this going around and thought it might honestly be one of the Kremlin’s trolls, but no, “The Oregon National Guard confirmed Martin is a private first class with the guardKATU reported. Maj. Stephen Bomar told the station Martin will face punishment for his comments about executing migrants.” The Washington Post adds, “‘That was just a horrific comment,’ Bomar told KATU. ‘I think we all saw what it was. Even if he is not showing military uniform, that is just a horrific comment.’” The Washington Post notes, “Alabama-based musician Phillip McCain also became the target of a social media outcry after an image of a Facebook comment he made began circulating onlineUSA Today reported. In the post, McCain said he would ‘volunteer to shoot’ immigrants as ‘they approach the border,’ he wrote. ‘Problem solved.’ McCain later told USA Today he was ‘truly, sincerely sorry’ for the comments. The musician was reportedly fired from his band and had an upcoming gig canceled.” Yeah, sorry he faced consequences for being a goddamn bigot is more like it.

From The Washington Post.



The Vancouver Sun reports, “A French teenager who accidentally crossed the border from Canada to the United States and reportedly wound up detained for two weeks should serve as a warning to Canadians, says an immigration lawyer.” The Vancouver Sun notes, “Cedella Roman, a 19-year-old French citizen, could not be reached for comment. But she told CBC she was visiting her mother in B.C. and was jogging near the border when she inadvertently crossed into the U.S. on May 21. In an emailed statement, U.S. Customs and Border Protection confirmed Roman was arrested by Border Patrol agents in Blaine. At the time, she was nearly 800 metres into the U.S. and was travelling south,” adding, ‘Ms. Roman bypassed the Peace Arch port of entry, which is visible from the beach she traversed to enter the U.S., and she was not carrying identification,’ it said.” The statement from Customs and Border Patrol continued, “Roman was transferred to the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement at a Tacoma detention centre the next day”. Normally, “Canadians who have been deported from the U.S. after straying across the border accidentally. But the process usually just entails a conversation with an agent who enters their name into a database and tells them to head north,” but Roman is a few shades over the limit making her potentially subject to dehumanizing brutality at the hands of our federal government as a result of her skin’s pigmentation. Of course “the beach where the woman reportedly became lost has no border signs, so the mistake is understandable,” what is less forgivable is holding her for two weeks.

From The Vancouver Sun.





The New York Times Magazine reports, “Brennan wrote an op-ed calling Trump ‘a snake-oil salesman.’ The paper’s editors tried to persuade Brennan to use the word ‘president,’ but Brennan refused. ‘I said no, I’m not going to refer to him as “president,”’ Brennan told me. ‘Because he doesn’t deserve that, in my mind. Yes, he won the most electoral votes. But I think he has demonstrated, over and over again, that he is unfit to carry out the responsibilities of that office.’” Brennan tells The New York Times Magazine, “I was sitting in my kitchen with my wife,” adding, “I said to Kathy, ‘If there were any other president who criticized me privately, much less publicly, I’d be devastated.’ I really would. Mr. Trump criticizing me? That’s a badge of honor. And the fact that he is, you know, busying himself with tweeting against me? When he said, a few days before, he goes: ‘I’m going to have to focus on North Korea and Russia. I’ve got to get back to work’” And then what does he do? His subsequent 20 or 30 tweets are all about Crooked Hillary, or the unconstitutionality of the special counsel. He has this obsession, this manic obsession with, understandably, his fate. Because I think he knows what he’s guilty of. He knows what he has done wrong. And he’s finding that it’s more difficult now to squirm out of it than it has been in the past.” Over dinner, Brennan remarked, “This, too, shall pass”. One person TRUMPISTAN WATCH knows who spoke to Brennan recently paid TRUMPISTAN WATCH the compliment of saying we sound alike, albeit Brennan is still more temperate as he should be as man of Washington.

From The New York Times Magazine.



The Wall Street Journal reports, “The publisher accused of buying and then suppressing a Playboy model’s claim she had an affair with Donald Trump ordered one of its magazines to feature the woman on its cover without her cooperation,”. Doing things to expose a woman without her consent: the Trumpistani elite way! The Wall Street Journal adds, “Current and former employees of publisher American Media Inc. said they believe Karen McDougal’s planned appearance on the cover of September’s issue of Men’s Journal is intended to protect the company from a federal criminal investigation in New York.”

From The Wall Street Journal.



ProPublica reports, “Before accepting a position at the U.S. Department of the Interior last October, Benjamin Cassidy championed gun rights for nearly seven years as a lobbyist for the National Rifle Association, collecting a peak annual salary of $288,333 for his work on Capitol Hill. The public wouldn’t know that by looking at Cassidy’s government financial disclosure report. The form, which he filed soon after taking a job as senior deputy director of the office of intergovernmental and external affairs, doesn’t list his old job at the NRA — or any past job, for that matter. Cassidy’s form was nearly blank, save for his name, title and some bank holdings and investments. In the space allotted to show his income, it incorrectly stated ‘None.’” In the former USA, “Federal law requires nearly all executive branch employees to submit reports intended to reveal and resolve conflicts of interest that might arise from their personal finances. The reports are supposed to be carefully reviewed, preferably by agency ethics attorneys, before being made public,” but we all know Trumpistan’s version of “law and order” is rampant criminality and theft, rounded out by endless grifting. ProPublica notes, “an attorney for the DOI’s Bureau of Land Management, Cally Younger, submitted her financial disclosure form in September, days after joining the agency. An ethics official, Tia Barner, reviewed and approved the form, concluding that it complied with federal law. But Younger’s form was blank”.  ProPublica adds, “Younger’s original form was a veritable font of information compared to one filed in the name of Thomas Baptiste, who is now an advisor to the Bureau of Land Management. Baptiste’s form was completely blank, with no information beyond his name, and no signature or indication that it was reviewed or approved. Baptiste previously worked as a records manager for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, as a project director at a consulting firm that works for conservative political clients, and before that at Tepeyac OB/GYN, which calls itself a ‘pro-life obstetrics and gynecology medical practice,’” as if lying to women about their health care is a legitimate thing. And “Yet another completely blank report was submitted, this one by Rick May, who worked with veterans after leaving active military duty in 2010 and is now a senior adviser to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.”

From ProPublica.



Russian state-run RT reports, “Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has called on the UK to cooperate with Russia to tackle terrorism. Blair said that there will always be ‘strong disagreements’ with the Kremlin, but the relationship is necessary. While speaking at Chatham House in London on Wednesday, Blair said that while UK-Russia tension may continue, the need for a united front against terrorism is crucial.” Hey Tony, this is not 2001; this is 2018. Russian state-run RT quotes Blair, “On the Middle East, on fighting terrorism, yes, we will have to ally with Russia, but that’s not to say we aren’t prepared to have powerful and strong disagreements with them when they’re doing things we don’t agree with and can’t agree with”. Ok let’s everyone close their eyes to Syria’s Russian-backed atrocities and pretend that is not also causing terrorism.

From Russian state-run RT.





Talking Points Memo reports, “Jill Abramson, the former New York Times executive editor, excoriated her previous employer for its treatment of reporter Ali Watkins, accusing the paper’s writers of hanging ‘a 26-year-old-woman out to dry’ by airing her personal life in a sordid and professionally damaging way.” That story, which TRUMPISTAN WATCH featured the other day only to highlight that Customs and Border Patrol is now investigating leak cases against the president like a parallel state in a task that was left to the FBI in the former USA, completely missed that point, too, by the way. Talking Points Memo notes, “Abramson said that the Times’ exposé ‘aired her sex life and conflicts while not probing why she was hired, responsibility of editors, or, most crucially, the value of her journalism (her Carter Page scoop in BuzzFeed actually helped lead to the appointment of Mueller).’” Talking Points Memo notes, “She added that the piece was akin to a ‘steamy romance novel in parts,’ and hammered the paper’s nonchalance in its handling of the professional ramifications Watkins would undoubtedly face. ‘It’s just crucifying,’ she said. ‘How do you then show up for work? I don’t see a good resolution for that.’”

From Talking Points Memo.





Reuters reports, “U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis on Thursday assured South Korea of an ‘ironclad’ commitment to its security, including keeping U.S. troop levels unaltered, even as diplomats seek an agreement with North Korea on denuclearization. Mattis, during a brief visit to Seoul, defended U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision this month to halt ‘war games’ with South Korea, saying it would increase the opportunity for diplomats to negotiate. But Mattis added that U.S. and South Korean forces would remain ‘united, vigilant and ready.’”

From Reuters.


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