Adam Curtis for Charlie Brooker’s Wipe 2014 show:

All publicly known confirmed samples of Russian disinformation targeting U.S. social media as it becomes known through U.S. media and research.  Galleries are featured below so you can see how evil and pernicious the Russian propaganda effort was during the 2016 campaign as well as before and after, with the clear goal of dividing the population by preying on existing fault lines, tensions and divisions.  This is very much a work in progress and will be evolving as more examples become known.

Jonathan Albright at the Tow Center at Columbia University has compiled metrics for the total reach of various groups, pages, posts and ads created by Russia.  Similarly, the Alliance for Securing Democracy at the German Marshall Fund in the US runs the Hamilton 68 dashboard which monitors active propaganda and disinformation operations Russia is engaged in on Twitter by monitoring 600 Russia-linked accounts.

Examples listed below come from the following pages/handles/aliases on social media:

4mysquad (Tumblr)




Angelica Fehr (@angleffehr)


Army of Jesus

Back the Badge

Being Patriotic 


Black Fist

Black Matters US

Black Matters US – “55SKWAD” (podcast)

Blacks 4 Blacks


Born Liberal

Crystal Johnson (@Crystal1Johnson)

Defend the 2nd

Diana Gruber (@dianagruberr)

Don’t Shoot Us

Donald Trump America


Heart of Texas

Jenna Abrams (@Jenn_Abrams)

Jihadist Wife (@Jihadist2ndWife)

John Davis (@TheFoundingSon)

Katharine Lilo (@katharine_lilo)

Lena Stolz (@llenasstolz)

LGBT United

Mark Sauber (@mmsaubb)

Merican Fury





Pamela Moore (@Pamela_Moore13)

Pan-African Roots Move


Secured Borders (@secured_borders_)

Shirin Reder (@shirinreder)


South United

Stand for Freedom

Stefanie Berg (@sberrgg)

Stop All Invaders

Tea Party News


Texas Lone Star (@SouthLoneStar)

Thomas Lopez (@staywoke88)

United Muslims of America



Williams + Kalven “Word of Truth” (YouTubers)

Woke Blacks


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